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Derealization- feelings of unreality

Hi there
I was wondering if there is a remedy that can help make this derealization go away. I took ONE hit of marijuana (which I've had a similar short-term reaction to) and now I have derealization 24/7 for 8 weeks now.

I've been having panic attacks, my throat feels itchy and lots of thick yellow mucus in throat, sometimes blood tinged. I have this strange feeling under the skin of my arms and legs and scalp...feels like something is crawly under my skin, location varies from place to place.

I have a really itchy nose and my ears keep popping and I have a low ringing noise in them. My head feels full like its about to burst out of my ears. Having frontal headaches & fatigue especially after eating. Loss of appetite and when I do eat, my stomach feels heavy. Constipated but stools are not hard.

I am very irritable, weepy, depressed and hopeless.

any help for me?
  Erin on 2003-10-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello Erin,

You should probably see a doctor - it sounds like there's more to your condition than a bad reaction to marijuana.

As far as homeopathy goes, there are a few remedies which may be able to help. Your best bet is probably to run your symptoms through the remedy finder, and report back here with what it suggested.

Do get checked out by your doctor though. You only get one life - make it a long one!
maria last decade
I did see my doctor about this. I had full blood work and an MRI and both were normal. I know its from the marijuana because I've had this feeling before but only after smoking pot in high school. I've never had it last longer than a few hours. I am not a habitual smoker either. Before this, I hadn't touched pot in 7 years.
Erin last decade
it can take time to go away only once you lower your day to day anxiety
xomgpeteyx last decade
stop cannabis usage,do not know maybe more than caanabis in what you had (crawling =cocain symptoms) maybe you are user ,if so stop,antidote 1 dose nux-v 200c, take case from that point. post symptoms. after nux-v.

john Stanton
John Stanton last decade

Quite a bit of DP/DR seems to be triggered by marijuanna. Kinda makes you wonder why they don't use DP as a deterrant of marijuanna use, rather than those stupid "girl-watches-her-friend-drown" type B.S. commercials.

I too had the same thing happen to me. It started REALLY bad, but its gradually getting better , and more managable. Hang in there, there will be setbacks, but you can recover.
Schoulayer last decade

I believe I have suffered from this for 8 years now, after smoking marijuana. I only smoked it about 10 times. The last time I smoked it was when this disorder set in.

I have to say the feelings of being high and 'out of it' have faded but certain situations, especially social situations, make it worse.

During the onset, I did not have any mucus problems of any sort but I did have and still have ear problems- they feel like they will never clear, like they are plugged or something. My head feels full of pressure and often my eyes feel like they will pop out of my head.
Furthermore, during the onset, I had constant dull headaches with nasty muscle tension at the base of my skull.

I wonder if you have made any progress? Let me know. I can elaborate on my symptoms, treatments etc if you like.


BL last decade
I also suffer with this terrible condition, since my teens I'm now 43. It started with panic attacks when I left school at 17, then one day I felt really weird, like I was floating as if I was walking around like a zombie. I've learnt to live with it and find when my mind is occupied the unreality feeling is'nt so bad. It really has (in my eyes) ruined my life, it's held me back doing things ie. learning to drive and various other things because I just dont feel confident enough and it also affects my concentration. I feel for anyone who experience these feelings. I just hope one day I'll wake up and I'll feel 'normal' again. Finding this website has made me feel i'm not alone and not going mad. Wendy
wendyashf last decade
when you go to the doctor--tell him this entire story--sounds to me like the marijuana was spiked wiht other substance--ask doctor to do blood work up looking for rat poison,anytheng and everything that "COULD" have been in the bad grass--judy
LoveMyDog last decade
This can happen to those who have over-active dopamine receptors, and is linked to either a family history, or tendency for schizophrenia. This doesnt' mean you are schizo- just that you could have the extra receptors, or are sensitive to the THC. Stay far far away from weed!!! I have the same experience with mj. My d.realization brought on by pot comes and goes still. What helps me is to make sure I purposely slow down my mind, because during these times it races. Have you ever eaten a meal so fast and with so much on your mind that you forget eating it? This is what my DP or d.realization feels like. Other times, I just feel like I'm in a dream state, but that only happens when I'm over tired or stressed. You're not alone. I wish I had a cure- maybe someday!!!
I don't know about the other symptoms- sounds like allergy.
Thanks for bringing this subject up though-
Tangy last decade
same thing here! Smoked 6 years ago regularly for about 6 months. After I quit the feeling NEVER went away. Been to numerous doctors, been in drug rehab (for pot! everyone laughed at me) where I sat in a sauna for 4 hours a day and exercised nonstop, trying to cleanse my system of any THC stored in my fat cells. Always thought the THC was still in my system until I found this derealization stuff online. I'm working and going to school, but it's so hard to learn new stuff and pay attention. Social situations are fine, but when the groups the attention is focused on me I get dizzy and almost feel like i"m gonna pass out sometimes. Anyone have any good treatments? The only thing that has helped me at all has been taking dexedrine (a stimulant), but that just helps me be not as forgetful, my DR is still the same.

