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Dose of a medicine
Gelsemium. 200 dose per day, please give me information.
Jamia 2015-05-02
1   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Ataxia 3 year old, shaking, urgent.
Hello doctors, My niece is 2 years old and 10 months, she first had chicken pox 10 days a

rahman_hope 2015-02-11
16   rahman_hope 3 years ago

Message to Antivirus - Hypothyroid Female
Hi - I could not post, forbidden by moderator and do not know why! Please help so I can co
Wizzo 2015-05-01
1   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Hi, I'm a 41 yr old female and found out that I have hypothyroid. I have all the gene
Wizzo 2015-04-30
3   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Vagnosis - Need to know what remedies
Burning, stinging feeling at opening of vagina. Whole labial area has irritation too. Stin
Indigosky 2015-05-01
1   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Possible aggravation or proving from belladona 30 and 200
Dear Uday, My sister had dry cough for which she took belladona 30. After she took that, h
maggarwa 2015-05-01
1   simone717 3 years ago

ADHD symptoms and Chomamilla
My kid was showing the symptoms of ADHD . We surfed and found lot of posting saying that
sachinhyper 2015-05-01
3   simone717 3 years ago

cyst in knees: Dr Kadwa plz see
Dear doctor One of my friend has cyst in his lower femure. it is around 5 cm cyst. the si

ahila 2010-07-02
31   LethaK 3 years ago

fitness cold acute
My mother has an acute cold. She's had a lingering cold for about 9 days. Symptoms ar
bwill13 2015-04-20
2   bwill13 3 years ago

Hi all, I'm a 34 year old male with ITP, diagnosed in 2005 after a regular blood ana
paul1980be 2015-04-30
2   paul1980be 3 years ago

premature ejaculation
My age 25 year old.my weight 68kgs.my Height 5'6". Please help someone i m feeling ve
shail743 2015-05-01
1   fitness 3 years ago

Hi Dr, am an addict of mastubation 4 d past 17yrs mw. I av tried to stop it, but its not w
adinoyiben 2015-04-30
1   fitness 3 years ago

eustachian tube problems or ototus media
My right ear feels clogged and there is clicking sound in the ear while breathing. It is
chhapolika 2015-05-01
2   simone717 3 years ago

Poor appetite low weight
Hello, my 5 yo daughter with low weight birth wt was average but then was always below gro
sadmom 2015-05-01
2   sadmom 3 years ago

Premature edjaculation
[message deleted by Manny0013 on Thu, 07 May 2015 13:38:02 BST]
Manny0013 2015-05-01
2   Manny0013 3 years ago

Reactive Arthritis Auto-Immune Sero-negative
Patient ID: Sex: Age: On behalf of Purna/F/40 yrs 1. Describe your main suffering? Arthr

csouba 2015-03-09
21   rishimba 3 years ago

Early hair greying
I have noticed that a strand of my hair has turned white recently. Kindly provide some sol
baby3089 2015-04-29
2   BMTY1234 3 years ago

20 year old cat with heart murmur
Hi, was wondering if i could have some advice. My cat was 20 years old in novemeber last

kirsty28 2014-02-06
134   kirsty28 3 years ago

Hepatitis B
I have been suffering from Hepatitis B since 2003/4 and tried so many Homeopathy Medicines
imran787 2015-05-01
1   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Breakouts on chin, lower jaw, bloating, constipation etc.
Hi there, Hoping you can help. For the past year I have been cleansing and detoxing my b
o_zell 2015-04-29
6   0antivirus0 3 years ago

HELP, no answers for my questions
I started a Thread named SULFUR on the first day of April, and Nawazkhan offered to help
Edsol12 2015-05-01
5   Edsol12 3 years ago

I have checked Sulfur's properties and it seems to be the remedy I need. Please help

Edsol12 2015-04-01
45   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Female low sex drive
Hi Dorcor, I am 31 years old working woman.I have two kids. married for six years... i hav
cpl.hothot 2015-04-30
3   fitness 3 years ago

excessive nightfall from 3 months
I'm. 22 yr male suffering from nightfall from 3 month.earlier mmastuburated.from last
akas0758 2015-04-29
5   simone717 3 years ago

