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Rauwolfia for hypertension
I tried Rauwolfia (Serpina) for my hypertension and it seems work. I'm 43 and have
alangreat 2019-10-20
1   Urepierk 10 months ago

IBS Problem Makes Life A Hell
A friend of mine 62, a timid type of man, by profession teacher, has been suffering from
sandy3 2019-10-22
3   HealthyWorld 10 months ago

To The Moderator
Please do something. After posting my reply, the message is not showing in 'Dr
jannat.lackey 2019-10-20
1   moderator 10 months ago

Pudendal Nerve Pain
Hi I am looking for a remedy for pudendal nerve pain. My pain manifest mainly in the
Merna1 2019-10-21
1   Tui 10 months ago

How slow is Silicea?
I have been given Silicea M, how slow could be to start
Albert 2019-10-20
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Problem Posting Reply
Hello moderator! I can not post any reply after updating surver. Hello all. Please
freehomeoforall 2019-10-18
15   ahmad88 11 months ago

Can we take activated charcoal for overdose of homeopathic medicines ?
Hi I want to know if a person can take activated charcoal for overdosing of homoepathic
Ayush1 2019-10-17
10   Tui 11 months ago

Hair thinning
Hi i am 38 yrs old female with hypothroid from past 11 yrs. i was on diet from past one
Chints_shal 2019-10-18
3   Tui 11 months ago

Problem Posting Reply
Dear Moderator! Please solve the problem. I am not able to see reply of
freehomeoforall 2019-10-19
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Arnica Montana for Emergency!!
I would like information on using Arnica Montana for traumatic brain injuries. I know
HPRigby 2019-10-18
3   maheeru 11 months ago

Please help, thanks
Hello, I have problem in my right ear. It is like a heartbeat thumping in my ear. I
Aulluzowrj 2019-10-16
8   HealthyWorld 11 months ago

Once Again I am facing the same which I had Last year in Jan 2018.
Patient Name: Kumar Shanu age 29 weight 84 From:Shifted to Chandigarh from Mysore 8
kumarshanu92 2019-04-24
6   kumarshanu92 11 months ago

Need help with dry skin on outer ear & ear lobes
Hi, I always feel warm/ hot in my stomach. Some times my anus burns. I drink
asiflakhani 2019-10-15
4   asiflakhani 11 months ago

Kidney and Uterus problem.
Hi Doctors, Our 14 years old Pomeranian female dog is suspected to have kidney and
Dhonisai 2019-10-14
4   Tui 11 months ago

Autism, speech Delay and moderate hearing
My kid who is diagnosed with mild autism unable to speak and talk only some sounds
EngineerFez 2019-10-14
7   freehomeoforall 11 months ago

Spinal code problem
Can someone advise the treatment for spinal code disc
Rayyan1 2019-10-12
3   Gentle1 11 months ago

Body itching cure for my dog
pomerian male dog---13 years old--body itching since many months--please advice some
andy_65_in 2019-10-14
1   freehomeoforall 11 months ago

Tootache - is it possible to avoid root canal
Hello I have had teeth trouble now since August when I had caries treated. The tooth
Nostromo 2019-10-13
1   Tui 11 months ago

Re: Chelidonium q and Constipation
Thanks, no tests yet but my naturopath had used kinesiology previously and the
chicgirl63 2019-10-13
no replies yet

Speech Delay and moderate hearing
My 2.6 year old boy who is diagnosed after bera test that he has issue of mild/moderate
EngineerFez 2019-10-10
3   freehomeoforall 11 months ago

please urgent help
I am 29 male. Going to marry in few days. I have very less sexual stamina. Just thinking
baby 2019-10-07
10   baby 11 months ago

Itching dog
my dog is itching his self raw in places. He also has a growth on the left eye lid and he
Raven3 2019-10-09
1   Tui 11 months ago

Burning of stool
Hello dr M suffering from anal fissure problem.the problem m currnetly having burning in
Nyra12 2019-09-30
24   Nyra12 11 months ago

re: Yin/fluid deficiency
So I have a TCM diagnosis of severe Liver Yin deficiency - basically I burnt out from
helpmeplease1 2019-10-09
6   homeo_helper 11 months ago

Fracturing tooth, Please help
Since the age of 25 I've seen my tooth fracturing at the border in tiny pieces. Some
ramesh_krs 2006-05-05
7   simone717 11 months ago