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dry itchy skin and eczema
I noticed that when I drank milk that my sin itched like crazy. When I found calcium in
Lexie 2006-01-09
1   last decade

Hiatal Hernia that no medications fix
I have been battling a hiatal hernia for 2 yrs. I had my gallbladder removed in Nov. 05
TNTodd 2006-01-09
1   last decade

In Defense of my concept of Homeopathic Treatment
I am copying a post that I have just made on the Hpathy forum in response to that of Gina

Joe De Livera 2005-12-27
14   last decade

Question for Dr Sajidakram, Dr Deshlok and Dr Sajid
I wrote a post earlier about having dark circles under my eyes and dark lips. Dr Sajid
monashafi 2006-01-06
8   last decade

seriousness required
some seriousness required From rajboms on 2006-01-09 0 replies 6 views Dear All,Off late
rajboms 2006-01-09
3   last decade

How long before iremedy starts to work?
I started taking 7 drops 3 x a day yesterday of Lobelia tincture 3x but havn't
Pat2006 2006-01-06
3   last decade

Do tinctures cause photosensitivity?
Would just like to know if taking mother tinctures may cause photosensitivity?
on_a_mission 2006-01-09
1   last decade

mahlanp 2006-01-09
1   last decade

How to Increase Breast Size as going to menopause
Hi to anyone who can suggest a remedy.I am a British Asian 40 year old female and have
sarabains 2006-01-08
5   last decade

calc carb safe before bypass?
Is Calc Carb a safe constitutional remedy to take, for a person with a clogged artery who
tatyana1111 2006-01-09
1   last decade

for sanvar please
mild pain all over the bodyneck and back stiffalways relieved by rest and sleepthe right

sanvar 2005-02-16
61   last decade

21 month old with fever, rash
My 21 month old daughter started with a fever last night before bed. It got up to about
lmhoopes 2006-01-08
3   last decade

stuffy nose and cold for infant and toddler
My 2 year old had been taking kaibich 30, heparsulph 30 and munostim whenever she gets
anita_raj 2006-01-09
2   last decade

Dr.Sajid -emergency-pls help
My son has eczema with severe swelling on his eyes,palms and feet. Is this a part of
prati 2006-01-09
1   last decade

Kuldip - Juglan Regia
One of my friends gets redish patches on skin, which are irritable. Usually he gets this
wahijs 2005-08-02
3   last decade

Cat with strong smelling urine
My 5 year old male cat's urine has acquired a very strong smell. He was neutered
eishsdhana 2006-01-05
7   last decade

I am a 40yr old male.Fit and healthy, and work as a Orthopedic nurse.I have a deviated
NIGHTHUNTER 2006-01-07
1   last decade

eye pain
I have optic atrophy and have always been very light sensitive, yesterday my uncle died
She Who Hugs A Lot 2006-01-09
1   last decade

homeopathy addressing 2 symptoms simultaneiously
Can homeopathy address two simptoms simultaneously? Like if one body part has adverse
Pat2006 2006-01-08
1   last decade

Iron Overload
Please help me I am desperate! For the last 25 years I am suffering from HEMOCHROMATOSIS
Such Baat 2006-01-06
2   last decade

Cervical Spondylosis & Radiculopathy- Experineced homeopaths, please help!!!!
My wife is 32 years old and a housewife .We have a son who is fifteen months old.It all
Gautam 2006-01-02
5   last decade

Cuts on the left side of tongue
Any suggestions - my son has cuts on the left side of his tongue and for some time now.
Dungi 2006-01-06
4   last decade

thalassemia major
treatment for thalassemia
drkharwan 2006-01-07
1   last decade

Please help chronic catarrh !!
HelloCan someone please help to reccomend a cure for my terrible cattarh.I have had it
DUNCAN 2006-01-05
6   last decade

Hepatitis B
Hello,I have been down with Hepattits B for 15 days. It started with diarhoea and by 24
bhatsachin 2005-12-04
3   last decade

which remedy
can anyone advise what remedy to take before social situations, interviews, flight to
sonia- taylor 2005-12-02
4   last decade

remedy to increase energy
helloi am 33 male. for last few years i complaing for low energy. in morning i am good
jacques 2005-12-16
3   last decade

cold sores
how do i cure my cold sores forever. i need all the info
alimarieleffel 2005-12-21
2   last decade

Bad cough for 3 weeks
Please help,My Mom has had a bad cough for 3 weeks and has not had relief. Cough is wet,
erika1 2006-01-08
3   last decade

I'm at a loss, please help...
Hi!In May I quit smoking after 20 yrs. I actually started doing some light yoga once a
kathie 2005-12-25
8   last decade

Please, anyone who can give suggestion
Hi,I will start by giving my main complaint.About a week ago, I started having a cold

TLMaH 2005-12-28
21   last decade

Hello,I am a 25 year old male born raised and live in Toronto, Canada. I have suffered
happie 2006-01-03
9   last decade

Emaciation, dystrophy, drying up -Dandruff
Emaciation, dystrophy, drying upI will not explain all to you, which would be too much, I
Alexthink 2005-12-20
2   last decade

4 -yr old with swollen tonsils, no other symptoms
My son's tonsils are very swollen, but not touching. They are not red or inflamed
hiawassee 2006-01-06
3   last decade