Fitness pls help prostate problem
I am desperately hoping you can help me..please I have an enlarged prostarate,which is c

joedal 2014-11-27
37   simone717 3 years ago

Consult with Evocationer
Hello Evocationer, I have been through various homeopaths and remedies and styles that h

gammyjam 2014-12-20
19   gammyjam 3 years ago

Kent euphrasia eye drops safe to eyes
Hello doctors I'm 33 years old and 9 hours computer user daily , I have far dist
sharaz191 2015-04-30
1   fitness 3 years ago

Prostate problem
-Had TURP a year before. -Taken antibiotics for a month -Still have burning and pain in te

M.A. Mansoor 2015-02-26
21   fitness 3 years ago

severe neck pain and back ache during menopause
Hi.. This is reg my aunt who is 50 year old. She has scant periods now but has been facin
Daisy1234 2015-04-24
5   Daisy1234 3 years ago

Lumbar Stenosis
Have severe lumbar stenosis Remedies I am taking is: Rhos Tox-1m-6 pills, Calcarea Fluoric

cjsva 2014-10-13
63   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Lung problem (Plueral thickening)
I am suffering from asthma since 8 years. Recently had an xray exam which showed that the

Abdullahhh 2015-04-17
23   nawazkhan 3 years ago

[message deleted by BMTY1234 on Thu, 30 Apr 2015 14:18:30 BST]
BMTY1234 2015-04-30
1   BMTY1234 3 years ago

Tooth granuloma
Hello, I have tooth granuloma and i would like to ask you if there is any way to cure it
pepina1983 2015-04-29
2   pepina1983 3 years ago

dog behavioural issues re missing eye
i am caring for a dingo , last year it began to defend and attack needlessly when other do
divinci 2015-04-30
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Testis pain both side
Hello sir, my testis painfull last one year
Sonusingh123 2015-04-30
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Sir, I am 65 yrs old male and face the following problem: During my sleep whenever i turn
pbabu 2015-04-28
3   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Melasma treatment that's working!!
Hi, I've had melasma for years, horrible so patches on my forehead, cheeks and upper
Leah4150 2015-04-28
1   kadwa 3 years ago

acne pimple curved testis hand pratise
I am 19 years old And still 18 years old i hand pratise and discharge testostirene so plz
sanjaykumar50 2015-04-27
1   kadwa 3 years ago

tightness in left armpit
Whenever I remain in airconditioned room for long time and get out of it, I feel tightness
fmsryp 2015-04-25
1   kadwa 3 years ago

cat foaming at mouth help
Out cat after 10 minutes calmed down. Shes better now.
beth88 2015-04-25
1   kadwa 3 years ago

In preganacy can we take hypothyroid medicibes & homeophaty thyroid medicines togethwr
saanvi 2015-04-25
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Sexual disorders/Gastric problems/Sinus/Hairfall/Weak immune/Body
I have following problems. 1-PE- few seconds,Lack of desire,physical strength after first
pradeep.y1986 2015-04-21
5   kadwa 3 years ago

regarding gallbladder polyps
res dr. Kadwa plz help i have gallbladder polyps in size 4 to 5mm . Dr said to remove gall

harmeen 2015-04-07
26   kadwa 3 years ago

dr kadwa need your advice
hi hope you are doing well.i need your advice. i am suffered from eczema or "seborrheic
telep 2015-04-24
4   kadwa 3 years ago

Male inferiority complex
I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to work on a complex of not being masculine enough
CaroDG 2015-04-29
1   rishimba 3 years ago

Stubborn old head injury.... Need help finding remedy.
Hello! Would someone be so kind as to help me find a new remedy for my head injury . I hav
Samalee 2015-04-30
2   rishimba 3 years ago

please help!
Dear Sir My son is 5 years old.He has some prominent symtoms. 1 He frequently uses abusiv
gopal18 2015-04-08
4   gopal18 3 years ago

