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I definatly know what your going though. I hate feeling like this. I dont want to ever do anything anymore. I have to start a new job today cause I am totally broke. I quit my last job cause of the way I feel. I'm nervous how im gonna feel at the new job. Hopefully everything will work out fine. As for the yellow dots. I dont have that. When I look at the sky I see little clear bubble like spots though.
ashleygrl last decade
hey everyone im only 15 and im dont think i have this problem exactly, but i have only acually been high once and that was at a party but i after that on the same weekend i was going to the beach with my sis and her boyfriend and we smoked before we got there, but i didnt feel high at all,so when we got there we hung out at the beach, and then went to a pool, we ate, and on the way home we smoked the rest of the b, when we got home i still didnt feel high, i waited a little while and then my head started to feel clouded and i got this bad ringing in my ears,but not high, the next morning i my head still felt clouded but that went away later that day, i stopped that night and its been a little over two weeks and the ringing is still there and its hard to consintrate and think about stuff,and sometimes when im going to bed if im thinking of a song in my head cirtain parts i feel like i can acually hear them but its not all that hard to consintrate anymore but i always hear that ringing....
everytimeidie656 last decade
A lot of people with DP complain of tinnitus. Tinnitus is what you are experiencing.
BL last decade
yea i thought it might be, well is there anything i can do to stop the tinnitus
everytimeidie656 last decade

I have been using the Linden Method now for just over a week, and it has helped with a lot of my symptoms, although the more disturbing ones, like the derealization, i have not overcome yet. It is the scariest feeling ever, i feel so alone, and I hate how I am constantly questioning the bigger meanings of life, asking myself if i am real, if anyone else is real. i feel crazy. but im determined to overcome it. if your problem is chest pain, or always feeling like youre going to get some horrible disease, then the Linden method helps with that, i dont think about that stuff anymore.
I hope this helps
jennyhi last decade
Who is Toggle?? I would love to talk to somebody who has been through this and come out the other end. i just want to feel normal. Lets get in touch somehow.
jennyhi last decade
As I've never experienced chronic tinnitus, I'm not sure how it is treated. Best check with your doc.
BL last decade
Oh and btw, my organization, The National Organization for Drug-Induced Disorders is doing a study on depersonalization disorder. Since this site does not allow me to post links, in order to participate in the study, simply google "depersonalization", click on "depersonalization community" and enter the dpselfhelp forum. From there you will see a link to the study. Please let me know if you have any problems finding the study. Thanks!
BL last decade
Im beginning to get really scared now - I have to know - Will i ever be myself again?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
samhealey17 last decade

I have been through it and I have come out on the other end several times, and I'm sure I'll go through it again in my lifetime. I wouldn't mind talking to you about it. How can we get in touch?
toggle last decade

I've added my email to my profile. You can contact me at that email address.
toggle last decade
I too believe that the onset of my anxiety was caused by massive amounts of marijuana use in a very short period of time. However, its great that you all recognize the problem and are willing to solve it, but its not important to dwell on what caused it. Its here, now you have to remove it. The Linden Method showed me exactly how to do that. If you remove your anxiety, everything just seems to fade away. This worked for me, and I know it can work for you too. I will admit, the road ahead is long, but if you live the linden method and abide by it you'll be okay. Reply to this post asking for my email if you want it.
DrewC last decade
how can i find out how to conatct you?
DrewC last decade
My God! I am so happy I've found this site. I have been dealing with feelings of derealization for MANY years, though lately, they seem to have worsened. I am 37, divorced and have 2 young children. A year ago I had a very serious episode of this "out of touch" with myself feeling...and it threw me into a panic attack. I went to see my doctor and she put me Paxil. I lasted 6 months on it and started to feel better, but then quit (i do not believe in antidepressants and I wasn't depressed). Although I was undergoing a severe amount of stress, I fought it and got better, and yet...the feelings of unreality would still come periodically...it's as if I'm talking or doing something and then suddenly I realize that the voice which is speaking isn't my own, or that it is my own, but I'm listening to it as if it's someone else. It usually happens in large crowds, or when I'm tired...
I have never thought to blame this on marijauna. I did smoke it years ago, and recently, I do smoke every once in awhile, but the symptoms don't come from that. Instead, I believe they come more from coffee and excessive sugar in the diet. Although I am in good shape and fit, I LOVE sweets. And I see no other link to this weirdness that I experience. My stress level is relatively low, I am home most of the time, I don't drink etc. etc. And now I've started to have a weird sensation of a lessening of hearing in one ear and tennitus, which lasts only seconds.
I have lived with all these symptoms for a long time, only now they are truly affecting my daily life. I am SO CLOUDY headed i can't do much. Sometimes all I want to do is lay on the sofa all day and wait it out. I have been to my doctor for blood work and even a cat scan becasue of this...PLEASE someone, tell me what is CAUSING IT!!!!!

