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fluroic acid and testicular health
hey guys anyone have any idea how this helps testicular health and circulationcheers
masterp 2005-12-10
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fluoric acid- where can you buy it
hey where in the UK can you get fluoric acid, and does it have any other trade names as it
masterp 2005-11-24
2   last decade

Just got my tonsils out:(
Has anyone got any information for me, post operation? I am in a lot of pain. It is day 6
Toy Poodle Mom 2005-08-16
2   last decade

My 5 year old daughter often grinds her teeth while she sleeps. First of, what causes this
veralucia 2005-11-26
10   last decade

Breast lumps, tenderness, fever
I am breastfeeding my 18 month old still and she has had a cold and is weaning herself, so

lmhoopes 2005-10-18
29   last decade

Burning mouth, Tongue and lips
My mother is having burning sensation in mouth. Earlier Doctors treated for acidity where
kalp9 2005-12-09
1   last decade

hello sir our complete family is using homeopathic medicines for the past 7 years for any
hemalatha 2005-12-05
3   last decade

Winter Acne & Dandruff
hello, what is medicine for winter acne and dandruff. i get pimples on nose and sorroundin
jacques 2005-12-07
5   last decade

Plz Help
Hi, i am a 21 year old female living in the Uk. I have many problems concerning my health
monashafi 2005-12-09
2   last decade

Nasal Polyps
My wife has been suffering from allergic rhinitus since last 15 years. Symptoms were sneez
rajeevgadi 2005-12-09
1   last decade

Eye Floaters
My wife age 53 has floaters in visions. These are white or dark spots which apears while l

shnk 2004-04-01
18   last decade

Alopathy with homeopathy
Can we take alopathy and homeopathy simalatneously for a disease?
rajboms 2005-12-09
2   last decade

Seeking Boston-area Homeopath
Hi. I would like to consult with a homeopath to address hormonal imbalances as well as a
tuffel57 2005-12-08
4   last decade

opium helps you when you're suffering from...
You know, opium helps me when I catch a cold...If I take it I forget about all illneases i
tigerrr 2005-12-08
2   last decade

Prostate Tuberculosis
Is tuberculosis is curable by homeopathy?
rajboms 2005-12-09
1   last decade

23 Years of daily chronic diarreha
I am a 48 year old woman. I have GERD (reflux) and also I have suffered daily for the past
mndlyter 2005-12-06
3   last decade

Info on Acid Phos Q
I Want to know what are the utilities of Acid phos Q (Mother tincture)?? My doctor adviced
plpmi 2005-12-09
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weak, small & thin pennis
dear kindly do something for me because im using seleneium 3x from last 3 months but didnt
yaqeen 2005-12-06
4   last decade

how 2 cure freckles or melasma
plz help me and tell me if someone knows about the traetment of melasma.i hv brown patches
tafshala 2005-10-15
2   last decade

Whistling Sinuses, Depression
Hello,I am having problems in my nose and sinus area, a lot of whistling coming from my no
blessme44 2005-12-08
3   last decade

varicocele and groin problem
hey i had a varicocele (testicular vein) embolization three weeks ago. i felt amazing for
masterp 2005-12-08
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Red Face.
Hi I am a 27 years old male.Suffering from a red face, looks like a constant blush.My faci
Wills 2005-06-10
6   last decade

Phosphorous LM1
My daughter was prescribed Phosphorous LM1 as a general remedy from our first visit to the
RonnieW 2005-12-08
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Fordyce spots
i have little white lumps (called Fordyce spots) on the underside of my penis.they have be
spowell 2005-12-04
2   last decade

Oily Oily Oily with ACNE
My skin is beyond oily... it's been oily since starting puberty, but especially since
rbeaudoi 2005-12-08
1   last decade

Parkinson's disease
Hi,My father is 70years old and has been suffering from PD since last five years. He first
Remedy Seeker 2005-11-08
7   last decade

hair loss - Seborrhoeic dermatitis
i my hair is thinking and i've scalp dermatitis, my hair is lack lustred and is thinn
hardip 2005-12-08
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Dr. Kumar ..Hair Loss
Dr. Kumar,I need your help and expertise. I am 38 years old and I have been having hair lo
DeeRod 2005-12-08
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Chalazion Help
Help! I am in the US. I don't know what I have, but it started one month ago and now
vicusa 2005-12-07
1   last decade

Help for 20 month old
I am looking for something to give my daughter who is 20 months old. She has had a cold w
lmhoopes 2005-12-06
4   last decade

low testosterone
hey guys because of a blood flow problem my testicles dont make testorone very well. im th
masterp 2005-12-04
5   last decade

effexor hell
I was totally off the effexor for one full day. That was yesterday and today I had to go b
elfi0021 2005-12-07
1   last decade

Dermatitis In EyeBrows - please help!
Hello EveryoneI am seeking some help and advice please. I am suffering from Seborrheic der
ranjit_singh 2005-12-06
3   last decade

Eczema - 4 month Old - Question for Joe
Hello Joe,I have been reading some of your posts about arnica in the wet dose for Eczema.I
DP 2005-12-05
1   last decade

Libido - Which homeopath herbs help?
I'm suffering from low libidio (well, NO libido) to be more exact and insomnia for a
Adam777 2005-12-07
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Sleep Problems Cannabis Flashback
Hi All, I am currently having problems sleeping. For some reason I cant go asleep. Also re

godspeed 2005-12-01
18   last decade

Pills and Liquid
Hello all, I understand in this forum that a single drop of potentized medicine is too hig
maya_hari 2005-12-07
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acid reflux
I went to a family party last night and had alot of heavy foods (i.e. buffalo wings, taqui
sat413 2005-12-05
5   last decade

