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Hi, i'm really glad i found this site, i've been experiencing dr for 2 months now,im 21.im trapped inside my mind ,constantly thiinking about and analyzing everything and i dont feel like a person anymore.for the first month i was a wreck and ended up in the hospital explaining my problem as extreme anxiety and panick.lately though iv managed to gain some control over it by working to solve this,i realize that i am terrified of death and growing older i appreciate life so much that my mind is forcibly trying to find a way to cope with this fear.by observing and analyzing everything im sub cosciously trying to control my existence in the desperation of not wanting to let it go and knowing that death is inevitable is where my anxiety and panick stem from.i believe in god but i also fear that i may end up unworthy of going to heaven.my life is so messed up because of this fear, i have no friends, i feel like an alien everywhere i go , and i have to make an exerted effort to enjoy things.there is always that fear in the front of my mind and for me accepting life means accepting death.
sniper last decade

i know exactly how you feel. I too have been experiencing this for only 2 months...but it feels like ive been here for eternity. I believe my fear is also that death is inevitable( i used to have OCD with obsessing with death) im only 16 years old and going through this. My mind just doesnt seem to want to function. My eyes are heavy and im EXTREAMLY SENSITIVE to lights...especially FLOURESENT....it really sucks because no one knows how this is. I feel like im a dream and everything is a blur. I have no emotion towards anyone. And sumtimes i cant take it anymore and i break down. Nothing is focused and i believe that this is one of the most horrible things anyone could experience. I had to be taken out of school and everything. At least i no there's sumone who feels the same way.
gerigurl14 last decade
omg, over time this exact same thing has happened to me,i have no emotion and i feel like i am never acually thinking, its just cloudy in my head...ive also been pulled from school and am now home schooled, i havent explained these problems to anybody yet because im kinda scared of what they will say, also the thing that goes on in my head is music, i remember music very very well, my brain is like an mp3 player..lol, anyway plz tell me what will help because i used to be such a cool person.

everytimeidie656 last decade
this IS the most horrible thing anyone could experience
its so horrible to feel 'outside'of life. every day i despritly wish to be my old self and enjoy life like others do,like i used to.one thing that has helped me alot is to not put so much pressure on myself.
sniper last decade
sad to say i don't know what will help. I'm trying to get treated with medication...but it takes time. The medication hasnt worked for me...but hopefully NEW MEDS WILL! i cnat stand to be in this state. I wanna break down...it feels like my eyes are gunna fall outta their sockets and i cannot think at all!!! even being homeschooled is hard for me because i dont understand things well, it feels like theres a fog inbetween me and life itself. I wish i was back to my old self. I heard and reasearcehed that it takes about 3-5 months to go away...hopefully i can get treated with medication and it will agree with me and life will go back to normal.
gerigurl14 last decade
Without comment, just follow the links....


Joanne's Long Journey (brain fog)

......brain fog.....

Mystery syndromes (brain fog)

God Bless,
TimCam last decade
Hi Erin,in case no one has mentioned this yet, what worked for me 35 years ago for LSD flashbacks and again when I ate too much nutmeg which is also an hallucinatory drug believe it or not and also for my friend Daniel and which was srecommended by the flower people of the 60's for that problem and may therefore work for your your problem (it is also a know orthomelucular remedy for schizophrenia used by a psychiatrists) is to swallow 500 or 1000 mg of niacin-teh B vitamin. I had to do it several times over a week and that solved both problems. You will notice a hot flushinb of the skin but thats not a problem-its just blood but also take it with an antiacid or it could be upsetting to stomach and was stonger if done on a very empty stomach and thats the way I did it. You should start tofeel better as soon as the hot flushing takes effect in a few minutes.

stevelord last decade
i was just wondering what is the treatment you are talking about above? and also, what does it treat?? please message back, i want to know more. thank you

gerigurl14 last decade
Also...i FORGOT TO ADD does what youre talking about help relieve Derealization and depersonalization?
gerigurl14 last decade
Hi Geri , I guess I dont know too much more about it than I posted above, niacin in high doses is a legendary cure for acid flashbacks which are a feeling similar to those described on this thread. I do not kow the effect it would have on these symptoms if not caused by an hallucination. (Pot is an hallucinatioi by the way)-You can buy these larger sizes for a few bucks, in drug stores etc.--If taken regularly should be monitored by a Dr for elevated liver inzymes but that is chronic use (for cholesterol-very popular for that).

