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Joe De Livera - seeking your help again
Dear Sir, I will try to break this mail into a couple of sections. Last week I had post
nineclouds 2006-09-12
6   Attitude last decade

mouth ulcers
i have mouth ulcers, especially on inside of lips and small ones on tongue. i have this ev
pcthahir 2008-08-05
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

how to cure lipoma...
Hi Doctor, this vamsi, age 27, working as software engineer. iam efected with lipoma 2 yr
vamsitkrishna 2008-08-06
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

black postules
i have dark highly pigmented black coloured postules on my back. pls help
shadow 2008-08-06
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Dr. Deoshlok - Tourette Inquiry
Dr. Deoshlok, can you please tell me if you have cured cases of Tourettes through online h
Ryelink 2008-07-26
1   Ryelink last decade

breathing problem
sir i am 62 years old man. Having asthama problem for last 10 years and during monsoon it
suanand 2008-08-05
6   suanand last decade

Odd question
In the evening the palm of my right hand has the aroma of onions. It is quite strong. I am
DeAun 2008-08-06
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Is my gynecologist Nuts!?
I have Molluscum Contagiosum. My gynecologist wanted to give me 3 different homeopathic re
foggyhead 2008-07-30
9   rishimba last decade

hi.. i m 33 year old male unmarried.. i hv been doing excessive masterbation since 14-15 y
chandramadhav 2008-08-05
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

Post Bypass Surgery Trauma
Dear doctors, I went thru bypass surgery in 1994. I was 53 years old. My heart , accordin
Amjad Faizi 2008-08-06
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Lose weight
I am 32 yrs old and weight 150 pounds.My height is 153 inches.I look out of shape due to f
binaca 2008-08-06
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Right sided facial pain
I have right sided facial pain for about 25yrs. it would come 1 or 2 or 3 times in a year
Rekha Shah 2008-08-04
2   Rekha Shah last decade

constitutional remedy
constitutional remedies From ktsuda on 2008-06-06 0 replies 154 views I am convinced my c
ktsuda 2008-07-29
6   rishimba last decade

Avascular necrosis
i m sufring from avascular necrosis due to induction of steroied for the last one and a ha
serfraz 2008-08-05
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Can anyone help with a remedie
My friend has Crohns disease, just wondering if there is anything Homeopathic that will he
aussiejudi 2008-08-05
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azoo male
Hi, I am a azoospemia patient. No sperm count. There is matuartion arrest in baby sperm sa
ramoji 2008-08-05
1   rishimba last decade

onsomodium question
is there any difference between onsomodium 30 and onsomodium 1m. i am unaware about potenc
shadow 2008-08-05
2   shadow last decade

dr mehfoozurehman please help
I am a male aged 35years. I am suffering from vertigo. I have never been able to cross Lak
samik 2008-08-01
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

under my right shhoulder blade pain
hi can somone plz help me?? i will try to spell my best! for about 2 months i have been h
stevenyankee 2008-08-05
1   rishimba last decade

Warts on fingers : Urgent
Dear Sir I have to start this new post as I was not getting responses on my previous post
neptunenebula 2008-08-04
3   rishimba last decade

complex nodule left thyroid
I am a 71 year old female. Back in the winter I had a respiratory infection which involve
lulu1421 2008-08-05
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eye and Facial swelling due to surgery
I am having a tumor removed from right eyelid, with plastic surgery to follow to fix the a
MsPepper 2008-08-05
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

puffy eyes
My eyes have been getting puffy and puffier in 2 months. I do not drink or smoke and I am
lydie 2008-08-05
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Pain, tingling, burning feet
Both of my feet are in pain, burning, tingling constanly for 6 months now. I had blood tes
lonitran 2008-08-05
1   akshaymohl last decade

rash all over body of 14 month old son
Dear Doctors, Please advise me a good cure for my 14 month old son who is having small pus
anadeem 2008-07-30
3   anadeem last decade

pau d'arco
About 10 days ago i finished a course of phosphorus and i am due to start taking staphysag
kirsty28 2008-08-04
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Eczema Treatment
Hi, My Daughter is 4 months old and she has Atopic Dermititis (Since she was 1 mth). For
shalu2345 2008-08-04
1   shalu2345 last decade

need help please
I am 25 yrs old Diagnosed w Diabetes in 06 so I take 2 shots of insulin a day My sugar le
CantBelieveIt 2008-01-29
10   CantBelieveIt last decade

Dr. Tahira please give advice
Dr. Tahira, The PMS I can handle. I would like to really address this Brain Fog (it feels
sweetfam 2008-08-04
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Pilonidal Cyst
I am a 53 year old male. about 45 lbs overweight. sedentary, high stress job. overall heal
newttohomeopathy 2008-08-04
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mother tincture
Doctors! Is there mother tincture in this website? I haven't see in. I search on reme
babiegirl27 2008-08-04
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Dizziness with micro-tremors & some tinnitus
Basic Stats -------------- 39 yrs old male, married, very healthy up until JAN 2008. Hist
dizzyman2008 2008-08-03
2   rishimba last decade

ajaykumar949 2008-08-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

10 years in a dark room, I want out.
Migraines (all hurts), stiff neck and trapezius (mostly right side), gas, bloating, PMS, s

girlorange 2008-08-03
18   girlorange last decade

anti dote for nux vomica
is coffea cruda an antidote to nux vomica? which is the best antidote for nux v?
zhestt 2008-08-03
1   sameervermani last decade

cough problem(dr.jk mohla)
dear Dr, now a days having 2 much cough my chest blocked spit come out when i wakeup same
amirjaved 2008-07-29
4   akshaymohl last decade