sciphi last decade
phosphoric acid and camphor are principal homoeopathic remedies for suc--as well need sulphur some time
John Stanton last decade
I've been searching for quite awhile before self-diagnosing myself. Psychologists & a psychiatrist would discount my diagnosis but DEFINITELY suffer from DP/DR. I couldn't believe that others correlated drugs (illegal) as an onset to this handicapping mental state. I got high when I was 15 yrs for a total of 3 times. I tried 'ectasy' (in 90's) a few times & had 1 "bad trip." I don't ever think I have come out of that state of mind. There has to be some medical explanation that could possibly reverse the effects. I have found a website that explains this feeling as an anxiety disorder. I am tempted to try out the program that's offered. email if you'd like the address. This is truly affecting every aspect of my life & I am determined to find a way & make this feeling go away & take control over my life to be able to move on.
somato last decade
Hi there.

I always naively thought this type of thing happened to other people, but after taking mj for the the first (and last) time at christmas I have been having feelings of unreality and detachment from myself. I had a very bad experience at christmas which was followed by a week of total depression. After a while I did feel better. However, after a second episode I began to experience these very strange feelings of unreality. I have always been what may be called a deep thinker, but I have never experienced such intense thoughts and feelings related to the purpose of life and existance. This brings on anxiety and I feel I need to find answers to the big questions, although rationally I know that is not possible. I have found talking helps, especially with close family.I am determined to take control of my life before it gets too much and I'm glad that I'm not alone.
I am planning a backpacking trip in august to america and mexico (i live in manchester) but am very concious about this condition. But I am determined to live a normal life. Does anyone have any tips for coping with anxiety/depression when away from home.
niggle0 last decade
I also have derealization i have had it for the past eight years. it started at the age of eleven when my mom started physically abusing me. it didnt hit me really hard untill i smoked pot. My thoughts are always deep and disturbing now. I think about how alone i am in my own head and that i dont know who is in my mind....i think about death all the time..i just feel as if i cant enjoy any thing any more...I find that important life events never really happened such as graduating from high school...but i think the worst part about having this is that i cant remember much any more and how iam i going to remember my loved ones once they are gone...nothing seems real.....
shaunna last decade
can a homeopath prescribe cannabis indica for a anxiety disorder (dp/dr) stemming from marijuana use???
yoyoyoyo last decade
I posted earlier under 'fear of driving'....I'm feeling these symptoms too after eating a piece of chocolate with hallucinogenic mushrooms in it. I did not know the chocolate had mushrooms in it! I have had extreme panic and anxiety attacks ever since. Some days I have longer windows without them, but my life has been falling apart. I don't feel comfortable anywhere most of the time, I'm not working or driving really. Lots of dark thoughts pass through me. Pot has brought up similar stuff in the past but it always went away quickly. But this has been going on since Aug. 9th-5 weeks. I feel really strange, not myself. I want to 'cure' this! My younger sister is bi-polar with schizphrenic tendencies and my mother and some aunts have anxiety disorders so I have been aware for some time that my system is sensitive-I didn't plan to eat these mushrooms which is scary...perhaps the dopamine sites are more sensitive (someone mentioned). I have been working with a homeopath in town who has me taking Arsenicum Alb., the first dose was two weeks ago. I can't tell yet. All my emotions are super-heightened right now. Anyone else have anything to add?
waterglow last decade
This is the weirdest thing. The exact same thing happened to me. In high school I smoked marijuana and then it felt like the high never stopped. I was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder, then a panic disorder, but the main symptom (and what was probably causing the anxiety to begin with) was the derealization. It's been 8 years or so since the first t time I experienced derealization. I am better now, but I have had three separate periods where I had derealization (Once for 3 years, then another for 6 months, and another for 6 months or so). It has to be the worst feeling anyone could experience. I question life and its meaning when I experience it too..... which is odd... I wonder why that is. I have been through it.. and life becomes "normal" again. Try to decrease your anxiety, and try to go with the flow.. it'll decrease and go away eventually. You're not crazy, no matter how much it feels like you are. If anyone wants to talk about this, let me know. It won't let me post my email address, but I can find another way of giving it to you if you want or need to talk.