Thank you!!!

telmita last decade
hi. im only 15 years old. my parents divorced last may and i was introduced to my step at the end of this summer. he is nice and everything was fine. i just wasnt ok inside. i felt sick everyday. one day over the summer i decided to do marijuana. to my surprise it was not regular marijuana, it was a sort of chronic hash. the next day i felt fine untill later that afternoon where de realization hit me at one point. yes i felt detached and unrealistic and all. from that day till today i suffer from that. a month after that de realization i got depression and anxiety but that was because everything i have held inside from the divorce were trying to surface. right now im suffering with all three anxiety, depression, and de realization. im takling to a pysciatrist right now and that helps alot. soon i will be taking depression pills. anyways if anyone who has gone through this de realization can help me, it would sure play a big part and reduce alot of my pain. my email is in my profile. and my aol instant messenger screen name is dewtreflips. it would be better to im me.
dewtreflips last decade
oh yeah and also for the those of you who dont know what is causing it: its from maybe a bad experience you have had. a shift of change in your life. do realize that if you dont take care of it and continue to push yourself it will build up on you and you will get to a much stressful point. the best thing to do is to talk to a psyciatrist and go to a physician for medicine. in time it will heal. if you decide to not take action it will most likely stay with you for years. take care of yourself and do know that this is like having a broken bone, you have to heal. although now your feelings are broken.
dewtreflips last decade
so anybody tried the linden method yet? and what was the effect on the derealisation?
plz let me know cause I'm also considering buying it!


maarten last decade
Have you gotten any replies about the Linden method. I, too, am considering buying it.

Let me know please. Thank-you!
maddiesmom last decade
OK, i have posted on this forum a while back.

I to was suffering with de-realization, anxiety and depression.

I have had a really really rough year!
Im still not 100%, i seem to have some kind of mental block against any form of drug be it alchol to paracetamol - i wont touch anything like that and other wierd mental problems.

I have now narrowed everything down to one big fear and that fear is of loosing control, loosing control of my emotions, my senses, my feelings, my train of thought - stuff like that.

its getting better!!!.... I know its soooo hard to beleive that right now for the people going through the height of it.... but please beleive me.... you will get better, just try to understand and come to terms with the fact that.... THIS IS WHO YOU ARE NOW.
That was the hardest thing for me to come to terms with.

If you think that one day it will all go away.... you are very much disillusioned, you are going to have to work hard to maintain a normal life... best thing to do is get up every day and stay active, go to work, go to the gym, exercise... that is very important. YOU CANNOT GO BACK TO NORMAL AFTER SUCH A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.


