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Bad english, good intentions! :)

Rafael (Ralph_Oeteimoso)
Ralph_Oeteimoso last decade
About Cannabis Indica: I took this medicine some time ago (Cann. Ind. unique dose, 200CH) and I felt awful. My old deep depression came back in the worst ways possible (probably the depression I had from marijuana, which never gave me any pleasure at all) and my incredibly strong back ache got back. So BE CAREFUL while taking it.
Ralph_Oeteimoso last decade
Was anybody affected sexually?

DP (or mj?) magnified my lust in a strange way that my body couldn't cope w it, lessening my body response to pleasure. (does it make sense?) I'm still having some problems arousing, especially the head of my penis, though I'm slowly getting better.

Does anybody has the same problem or even better, the solution?
Ralph_Oeteimoso last decade
Hello people, the past 8 years I have suffered, same story, smoking weed set if off.

The last 6 years I have devoted most of life to finding a cure.... And I'm getting there... (to find out what I have learnt pls go to my website and pay me loads of money so I can tell you what you already know) thank Robert Linden for my attempt to try and add a bit of light-heartedness to this forum.

I bet everybody with this condition is intelligent. An active mind in my opinion is what causes the problem.

Anyway after not being able to leave the house, I said to myself, I am an intelligent guy. I'm gonna use my intelligence to get to the bottom of this.

I've learnt a lot about psycology and the brain and I think I'm finally figuring it out.

First of all, this may seem weired but I'm actually grateful that I had these experiences. It has made me the most unique person anybody who knows me knows. And that I mean is a good thing. My research has made me an excellent communicator, relationship expert and scared of nothing.

My original thoughts were why me, it's not fair, i'm so scared of the feelings raising up when I am in a social situation. I am a waster and nothing will come of me. Everthing is so scary and I hate myself because I'm not normal.

So I said above I am scared of nothing, simply because I re-framed in my mind the idea of what scared is. My friends say I am so calm in a crisis and ask me for help with all sorts of problems because they see me as strong.

This is what I started saying to myself. If I can do the smallest of things with this condition, imagine what I could do when it leaves! Then I started doing little things like, going down the road to get a newspaper( I was so scared I couldn't leave the house) then once I done it, I congratualted myself then I'd try something a little harder and repeat. Repeating this process I got better and better, everytime congratulating myself and moving on to something harder. I was 19 at the time, I couldn't leave the house for fear of absoulte terrors coming over me. Fast forward 6 years, I have an Honurs degree, I now work for a US Investment Bank (In London) as an analyst waiting for my break to get into trading, I have a beautiful girlfriend, who will become my wife, I have loads of friends and am comfortable for money.

I still have the same feelings of unreality that I had when I was 17 but I view myself as lucky that I feel this way. I tell myself that if I'm scared ALL the time then fearful situations aren't going to feel any different to the norm for me, so infact they are not any scarier than normal life. I view myself as couragous, a go getter, brave and that I can do my best in all situations.

There are (normal ;)) people out there who would love to be not scared of interviews/dating/playing sports/public speaking etc. We have the gift {
Paul_Leppard last decade
woops - psychology is how to spell it, too late at night!!
Paul_Leppard last decade
In the book The Stranger in the Mirror by Marlene Steinberg, it talks about having a strong negative experience when you were younger causing you to dissasociate with a part of yourself. For me this was an operation I had when I was 5 weeks old which was done under no anesthetic (beacuse I was too ill) In times of stress this part of you which has been locked away can return and you can experience the same feelings as you did at the time. I was unaware of this negative experience until after I started feeling the derealization symptoms.

I think (in our cases) that the smoking of pot relaxed our brains and opened up this hidden part to you which reminds you of that time and gives you the sensations and fears of that time in the present.

I have found it helps to relax and think back to that time and try to look at it with an adult mind and not that of the child you were when you created your beliefs and see that it was not as bad as it felt at the time.