toggle last decade
I must bring this up- my daughter started to have seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I bought a pamphlet called somethng like "In Our Own Words" (I don't have it in front of me) written by epileptics to describe their epilepsy.
More than a few mentioned this "state" of feeling like everything is not real, and is happening like a dream- just before a seizure, or they actually call this one kind of the seizures they get. Epilepsy is when one part of the brain is misfiring. Sometimes when I realize I'm having a bad feeling of unreality, it feels like part of my brain is under control and saying..."It's ok, you're here at..(work, or the mall, or wherever).. but another part of it is very fuzzy. It is like the high just never stopped- which probably sounds good to some,
but it is a walking nightmare sometimes. I also question life at this time because when it gets bad I feel so detached from life.
Sometimes I get the feeling that it's going to take over and I'll find myself wandering the streets like an alzheimer's patient! But actually, even when having a bad "spell" I can remember everything about my life, the day, time, etc... but it feels like I'm very far away from it. Something that has helped me lately is picturing and "feeling" my energy center as being in my feet- planted in the ground
with roots and all. That takes care of the spacey feeling at least for the moment. I've been trying to do this a few times a day (when I remember to!) hoping the feeling of being connected and "grounded" will start to stay for longer periods of time. The challenging part is that I've been having "unreal" feelings for so long, I've kind of accepted it as just one part of my way of being.
I'd love to find someone who can offer any other advice.
Tangy last decade
Hi I'm new to the forum. I also have the same problems. It started about two years ago, I was getting high with a buddy and a few hours later i had a full blown panis attack. It was the scariest feeling i had ever felt. the next morning when i woke up everything seemed normal again. then about a month later i had another panic attack. And then a few more in closer proximites. now it seems for the past year and a half or so i've been having daily bouts with derealization and or depersonalization. nothig seems to trigger it it just comes and goes. at the beginning most of my days were filled with these feelings. it seems to be getting better but definitely far from normal. I have been diagnoised with anxiety and put on celexa which helped at first but lately i'm falling backwards. Toggle i was reading your reply and was very interested in hearing more of your story. Not that i don't want to here anyone elses just that one seems very similar to mine. WOW it sure is a relief finding other people dealing with this horrible life experience.
stuman last decade
Yoyoyoyo, I do not know if Cannabis would reverse the effects of (bad weed/or response to) smoking it in the natural form. I do not have the remedy.

If any one wants to get a remedy like this, a doctor will have to ok it. Even a chiropractor can get it. No one will allow the public to buy it. Let us know if anyone is successful.

I will continue to study these symptoms and see what I find. Sometimes it takes awhile. This is not easily filtered through memory, teachings and books. Sabra
sabra last decade

Has anybody tried the Linden Method. See webpage: panic-anxiety

I am also experiencing the same problems, but I think mine was caused either by 2 traumatic experiences or by hypnosis. I have feelings of dull head, pressure on head, sometimes even turning of head, ringing ears. Ears blocked, feelings like I am not totally here.

Please let me know if anyone has tried the Linden Method.

join3000 last decade
Hi Has anyone tried the Linden method?

See webpage. panic-anxiety

I am also suffering with this problem
join3000 last decade

Has anyone tried the Linden method?

I am also experiencing the same problems.

Thanks for all the info!
join3000 last decade
Has anybody tried the Linden Method?

Thanks for the info!
join3000 last decade
Has anyone tried the Linden Method?
join3000 last decade

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