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Acute loss of vision in left eye(central retinal artery occludion)
A female pt aged 46yrs had sudden loss of vision(6.45PM) in left eye following bending
skp64y 2010-12-12
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Depression, anger, apathy issues
I've read through the forums as well as attempted to use the software to try and

IsIttheGenes 2010-11-20
27   sameervermani 8 years ago

peri-menopause bloat
Pls help. I'm suffering really bad peri-meno bloat and wondering if you can
kohler 2009-10-09
7   nawazkhan 8 years ago

hi guys, sorry if i landed in the wrong room to introduce myself. i am catleya and glad
catleya 2010-12-12
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problem for acidity, gas &constipation
i am 46 yrs old male, weight 51 kgs. hight 5'7', iam suffering from acidity,
anandy63 2010-10-04
4   nawazkhan 8 years ago

treatment for depresion/ gastroenterological problem
To all doctors, Gastroenterologist suggest me after all the testing, to take prothiaden
anandy63 2010-12-12
1   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

nat phos
How does nat phos help you lose
kohler 2010-12-07
11   kohler 8 years ago

Hair Problem/Help
ALOPECIA AREATA and Dandruff since last 15 years, Sclap get itchy when contacted to
parth 2010-12-06
1   Dr.Saravanan 8 years ago

Excessive Sweating
Hello all, Need ur help in this. I have a problem of excessive sweating all over my
sourav1980 2010-12-06
2   sourav1980 8 years ago

Please need help from Joe and Deoshlok
Hi Joe, I have gone through many posts of your findings. They are quite interesting and
kbrao84 2010-10-08
9   kiran26 8 years ago

accutane-resistant acne for 11 years
hi, i'm 29 and my acne started when i was 17-18 yr old. it has a lot to do with what

acnevictim 2010-12-10
15   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

worried about having taken nat mur 10m too many times
Hi, my homeopath recently prescribed me nat mur 10m to be taken as ten drops every two
JayAggarwal 2010-10-27
3   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Can I quit my meds cold turkey??
I'm a Type II diabetic, 66 y/o male, diagnosed about 5 years ago. I want to try
rockyt 2010-12-10
8   rockyt 8 years ago

back pain
I had been having back pain with positive results treated from homeopathics e.g
mosnabi 2010-12-11
1   nawazkhan 8 years ago

BV and Yeast Infection
For the past year I have suffered from either bacterial vaginosis, a yeast infection or
grape1 2009-07-23
10   jadesmith386 8 years ago

Hello to all homeopathic doctors I have a son who is three years old. So far, the
sejhali 2010-12-11
4   sejhali 8 years ago

Arnica 30c in the Wet dose helps Chronic Smokers to QUIT SMOKING
Members may like to know that I pioneered in helping chronic smokers to QUIT SMOKING with

Joe De Livera 2010-11-23
18   nilmitr 8 years ago

frequent common cold without fever
My baby boy is 6 months old.He keeps having frequent common cold without fever whenever
simkhan06 2010-12-10
10   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Erection Problem
I am 57 years old man with sound health but seldom get erection and that too for short
BANJO9X 2010-12-11
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Sensitive genital
I am facing a problem of sesitive genital. My intercoure time is very short. I released
Ashraf3 2010-12-10
3   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Gas Problem
Hi all, For last 2 years I have been suffering from chronic gas and acidity problem.
arunlahiri 2010-12-09
3   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

vaginal white discharge
Iam 30 year sold and I have been suffering from thin white discharge since 1 month took
rohinijayanthy 2010-12-10
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alfalfa mothertincture (in alfalfa tonic) with autoimmune issues ok?
Hi, I have IBS and have been dealing with evening nausea off and on for many years.

ewink 2010-12-04
14   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

can homeopathy restore virginity
there is a quiz on another forum which says in answer that 1040 Is there any medicin in
citizen 2010-12-10
2   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Hair Loss
Hi all. I am Rajnish, 28 years old, working in a Call Centre. I am worried because of
Bajaj 2010-12-10
1   Dr.Saravanan 8 years ago

Wheat Allergy
My cobrother's daughter suffering from the wheat allergy since Birth. She face
atulk73 2010-12-10
2   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

urine infection: DR Pankaj or Dr Kadwa plz see
Dear doctor. Please help me. DEtails: 27 yr old female main problem: Recurrent urine
jcharu 2010-12-10
4   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

hi, i have a 10 and a half years old daughter.her height is 4ft2in,and i am very
sadiasadiq 2010-04-18
3   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Azoospermic Issue
Dear Dr. I am 34, married for 5 years, based in Karachi. Suffering with Azoospermia. FSH
raashed99 2010-11-30
3   raashed99 8 years ago

hi! joe de livera .
Hope so you are with the best of health and May God Keeps You Always Fit and Fine. I read
ridha89 2010-11-03
11   ridha89 8 years ago

plz help
. Describe your main suffering? Ans. FOR 12-13 years , too much fatigue,sleeplessness,
gurdas 2010-12-10
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Stomach problem :(
I am 30 years old and I have diagnosed by H.pylori 2 years before and got treatment for a
xamirmaxix 2010-12-05
8   xamirmaxix 8 years ago

Acid reflux treatment
Can Acid Reflux be cured in Homeopathy? I have Acid REflux and am taking Homepathy
krish2bala 2010-12-02
4   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

majid92b 2010-12-10
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Pet -Guinea Pig - Needs to gain weight
I have a guinea pig. She is an older female and is quite thin. Is there a homeopathic
sabran 2010-12-09
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left upper arm pain - reoccur after one year
I am suffering from a upper arm pain in the left arm. I am feeling the pain for the whole
sksaha 2010-12-03
4   sksaha 8 years ago

