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Hey everyone, I suffer from episodes of derealisation that last for about 2 weeks at a time. It's really easy to let yourself fall into that world as it were and think you'll never know what it feels like to be normal again, but you have to remember that it'll pass. For me it started in 2005. It was terrifying! Since then and everytime it happens now this is what happens to me:

I lose virtually all sense of reality, like everything is very dream like. Simple things like brushing my teeth or having a shave feel almost impossible because of mental exhaustion - it feels like the electrical impulses in my brain have gone all wrong.

I need to sleep for hours and hours during the day and I dream constantly, and i hardly ever usually dream.

Paranoia sets in and it's such a task leaving the house, mainly due to exhaustion and the feeling that something's going to go wrong. Not only that, but everything seems to break or go wrong when D/R kicks in.

I hardly eat or drink, mainly because I don't get hungry or thirsty.

Then there are the blanks, things you think you've missed or wondering how someone left the room without you noticing or not hearing someone come up the stairs, like time lapses.

Also my hearing gets a bit muffled and it's like people do things out of routine unitentionally, not realising how much they're confusing you.

Luckily for me it only seems to have happened once a year since 2005 and lasts for about 2 weeks but it's really intense. However, I think that once you realise what it is, it almost becomes like a bit of a pain in the bum.

You have to remember that you'll always snap out of it and that physically your body is fine. And so is your mind! It's just your brain sorting itself out and doing what it needs to do in order to fix you.

Anyway, feel free to email me if anyone wants to talk. Until today I thought I had baffled the medical world until I came across this site. Take care everyone!
Skaterkid last decade
try natrum mur and give it time to work.
anon last decade
I write this message to those who have endured chronic DP/DR for years on end, with no remission, and constantly, that is 24/7!

The best book on DR/DP is ‘overcoming feelings of depersonalization and anxiety’, you can order it online through Amazon. There is a lot of misleading information out and about with regard to DR/DP flying around the internet and often all you’ll hear is the complete denial by people of DR/DP as being anything chronic, lasting, or a disorder or illness. ‘Great’, I hear you say to yourself, you’re then left thinking well obviously there must be something wrong with me that no one else experiences, trust me that is not the case and it’s this book and other good resources on DP/DR which will help to provide the necessary info you need to feel in charge of your life and gain control over chronic DP/DR. Often people comment, but they have no idea what it's like to experience it like you and I do. There's a lot more to chronic DR/DP then anxiety. DP/DR is certainly something over time which can establish itself in its own right and the quicker you start to treat it effectively, the better! You need strategies to stop it worsening and in most cases action can substantially reverse DR/DP!! You get those strategies in this book.

Whatever people call it, a disorder, illness, symptom, for those with Chronic DP/DR, it causes a significant interruption to life and daily activities and fails to remit. It’s as simple as that. If those are your symptoms and you have tried all else, don’t loose hope, just get the book and get some help!

P.S. In my experience most doctors and psychologists aren’t even well versed on the so called anxiety symptoms of DP and DR. Therefore, the book makes a good resource particularly for people who cannot get such help from medical professionals nearby.
jono11 last decade
Before my major depression, I had a good career, financially, physically, intellectually and emotionally fit. I was overall happy in many aspects of what I did.

After doing marijuana, I became interested about the deeper meanings of our existence and of life and death. Afterwards, I started to internalize things, and attach things to objects such as meanings without logic or understanding why I was doing it (gibberish stuffs). Then headaches appeared and hostility. I had hot sweats and cold sweats which stopped.

I then experienced severity in internalizing, such as what others will think of me, trying to please others more than taking my own needs into account first. This situation made me to suffer, and had bouts of crying sessions. I felt as in a dream in dark place, that my head was about to expand and that I would die. I felt like I did die after feeling having a heart attack which was the anxiety. I then became very sensitive to my surroundings and people. I had derealization that I myself was no longer in control, was just observing rather than participating, low stress level tolerance where I was once had high tolerance, lost my self-esteem and confidence, became self-less, higher tolerance in accepting the mistreatment of others, and I could no longer relate nor function in my ability to be pro-active and productive. I was a walking wounded person, a victim in my own mind and imprisoned in my negative thoughts. I felt I was not actually in the world that I once knew and it felt like a dream state.

How I am overcoming this derealization
- Reduced my workload, got added rest. Faced my anxiety at work by rating my anxiety level from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) and waiting for it to subside (and it does and it gets better on every practice).
- Useage of Behaviourial Cognitive Therapy whereby retraining the brain to think differently in supportive of me. Deny negative thoughts that is not valid or does not have merit nor justification. As soon as the negative thought comes, I say to myself 'There is no validity or merit to this to support what I just thought of', or 'It does not mean anything to me as it has no understanding, logic or comprehension'. Replace it with positive thinking. 'I can do it, I can overcome this'.

