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Boosting toddler's immunity
Hi my 16 month old falls sick very often with colds etc. At the moment he is having low
Selinam 2016-06-29
5   fitness 3 years ago

Fitness-Need help for male hormone problems
Dear Dr, I am 36 years old man and have been suffering from the following problems,
Kamal1 2016-07-27
9   fitness 3 years ago

Urgent Help : Gout Medication
Hi, I am on homeopathic medication for gout for last 3 months. It was benefiting me.
shaksingh 2016-07-02
4   fitness 3 years ago

Need help with the medicin..sciatica
i m 34 yrs old.suffering from herniated disk and sciatica. however i recovered from pain
naviiiii 2016-07-02
3   fitness 3 years ago

Staph in my leg
I got bite in my calf in June . It got super swollen sore. I got it antibiotics then it
Acsmileyiiigmail.com 2016-07-29
3   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Doctor recommendation for Alopecia Areata
Hello, Can you recommend Homeopathic Doctors in San Jose, California area (or anywhere
hi_mkg 2016-06-22
3   fitness 3 years ago

Endometriosis after Ablation - Severe cramping during periods
Hello, I am 35 years old, have 2 kids, tubal ligation after 2nd kid in 2012. My periods

aries1 2016-01-13
35   aries1 3 years ago

USA~Mohini vashikaran Mantra Specialist
USA~Mohini vashikaran Mantra
bangalibaba8955 2016-07-29
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Hi guys 22 year old female here. My battle with acne began suddenly 6 months ago. I went

Lovebug93 2016-07-28
19   Lovebug93 3 years ago

Shar Pei ear infection
Hi, my shar pei dog has an ear infection in his left ear. He is susceptible to infections
r0bina 2016-07-28
2   r0bina 3 years ago

Execuss Dandruff
Iam ali can u please help iam suffering with heavy dandruff.. I comes out like a scalp on
Ahemadally 2016-07-28
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

homeopathy's help to get rid of sex problem
dear doctor i am writing to you to know that which homeopathic medicine i have to use for
zohair 2016-07-28
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Chronic constipation
My 4 yr old son does not have the feeling that he needs to have a bowel movement unless
Pokemon 2016-07-19
10   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

oral lichen planus
My wife has oral lichen planus for last 6 months,with two gums one upper and other lower
pkg1953 2016-07-03
7   gavinimurthy 3 years ago

Height and growth issue (help requested from FITNESS)
Hi fitness, My 4 years male baby's height is 92cm and weight is 11kg only. I will be

Khobaib 2016-04-14
22   gavinimurthy 3 years ago

Eustachian tube dysfunction
I'm 34 yrs old Male. I'm diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction in November
Greg_loff 2016-07-27
3   gavinimurthy 3 years ago

8 years Son with weighs 20 kgs, does not eat any thing
Please help me , to make my son healthy , he doesn't like to eat at all, very choosy
nageswara 2016-07-27
2   nageswara 3 years ago

Acute Sinus or Eustachian Tube Problem?
Dear Doctor, my symptoms are, Ear fullness/ stuffed all the time Heavy head / head

Buink 2016-04-21
23   gavinimurthy 3 years ago

duration of LM liquid remedies
hello, do lm liquid remedies that you take every day for afew days have a duration like a
paula1 2016-07-27
2   paula1 3 years ago

Shih tzu corneal scarring
My Shih tzu has just recovered from an eye ulcer via application of blood serum drops,
Keikorose 2016-07-27
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Very bad case of erectile dysfunction
Hello I have a bad case of erectile dysfunction. I have tried many things but the only
Miky789 2016-07-26
4   hp1990 3 years ago

premature ejeculation
At the age of(13 or 14 may be) and since then masturbated at least 2 times a day. At 22

umar 2016-05-25
22   umar 3 years ago

Snoring in 6 mo old- Dr Kadwa, please help!
My 6 month old son has been stuffy at night since 2 weeks old, and recently, after a

Jackie1 2016-05-19
31   kadwa 3 years ago

mixed astigmatism
hello sr iam from pakistan and iam 21 year old st i have mixed astigmatism in my left
khan4 2016-07-26
1   khan4 3 years ago

Dr.Luc's article on pseudo-homeopathy
Dear friends, I am posting this article by one of the greatest contemporary homeopaths

rajivprasad 2006-10-17
143   khan4 3 years ago