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Homeopathic medicines
Dear Sirs; I am suffering from Asthma,COPD,Hyperthyroidism,Eczema and recently I had
emnbee15 2013-08-13
2   emnbee15 6 years ago

dr kadwa
sir you say all patient to take remedy same way day1 morning 1st dose day1 evening 2nd
Jakir Hossain 2013-08-13
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Cracks on my Tongue
Is there a remedy for the above title

astra1 2013-07-16
43   astra1 6 years ago

cold allergic with sneezing & nose running & blockblock
My wife is 40 yrs old she is suffering from continious cold with sneezing & running nose
bijay ku pradhan 2013-08-13
1   Zady101 6 years ago

increase height
hey, I have a 14 years old daughter, her height is 4'10. i've heard a lot
vali2 2013-08-08
4   ruddhi 6 years ago

Dear Please advice medicines for Obesity in General, as the Phytolacca Berry, Fucus Ves

Razzaq 2008-04-13
13   simone717 6 years ago

Low Immunity in kids
Hello, for the last 3 years I treated my kids with the help of a competent
idefixnn 2013-08-13
2   idefixnn 6 years ago

Gentical and inflammantion problem
Hi there, The following additional information is required to help you. Therefore,
hitss 2012-01-08
4   hitss 6 years ago

I am 38 years old. Diabetic carry since 2008. Now the time bus not in control. I take
ctgkiron 2013-08-13
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3 yr. old with autoimmune condition
My daughter has 3 swollen toes for 2 years. She has severe food allergies, not

Mamacares 2010-05-28
17   CDomangue 6 years ago

obesity and eczema
Patient ID:saisuraj Sex: femaleAge:26 1. Describe your main suffering? i m sufering
saisuraj 2013-08-13
3   kadwa 6 years ago

Daughter has eczema...sulfur dose?
Hello there! My daughter is 4, and has extremely annoying eczema. Everyone tells us
Earpoker 2013-08-11
3   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

incresing breast size by "Sabal Serrulata"
Hi, I found on the internet that the other name of Sabal Serrulata is Saw Palmetto.

dooriya15 2006-08-15
14   naila.29.ahmed 6 years ago

hippus; athetosis
is there any cure for
vishg 2013-08-12
1   simone717 6 years ago

9 year old girl
Hi I have twin girls who are nine. One twin is very focused and easy going. The other has
Twins2 2013-08-11
2   Twins2 6 years ago

I've tried Belladonna for migraines--as well as a few other homeopathic meds. Are

APURIFOY 2013-07-02
13   Zady101 6 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction
[message deleted by shareefmm9 on Sat, 04 May 2013 12:24:01

shareefmm9 2013-03-22
19   shareefmm9 6 years ago

Itchy skin; and inside ears; pica - urge to eat cement in Cat
Hi, It is me with more underlying problems in the cat that was helped by Arsenicum Album

emilybh 2013-06-16
16   emilybh 6 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus- Wound not healing
Dear Sir, The wound is not healing, pus is coming out regularly, please suggest
rkc333 2013-08-12
1   anuj srivastava 6 years ago

hello! I am 25 years male. i have been suffering from constipation from last 7 years but
depress_patient 2013-08-12
1   anuj srivastava 6 years ago

increase height after 18 yrs
Hi plz..help me...I m 19 years old from Delhi....my height is 5 ft..I want it to increase
ayushi09 2013-08-12
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overian cysts and spotting
Hi , **I am 25 years old. I have spotting for 15 days from past 1 year. I have undergone
budda 2013-08-12
2   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

stool not floating
Dear Doctors, Earlier my stool found to be floating and is in pink / yellow colour. But
anish_anirudh 2013-08-12
1   akshaymohl 6 years ago

Weak legs
Burning both leg muscles and weak
sumit856 2013-08-12
1   akshaymohl 6 years ago