9mos old teething, constipated, feverish & has a new patch of eczema. Pls help!
My 9 month old daughter is suddenly not doing well! She is getting her top teeth in (four
Erin 2005-12-06
2   last decade

which silica for acne scars? marina or regular?
marina or regular silica?also what potency should I start out with? some say 30c,6x,3x.
hotty198 2005-12-05
3   last decade

Help - Please -
I cannot find ANYWHERE Ferrum Metallicum 3X - the closest is a 9X from Boiron.Where on ear
Mousitsa 2005-11-18
7   last decade

Cystic Acne Please Help
hello i am 21 years old from Greece i have cystic acne about 6 years i tryed alote of medi
spotoula 2005-12-06
1   last decade

Alopecia bldness
I am Sikh and I use to wear turban. Few years back I got my hair cut , around eight years
ajitpal 2005-12-05
1   last decade

bloating- general diet stuff
hey guys does anyone know a treatment which eases bloating. i tend to get it from sugar ad
masterp 2005-12-06
1   last decade

Homeopathy and alcohol
I wonder if alcohol in very moderate amounts (one glass of wine every 2-3 months) can be h
Nejlika 2005-12-06
1   last decade

inflammation of the colon with pregnancy
Well along with my anemia I also have some major problems with my colon. My white blood c
jade_ann 2005-12-06
1   last decade

Sinus congestion with no allergies or cold.
My sinuses have been congested for about 4 months. I went to an ENT and was perscribed ant
Joe31 2005-12-05
2   last decade

Question for Walkin/Experienced Homeopaths
Ref: Bloated Abdomen, Constipation, Flatulence & Bleeding PilesMedicines Taken : Sulphur 1
pimathew 2005-12-02
5   last decade

anal fistula
Hi Doctor,I have had an anal fistula for over 5 years now. It is on the outside of the an
CHIPPER 2005-12-03
6   last decade

Enzyme Therapy after Whipple not working
I joined this form to look for more info about problems after having the Whipple procedure
SandyHoney 2005-12-06
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Conventional Remedies effects on Homeopathic Remedies?
Hello all, DPBC studies about homeopathic effects might be mostly done as an adjunctive st
Logical 2005-12-03
1   last decade

tanning beds
I have been using homeopathic remedies for 8 years. I have a new question: I am planning
Newcreation 2005-12-02
3   last decade

varicocele- horse chestnut and billberry
hey guys, after having a varicocele embolization last week i started taking billberry and
masterp 2005-12-04
1   last decade

Help for c-section
My friend had a c-section last Tuesday. She's 43 years old and the baby was done by i
Nandita 2005-12-04
4   last decade

Homeo and alopathic drugs
Can any body throw some light if we take homeopathic and alopathic drug for a disesase wha
rajboms 2005-12-05
4   last decade

perrenial rhinitus
HiI have had bad rhinitus and following surgery it is now much worse. I have intense burn
ninab 2005-12-04
2   last decade

I think I might be having panic attacks, But I'm unsure, I really need some help.
I haven't been having a very good few months at all. I lie pathologicaly and that has
EuphoriaEscape 2005-12-04
3   last decade

Foods that stops Homeo remedies
Can someone please list and explain to me what are the foods,drinks,herbs that stops or li
aaboulezz 2005-12-05
1   last decade

Dark circles and puffiness under eyes
Hi, my 1 year old daughter has dark circles under her eyes and sometimes they look a littl
alyanora 2005-12-02
1   last decade

hair loss alopecia aerata
hi i ve been suffering from this hair loss for the past 2 - 3 years. i've generally n
rajeev 2005-12-02
1   last decade

Testicular pain
There is a constant pain in my left testicle. Few months back, I felt sudden jerk and seve
amidhu 2005-12-04
1   last decade

i m not getting my mensural cycles for last 20 days.actually i had 3 tablets of premolute-
chhittarka 2005-12-04
1   last decade

I need suggestions
lately, i've been getting constipation a lot. I also feel dizzy, and restless. I feel
helper88 2005-12-04
1   last decade

Sulphur and Sulfa drugs question...
As a teenager I SEEMED to have a reaction (my eyes turned black) to some sulfa drugs that
Roxanne 2003-12-31
9   last decade

To Joe Asthma
Hi Joe,I just ordered the 2 remedies you suggested fro my asthma.Did I read somewhere that
Lisalj 2005-12-03
2   last decade

red swellings on fingers
Hello everyone , I've just joined and wonder if anyone might be able to help me. I w
Alison 2005-12-04
2   last decade

Remedy Selection on a "Single" symptom
Occasionally a remedy is claimed to have been selected on a single leading symptoms,Exampl
drsajid 2005-12-03
2   last decade

homeo medicine in saudi arabia
do anybody know where one can get homeo medicine in dammam area (saudi arabia)
noorur 2005-12-04
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Ganglion Cysts
A friend of mine has about 16 cysts in her hand, She has a 2 year old son and has to use
Lucid Colour 2005-12-01
1   last decade

symptoms following CT scan
I had a scan the other day to look at my shunt which had been placed years ago for hydroce
virginiawoolf 2005-12-04
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