Thyroid problems. Please help
I am 25 year old female. I got hyperthyroidism and was diagnosed in March. Now I turned to
bambaleja 2008-08-02
1   faisal qureshi last decade

penis size
Dear docs is there any medicine in homeopathy to enlarge penis size. kindly reply
55555 2008-06-18
1   sonan last decade

IBS constipation type and inguinal indirect hernia
i have this problem of excessive bloating, gas, right sided inguinal hernia due to constip
zhestt 2008-08-03
3   zhestt last decade

Basics in Homeopathy
I am new to homeopathy and really interested in knowing the basics. i have read dilution a
zhestt 2008-08-03
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Dr.Rishimba.......returning patient
Dr.Rishimba You have presecribed me taking conium 30 and then 200 dosage for my headache.
freindlyurs 2008-08-03
1   rishimba last decade

asthma - 7 y.o.
My son has asthma since 6 months old. He's easily triggered by environmental allergie

dragonsaur 2008-03-19
55   dragonsaur last decade

Practicing homeopaths - Hyper activity + Allergy to milk and eruptions
Hi, this is a question to any homeopaths who have cured infants with the following trends:
aske123 2008-08-02
6   aske123 last decade

Premature Ejection -- Please help
Hi Doctor, I am 30 years old and married since 4 year. Since beginning I am suffering fro
roy123 2008-08-02
1   akshaymohl last decade

chest fat help
I am 18 yrs old and I have some fat on my chest. My nipples are puffy and poke out. Are th
Victor101 2008-08-02
1   akshaymohl last decade

Earache in right ear
For the past month I have been getting an earache in my right ear. I told my chiropractor
zingara 2008-08-02
1   Dr Tahira last decade

leg ulcers
: HI Joe, I don't seem to have those systems like you said. the color is not what y
buddie1 2008-08-02
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Mitral Valve Stenosis
Hi, I saw ur site, os i decided to post u my problem. I have mitral valve stenosis since l
hood1041 2008-08-02
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Need Immediate Help With Cat That Has Tumor/Growth!!!!
If any pros are here, please help me out! I'm going to start from the beginning. A
SeekingHelp5 2008-08-02
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external thrush any help x
An embaressing one to post, but drivivng me crazy, a 28 year old female with external thru
triple 2008-08-02
1   rishimba last decade

weight reduction
i am 28yrs old female. my height is 5.4 and my weight is 68kgs. i have more flabs in che
marigold 2008-07-31
1   swati123 last decade

Help for burst pilonidal abscess!
Hi I hope you can help me. I am a 36 year ild female and I had a pilonidal abscess exactl
matt42 2008-07-30
3   Pal666 last decade

Errection Problems
Hello, I am 30, 5-10' and 74kg. I have recently married and my erection fails just bef
Eddie777 2008-08-02
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Morning sickness for my son?
My 5 yr old son has never been sick in the stomach. Twice now he has eaten breakfast and
loooo 2008-08-01
2   loooo last decade

Increase Breasts Size
Hi all, Thanks for everybody! I am taking Sabal Ser Q for 1 month and Lecithin 3x. I feel
bala123 2007-05-16
3   urbanangel last decade

to pooja, increase breasts size
ref: increase breast size other remedies onosmodium > materia medica lecithin 3x +calc-p
nmgdes 2007-01-14
2   urbanangel last decade

roseacea and lichen planas
my aunt is a 60 year female. she developed roseacea on her face 8 years ago. her face beco
danrather 2008-07-15
5   danrather last decade

i am 18 yr girl & am a 2nd pu student. i study very hard and i can remember the things i h

Megha.J 2008-07-31
21   mazharmhm last decade

poor appetite in baby
hi , my 2 month old baby has very poor appetite and goes for many hrs without eating is th
nilufer 2008-07-25
3   nilufer last decade

3 Month old - Severe Eczema, Please Help!!!
Hi,I have a 3 month old. She has got severe eczema. there are bumps on her cheeks and scal

new_mom_sd 2005-09-16
36   aske123 last decade

Help Needed for Selecting a Remedy
Hi I have a problem related to my sex life. first of all i will describe my self age : 30
taahir 2008-07-25
8   taahir last decade

ATTN: Dr Mehfoozurehman
Dear sir sir please note my whole condition i want to get well Age: 26yrs Gender: male w
asimattar 2008-07-28
5   asimattar last decade

neck pain
last year i was low back patient.Now its fine. but some time i feel neck pain. also have p
tiger123 2008-08-01
3   mazharmhm last decade

increase height for 21f from far country
Doctors! I'm 21 female and my height is only 150 cm. Is there anyway for me to grow 4
babiegirl27 2008-08-01
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Periotonsillar Abscess... PLEASE Help!
Ok, 8 months ago this started. My homeopath said upper respiratory virus and prescribed so
supersongbird30 2008-08-01
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Dr. Tahira / Dr. Mahfoozurrehman kindly find my details below, my problem is premature ej
55555 2008-07-22
7   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Dear Dr. Rishimba
Thank you for your questionnaire that you sent me in response to husband's PTSD. May
Becky613 2008-07-31
1   rishimba last decade

please help me....pilonidal cyst
Hello everyone and Dr Pankaj, I got your e-mails a while back and I have been trying to o
Pal666 2008-08-01
1   Pal666 last decade

complexion help plsss
i am dark complexioned girl by birth 18yrs old, i want to improve it atleast to wheatish c
shadow 2008-07-11
4   rabz86 last decade

Fatty liver
Age : 41 Years Height : 5'8' Weight : 90 Kg In Ultrasound Report hyperechic Liv

asad66 2008-04-16
20   dr_biswa last decade

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