- Quit job as the workplace had many negative co-workers. I had been suffering there in order to make a living but the work become unbearable as I had a conflict of interest (I went against my own personal values and intrigrity. I had usually abided and did things within my own principles and not the principles of others).

- I did small tasks each day to keep active. Also started my exercise routine again, which I remember I used to enjoy (it gives you more physical energy and it lifts my mood, and have more ability to handle stresses). I made myself go out more often and be around people, associate with supportive friends and family, started doing things I've used to enjoy (I no longer take things to the extreme but I take risks and am open minded taking into consideration my own personal limitations. I don't care anymore what others think to gain approval, I need to do what's best for me. (This way of thinking as much improved my progress).

- Remember memories when you laughed. I tell myself 'I am happy now' and eventually my mood became happier. Though I think it's best to resolve what is troubling you deep inside, perhaps work related, relationships, substance addiction, sexual promiscuity, perfectionist (perfectionist is an admirable trait, however, if it gets in the way where you beat yourself, it gears towards depression).

- Dealth effectively with my OCD by applying the Behaviourial Cognitive Therapy. By thinking differently about the situation, that what is occuring does not have meaning or comprehension. Being a human being, I need my mind to think logically which has understanding. It is common sense and is logical, as this is the worldview to allow me to be capable to interact with others. On a piece of paper I wrote Who am I? Wrote my name and described the characteristics of the individual person that I am. The individual that I used to be. Rephrase used to mean now, as the whole me (myself).

- I accept that I do not know everything nor do I know what my future is, no one does, however, I will make the effort and put into action what I can do to take care of what needs to be done to take care of myself in order to have a better future in this world.

- I accept that I need to look after myself first before I can help others. I will not tolerate soeone who is abusive or be taken advantaged to remove the victimed role that I have been playing out in my mind. I do not have to gain approval by others, if it is not in my best interest. I will communicate whereby I am honest with what is bothering me and will be assertive, pro-active and confident wit my actions.

I have learned through reading self-help programs, going to a therapist, taken medication which I have stopped using and practice Behaviourial Congitive Therapy, by by far the greatest results, which has improved my ability to function, I have minimal anxiety (hardly existing), handle stress better, and communicate with others.

I hope this can help someone else.
Playfull last decade
I have everything mentioned. Chronic depersonalization/derealization for 3 years. A horrible marijuana trip was earlier in my life before I developed the chornic depersonalization/derealization. Also have headpressure, crawling sensations in my skull, I feel like my entire head has gone numb, severe anxiety and more. I tested positive for Lyme Disease through Igenex Lab. I feel as though the Dp/dr has gotten worse and worse since it began. Does anything feel the same. Currently, I am going through an especially rough time bc I feel worse than ever. I do a millon things to try to help myself. Please respond if you are feeling similarly and or wnat to talk
lshafiroff last decade
Im so sick of this feeling. im 16, it never ends. everyday it feels like im writing a biography about myself. i live inside my thoughts and this constant derealization. i have self diagnosed myself a million times, i really need to stop because it only worsens the feelings i already have. i can never look into my computer anymore unless i use my dimmer, because with this depersonalization im very sensitive to certain lighting... i freaking hate that i ever smoked weed it opened my mind to alot of things but to nothing that will happen at the moment. im trying to stop smoking i really need to stop it only makes things worse, im just so depressed all the time that the only time im happy is when i smoke but then i have to pay for it when i come down. i feel like so different then i did before i started smoking i used to look at the world like it was so big no alli can do is see whats in front of me an barely that . my vision constantly messes up. my peripheral is fcked it looks like things are moving and there when there not sometimes in my peripheral not hallucinations just dark spots light spots stuff like that. im constantly sore in every place imaginable on my body. i can never sleep well any moree. i have horrible anxiety i just cant get past this and no one but people on this forum understand me . i wish i lived around all of you so we could discuss it. people are mad about there lives but they really dont know how this feels ,i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy though. anyone want to email about it do so yonnie_1990s at yahoo dot com please feel free to
headache last decade
Hey everyone, my names luis and i too believe i have DP/DR. Its quite wierd how i've read all these posts and realizing that Marijuana is the main cause of DP/DR. well thats if you have a bad trip. i remember being a constant smoker of MJ, cigarrets and hookah for quite some time. I never felt anxious at all, i never felt stressed out at all until i did a different drug known as Shrooms. I am positive that the mushrooms caused me this because i suffered from pretty much the worst trip anyone can go throug, thinking non stop about god, life, and the universe all at once. Ive been told that DP/DR is cured with patience and motivation. We've only lost sight of ourselves and its our job to remember who we really are. Ive only been dealing with DP/DR for about 5 months and man does it feel like a lifetime. I get really bad episodes when i know my mom is leaving somewhere because i constantly worry about her. But i just want to let you all know that you are always in control. you will never lose control of your mind because it is 'YOURS'. Ive learned in such little time that this thing feeds of fear, the more fear you give it the more tightning your chest will feel, and the more your head will pound. Trust me on this next time you feel an episode coming, go outside and run, or immidiately talk to someone. It will keep you feeling real, and the though of DP/DR will shortly fade away. These feelings are extremely difficult to live with but once you have taken control of it you will realize that it was really harmless the whole time. Right now im on an episode myself but all i can do is think positive, try and slow my mind down. Think of my happy memories and how i will be creating more happy memories in the future! Dont be afraid to try new things, this will reasure you that life isnt so bad like your mind is setting out to be. For all you who suffer from this terrible condition i trully am sorry, never in my life did i expect feelings like this to exist. But i want you all to know is that it does get better. Counseling and exercise are your best methods of recovery. I do not suggest taking meds because once your off of them, things seem to get worst. But im not a doctor and people are different. But just never lose hope, these episodes happen for a reason and thats too make you a better person. Keep your heads up and if you ever need someone too talk too, i will be checking up on these posts constantly.
Ps. sorry for the long post. :) God Bless!
Zamorax last decade
I came across this on a web search ,I was dianosed with DR and DP by my psychiatric consultant .My life is a living hell ,day in day out 24/7 .I have never used cannabis etc or any unprescribed drugs .It all started back in 1994 after the birth of my son where i became anxious,having panic attacks and obsessive thoughts ,then 5 years later a breakdown after my partner left me .I had to recieve electric shock treatment for severe depression as antidepressants ,lithium etc were having no affect ,and i was suicidal . .I was hospitalised for 6 months in total diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety disorder . I feel like everything looks weird ,in a dream like state .I feel unreal ,not a part of the world . Cant think straight .like my mind is all tangled up . My vision feels distorted ,blurry and i cant concerntrate,I forget things in seconds . I feel like i am drunk all the time ,even though ive not had a drop of alchahol .I feel like im staggering when i walk ,I got no sence of direction .I feel numb inside like im dead . I dont feel any emotions of happiness ,laughter ,joy etc ,just numbness .My head feel tightening ,I get numbness in my face ,head ,hands ,and feel like im suffocating .My consultant doesnt really understand my symptoms ,and has tried many many antidepressants ,but with no joy . Lights affect me ,Ive had every test imaginable and nothing shows up ,I get tremouring/shaking through my body ,I find simple tasks impossible .I use to be an outgoing ,confident person .But now i am just existing . I feel mentally drained ,and physically drained with pain ,ftigued mentally and physically in a severe way .My consultant after many many years is having to sign me off his books ,as he has exhausted all avenues ,and antidepressants not working . I feel im fighting to live every day .
hazeleyes68 9 years ago
I feel EXACTLY how hazeleyes68 described, I just can not function in society like that, I would pay 10000trillion billion just to feel a sense of reality again.