Very Angry 18 month old
Hello- new to this... My 18 month old is very angry. Throws lots of tantrums & throws
BeckyM 2015-04-28
6   telescope 3 years ago

toothache and mouth ulcer
Please suggest me the suitable remedy for toothache which is due to a badteeth ,hollow rot
akas0758 2015-04-29
1   simone717 3 years ago

stress/anxiety in 9 yr old daughter
My 9 year old daughter has a long standing history of anger problems, defiance, and most r
adoptivemom 2015-04-21
5   adoptivemom 3 years ago

Anyone tried Peter Chappell remedies?
I was wondering since there is quite a few homeopaths here if you are familier with Peter
Pavlina 2006-01-03
4   jillybean777 3 years ago

pcos puzzle
My daughter is 21 yrs old, 118 lbs., 5'5" healthy, active, not sexually active. Her p

bruinmom 2015-04-28
15   rishimba 3 years ago

treatment for spinal cord injury
As a result of a car accident in April 2012, I sustained a C6/C7 incomplete spinal cord in
samrad 2015-04-02
7   simone717 3 years ago

my son suffering from stomach pain
My son is 11 years old. Apparently he is healthy and energetic but now and then complains
jsiqbal 2015-04-26
11   simone717 3 years ago

DR Rishimba my wife needs your help.
Dear Doc, Trust all is well around. I need to discuss something about my wife and I am rea
mhabib021 2015-04-28
6   mhabib021 3 years ago

for the attention of fitness - dog constipation
Hi Fitness, could you please have a look at nuala's problem for me please. Realised l

kirsty28 2015-03-26
23   kirsty28 3 years ago

increase haemoglobin in pregnancy
I am 7 months pregnant with my second child and my HB has dropped from 12 to 10. Doctor pr
deeptidevikar 2015-04-29
1   0antivirus0 3 years ago

increase haemoglobin vit d and immunity in children
My son is 3.5 years old ,weight 13.5kgs and Ht 98cm.Recently he got lower respiratory trac
deeptidevikar 2015-04-29
1   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Morning stool mushy & unformed.
Hi am 35 year old and have just one bowel moment in the morning which is ideally semi soli
samur420 2015-04-29
1   rishimba 3 years ago

premature ejaculation
dear sir, i have problem with erectile dysfunction i am unmarried but once a time there wa
shail743 2015-04-25
2   shail743 3 years ago

Going toilet after eat
For the past 2 and half years i am suffering from this problem.I am just 24 years old. i t
MAIDHY 2015-04-29
1   rishimba 3 years ago

performane enhace
Dera Dr. I am 45 yeras old sportsman. Now i m feeling poor reflexes and giving low level p
waheedmughal 2015-04-25
2   waheedmughal 3 years ago

i have hydrocele from last 4.9 yrs in left side...i also have lucoderma(saffed daag). i a

SUDHIR82 2015-02-01
43   0antivirus0 3 years ago

Symptom Form needed
Hi! Someone has recommended me to this forum for some issues I am having and said there is
o_zell 2015-04-28
1   simone717 3 years ago

Acute bronchiolitis
Does anyone know what would help in respiratory distress at acute bronchiolitis? Son had 1
Bajsika 2015-04-28
1   rishimba 3 years ago

NightFall (Dr kadwa .. Please Help me..)
. My age is 28. Weight 65Kg. I am suffering nightfall (Nocturnal emission) problem in ni
Ajith.KC 2015-03-04
7   sabuj10 3 years ago

medorrhinum question
Hello My 10 year old daughter sees a local homeopath who has recommended medorrhinum for
DKhello 2015-04-28
3   simone717 3 years ago

evocationer - hair loss control
Hi, I am looking to help my son of 15 years stop his receding hairline. Its hereditary as
samrad 2015-04-02
10   samrad 3 years ago

Dr Nawazkhan, give me remedy of Breast melignant tumor, breast become big and liuid comes from breast pores and nipple.
Assalamualaikum, Please give me remedy of Breast melignant tumor, breast become big and li
akhter1 2015-04-23
9   nawazkhan 3 years ago

attn dr kadwa dr mehfooz
Dear All, My daughter age 09 years is suffering of following problems First of all she is

caringmama 2014-11-24
13   caringmama 3 years ago

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