It did however take me a lot of time going through my past looking to see what could have been the trigger. I started to accept that scared part of myself and stop trying to push it away. This has made me feel a whole lot better.
Paul_Leppard last decade
In my opinion, and having proved the remedy on several occassions, Cannabis Indica should never be taken in potnecy unless it is to antidote the lasting affects of abusing the crude substance. The symptoms produced do not correspond to any naturally occurring disease pattern that could not be better served by a remedy with a less severe mental picture. It is also probably the hardest of all our drugs to antidote, as aside from a few remedies which cover the central thread of it's symptom picture, it may also require different ones in each particular case. As Ralph warns above, be VERY careful.
JCS2006 last decade
it's been a few years since I started this thread.

I want to update it....

I've been completely cured of my symptoms of derealization. I was under a classical homeopath's care. I do not wish to share the remedies I was prescribed as they were both acute and constitutional. I was/am so amazed by how homeopathy changed my life that I am now a student of the school of homeopathy. Please go see a classical homeopath if you can! You do not have to live like that....I should also mention behavioral therapy helped as well. I learned to cope with the panic attacks I was having from the derealization. But I know the derealization went away with homeopathy.
Erin last decade
Hi Erin,

Good to know that you have recovered. Can you please let me know if you refer a homeopath on this forum? if not, can you please let me know his email address. I am suffering from chronic disabling depression from more then 2 years.