What kind of toothpaste is possible to use while taking a homeopathic remedy? Is it
petramal 2003-12-23
9   girl2010 8 years ago

Remedy for torn labrum/tendonitis
Hi. My father has a slight tear in his labrum--the hip cartilage where the bone and
vincekaryn 2010-12-09
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Lac Maternum
Hi. I hope to get some responses from homeopathy doctors who will be able to help me.
healthyliving 2008-09-16
10   suspendedaccount 8 years ago

Breast Milk
I would like to know if there are any homeopathic remedies available to increase breast

siri75 2005-02-14
14   bigmommylove 8 years ago

Lactation - No milk in breast
My wife had very scanty milk after our first child 2 years ago. She has been undergoing
khanf 2006-08-09
3   bigmommylove 8 years ago

whats lucoderma's perfect
surender 2010-12-02
3   nawazkhan 8 years ago

pain below knee
thanks doc i hv started taken ruta,and another that u hv told was arnica i want 2 confirm
yagbala kapil 2010-12-09
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plz help
For 10-11 years i am taking homeopathy medicines , sometimes i feel better but not get
gurdas 2010-12-09
2   gurdas 8 years ago

majid92b 2010-12-09
2   majid92b 8 years ago

HI! I am taking Nux-V 30 c 3 pellets 2 times,
a day for detoxification. Is it ok? IS it ok for detoxification of psychiatric drugs? how
h9378 2010-12-08
5   h9378 8 years ago

16 years old boy bed wetting, likes girls company, taking , waking like a girl.
My cousin who is 16 year old is suffering from bed wetting from the start. He has
libra981 2010-12-08
2   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

medicine for constipation alongwith medicine stramonium 30
i am taking stramonium 30(for fatigue, sleeplessness,low appetite, constipation, low
gurdas 2010-12-08
2   gurdas 8 years ago

plantar fibromatosis
I am interested in using Calcarea Fluorata for plantar fibromatosis I have in both
rynldss 2010-12-08
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Experienced Homeopaths - What Is Your Opinion on the Cell Salts
I haven't worked with the cell salts but see many people here prescribing them.

Homeopathy International 1 2010-12-07
22   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

severe eye problem
hi, my father has undergone cataract operation to his left eye two years ago,but there
vijay1988 2010-12-03
6   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Severe Hair Itching and Hair Loss
Hi, I am facing severe itching when i woke up in the morning. In my backside of neck the
rajini 2010-11-26
2   nurnabi 8 years ago

i m upset about my sex power
Age : 23 years old Problems are stated below... 1) I have masterbated since 8
govindsolanki 2010-11-27
1   nurnabi 8 years ago

problem in penis expansion
Hello Doctors, I have got married from past 3years, but my husband is not able to have
thiyagaraj 2010-12-04
1   nurnabi 8 years ago

Breasts Enlargement-No fair results found by medicines...
Hii, i am 20 years old, young, unmarried, slim girl.. I have been taking Onusmodium 1m
pringomiller 2010-12-08
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For Breast Enlargement
Hi i m pooja tiwari from dehradun. i m 26 years old newly married girl. i have my breast
Pooja Tiwari 2010-11-29
10   pringomiller 8 years ago

i want the medicine which is against the
nazima 2010-12-06
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Hi I am suffering Uticaria for the past 10 years, in winter seasons it becomes worst.
ramadoss.srinivasa 2010-12-05
1   kadwa 8 years ago

stone in both the kidneys
my husband aged 33 has stone in both the kidneys,once he had gone through laser operation
yagbala kapil 2010-12-08
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

suffering from acute stomach trouble,heaviness & uneasiness in d body after anything i
reality 2010-11-19
2   kadwa 8 years ago

5.5 month old constipation
Can i give my baby who is 5.5 bio comb 4 for constipation.he started having his solids
simkhan06 2010-12-07
2   simkhan06 8 years ago

urgent help, joint cracking and pains
hello there, i am male aged 27.i have cracking sounds in all my joints, it started about
fawad49 2010-12-07
2   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Lingering Cold
My cold began a few weeks ago at the change of weather from warm/hot to cold. It began
camillia 2010-12-06
4   gavinimurthy 8 years ago

Reoccuring pinworms
My son (9) has just been treated for Pinworms for the 6 time in 2 years! I have been
Motherof6 2010-12-07
1   Danielle45 8 years ago

Kind attntn: Dr. Joe Renal function problem
Sir, My child age 7 years is suffering from renal problem. At this time his Serum
negiaudit 2010-12-07
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

food particles in throat..
Hi people, I have been having this problem for long time now and unable to find just the
samshah 2010-11-27
4   samshah 8 years ago

Lacking in direction
Hello I am hoping there is someone who can help! I lack direction in my life, I am
lolostar 2010-12-07
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My son is going through a very stubborn constipation from last one month. His face

Dipika 2006-11-16
20   gurdas 8 years ago

indigestion & constipation
hello doctors I have problem related to stomach for the last three months i have been

fuu_math 2009-10-23
21   gurdas 8 years ago

Heavy Indigestion- Constipation ( Dr.Mehfooz-ur-rehman)
Dear Dr.Mehfooz, Due to change in shifts..my bowel system is altered and i gets

mukeshkeshav 2010-03-11
22   gurdas 8 years ago

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