Male hpogonadism!r the following drugs available in pakistan
someone else had posted a problem here and Dr.sajjad had adviced him to use the
gwala 2006-01-05
1   last decade

problems with nat mur
please can someone help. i used nat mur 30c last wednesday for various health problems
mizouk 2006-01-05
1   last decade

daughter who passes out
I have a 22 yr old daughter who passes out every so often, she has had work ups done on
sherryb 2006-01-06
1   last decade

neck and wrist pain due to accidental fall.
I got my wrist and neck (both right side)sprained about 2 months ago.My present age is 28
zoomitpal 2006-01-07
1   last decade

Constipation in 6 year od
My 6 yr. old daughter has been constipated for the last 6 mo., at least. The only relief
mary0584 2006-01-07
1   last decade

Need assistance with correct remedy immediately!
Hello,I am hoping that a homeopathic/naturopathic doctor can help me with this...I am
Desertdragonfly 2006-01-06
2   last decade

problems with nat mur
i used nat mur 30c last wednesday for various health problems but it caused a negative
mizouk 2006-01-05
2   last decade

For: Joe De Livera - Please Help
Hi:Perhaps you will answer my question - I have posted it several times and no one

Mousitsa 2005-11-18
26   last decade

white patches..herbal remedy
Is there any herbal remedy for white
sunee 2006-01-06
no replies yet

breast enlargement vs penis enlargement
can anyone justify that there are certain homeopathic medicines to increase size of
humble 2006-01-06
1   last decade

Dr Sajjad
Please look at my post you were helping with - child
new2town 2006-01-05
4   last decade

cystitus Problem
I am having this problem for a while. I do not when it started but a year ago I noticed
grehman32 2006-01-05
1   last decade

Hello,My husband has started on flu. Severe running nose with throat pain and head a bit
reni2005 2006-01-05
3   last decade

Placenta Remedy
Hello. I'm new to this forum and was hoping someone has some experience with making
munchkinxs 2005-11-30
3   last decade

3 year old with tonsillitis for 12 weeks now.
I have a three year old daughter, who has had tonsillitis for 12 weeks now, I have tried
NewfieMom 2006-01-05
2   last decade

Grandchild's red cheek
The past couple of day my 2 year old daughter has red right cheek and a cool, pale left
sheilab 2006-01-05
1   last decade

Can't stop baby's runny nose
Hi,My 1 year old has had a cold for about 2 weeks. She started as usual, showing

erika1 2005-12-15
16   last decade

Lobilia Tincture
Does Lobilia tincture also help with both throat and lung
Pat2006 2006-01-05
4   last decade

HiMy 3 year old daughter is diagnosed with vitilgo...In US,Doctors are telling there is
sunee 2006-01-05
1   last decade

cystitus/scarred bladder/pain
I have had numerous attacks of cystitus in the past and it has left me with a badly
gailp 2005-05-12
6   last decade

How many drops is safe to take?
The woman at the health food store told me I could take 10 drops of the Lobilia tincture
Pat2006 2006-01-05
5   last decade

High Blood Pressure -
I have been reading that arnica and Calcarea Phos are very good for high blood pressure -
Mousitsa 2006-01-02
9   last decade

How to Store Homeopathic Mixture
What is the best way to store my homeopathic mixture?Can it be in plastic?Must it be in
Lisalj 2006-01-04
3   last decade

Stretch marks
anything to take away stretch marks from a pregnancy (thanks to my twins!)? On stomach,

maltesemd 2003-09-24
86   last decade

Back Surgery - Appropriate Remedy
My friend is having back surgery in a few weeks and my thought is to give him Arnica and
ginafl 2006-01-04
3   last decade

phosporus and berb. vulg.
Can Phosporus and Berb. vulg. be taken together or with an interval ?I get upper right
vardhar 2006-01-04
1   last decade

Slip Disc or Scitica
Sir, i am suffering from lower back pain (right side) doctors told us about slip of disc,
mishra 2006-01-04
1   last decade

Travel vaccinations
Hello,I am going to travel to South Asia for a 4 months, starting end of January till
Akslu 2006-01-04
1   last decade

Hi Doctor,I had abscess near the anus 4 months ago and when I visited the doctor he told

desichap 2005-02-14
25   last decade

prostate tuberculosis
Is there any treatment for prostate
rajboms 2006-01-02
3   last decade

Dr. Sajid need help with constitutional remedy and
suggestions to address athritis. My Mother is now really coming around to the medicine
erika1 2006-01-03
1   last decade

my face and spots
im 28 year old female who is getting really down about spots that keep coming up on my
kerryk 2006-01-04
2   last decade

Need advice to treat
Patient 60 year old ladt. Calm, strong willed, affectionate, very hard
new2town 2006-01-05
3   last decade

Sabina tincture
I ordered Sabina tincture and I didnt know you had to have a prescription for the
tweetystone 2006-01-04
1   last decade

Homeopathic Tincture
Is a tincture not really the same as homeopathy? I was sold a tincture, Lobelia, at the
Pat2006 2006-01-03
2   last decade

Don't know what to give...Lyc, Ant Tart, influe??
My 9 month old has had a fever 101-103.6 for about 3 days. On the 2nd day, she developed
jtlaharder 2006-01-04
1   last decade

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