Why it works for debilitating acid flashbacks is not clear but it seemed when I took it to stabilize my wavering acid caused mind right away.

You can read about this treatment for flashbacks on the net. Very well known.

stevelord last decade

what do you mean by wavering acid caused mind? i tried mushrooms for the first time 3 years ago (and the only time)thay where extremly strong and i took alot. that was the first time i ever started freaking out about reality ,(i felt this intense "nothingness"along with crippling fear and crazy hollucinations)the mind trip faded away as the drug wore off but after id experience the trip very mildly when i smoked weed. i havnt touched weed for 3 months but the mind thing lingers in a subtle way everyday anyways and i dont know why.
sniper last decade
Hi Sniper--I guess it will be difdferent for everyone and I had recurring episodes where I had to just sit down and stare at the floor because I felt a bit out of control of my faculties--never lasted to long but kept recurring after acid un til niacin burned the crazyness out of me as my hippie friend used to say.
stevelord last decade
By the way niacins cousin niacinamide wont work. And it take the 500 to 1000 mg dosage to do it I think-a common dosage to treat high cholestereol and do not get timed released version-very important--Steve
stevelord last decade
And remember,if you do it its stronger on empty stomach (with an antacid-like tums)--Steve
stevelord last decade
i am so desprit to live again. 24/7 i am trapped in my thughts, analyzing , theorizing and worrying.i'm a deep thinker beyond what i can explain and i keep wondering why im like this.sometimes i think iv got reasons but because i go into such deep thinking im prone to self-doubt. every morning i wake up very early unable to go back asleep because i start thinking about everything and not solvable things things that revolve around fear, like what's gonna happen to me after i die, and not wanting to lose the things i love.i feel like some ultimatly terrible thing is going to happen to me.Does anyone know what im talking about?or do i just sound crazy?
any insight would be incredibly appreciated,i just wish so bad that i could accept the uncertaintys inlife better and not feel so "doomed"
sniper last decade
That's exactly how i feel. All i ever question anymore is life. Ill think the stupidest things...for exaple..."am i real?" "how am i living" etc. Those thoughts make me crazy! And all i ever think of now is this feeling of being disconnected. I think im dead. This feeling is so hard to explain...and i think everything is fake. I have horrible panic attacks and i cannot stand to be under floresent lighting. im just starting new medication so hopefully that will work. But it has been almost 3 months and there has been no improvement. BTW is THERE ANYONE ON HERE THAT KNOWS A GOOD MEDICATION TO TAKE FOR DEREALIZATION AND DP??
gerigurl14 last decade
I to feel the same as all of you and it sucks big time i just dont understand it
ill be sitting and doing somthing as simple as eating and ill glance at something
and my eyes will mess up as like as if it is a sharp glassy dizzy fog feeling out of
nowhere like if i look at a fast movement like a quick movement of my hand in front
of my face it triggers it and i cant look at peoples faces up close because there facial
movements mess my eyes up and Flouresent lights i know exactly what you are talking about its crazy i dont understand it cause i neaver
felt like this before plus i am real jumpy like when im sleeping and i hear a sound it will scare
me and ill wake up with me heart pounding and all disoreintated like im in a coma or somthing
and that is very scary and its like somtimes i cant feel myself talking its like i cant perceive
the vibration of my voice so its like im not even talking and that sucks and that is very scary
and from all this i have really bad anxiety and panic attacks and i have stayed in the house alot
not really going anywhere at all cause im soooo uncomfertable when im rideing in a car
i cant even ride half way down the road without freaking out from eather my eyes messing up
or haveing really bad anxiety to the point it puts me in a fog where uncomfortable surroundings
throw me into constant panic and i know alot of this is just anxiety and panic attacks but it still
dont explain the constant derealisation they sey that derealisation comes from anxiety which this
may be true "BUT" the constance of derealisation THE ALL THE TIME feeling not just after
a panic attack I HAVE THIS ALL THE TIME even right now as i type this and it sucks cause i
once was a outgoing person im a musician for god sakes reality and crowds of people where my life
now its like its backwords cause of derealisation and ive been like this for a while now for about 4 years
ive seen all the docs had all the
test took all the meds i have done it all and still nothing so i know how you people feel IT SUCKS
weird last decade
Wow i know how you feel exactly!!! im 16 and trying to deal with it, constantly. It never goes away, i have to deal with it 24/7...and i want my normal life back. I've been pulled out of school and i know exactly what you mean when u say its an uncomfortable feeling and ur eyes mess up alot. Mine are exactly like that! i hate driving in cars now because the feeling is more intense. I too used to be very outgoing and i am also a singer. I used to compete alot and now i cannot even do that. I have panic attacks even when im alone by myself. Everytime sumone trys to get in a fight with me i go into a constant panic and cannot fucntion at all the rest of the day. I'm now taking new medication i just statrted today. I hope it works bc i cannot stand this feeling. My doctor says i will not feel like this forever...but for some reason i believe i will :(
gerigurl14 last decade
Ok,im pretty sure that what I am experiencing is anxiety,derealization along with OCD. I have never been to a therapist or anything but i am pretty sure that I do in fact have OCD. I dont know if someone could help me pinpoint it or tell me if im just crazy. I constantly have to knock on wood. If I think something bad i have to knock on wood until i dont think it anymore. it really bothers me. and the derealization sometimes gets really bad and i just feel like im in a dream. i hate it!
ashleygrl last decade
Hi Gang,