ssss- last decade
I have bipolar and I found this on the internet about
derealization and that's what
I have. I take no medication
now. I get a disability ssi
check for this. I eat a lot of food and drink coffee and take vitimins this
seems to control it. I have to eat some fatty foods. I am about 30 lbs overweight, but I'm tall. If I don't eat a lot once in a while I get panic attacks and/or the derealization seems worse. I feel like am
living in a dream partly but
at nighttime it gets worse
until i go to sleep.
I've been like this since
I was a teen. I woke up one
morning and seemed like I never fully awoke up. I use to listen to a jet in the sky and my ear pops and I seem
to wake up more sometimes.
When I was a teen I tried pot
only 3 times in my life the pot seemed to make me better
I had this before I ever smoked it, and did no other
drugs in my life. I am resently divorced and have my 2 kids living with me who misbehave most of the time and it's hard for me. My 10 year old son has that thing
where he poops his pants. and I think they both may have adds or bipolor too. My daughter whose 14 will contantly play video games all the time and is failing
in school and I have to do
everything for them. They
do no chores. I basicaly do everything for them and I have to yell at them to get them to go to school. My wife
left and I devorced her
after I told her to do her share to clean house. she would hide my son's poopy underwear in the bathrom cabinet all the time. I devorced her because she would not do half the chores and would not take a bath with soap and
will not make eye contact with me, never did. when I married her I was a different person now I've gotten somewhat better. if
I don't make eye contact with
someone everyday the derealization seems to get worse. I have hardly any friends only friends are relitives who who have problems too who are mostly
on my case for someting always don't agree with me or take my side. When I was
with my wife she didn't talk
to me much at all just seem
like no one there. She talk
at me mostly yelled. When we
made love she it seemed lonly
Because seemed like she was
like a store manicane. I want
someone to look me in the eye
and talk to me. If she just
looked me in the eye and told
me she was sorry and would do better I would not
have divorsed her I even told her this and she would not do it. Ever if she looked
me in the eye and lie to me
I told her I would not divorse her, but she wouldn't do it. she came back
and said you going to take me
back without looking me in the eye. I said no. She gets
an ssi check too I don't know
what for but I think she has
autisum. Also I couldn't understand what she was saying she has slured speach
she mumbles.
In high school I was like real bashful like
I had a crush on this girl
and everytime she came around I would get a panic
attack. Kind of like Charlie Brown. The girl was not my wife. She even ask to go out with me but I was so bashful.
Rayman last decade
Ok, i'm new to this forum. I'm 23 and so scared. 3 years ago i started suffering from panic attacks, they started to come and go. I managed to complete uni and got a degree in drama and theatre studies. I had my life planned out, i knew what i wanted to do and i had a fantastic social life - untll recently. I suffer daily from derealisation and depersonalisation. I now spend my days staying at home and have become scared to leave the house, even walking to the shops for a magazine petrifies me! My friends ask me if i want to go on a night out, the only way i can do this is if i have a few glassess of wine before leaving the house! My family are being supportive but i fear that in time this will stop, my friends do not understand me and think im making the whole thing up as they have never heard of such an illness, to be honest, when you start telling someone 'I feel like i'm not in the room, i feel like i'm watching everything pass by, i feel like i'm living my life in a play and everything around me is far to real and intense' how could they pssibly understand what it feels like!! I have been to the doctors and am taking ciprimal, to be honest it is making me feel depressed more than anything else even though it is a SSRI. I have started the cognitive behavioural thearpy but so far i have just been looking at breathing exercises - what use is that?! My thearpist said i will be undergoing EDMR which helps ease anxiety. Basically, i feel that i am slowly loosing control and all my hopes and dreams are fading. I want to wake up in the morning and it to stop - but ithasn't so far! Please can someone offer any advice as i so desperatly want this to stop. With thanks.
PennyLaneSmiles last decade
Hey PennyLaneSmiles; don't sweat it. I have posted before and I have felt the worst of the debilitating symptoms of DR, anxiety, and depression; I have gotten through them, just as you can. A lot of people fail to realize that depression plays a huge part in DR and agoraphobia. My advice is as simple as this: if you hate your job, quit it; if your relationships are stressful, take a break from them; if anything else is stressing you out, eliminate it from your life. Evaluate your overall situation on the most general of levels. Often, I think that people like us tend to overanalyze everything to the point that we can't see the simple solutions standing right in front of us. I am someone who is socially popular, but I have the tendency to distance myself from my peers. I feel like I don't want to fit in, and that I'm more advanced in my thinking than the 'sheep' that I am around everyday. Once you embrace your surroundings and put yourself into that 'flock' of people, you realize that the people and places you didn't want to conform to are not so bad, and that you're not conforming at all; you're experiencing life. Try to set your life up in the idea of happiness, not potential personal achievements or success. You need to remember how to live and how to breathe life into your everyday activities. Good luck. I hope you can feel as good as I feel now that I've done some of these things!
knoodlez last decade
I contracted derealization 2 years ago in 2005. I experienced a traumatic event in which I wrecked a car and luckily survived. Thank God I was driving an old Volvo. I then spoke to my friend about the accident and my lapse into thinking about death. As a remedy I decided to pretend that I was a ghost. I then felt like I did not know where I was and I had already died. It never went away. Maybe I'm dead but I don't know it. Now I feel like I am in a never ending dream and I cannot seem to wake up. I am not in reality. I feel as though I am not aware of what I am doing at all and I my brain will not allow me to be in control. I zone out, I cannot stop staring, looking into space and most people are aware of this even though I try very hard to hide it. I've tried prayer, medication, and meditation. Can anyone help me find any other remedy?
