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self treatment for constitutional?
I do not identify with any homeopathic remedy any homeopath perscribes. it never fits my

tj7472001 2015-07-10
21   telescope 4 years ago

29yrs Male from Mumbai I observed first lipoma on my forearm in 2006-7. It was very
blrmaratha 2015-07-18
1   deoshlok 4 years ago

A case of high Cholestrol & Triglycerides
On July 15, 2015 12:45 PM, "Sulagnaa Upadhyaya" wrote: Dear Dr Deoshlok, I'm
deoshlok 2015-07-18
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1:00 am waking indicative of any remedies?
Hi, Our son wakes up at 1:00 am and according to Chinese medicine that is indicivite of
kaunhe 2015-07-18
2   kaunhe 4 years ago

kidney stone with hydroureteronephrosis
I have been diagonised with a stone of 5.1mm in left ureter with hydroureteronephrosis. I
d.007 2015-07-15
5   0antivirus0 4 years ago

achondroplasia Achondroplasia is a disorder of bone growth. It is the most common form of
deoshlok 2015-07-18
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Dental Fluorosis
An 8 year old girl has been diagnosed with mild Dental Fluorosis. She lives in a city
Holli 2007-12-28
2   MiriamB 4 years ago

Dad with Shingles
hi, My 65 year old dad got shingles a couple of weeks ago. He got out-brakes on the left
Crikee 2015-07-18
3   simone717 4 years ago

Dark circles on eye
Dark circle under my eye about six
dabhi99 2015-07-17
3   simone717 4 years ago

High Cholesterol plz Help
Hi My age is 29 and my cholesterol level is 204 plz suggest me homeopathy medicine
dabhi99 2015-07-15
7   nawazkhan 4 years ago

sex problems
age 27 male unmarried sir I have been mastubration since 12 year now I am facing these

ask74 2015-01-23
22   munishahmed 4 years ago

subcortical vascular dementia
My mother, 78 yo developed subcortical vascular encephalopathy. Her main symptoms: high
larisa 2015-07-17
1   kadwa 4 years ago

i am 23 years ol. i had my biopsy last year.from that time i have been loosing my
munnaravi121291 2015-06-17
5   kadwa 4 years ago

Is it possible for children to experience a healing crisis from a single pellet dry dose
kaunhe 2015-07-17
5   simone717 4 years ago

[message deleted by kaunhe on thu, 16 jul 2015 22:57:56 utc][message edited by kaunhe on

kaunhe 2015-07-16
16   kaunhe 4 years ago

Treatment for lattice degeneration
I hav undergone valve replacement and a bypass at the same time in Oct'15. I already
arukan 2015-07-01
3   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Schamberg‘s disease
Manchas rojas por capilares rotos, estás manchas rojas se convierten en oscuras.
uliseso 2015-07-16
2   simone717 4 years ago

Help needed
Are homeopathic medicine safe during pregnancy.can anyone provide the list of homeopathic
chutki 2015-07-16
1   mani_jee 4 years ago

is hepatites b cured or not..?
hii..suffring from hepatites b since 3 years..what i do for cure
sonumallick 2015-07-14
12   mani_jee 4 years ago

Could you please provide me with a treatment for
imsulabhverma 2015-07-16
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homeopathic medicines aggravates symptoms`
I am suffering from CNS Vasculitis, i went to a senior homeopath in CR park in Delhi who
khurana76 2015-07-16
5   telescope 4 years ago

6 Month Old with Weeping Eczema
My 6 month old son is suffering from weeping eczema on his outer lower legs and on his
MB0910 2015-07-15
5   telescope 4 years ago

Chronic Constipation in my 2 year old toddler
hi there my two years old daughter is suffering from constipation since she was eight
chultim 2015-07-16
1   telescope 4 years ago

Burning Mouth! Please help me.
I have been suffering from a burning mouth. Most of the discomfort in on the roof of my
gicki 2015-07-16
3   telescope 4 years ago

Impotency in Diabetes By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Impotency in Diabetes In Diabetes the impotency is very common. Generaly a good
deoshlok 2007-08-18
7   ashraful76 4 years ago