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Female hair loss and chilblains
Hello, I have suffered with thinning hair for many years. It seemed to start when I was
Shook 2021-01-25
2   krishna7 2 months ago

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
Hello I am 30 Year old male, married with one kid.Overweight My father is angry and my
drgreen203 2016-02-16
6   soul123 2 months ago

Lycopodium culvatum antidote
If someone knows about lycopodium culvatum antidote pls share your
attiq 2018-09-24
24   Aryans Sen 2 months ago

Erectile Disfunction
1.Age: 47 2. Sex: male 3. Built up:obese/moderate/slim : moderate 78kg 4. Complexion:
manish6700 2021-01-26
1   manish6700 2 months ago

Skin rashes for my toddler
pHi there, I am hoping someone could help me. I am at my ends meet with my 2 yr old son.
csmith 2021-01-25
1   freehomeoforall 2 months ago

Dr Anuj advise pls
Dr Anuj My wife had headache and feeling of about to catching cold. Today she has slight
netwiz87 2021-01-24
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

rheumatoid arthritis
Hi everyone! I am posting here on behalf of my mother. she has been diagnosed with
Ram7 2020-12-26
5   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Palpitations on waking up
Hi I am a 45 year old male. In Aug 2020 one day morning I experienced tachycardia,
rmaini 2021-01-12
18   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Tooth decay
Dear sir, What is the best remedy to reverse tooth decay, especially between the
pravric 2020-10-19
6   pravric 2 months ago

Can you help me find the homeopath Hugo Calatayud M.D?
Do you know Hugo Calatayud M.D author of the book The Homeopathy Beyond Hahnemann Adances
michael2 2021-01-23
no replies yet

Klebsiella pneumoniae and Enterococcus Faecalis UTI for 6 now
Hi, as the title says i have had this UTI for 6 months now it started as E coli and i had
Eloise13 2021-01-23
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Female, 38, loss of appetite
Dear sirs, i am posting for some advice for my daughter because i found here useful
roberta1 2021-01-21
2   krishna7 2 months ago

remedy for tongue tie in infants
My 5 weeks old Grand daughter is diagnosed as having Tongue tie and has been operated by
11   WHEAT-ALLERGIC 2 months ago

Two issues. Nat phos 6x and eye allergy
Took nat phos 6 x wet dose two nights for stomach issues pain and bloat and feel like i
Ideal56 2021-01-22
4   kohler 2 months ago

Neck pain and stiffness
I am 70years old female. For sometime I am feeling stiffness in the neck. Turning to left
Sadhana Singh 2020-09-20
4   Sadhana Singh 3 months ago

Depression, anxiety, mind blocked
My age is 31y. In last 5 years, I have taken 3 yearly longed courses of allopathic
alik 2021-01-20
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

internal scar fibrosis
hello everyone, I had an operation on my lower back two years ago, herniated disc,
elamabdellah 2021-01-18
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Gas and Bloating in upper abdomen
For almost a week I am suffering with gas and bloating in upper abdomen, 3-4 inch above
mayankgates 2021-01-18
1   Urepierk 3 months ago

Shin splints ?
Good afternoon I’m writing on behalf of my 16 year old grandson who is in the
Chever10 2021-01-18
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Lower Backache in Winter after 8months of C-Section Delivery
Dear Sir/Mam, My Wife Age: 29yrs., has undergone for C-Section delivery 8 months before
ankit111 2021-01-17
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Hi I am 44 yrs old male. I have low self-esteem, self confidence, procastrination. I am
shehbaz_n 2021-01-16
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

upper abdomen pain below the ribs in the centre slightly right side
I am 42 years old lady, weight 65kg.From last 9 months I am having pain in abdomen upper
pguri 2020-09-12
11   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Hit by knee to right side ribcage
Hi So I got hit by opposing player knee on the right side of my ribcage during
Injury 2021-01-16
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 months ago

Injection pain for 2 years
My wife name tuhina khatun age 28 yrs. Tetanus injection was given to the right hand
Wuerzowsh 2021-01-16
1   homeo_helper 3 months ago

Kidney Cyst
My mother has been diagnosed with Kidney cyst 3.4 x 3.7 cms on the upper pole of left
atonement 2021-01-15
1   krishna7 3 months ago