I gave this condition some more thought and I can offer this possible reason for these increased cases of this depersonalization.

I am interested in the channeling experience whereby some people can go into a light trance and a different woice speaks through their voicebox and that woice claims to be pure consciousness of a person who was once alive but has died and his spirit or soul or consciousness has returned to its former non physical state.

Some of these "spirits" have chosen to communicate with us and they all say that the inner consciousness of all of us here on earth have grown bored with the same ol physical existence and want to gain a remembrance of their roots of pure consciousness from which we all came and which we will all go back to after we die. ANd so all of our inner consciousness have agreed to slowly under a shift in consciousness which will be complete by 2075 but which is accellerating now whereby we all will begin to remember our inner consciousness and inner self which has access to all knowlege and communicates constantly with the other 6 billion peoples inner consciousness on this planet.

THis renewed awareness that there is a part of us that we were not aware of that is behind a veil of separation we have erected so as to more purely experience this physical world may well be what everyone is experiencing with this syndrome you speak of because the spirits tell us that many of us will not understand what is happening at first and think we are going insane.

You can read about this at eliasforum on the internet-go to their digests and punch the one called shift in consciousness for a full discussion of this.

We talk about it all the time at newworldview also on the internet and anyone can post there about their problem and the others will try to explain it to you and help you with it.

THeir is actually nothing to be alarmed about as the spirits tell us that we can not be harmed by consciousness and that we will get used to this in time and that is the reason many of them have chosen to come help us now, to make this shift less traumatic for us by informing us as to what is occurring. It is something we have all agreed to do. But it is new to you so you are alarmed.

Elias, one of these "essences" or pure consciousness entities who had many lives of earth is the best teacher of the bunch and I trust what he says and you will come to that conclusion too in time. He tells us that all the interest in the supernatural you see increasing all around you-tv radio movies, psychics in malls, books etc is due to this shift.

