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Rheumatoid Arthritis
I have severe inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis. I have been sick for 10 years now. I eat
bonita2 2012-11-04
8   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Seeking Help for Small, Deshaped Breast..
Dear Doctors, My wife has small breast. Also the shape of breasts are not good and look
bhutusymbol 2013-03-10
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attention dr.nawazkhan
is dr. nawaz khan sir not available at the moment on the abchomeopathy forum ???i'm
vdm_1590 2013-03-09
2   vdm_1590 6 years ago

Impotence / Lack Sex desire after taking R64- Nephralbin
Hi all, I am 29 year male. Almost 8-10 years back i suffered Micro-albuminuria /
taztaz 2012-06-05
2   Indianalphabet 6 years ago

Remedy for short temper/anger/irritability
What information is required of me to get some assistance with short

CCMom 2012-12-09
60   simone717 6 years ago

memory improvement
I am preparing for an exam (IIT) and my interview is within this month . I want to
Ajay malaotar 2013-03-01
9   Curious2 6 years ago

Sepia - Bladder Infection Symptoms
My new homeopathic doctor prescribed Sepia 200c, and then Sepia 12c daily. I've
magicandmiracles1 2013-03-09
1   simone717 6 years ago

girl2010 2013-03-08
3   dhundhun 6 years ago

spontaneous pneumothorax
Hi all, on 01/12/12 had sever back pain on the left side, thought could be because of
karansaini145 2013-01-10
8   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

musman 2013-03-09
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musman 2013-03-09
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Rubric - "Prefers to Stand" - Does anyone have a remedy list for this - URGENT
Not 'better standing' or similar. But PREFERS to stand all day; and will not sit
sammy12 2013-02-12
10   sammy12 6 years ago

plugged nose/ allergies
Hello! I have had a plugged nose for over a year and it worsens at night and while I
rhegan 2013-03-08
1   dhundhun 6 years ago

Pls help with chronic back ache
Pls help me.i am suffering with excruiating pains on my Lower back.this has been going on
Supermom 2013-03-09
3   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

gout(big toe)
Recurrent gout in big toe of left foot. Person, 49 years, has had gall-bladder removed &
SWhair 2004-09-06
9   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

gout sufferer
hi all.i am new to this forum. Im 24 yr male,weights 78 kgs ,5.6' height . Working in

mmparakkal 2011-09-30
30   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Gout treatment needed - high uric acid
Hi, i am 36 and i was diagnosed with gout about 6 years back. those days i got attachs

sanjaysharma 2012-01-03
15   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Hi,i am 30 yrs old male,suffering from gout in my lower back and left hip from last more
SHILPY0009 2013-01-04
1   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

uric acid
dr. kadwa ji, i have taken rhus tox 200--3 doses.but a new problem has arisen.my uric
suba ram 2012-12-22
6   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Tinea Cruris
Dear doctors, kindly advice a remedy for tinea Cruris. I am 29 yrs,male and have been

hazra 2012-07-01
36   kadwa 6 years ago

Pain at arm's muscles
Dear, Patient is my father, age 61. Near about 3-4 months ago, unconsciously he fallen
Debashish 2013-03-03
4   kadwa 6 years ago

Boil at junction of anus and genitalia
Hello, This morning, I noticed a boil near the junction of my anus and vagina. I tried
JuniperMerlin 2013-03-08
4   simone717 6 years ago

sexual issues in marriage life
I am 32 years old. I got married before an year back and is facing following problems
dady678 2013-02-20
12   kadwa 6 years ago

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils
my son is 4 yrs old. 1. his adenoids and tonsils are enlarged. 2. Allergy with
jruchi 2013-03-09
1   shouse_nsk 6 years ago