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I am homoeo doctor in Pakistan and operating two clinics if you need any help you can cont
M.Nadeem 2007-04-25
3   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Gerd,hungerpangs ,burning sensations
Well, what can i say, i've been dealing with GERD-hearburn-acid reflux for about 2 yr
soja43 2007-06-09
6   Rajendra last decade

My husband and I have tried IVF twice and failed. First Doctor said my tubs were blocked,
lilmomma 2006-01-30
4   SeekTheHealer last decade

sub capsular cataract
Hello Homeopath's, 6 months back I have got identified with sub capsular cataract.
rskdelphi 2007-06-19
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redness/constant pinkish color on face
For over a month now I have been having pinkish color on my cheeks. Initially this happene

rasingh 2006-05-19
159   redrose17 last decade

entire body central nervous problem
pls help to give medicine, since 10 years I have been facing the nervous problem, no , sti
surya2007 2007-06-17
5   surya2007 last decade

skin tag
yes, i am looking for advice on what my husband can do for skin tags. he has one on his k
amaraya 2007-06-19
1   amaraya last decade

Hi , I need medicine for my sister. She has hyperpigmentation problem over her both

anon1234 2007-04-02
64   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Veratrum Album
What can you tell me about this remedy? Is it good for constipation, bloating, fluid rete
hammy 2007-06-17
6   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

thuja 200
Hello, i have been advised to take Thuja 200, just one dose for a number of symotoms, incl
Milisenta 2007-06-19
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chronic urinary tract infections
My 5 year old daughter has incontinence of bladder and suffers from UTI(E. coli) for the p
anamika_gulati 2007-06-18
2   anamika_gulati last decade

acne, better in morning-worse as day goes on
i have always had some larger pore on my face, and problems with some pimples. not horribl
amaraya 2007-06-09
8   amaraya last decade

Seborrheic Dermatitis
Is there any remedy that works the best for Seborrheic Dermatitis. I have red ichy patches
alexx 2007-05-31
4   Rajendra last decade

central nervous disorder , pls help
Could you please provide the following information for selection of proper medicine? Pati
surya2007 2007-06-18
1   deoshlok last decade

7 year old with sore throat, coughing, low grade fever
Hi, I am new to homeopathy and not sure of what to give my son. For the past couple of day
jenaelisabeth 2007-06-15
1   deoshlok last decade

what some releif from restless leg sydroe and leg tremors plzzz help !!!...
does anyone have a remedy i can try , so far i take requip for it but only last few hours
dbrimus 2007-06-17
1   deoshlok last decade

Dr Andres, Dr Sharma, Dr M ahfooz and other Drs - IBS for a long time, Need a cure
Hi, Had taken a single dose each of Sulphur 6C and Nux Vomica 6C after unsuccessful atte

pimathew 2007-03-22
17   pimathew last decade

has anyone who has pcos gotten cured or better with homeopathic medicine????
shana 2007-06-13
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Vitiligo cure success rate-Dr. Deoshok Sharma-success rate of Melanin LM4? & pros and cons? please
I would like to know the pros and cons and the success rate to get a idea of using this pr
mwmwmw 2007-05-26
3   RajuK last decade

causticum or spongia for cough in 7 year old?
I posted a few days ago for a cold in my son. It is gone after giving lycodium (spelling?)
jenaelisabeth 2007-06-17
1   gavinimurthy last decade

chronic headaches behind right eye!
12 year old son is prone to right frontal headaches above and behind the right eye - at le
natcam 2007-06-15
5   natcam last decade

Cahnges in body shape due to obesity.
Dear Sir, I hope you all are fine and enjoying life as well. I am very much thankful t
Kheyaal 2007-06-17
1   deoshlok last decade

broken vessels on skin
my two years old has a red dot on the cheek were you can see many little red vessels conve
maededuas 2007-06-17
1   deoshlok last decade

I gave my partner 30 C for burning in his feet. His burning immediately improved but then
peregrine 2007-06-16
5   peregrine last decade

extreme itchy and flaky scalp
I read a previous post on itchy scalp but in that certain scenario there was no flaking. (
trogen 2007-06-12
10   kuldeep last decade

I was diagnosed a year ago with hypothyroidism. I started out taking Levothyroxine but cou
summer1 2006-04-12
8   RajuK last decade

painful tongue at "root"
For the past three days the centre of my tongue has been painful in the back of my mouth a
Lolli 2007-06-15
1   Rajendra last decade

To Joe, 33 month old Child - Sever Itching. congestion and Breathing
Joe, I need your help. I read lot of article on abc forum and hoping you can give me some
ar0909 2007-06-15
2   Rajendra last decade

eczema in 6 year old
I am inquiring about my 6 year old daughter with dry eczema that started mildly at around
littlesunshine 2007-06-16
1   Rajendra last decade

Guttate Psoriasis, 25 yrs. female
Hi! I am in US, 25 yrs, female. last summer diagnosed with psoriasis. I am 99% sure it is
blueyezonu 2007-06-11
2   blueyezonu last decade

can you need cure from skin problem
Hi this is Ashley and I live in New York my main problem is skin problem that is (vitiligo
ashely 2007-03-31
2   RajuK last decade

A request for Dr. Deoshlok Sharm
No one can force someone to reply for post but common decency on any forum demands that th
pbedi 2007-06-16
1   deoshlok last decade