Maybe I will see you at newworldview. Hope this helps. Steve
stevelord last decade
Hello. Im a 20 Year old Female new to the site. Discovered it today and couldnt keep away from it. So nice to know I may not be alone even when everyday of life since I was 12 years old I feel alone, really alone and thats the scariest part for me. With me Derealization, its not so much the physical symptoms I get such as dizziness, light headedness, foggy etc. Its the mental part that drives me mad. Everyday I wonder if everything Im seeing and experiencing is real, or if Im the only soul in this entire universe put here to suffer alone. Doesnt make much sense when I write it down but I still think it everyday. Somtimes it's not as bad. Sometimes its completely debilitating. Its always here. Its incredibly lonely and scary. It breaks my heart to know that I dont know if my own parents and boyfriend are really there or just a figment of my imagination. It makes me cry alot. I tried Heroin. First drug I ever did. 6 months ago. Though it made the symptoms more bearable, it by no means got rid of them and they became worse after I was clean and got out of rehab. If theres a drug not to do its that. Anyhow, just sharing.
Lauren31885 last decade
i know how you feel. Is there anyway that you tried to get better? did u try going to a psychiatrist/doctor.....i have and nothing is working..im only 16 and its ruining my life...i used to be so happy and carefree...and then my brother became a herion addict, like hardcore, and then everyone turned against me...every single one of my friends...soon enough everyone in school was saying things about me..a total of 12 ppl had ruined my life. And now ever since then im like this. IS THERE ANYONE OuT THERE WHO KNOWS HOW TO GET RID OF THIS?!?! PLEASE!! ANY MEDICATION THAT REALLY WORKED FOR YOU? Also, if theres a doctor in here, does this have to deal with the dopamine levels in my brain b/c my doc said it does but every medication i take makes my sight worse and the feeling more intense. Thank you for your time!

Thank you,
gerigurl14 last decade
I've had the same experiences that you are all describing and I'm willing to bet that one thing that everyone has in common is lack of natural light (east or southeast sun exposure in the a.m.). This is the one thing that made me better. If you can find a way to get more natural light in the a.m. or if you have access to a Seasonal Affective Disorder lightbox.. in time I think you'll get better. The only explanation I have for the reason why it works is that natural light decreases melatonin. (and when you think about it, it makes sense.. for those of you who first got derealization/depersonalization from smoking marijuana - as I did... marijuana causes a very sharp increase in melatonin). Anyway. I'm not sure the exact process and there's very little literature, if any, on it..(as there is very little literature or knowledge about DP/DR anyway) but I know what's worked for me. I am 100% better.. I don't feel like I'm living in a fog. Existential questions don't freak me out anymore and they are not constantly on my mind.. is anything real, etc.. and I don't have that foggyness either. I even had OCD-ish symptoms.. all a part of the anxiety that I think DP/DR cause.
toggle last decade
Hi guys,

I wanna tell ya that what you are going through involves a deep-seeded emotional denial on your part that you WILL die, you DO live in an endless universe that you cannot escape from, and that you have serious questions as to whether this universe is Godless or not! These are the heavy questions of life and so it's no wonder you are freaking out (LOL). The derealization that you are feeling is a kind of neurotic protection from the grief you feel about these issues. The way to work through DR is by forcing yourself to grieve about these issues. There is pain involved in the process but you will also have joy and grow into a new person, with an entirely new life outlook. I hear pleas for medication from you guys, and although I assure you that medication alone won't get you there, something that will help tremendously is any supplement with DMAE in it. Trust me! Although this is comepltely homeopathic, DR people and even Schizophrenics have reported significant improvement when using it. It also lacks the negative emotional impact of Anti-Depressants and St. John's Wort. I hope this helps.....

tchill2 last decade

are you really seiouse about the existential questions not freaking you out anymore?I feel like an alien has inhabited my mind and is using it for observation, I know that sounds crazy but do you know what i mean?
and one thing that freaks me out is that people have had this thing for like 20+ years
how long did you have it?
sniper last decade
Sniper, yes I'm serious. I no longer have as many existential questions AND if I ever have an existential question, I can shrug it off like I could not do before. I don't have that undescribable/scary "things aren't right" feeling and life is like it was before.. even though every time DP/DR comes back, it feels like I could never go back to being normal after having those thoughts/feelings. I am able to just relax and live life without fear. Life is normal for me now. I've had several "episodes", lasting anywhere from four years (my first episode) to 6 months. When I have an episode, it's like the dp/dr is there 24/7.. and eventually lessens in intensity after a long period of time. My first "episode" was 11 years ago.
toggle last decade

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