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gayatri_rajendra: problm of black nd brown spots on face.
Hello sir. Am 22yrs. I hv a problem that i am having oily face. Pimples ocur smetimes.
anubha 2013-02-21
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Dear Joe, Let me remind U I had FIRST posted my mail on 28.12.2009 and again on
Harminder58 2013-02-17
4   gayatri_rajendra 6 years ago

Detailed questinnaire filled. seeking help for hairloss
Patient ID: Sex: F Age: 32 Please answer the following questions in a descriptive
doubledecker 2013-02-18
4   libra981 6 years ago

ehtilaam & jaryan
assalam o alaikum i'm 21 yrs old having problems of loss of power before and after
johny47 2013-02-20
1   libra981 6 years ago

mother/daughter cat, hissing, jealousy v. anxiety, pls help
hi i have three cats, they live in a large, comfortable home with 3 bdms, have access to
severine 2013-02-21
1   severine 6 years ago

abscess - now non-healing wound
I've been diagnosed perineal abscess 1 month back. Allopathic Surgeon recommended

arvindadonis 2006-10-26
17   kadwa 6 years ago

Menses suddenly stopped
My menses have stopped for four months. I always have normal cycles, not in menopause,
summer111 2013-02-21
1   kadwa 6 years ago

problem oe black nd brown spots on face
hello sir.. I have a problem. That i hv oily face. Pimples occur on face. Smetimes. But
anubha 2013-02-21
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Gums problem
Thanks to all that dr helping me in the past.I have gums problem now ,my gums hert and
gufooranbibi 2013-02-21
1   kadwa 6 years ago

breast enlargement
please suggest me best homoeopathy breast enlargement
rajnifci 2013-02-18
1   dhundhun 6 years ago

sextual problem
dear sir.i had did masterbate at the age of 7 for that i had small penis and also
eswarmallick 2013-02-21
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Quick Ejacuation
Hi I am 28 year old suffering from the problem of quick ejacuation. I have no problem
ranjeetgill113 2013-02-17
1   dhundhun 6 years ago

Retracting penis
my penis starts retracting when i am feeling nervous and when i am exercising. can
sunilb 2013-02-19
2   dhundhun 6 years ago

Need immediate help for my eye injury with glass piece stuck in cornea
Hi Sir, Need immediate help for my right eye injury with glass peice stuck in
goldy_dude 2013-01-02
6   goldy_dude 6 years ago

Baby has sebaceous cyst on face
Hello, my 21 month old daughter has a sebaceous cyst on her cheek, on the left hand side

Mfurey 2011-10-30
13   Super mom 6 years ago

My son 6 years old, hearing loss in right ear and starting left
My son was tested and it was confirmed that he has almost complete hearing loss in his
ivan01 2010-03-12
11   Formyson 6 years ago

Sever throat infection and cough/cold and high fever: 3.5 year child pls help
Hello experts, My 3.5 year old child has been suffering from severe throat infection,
gardencove 2013-02-19
1   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Medicine for lipoma
hello doctor I am Saini, I am 31 Year Old, 5'11', 94kg in weight and I am
saini4u 2013-02-20
1   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

I acknowledge - Dr Reva V
Dear Dr Reva V, I had received your email on 19 February. Thanks for asking me about my
saleem53 2013-02-20
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5 years old boy with ADHD
Hello, I need a little help to choose the right remedy for my child. During the last

Miasan 2010-03-24
49   samycw 6 years ago

Hip Dysplasia 2.5 year old daughter
My daughter is 2.5 years old and has a severely dislocated hip. She is having surgery
Sparkle_berry 2013-02-19
1   Sparkle_berry 6 years ago

12 yr old girl w croup like cough. Lots of chest and head congestion. Remedy for this
DaisyFrank 2013-02-19
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Help with mild but reccurrent hsvII
Hi, I've had recurrent genital herpes for about 15 years or so. It flares up now and

Jelyb 2012-08-07
17   kadwa 6 years ago

bartya carb question
does bartya carb help in penis devlopment which has not grown properly since
sunilb 2013-02-19
2   dhundhun 6 years ago