My first doctors appointment is tomorrow
me2me2 9 years ago
Hi Me2me2 ,If you go to amazon uk ,you can read the book called feeling unreal ,it helps put into perspective how we feel and think ,and we are not 'crazy' so to speak ,good luck with your gp appointment
hazeleyes68 9 years ago
Advise anyone PLEASE ,I have been in a living hell for a week now severe derealization 24/7 ,tightening in my head ,vision distorted ,brain feels numb and stuck ,cant think straight at all ,confused ,disorientated .My eues look heavy and are extremely sensitive to light .I feel my brain will shut down completely .
End of my tether x
hazeleyes68 9 years ago

I am interested to know more about ur homeopathy experience and how it cured derealization.

Please contact me thank u !!
AusGirl 7 years ago
Hi Aus girl,

If you are having this due to drug use, I suggest you email
Maheeru At Rocketmail dot com. He is a contributor to
this forum but is rather busy these days. He has done
several of these cases.

If this is due to Anxiety/panic that is a common thing
that goes on and I would advise researching a homeopath
in your area who has done those type of cases. It is
also a symptom of shock from trauma and even happens
when a person has high anxiety, has bad dreams, wakes up
and feels out there and can't seem to get into the body.
A good homeopath can help you with all of this.


simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simon thank you so much for your advice I will get onto emailing him straight away.

Well a few years ago I did have anxiety and panic, but now I don't have anxiety just derealization 24/7 it never seems to go away this is my 7th year into it. I do sort of feel lie I'm in a permanent state of shock I duno.
AusGirl 7 years ago
But all of this did get induced from using methamphetamine for 8 months and ecstasy
AusGirl 7 years ago
Dear Ausgirl,

In homeopathy a major part of prescribing is
called 'never well since' information.

The drugs have to get cleared out of your body
for your nervous system to settle back to normal.This
can be done with homeopathy very well. Glad
you posted, and hope you feel better asap.


simone717 7 years ago
Thanks for that, well I am super super healthy I've been on a no wheat and no dairy diet for the past 2-3 months and also began taking threelac for candida plus I take biosutical vitamins.
AusGirl 7 years ago

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