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Hi All, My name is sahil...im 25 yrs of age..and im here to get a cure for lipomas, from
arun.cvtech 2010-02-28
4   arun.cvtech 9 years ago

Help needed: to undo the electric torture by neuro-allopathy
Respected Homeopaths out-there, You having genuine intentions to heal the people, I
ThelenPat 2010-03-06
2   ThelenPat 9 years ago

chronic colitis
for past 7-8yrs,i have been suffering from muco colitis without any ulcer.all on a
ggpkg 2010-03-03
2   kadwa 9 years ago

Dr. Mahfooz & Sameer & Dr. Hasnat : PE & ED problem. Please help me
Dear Sir, I am Surindar age 44 from india, facing a serious sex problem since last 5
homeo2010 2010-03-06
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Rheumatoid Arthritis
my mother aged 65 years is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for past 10 years. for the
man_ishkumar 2010-03-06
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Miniature Schnauzer Ulcers
I have an 11 year old bitch she has been neutered very friendly needy personality loves
cosmos35 2010-01-29
6   kadwa 9 years ago

i am azoospermic: semen test: count 0 ph 8 fructose: present volume: 2ml hormonale test:
jocelyne 2010-03-05
3   drajay 9 years ago

3-year old with no speech, poor concentration, hyperactivity, little eye contact
We have a delightful 3-year old boy with some mental developmental delay, poor
krishna108 2010-03-06
1   drajay 9 years ago

Sepia and panic attacks
I have been prescribed sepia 15C, 1 per day, by my homeopath for acne. Other complaints I

zorbax 2010-02-28
13   kadwa 9 years ago

dr.kadwa please....help
Kindly read my following link. http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/213629/ DR.REVA
sweet_amazing85 2010-03-06
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how to post
how to post a querry plz tell
KHATTAK 2006-12-23
2   kadwa 9 years ago

phobia....i need help
Hi doctors! this is my new post about my UNCLE and need your suggestion.... Age 34
ridha89 2010-03-06
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Yeast Infection and Pregnancy - professional help needed
I'd really appreciate it if you could kindly advise a treatment I should follow to

dirobi 2010-01-13
15   kadwa 9 years ago

Urgent: 5 month old with high fever
My son is 5 months old and has had a high fever for almost a day now. We have been sick
cali_mama 2010-03-05
1   kadwa 9 years ago

best remedy for ED
name the homeopathy for erectile
azad582002 2010-03-05
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Drinking Tea
Hi, I know we should stay away from coffee while doing remedies. How about tea, is it ok
chicki 2010-03-05
3   chicki 9 years ago

phobia...my unclle need help
Hi doctors! this is my new post about my UNCLE and need your suggestion.... Age
ridha89 2010-03-05
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Consitutional remedy - Need help
Dear alls, Iím asking your help to find my constitutional remedy. Iím having some
SofiaF 2010-03-04
3   SofiaF 9 years ago

miasmtic nosode
I've been doing some research on homeopathy ir order to find my constitutional and I
SofiaF 2010-03-05
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Hi, What makes a person sensitive to homeopathic remedies? Is it that the remedy is
RajanTX 2010-03-05
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White discharge problem
I am having this white discharge problem from last 10 days. my age is 37 years old and
saddy 2010-03-05
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Speech Problem called Cluttering . Remedy pls.
Dear Doctors. I have speech problem which I have diagnosed through stud on internet
kumar_prem25 2010-03-03
1   kumar_prem25 9 years ago

I accidentally took nux-v after nat-mur
Hi, I'm new here, hoping for your help Nat-Mur is my constitutional remedy, i took
polaris 2010-03-05
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pcos should i take sepia?
Hi! i need some help!! i have pcos since i was 18 y.o i m now 28. my ovaries are full of
perlenoire 2010-03-03
4   deoshlok 9 years ago

Hi I am a 34 yr old male i have been suffering from a chronic cough for the last ten
Jakkals 2010-03-05
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Extreeme Hairfall at an early age!!!! plz advice me sumthing
im 19 n im having a very horrible hair loss problem... this just started from the past 2
slourpy 2010-03-05
1   slourpy 9 years ago

Suffering from High Lipid Profile
Dear Sir.., I am suffering from High Lipid Profile Have undergone blood test with
bampu05 2010-03-04
3   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

gerd treatment
kindly tell me medicine of gerd Gastro esophageal reflux disease i am sufering for acute
kushsrivastava 2010-02-02
7   Joe De Livera 9 years ago

chronic nasal catarrh/dry cough
dr Kadwa and others My son( 9 years) has the following problems for the last two years
tmani 2010-02-17
6   kadwa 9 years ago

Eliciting Mental Symptoms
Hi, I wanted to know about the case taking format for eliciting mental symptoms in shy
wakeupsid2010 2010-02-28
2   wakeupsid2010 9 years ago

grandparents... with glaucoma and heart problems
Hello dear forum people! My dearest grandma was diagnosed with glaukoma - and because
nettle 2010-03-04
4   kadwa 9 years ago

HPV Cervical Dysplasia
I am seeing guidance and information for treating HPV virus with cervical dysplasia. My
Natural Marie 2010-03-03
3   kadwa 9 years ago

Acne on head
Hi, Have been suffering from this acne on head. Have consulted the various skin

friendz 2010-02-26
15   friendz 9 years ago

acne issue
hi, i m 33 years of age and i have acne on my face / forhead and on my back i have
usmanii 2010-03-05
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Urine Problem
I'm 25 year old unmarried guy. Since last four or five years i have been facing
male25 2010-03-01
7   male25 9 years ago