powertoastman last decade
First of all, thanks to 'Knoodlez', your positve outlook has made me think that there is light at the end of the tunnel, one day i will be free from my anxiety, i can't wait!
Secondly, in response to 'powertoastman', first of all, im so sorry to hear about your accident. It is clear that you are suffering from depersonalisation and derealisation. It is a horrible thing to suffer with, i live with it daily and it has not been nice, the worst thing is that no one seems to understand the condition! It would be far easier to have a physical condition, something what people see - that they can understand! Unfortunatly, it is in our mind - BUT don't think you are going mad, because you are not! Like me, you have probably started suffereing with it as a result of your traumatic accident, possibly linked to post traumatic stress. Whilst i have been back and to from the doctors and on have tried a variety of medications the most beneficial thing i am doing is haveing cognitive behavioural thearpy - it really is helping! Just the fact that i can talk to someone about my condition instantly made a difference. I am also undergoing a series of EDMR sessions (look it up on google) and i think this would really help you. Unfortunatly the NHS wasn't much use in helping me and the waiting list is a joke so i have since gone private with BUPA, costly but worth it! Anyway, im taking each day as it comes, pushing myself everyday and i am a true believer that what dosn't kill you only makes you stronger! hang on in there!
PennyLaneSmiles last decade
DR is a truly scary thing, the first time it happens you set yourself up for the next time. in 2005 i went to leeds festival (in england) and decided to in a fit of idiocy try magic mushrooms. Of course i ahd no idea what to expect, and didnt realise that alot of events in the past had created the perfect set up for a really horrific experience. of course what i realised when it happened was what i really believed people thought of me, and how little i thought of myself. i managed to recover after a few weeks luckily but i can still remember the terror i felt when i got home, lying in bed thinking id heard thinks and expecting it to start again.
basically my DR surfaced a year later after 3 drags on a skunk joint. i had a massive panic attack, thought id become schizo and beggedmy sister to pick me up. of course she couldnt and i had to endure a wonderful bus ride home, i imagined myself as some heroin addict or psychopath ready to flip, and the next noise was gonna be voices or something. and it stuck with me. i had panic attack after panic atack day after day, i couldnt sleep properly i would stay up all night crying, shaking and thinking i was tripping..needless to say i managed to create my own voices, through fear and tinnitus caused by anxiety. i dont know if this has happened to anyone else but that made it worse for me. i ended up with DR i think as a cover to help me deal with the anxiety, when it first happened though i believed that it was the start of schizophrenia. i do believe it is self created, a way our minds deal with the harder facts. and i also realise that deep philosophical thought adds to it, if not worsens it and adds fear to it. i questioned the nature of reality, i summised it could all just be in one mind, our own, and i worried where my real body was, and was it safe..and what if i died in this other place..it terrified me. Its like a feeling of helplessness for nothing. i understand powertoastman, it helped me with my mothers death i pretended i was a vulcan, my emotions didnt matter, and that i could control everything. but when reality is dulled to you..that is when it starts. your holding everything back. but one day u burst. i dont go out as much..mainly due to apprehension rather than anxiety..i experienced DR just today but i know it was because i altered my sleep pattern drastically. i looked around told myself i was doing it myself..and enjoyed it..thats the only thing i could do. grasp on to every second of life because in reality, its a very very short time..and being afraid of it is the worst thing we can do, i personally will be thinking like paul leppard. penny lane smiles..i have been through what u have, i failed 3 years of studies year after year course after course..uve done well..i wud say look to the future plan it out like u are, and then do the best you can, make sure u are happy..have as many breaks as u can..meditate, excercise. sit in silence and enjoy it. dont rush, just let life be and u will find its wonderful and random and nothing is ever as we planned X
itsallokreally last decade
PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!
Ok I know exactly what all of you are feeling because i had one of the worst cases of DP imaginable! I had been a recreational user of stimulants and one time i got some bad meth and cocaine and i mixed it with pot. My heart almost stopped but i lived. I went through a 24 hour comedown that honestly felt like hell on earth. A week later i had my first panic attack and it sent me into a state of constant DP. I couldn't eat cuz i was too araid ...so i lost 35 pounds in about a month and kept getting smaller...I was afraid to sleep so i averaged about 5-10 minutes of sleep a day for a month....i was so depressed anxious and into a dream world i would just have panic attacks all day long while i would live in my room....i would believe i was already dead and in hell....i would only think of my own death and the death of my family members which terrified me....i basically almost wasted away in a horrible dream world......BUT!!!! if you can believe it only about a year later i have made a HUGE recovery!!!!! I never never never thought there was hope but there is!!! I've studied and studied and can tell u about it now....DP is a side effect of either PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder) or a panic disorder....the best remedy for both of these things are a COMBINATION of CBT(cognitive behavioral thereapy) an ssri(serotonin raising anti-depressant) and benzodiapine(
anti-anxiety med)...when you find the right balance of meds the DP gradually dissapers along with the severe depression and severe anxiety which make u feel like a zombie living in a nightmare......what you need to know is that YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY!! you have an over-stimulated sensory disoreder that can be corrected and will be corrected if you get the help u need. There is LOTS OF HOPE! even if u don't see it now press on because you can beat this!!!!! I did it! u can to!!!!....i'm on zoloft and klonopin...but i barely take any klonopin anymore...so just two simple meds made the world for me.....it takes a while but u can get back to yourself. i promise.
Dantheman8389 last decade
Oh! I am not alone! I have been trying to explain this feeling to people for years. I think they think I am out of my mind...

