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Epilipsy - 4 Year old Baby Boy
Hi, My son is 4 Year Old, He has the problem of developing convulsion during fever
samarjit_c 2015-07-03
3   fitness 4 years ago

Please help me for my height
Respected homeopaths of the forum, i need help for my increasing my height. I am 19 year
Rock26 2015-07-03
6   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

Exercise Help To weight Loss
Millions of Americans are trying to lose weight, spending approximately $30 billion a
Nealoren 2009-08-24
1   yogacourse 4 years ago

Gastro Problem
As per my observation from last two week i am facing the gastro problem. I am feeling
Samanthan 2015-07-03
1   nawazkhan 4 years ago

Help increase my height
[message deleted by Rock26 on Fri, 03 Jul 2015 07:42:39
Rock26 2015-07-02
2   simone717 4 years ago

Dr.Kadwa ,Lichen Planus : Skin Problem
Dear Dr.Kadwa I am Balaji and 35 years old male.I suffered from a skin problem called

abalaji 2015-04-23
21   abalaji 4 years ago

Using identity similar to mine to confuse posters
Hi Someone has created a username similar to mine by adding another s to fitness. Not
fitness 2015-07-03
1   Rock26 4 years ago

hair problem
Dear dr. Kadwa, I want to know homeopathy medicine for excessive hair fall daily, I am
johna9095 2015-07-02
2   Rock26 4 years ago

urine problem
my wife 48 year cannot control urine .she has taken many allopathic & ayurvedic
chitranjan mishra 2015-07-03
1   telescope 4 years ago

suffering from digestion,malabsorption sexual diseases
Patient ID: Sex:Male Age: 25 Please answer the following questions in a descriptive
azeemlaiq 2014-12-07
10   kadwa 4 years ago

Aggravated hemorrhoids
I suffer from hemoroidadu┼ż years. take care of feeding and hygiene and I managed to keep
Eoja1407 2015-07-02
4   Eoja1407 4 years ago

Gall Bladder Polyp and Bowl gas
1.I am suffering from multiple polyp adherent to the wall of the galbladder and excessive

CROCDUNDEE 2009-09-29
216   kadwa 4 years ago

Penis short
Hi, I am 32 years old.I am unmarried.I want to marry.I have acidity and rheumatism. My
skysun 2015-06-28
3   kadwa 4 years ago

How to get rid of melasma
I tried everything, from chemical peeling to bleaching creams... nothing worked. I know
Bluemystic 2015-06-29
3   kadwa 4 years ago

Essential oils and homeopathy
I am on a bowel nosode that continues to work 2+ months after taking. Is it risky to use
baddiver 2015-05-29
2   fitness 4 years ago

Sir I am 25 year old. I have varicocele problam last 10 months. the problam is in
jitender 2015-07-03
2   fitness 4 years ago

Cold Drinks (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi), Preservatives, and Chinese Food (Containing Vinegar)
Do we need to avoid following eatables during taking homeopathic medicine. Cold Drinks
cartoon123 2015-07-02
4   fitness 4 years ago

Gynecomastia..,please me...
1. Name : kumar 2. Age ;28 3. Sex :male 4. Single/Married :single 5. weight :83 6.
wayne123456 2015-07-02
3   fitness 4 years ago

Curve Penis and PE problem
I am a 21 year man. I have been masturbating since last 4 years.But I have very poor sex

Pranto 2015-05-08
13   fitness 4 years ago

fistula in ano
i m suffering from acidity please sugest
arpan18jun 2014-01-16
7   pushpender 4 years ago

Homeopathy+yoga=Yogic Homeopathy!!
Hi! I am starting this thread because i feel yoga can really help in curing chronic
yogafreek 2006-11-15
8   yogacourse 4 years ago

Is yoga is an excellent way to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?
Hello Everyone, I know IBS is one of the most common disorders of digestive system
declanparkes 2011-01-14
5   yogacourse 4 years ago

nawaz sir please help me about pilonidal sinus
sir i have suffering from pilonidal sinus last 6 month.then i have a small hole in my
sergel20 2015-07-02
4   sergel20 4 years ago

masturbation problem
I m 24 yrs old.. I masturbate twice a day.. Plz suggest me a medicine to stop it..plz
manish52 2014-11-26
5   rauf12345 4 years ago