PE & ED remadies
Dear Sir, I am Surindar age 44 from india, facing a serious sex problem since last 5
homeo2010 2010-03-03
1   homeo2010 9 years ago

Lichen Planus
My name is Sam. (woman)I have just been diagnosed with Oral Lichen Planus. I am 58. I do

Tephi 2010-02-24
18   Tephi 9 years ago

rhus tox..can it be useful during yeast infection
i have serious yeast infection for which i was prescribed nat mur 200. after which i got
BINDUZENO 2010-03-04
1   kadwa 9 years ago

pls help me.... chronic renal failure
my age= 36 years/ male High blood pressure from a long time (many years) resulting in
jaspreet9750 2010-03-04
1   Parakletos. 9 years ago

My 3 year old boy delay of speach
Question QUESTION: I have a slight concern that my 2 year old by may have some signs of
aseelabdulrahman 2010-03-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Can Different Remedies Taken At Same Time
Can Different Remedies Taken At Same Time Hi There, Can different remedies for
hbeliever 2010-03-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Cure of brown and black spots of skin
Hello doctor, I have developed small brown spots or patches on my whole skin and my skin
suman_2021 2010-03-04
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

pcos should i take sepia?
hi! i need some help! i ve pcos my ovaries are full of cysts. i ttc for almost 8
perlenoire 2010-03-03
2   pragna_patel 9 years ago

Adenoids and Fluid in the ears
Hi, ENT has recommended Adenoid removal surgery and putting ear tubes in my son's
tej917 2010-03-03
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Dear Doctors Following is snapshot of my semen report: Liquification time 25
pappu1234 2010-03-03
2   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Multiple Epithiloma/Carnimoma in Urinary bladder and kidneys etc
Hi i have got multiple epithiloma/carcinomas on abdomen back underarm and specially the
patient123 2010-03-04
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Allergic Rhinitis
I am sending this mail for a problem I am facing for a long time. My Age is 33 years,
ShobhitSrivastava 2010-03-04
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Teething question
Hi All, I'm very confused as to what teething remedy to use on my 2½ year
smac79 2010-03-04
1   smac79 9 years ago

Eyes problem
From birth i have sight problem thats why i always use to watch tv,use computer, play
bhatka 2010-03-03
2   kadwa 9 years ago

Viral fever followed by joint pain
My wife was suffering with viral fever. She had the fever for only two days. She was
pbda0806 2010-03-02
3   pbda0806 9 years ago

CFS problem
I am 35 yr old male. Hypothyroid since 2006.Take Thyronorm daily. I also had Sinus
anurg 2010-03-03
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Chronic renal failure and high blood pressure
my age= 36 years/ male High blood pressure from a long time (many years) resulting in
jaspreet9750 2010-03-03
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Inquinal Hernia left side.
Hi I was wondering if someone cold help me avoid surgery. I have inquinal hernia on the
mark2000 2006-10-08
12   emraan 9 years ago

Abdominal Pain
I am writing this for my aunt who is 93 years old now. All these years she lived a
niece 2010-03-03
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Want to increase breast size at the age of 37
Dear Sir, I am struggling from the problem of small breast size as others. I asked few
aradhna 2010-03-03
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Steroids effecting immunity?
Hi there, I'm a 36 year old female with a history of chronic infections. I had
maddie37 2010-03-03
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{Urgent} Warts on Pubic Area
hello... I'm 27 year male. I had 3 warts(didn't knew at that time) on my pubic

sinner 2010-02-27
13   sinner 9 years ago

My Son suffering from Allergic Asthma
My son is Approaching 5 years Suffering from allergic Asthma Currently he is undergoing
bampu05 2010-03-01
4   bampu05 9 years ago

Pls Help-29yrs married female
Iam 29yr married woman(78 kgs, 5.2inches),suffering PCO symtomps are : Irregular
Rani_dec21 2010-03-02
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Is there cure for FAP?
FAP (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis) in a genetic condition with numerous polyps in the
giriko 2010-03-02
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Uric Acid Treatment
Dear Dr. Mehfooz Thank you for advising medicines (Acid Benz 30 and Nat Sulph 12x).
nn.2010 2010-03-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus - 27 Yr Male
Dear Doctors, At the outset, let me thank you all for the guidance and hope provided in

blueball 2009-12-09
43   kadwa 9 years ago

Discharge of Semen
Dear all my friend is suffering from discharge of semen all the time when walking and
kamran.cisco 2010-03-03
1   kamran.cisco 9 years ago

Stomach tension
I have been experiencing strong tension in the navel area. Putting pressure on it helps.
Alister 2010-03-03
3   kadwa 9 years ago

Benefits of Bambusa
Hello : I have 2 questions. 1) What r the long term benefits of bambusa 2) where can i
Rajputrockz 2010-03-03
no replies yet

uneven breat size
hello, iam a 23 year old female.. and my problem is uneven breast size...and its
preethi1986 2010-03-02
no replies yet

Pls help : Child with Food Allergies, Asthma and Eczema
My son is now 2.5 years old. He has been suffering from Asthma, itchy Eczema and allergy

sadhna 2008-06-03
13   swathishanishetti 9 years ago

Dosing with Sulfur; Please Help
Hi, I took sulfur 6c for my dandruff for a week and my dandruff disappeared. I would like
akash_nadha 2010-03-02
1   maheeru 9 years ago

height issue
hi i am 4-11 1/2 and i would like to gain some height. the last blood test i had the
jas454 2010-03-01
2   jas454 9 years ago

daughter's health n growth
Hello. Please let me know if any medicine in homeopathy can help my daughter's
poojamd 2010-02-26
12   poojamd 9 years ago

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