I, too, had a similar experience with marijuana, SO many years ago (18+ at this point), and have never felt the same. I think it may possibly trigger a hidden anxiety condition? But I have also suffered from a condition, candida, which can cause a 'drunken' feeling in the brain, due to the toxicity in the body. So, I am not sure which, if either, is my true reason for derealization.

But, with the birth of my daughter 6 months ago, I have made a firm choice to kick this problem. I am committed and serious. And I will share any insignts and successes I find along the way. Anyone out there willing to join in as we fight this condition? There IS an answer.

With love and blessings,

mazou last decade
I had the candidaisis problem too, very severely. Felt quite drunk all the time, but without the euphoria. I got it under control by drastically limiting carbs, doing a 3-week gut-cleansing program, and then on to what I like to call 'germ warfare', i.e. proboitics, including soil organisms. What a difference that made!!! A friend of mine swears by Hulda clark's zapper and grapefruitseed extract against candida, but I can't confirm from my own experience.

Now, 2 years down the road, I can cheat on my carbs a litle, but find it rather easy to live on very few (like no more than 20 grams at any given meal, most meals more like 5 grams). Once I got off carbs for a couple of weeks, the craving for them left too. And the depression lifted, yay!

I have also been helped very much by care from two different 'chiropractic neurologists' who got my brain hemispheres working together much better. Has helped tremendously with the long-term symptom of constantly feeling as though I am falling.

Oh, also I found that I probably have lyme disease, which often goes along with candida, and is famous for causing weird cognitive symptoms, among others. I'm battling this with eastern-style body work and Standard Process supplements, particularly animal tissue extracts (I think it comes down to RNA supplements). Getting better all the time, although 'fine' still seems like a pipe-dream to me at this point.

Bottom line, for me: These right here may well be my 'good' days compared to what may lie ahead, they are already so much better than a couple of years ago, so even though I still have many symptoms, I really try to take in all the joy I can. My second 'baby' is now nearly 6 years old.... It goes by so fast, do all you can to enjoy each day. I try to remember that God is all, so I can trust that I am experiencing what God has in mind for me....

Best wishes on your path towards improved health,
squirrelia last decade
Thank you, Meg!

Your recovery process sounds amazing. Be sure to keep me updated as to your progress.

With my warmest wishes for your success,

mazou last decade
Can anybody recommend a homeopath in the NYC area who could help tackle this issue?

Thanks so much!
mazou last decade
Hi folks, I'm new but glad i found this forum. I experienced something today that really sounds like derealization and want to get opinions. For about 4 hours I felt very similar to the way I used to feel after I smoked marijuana. Only I haven't smoked it for 25 years. It wasn't a giddy high, it was more like a state of confusion and a sense of detachment from reality. Similar to the way I felt AFTER the high had ended and it was time to refocus on things. I had trouble prioritizing the events of the day and found my self in a haze, as though I had just woken up. No problem with remebering important things, just a general dream-like feeling. Eventually it wore off and I feel fairly (not totally ) normal now. Its been 8 hours.

The only contact I have had with weed smoke in 25 years has been at concerts with smoke being blown on me, but i must say i did get a small contact high from this a few times.

Here is my question: is this a marijauna flashback? I have read a lot this evening by people who suggest this exists and do remember getting small flashbacks when I was a heavy herb smoker in high school, but, its been 25 years, and they lasted only about 15 seconds and stopped totally after 5 years.

Now let me complicate the issue. Earlier today i was at a friend's house and he has live cannibis plants- the real deal. I stuck my nose right in the green buds and took a big whiff- aahh the smell. And that's all. Went about my day, then DR hit. I know it's a long shot but is it possible that some latent psycological gap was re-bridged when this happened? Triggering the DR?? Or was it just a coincidence? It seems nuts but the DR was not a pleasant experience so i'm looking for answers. What else could have caused it?