Pagalpan or Mania? Is it curable?
Dear Dr. Rajendra, I have recieved message from Mr. msbaig and I inspired from his suggest

amirqkhan 2007-06-08
17   Rajendra last decade

Undescended testicle problem: Plz help!
A 23 year old male is suffering from depression. This patient has undescended testicle, su
blink 2007-06-13
5   sbahl last decade

is a 12x potency more or less effective than a 30c or 2ooc potency ?whats best anyone expl
whitts99 2007-06-15
1   savitr last decade

Natural Alternative
Does anyone know of any natural remedy, tea,anything natural that can help with the proble
Jennie 2007-06-15
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

Dry flaky bleeding itchy legs
Hi All, I'm writing because i have become increasingly fustrated with my legs. It i
helprequired 2007-06-13
6   helprequired last decade

Doctor in AMRAVATI, Maharashtra, India.
Dear Doctors, Please help me to cure my mother she is mentally ill. I have tried this for
amirqkhan 2007-06-15
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adrenal stress
Hi, I recently developed severe pain on top of my foot which had inflammation on the top
nimisha 2007-06-15
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Persistent cough ..
Hi My son has recently gone through strep throat infection. First he was given 4oo mg ant
Dipika 2007-06-14
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Very tired
i am a student in grd 11. for a long time now i ahve been feeling tired phisicaaly i am nv
Youshae 2007-06-14
1   Youshae last decade

white spots on throat
Hi, last week woke up with sore throat. My house was a bit dry and I thought nothing of it
sat413 2006-05-17
2   dermite8 last decade

dr rishimba! pl reply
sir please reply to 'HATE BEING SHY' post
dani11 2007-06-14
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Phlegm problem
hi doctors i have very much Phlegm on my chest and i feel itching in my chest as well i
asimattar 2007-06-12
10   gavinimurthy last decade

vulvodynia, help!
Due to a herpes infection 2 years ago I developed vulvodynia. neuritis, the medical societ

malibumaiden 2007-03-05
13   malibumaiden last decade

Homeopathic drainers
Hello, If anyone can explain to me what is/are a homeopathic drainer(s). Thank you
mafille 2007-06-12
5   Sycotic last decade

over-active bladder
Hi I am 42y.o. After a childbirth 5 years ago Ihave an OAB. I am trying acupancure ( 3-ed
Nadia 2007-06-14
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I have been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (eczema). I have found some lotions and crea
sdrusgrl 2007-06-14
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sulphur 30 c
In started taking suplur yesterday, it says on the label: * 2doses every two hours for t
helprequired 2007-06-14
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A long plane ride...help!
I am about to embark on a 6 our plane7 hour plane ride with layovers, round trip with a 2
EvansMom 2007-06-13
3   gavinimurthy last decade

Any ideas on remedies for rosacea. I was told (not by the dermatologist) I should try a li

Electra 2005-01-28
37   rosacea.care last decade

Right hand tremor
I have had a severe tremor in only my right hand now for several years and I'm wonder
marion_nett 2007-06-11
8   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

please suggest some remedies I have already tried lyco and nux-v for epididymitis of right
pannu 2007-06-14
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White Patch on Body.
Sister had white patch on her legs and some parts of body. Please suggest the medicine and
msbaig 2007-06-10
8   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

I am 34 yrs old and having swelling on right epididymes with pain when pressed. UTI like s
pannu 2007-06-14
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rajivprassad -my progress.
hi,today again i felt pleasantly alert ,awake even abit more confident!however my backache

mollydalton 2006-11-16
160   mollydalton last decade

Scalp itch response
I posted awile ago about my extremely itchy scalp. I was directed to take sulphur 200c on
Karrot13 2007-06-14
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Weak Testicules
I have very weak and flacid testicules..Is there any remedy for that?? Also,I get pain in
elkuna 2007-06-08
3   Rajendra last decade

Homeopathy treatment fro glue ear.
I have come across this Forum via the internet and I would just like your opinion on somet
gil13 2007-06-13
2   gil13 last decade

Muscular Dystrophy
does anybobdy know how I can get my CPK to normal level? which homeopathic medicines can I
FSHD_2006 2007-06-13
2   FSHD_2006 last decade

severe reaction to mosquito bites
i have just been away for a weekend where i was attacked by many mosquitos and i get a sev
mollydalton 2007-06-11
2   drprodip last decade

swollen, painful gland feels like soar throat, related to TN?
I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia a couple months ago and I have recently develope
lilbit528 2007-06-13
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mr murthy, c/o nmgdes
hello mr murthy, thankyou once again for your help, I have'n
nmgdes 2007-06-13
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Arnica Montana 30
As I read through the posts I see that a Wet Dose is recommended for Urinary Retention. Ho

Ftonna 2006-06-13
13   ForShane last decade

Vestibular Problem
I am 64 yrs, male suffering from vestibular lesion. Sympotons are : -Occassional vertigo -
ranjandr 2007-06-13
1   deoshlok last decade

I have been taking phosphorus for a few weeks for left sided pain, twisting and anxiety bu
sharonna 2007-06-13
2   sharonna last decade

for gavinmurthy,hoping you can help
dear gavinmurthy,i like and completely agree with your prescribing .do you think you coul
mollydalton 2007-06-12
2   mollydalton last decade

Please advise which is the best Homeopathic Medicine for Harder & Longer Erection.
ashrafmukhtaar 2007-06-13
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detal teeth having "pockets"?
hello what should be the option to remove blcak layer of tartar from teeth below gum l
livex 2007-06-10
4   livex last decade

Help - Sulfur 200c Made Digestion Much Worse
Hi, About 2 weeks ago I posted to this group regarding heat rash, frequent urination, con
4Love 2007-06-13
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