Good luck to all of you

Much love

Sam H
samhealey17 last decade
Hi everyone who is activly writing on this post - I have now read the 6 pages of script here and am flabergasted with just how much pain we all feel and just how similar all of our symptoms are. I have had this dreadful disorder for 4 years, but recently it is worse then it has ever been before. I have become more withdrawn than ever and my marriage is suffering, I have lost all desire to socialize and for the first time - I have started to lose hope that I will ever be my old self again. I have even started to seriously contemplate - why I keep going. I am the walking dead - I have no emotions, I feel nothing, except for void amd tremendous sadness. The only reason I would never go to such extremes, is because I have a beautiful baby girl. I love her so much and she needs me, of course she needs me - I am her mother. A crazy mother, but her mother and she is my precious baby. I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter - BUT I am going crazy regardless of all the people who love me and hope to help me, but can't???? They all try and relate, but only those who suffer like we do, can relate. I don't even know what or if anything I hope to accomplish w/ this post - I am just hurting so bad and wish there was someway out of this. It just seems so unfair to all of us - what did we do to deserve this. Recently, I ahve started to get really angry about that fact - the 'why me thing???' Thank you so much for listening. I would love to have a dp friend who I could write to via e mail if anyone is interested in dealing w/ a dper at the end of her rope. Thank you for listening... Venus
vness last decade
I've gone through it 3 separate times and you CAN and WILL get 100 percent better and life will return back to normal. You just have to believe that it'll happen.

On a side note.. has anyone found that lack of light (especially morning sunshine - i.e. not having a room with windows facing east/south) affects their dp/dr or lack of sunlight in general (i.e. having an office without light, etc?)

The light, at least for me, appears to act as a buffer and I don't get dp/dr when I get enough of it (especially in the morning when I'm sleeping).
toggle last decade
And a side note.. the results from the light aren't immediate... it will take a number of days, but gradually I get better.
toggle last decade
for the ones who tried the linden method: did you suffer from non-stop derealisation, like 24 hours a day?

anybody recognizes being anxious of the question 'am I really alive or is everything an illusuon ' ?

maarten last decade
ok I long story but I will make it short. Ok I first tried marijuana my first year of high school... Smoking it with friends for maybe like 6 months...the high didnt bother me much, then 1 day before school my teeth were hurting(braces) so i took a couple tylenol and was on my way to smoke up with a friend and we did and we were walking to school and i passed out for like 1 sec on the street...and when i got up everything was just weird... so i ditched school and went and tried to sleep it off..and after that.. smoking weed just was weird the high just got more intense, when walking down the street the street would look higher....anyways after all that I stopped smoking for good...drank instead of that..got hospitalized for depression and alcohol..and then like ! day my feet became sensitive < when i would walk down the street my feet would feel like they are sinking i would feel like i was falling same thing happened in like stores i quit all my jobs couldnt hold one then my md started giving me anti depressants they only seemed to work on me for like three months then i would relapse for some reason i mean i even stopped drinking for a whole year and i still had the attacks i cant even walk in my kitchen without shoes or socks its sooo terrible im just looking for answers i need help i want to be normal again
timufcwwf last decade
I've been dealing with dP and DR for 2 months now. In teh past, like in the summer i have tried weed only twice and then i kinda became a wekkend drinker....because i couldnt tolerate being in this fog anymore! I'm 16 and have no one to turn to...i have been pulled outta school and now im homeschooled. No one understands me. My vision is blurred and i have a strange amnesia. I feel like im walking into a dream every moment of my life except when im with my friends. I cant tolerate to be out in daylight and fluresnt lights make my mind race. I want my life back...im on Lexapro and Risperdal....is there anything that will help me get out of this daze? Please im desperate!

thank you
gerigurl14 last decade
Hi, i'm really glad i found this site, i've been experiencing dr for 2 months now,im 21.im trapped inside my mind ,constantly thiinking about and analyzing everything and i dont feel like a person anymore.for the first month i was a wreck and ended up in the hospital explaining my problem as extreme anxiety and panick.lately though iv managed to gain some control over it by working to solve this,i realize that i am terrified of death and growing older i appreciate life so much that my mind is forcibly trying to find a way to cope with this fear.by observing and analyzing everything im sub cosciously trying to control my existence in the desperation of not wanting to let it go and knowing that death is inevitable is where my anxiety and panick stem from.i believe in god but i also fear that i may end up unworthy of going to heaven.my life is so messed up because of this fear, i have no friends, i feel like an alien everywhere i go , and i have to make an exerted effort to enjoy things.there is always that fear in the front of my mind and for me accepting life means accepting death.
sniper last decade

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