I am i good health (aside from recovering from a head cold -no medicine taken) I was at the chiropractor today and he adjusted my neck- followed by 2 hours at the gym. Why is this important? Because I was very nervous at first that possibly I was having an aneurism or stroke- but there were no physical synptoms or numbness or balance issues or anything of the sort. Just a dream like state.

I have also experinced what I feel are minor anxiety issues over the years- heart palpitations, pressure in head, pain at base of skull, stress related anxiety almost to the point of crying but very seldom and always temporary. Lots of marijauna- related artcles out there about this stuff and there seems to be real evidence or correlation, but these could be caused by a number of things. Anyway, I guess I should mention why I stopped smoking weed 25 years ago. I began getting serious headaches when I smoked instead of getting high (high blood pressure?). I was also becoming lazy and my personality was changing (irritable and forgetful). Took a while to get my short term memory back, but i did.

Any comments would be appreciated. Love and Peace to all.
alexander422 last decade
Hi alexander,
I totally know what you are going through and it is clear that you suffer from Derealisation and depersonalisation - constantly feeling in a dream like statre and being detached from reality, it is a really horrible thing to have. I have suffered with it for a while now but with the help of cognitive behavioural therapy, life style change and medication i am getting better each day. when i look back to how i used to be i cant believe how much of an improvement i have made - it got to the point where i couldn't leave the house and then thats where the agrophobia started! I believe that anxiety and stress brought on my condition and the fact that my early teenage years were spent sampling the herb and cocaine did not help!! There are lots of good websites out there which can help you understand what is going on so you know you are not going mad!! All i can say is go a doctor and then seek counselling, i'm proof that it really does help!!
All the best

PennyLaneSmiles last decade
Hi everyone I am new to this site, but have been experiencing derealization and depersonalization for around 3 years now, on and off.

At first I thought it was the pot that first started all of my symptoms, but recently I have been trying to figure out if I had any of these feelings when I was younger. My mom told me a while ago that when was younger I had a seizure when I was 6 at the doctors office after having 3 shots. I really didn’t have anxiety growing up, but looking back I remember being at middle school dances and having to leave the room because I felt 'weird' but it quickly went away. Then at one point thought I couldn’t breathe so my mom took me to the hospital and it ended up being anxiety or something like that? I don’t know lol.

But up until I was 16 I was fine. I played sports had a lot of friends was close to m y family never had any problems with depression. I KNOW that the underlying reason has something to do with my ex-boyfriend leaving me when I was 16 to go to college 18 hours away. he was a pothead and i had smoked with him occasionally before my DP really started. The last day I saw him we went mini golfing and on the way there he asked me if I wanted to smoke, so I did. I was fine until all of a sudden while we were playing I freaked out. felt out of it, dizzy, told him I had to leave. we got in the car and he told me I had to relax and enjoy the high but I felt different. I don’t even remember him dropping me off, I didn’t cry because I was still out of it and i just kissed him and left the car. I told my mom and I took a nap and when I woke up I felt better. I had no emotions for a week straight and all I did was drink with my friends. One day like a week later I remember I was reading a magazine and BAM I felt scared and just freaked out. I just felt confused and was shaking. I stayed in bed for 2 days. My mom thought it was lime disease because I had a tic on me at one point but I don’t know. I ended up going out after a couple days and I had a journal of everything I was feeling but I recently threw them away which I probably shouldn’t have because it may have been helpful! Ahh o well. Anyway so school started (my junior year of high school) and I don’t think I had 24.7 DR I just had anxiety and MAJOR depression. Especially because I had no idea what was going on. I had been telling my mom about it and I would cry and I would make her cry and it was a big mess because I love my mom so much and I know she doesn’t like to see me hurting. I told her I thought I was schizo (totally wrong) and I found out most people with DR think they have that or some other mental illness. I had been talking to a therapist which didn’t help too much because she just thought it was anxiety. I decided to stop seeing her then my DR came kind of slowly. It hit me all at once one time when I was eating with the new guy i was talking to and I was with his whole family away from home so I was scared and felt totally out of it. I ended up having Mono a little while after which wasn’t too bad but I decided to get help because the DP was getting bad. Then this physiatrist put me on Zoloft, only 25 mg which actually helped because it stopped my obsessive thoughts of the DR even though I always felt kind of “high” I was able to enjoy everything and was able to have emotions towards guys and could sleep and I almost felt “normal” again. So im from RI and I decided to go down to VA for college which was also the time I decided to stop using Zoloft. I had physical affects like night sweats and some others but it wasn’t too bad. I went to Virginia and although I still felt “out of it” at times everything was fine for the most part. I drank a lot, wayyy to much but never smoked pot. Towards the end of school I started feeling my DR again but got through it and came home. Its gotten worse since ive been home but I really think I need to get an MRI and go to see a neurologist because I have had a seizure before and I never did get tested for anything. I feel like im almost starting all over again except I am familiar with it but I still get scared. This is only a tiny bit of my story I could write a freaking book about what I went through. Please someone give me some type of advice this is my first time writing on a forum type thing!! I don’t talk to anyone about my feelings; I just tell people I have “anxiety” because i know they don’t understand my DR. Please someone post something because I think it has to do with my exboyfriend because he was bipolar and our relationship was unhealthy and my aunt committed suicide the next summer and im already scared of dying and living at the same time so what should id o!?!?!?

Thanks a lot, kayla
kayla06 last decade
it's great to know that other people share these feelings with me and i'm not a physco maniac. i've always been a deep thinker, and always questioned my existance and the purpose of life. but feelings such as these used to pass. now in my highschool years it got to a very bad point and started to get panic attacks. i've been on medicine (effexor, and another sedative that i'm slowly am comming off of) and they seem to help. the feelings that most you described are EXACLTY what i have.

just a question.
alot of people say they
got these feelings from murijana and weed and whatnot,
but i never tried such drugs.

however i was wondering if
teenage alcohol drinking could
trigger someone to have such
feelings as well. it may be
so but so many other people
drink alcohol and nothing
happens to them.

i was just wondering if
this could trigger it.

pleeeease respond, please?

crazycaseyx3 last decade
same thing happened to me.. i smoked pot like 6 times and the last time i smoked so much with my friends that i had a panic attack. i was so scared that i never wanted to smoke again and i thought i would never have one again. but like two days later i had a really bad one and i went to the hospital. i started out at panic attacks, then depression, and now anxiety and the derealization feeling. and scary thoughts. and also my vision went all wierd on me. ive noticed that it only happens when i think about it alot. i try to avoid it but i always think about it and that makes it worse. i feel so empty. and like i have no feelings left. like im lifeless. i have had panic attacks before, but never this bad until i smoked. and now im depressed and feel like im in a daze. i hate this feeling. i dont know what to do anymore.. ive been to the doctors and a therapist, and it helped a little bit, but they dont know what im going through, and im glad i know there are others out there that know how bad this feeling is. My friend went through the same thing when she smoked, and hers went away becuase she stopped thinking about it so much, and im hoping that i can do the same. i use to live the best life and be so happpy, and lately i feel so hopeless and depressed like i dont matter, and i have no feelings. all of my friends say i act wierd and i just dont know what to do, ive gotten to the point where i dont even want to hangout with them anymore becuase they dont understand. im only 16 and i am so young. and i dont want to go through this forever. i hate it. does anyone know anything that can help me?
renee1234 last decade
i honestly believe that smoking pot is what triggered this feeling.

try not to think about it, i was always one to worry, so i think i brought it upon myself. its all in our heads and we need to keep our minds occupied and it will go away. get into sports and hobbies. ive gotten full blood work and im healthy.

ive only smoked like 5 times and the last time i had a panic attack and i quite smoking forever. and i thought it wouldnt happen again if i didnt smoke and two days later it did, and i went threw depression and derealization feeling. i still go in and out of it through the day but i am beginning to realize, i have control over how i think, and its not going to ruin my life.

i see all of these people that are like 30-40 and have had it since they were younger, well they need to realize that they are just feeding off of the fear from it, and if you tell yourself that its not going to take over your life and go on wit your everyday life, then it will eventually go away! my friend wwent through the same thing and she is better, and doesnt feel this feeling at all anymore.

she is helping me through this and i regret smoking.
renee1234 last decade

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