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Help! desparate sufferer of PCOS

I have had PCOS diagnosed and have tried my best to make lifestyle changes to help the symptoms, to no avail I am frustrated and need help from a homeopath, please!- a list of physical factors which may be of relevance are listed: 1. The cyst started in the left ovary and now is on the right ovary also.
2. I have insulin resistance- causing obesity.
3. I have heavy periods which are very painful but have become less painful with the use of Pulsatilla and Cimicifuga.
4. I have eczema at the edge of my hairline on my neck.
5. I have really bad catarrah that i cannot expel, and is permanently there for the last 4 years.
6. My knees make a craking sound when bending.
7. My right tonsil is permantently enlarged and there is a feeling of something stuck in my throat all the time.
8. My skin has dark pigmentation on it in patches on my neck and underarms.
9. I have Yeast (cannadis)infection on my skin caused by high circulating levels of glucose- due to insulin resistance
10. I have high levels of testosterone.
11. I have pain in the ovary area a week after my period ends (when i am ovulating).
12. I have dry skin that can crack on contact with water.
  summeroflondon on 2009-07-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

-Please talk more of yourself as person.

-How do you respond to tight clothing around your neck and waist?

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Also, let us know which weather brings the worst of your problems, hot, cold, wet or dry.

Also how do you respond to extremes of heat and cold.


Niel Madhavan last decade

Thanks for your reply!

I am quite an organised and productive person (I am a law student). I can get very angry- pent up anger or frustration on small issues can spill out.

I am a deep thinker, thoughts go round and round in my head- i over-analyse things.

When I get very upset and have an argument with someone, I cry and get a terrible migraine.

At night when I had extreme mental anguish I could not sleep and thoughts would be never-ending- I used Coffea which immediately helped.

My mood can change easily, I am talkative but keep only a few close friends.

I dwell on two people who have passed away, I miss them and feel intense love for them. I remeber them often.

I seem to always have one person in my life who I love intensly, first my grandfather, then my guardian (both passed away) and then someone I fell in love with, I can't seem to let go of them.

I analyse myself and get frustrated if I ever make a mistake.

I dont mind tif=ght clothing on my waist but hate it on my neck.

Heat I hate hot weather, my favourite weather is mild.

I hate feeling hot even for a minute- I will open windows a lot. I dont really like cold weather either but prefer it to the heat- which causes me to be inactive and tired. Although when I am on my period heat makes me feel much better, especially around the abdomen and lower back which both hurt.

I forgot to mention I have been told I have inflammation in my nasal passage probably causing/contributing to the cattarrh and recently when I blow my nose I often get bleeding in my left nostril.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

summeroflondon last decade

I just remembered a few other things which may be relevant- 1. I feel terrible in the mornings I have a bad mood and a feeling of pressure over my head. 2. I have stiffness in my neck and shoulders and upper back. 3. I love having my back rubbed/stroked, it's as if my whole body is relaxed if my back is. 4. I hate roaming around(going for a walk) unless I know where I am going- ie to a fixed destination.
5. I get headaches easily
6. I dont like the feeling of a full stomach.
summeroflondon last decade
Hi Niel,

I am awaiting your suggestions for a remedy please?

I am most concerned about the stubburn weight gain and period pain.


summeroflondon last decade
Dear Summer

Though Neil will asdvise u the remedy , just to strengthen the case , please answer the following questions .

1) Are u jealous and mistrustful .

2) Do u feel any suffocation /constriction in chest .

3) Any redness of cheeks , burning in palms , soles .

4) What are your chief fears .

5) Any intolerance to touch on any body part .
vikas_grower last decade
Hi, thanks for the reply

1. I am mistrustful at times but not jealous.

2. I do not feel suffocation in the chest, although I suppose it does feel a little tight in the middle.

3. no red cheeks I am quite pale with dry skin and have dark circles around the eyes (I have slight iron deficiancy. No burning in palms or soles.

4. I worry about doing wrong and mull over my mistakes, I worry about the future (but I wouldn't call it fear more worry, I dont think I fear much).

5. I have excess hair on my stomach, thighs, chest and face also.

6. I gain weight mainly on my stomach- due to insulin resistance, caused by PCOS and hormone problems (raised testosterone), I look 7 months pregnant!

Thankyou for your interest in my case.

summeroflondon last decade
Two importan things that we missed.

1 . What is your age and how long are you suffereing from the problem?

2. Can you relate this problem to any specific event in your life?


Niel Madhavan last decade
-What was the last time you used Puls and Cimic., in what order, which potency and for how long?

Also describe their impact in detail.

-Do you suffer from sinking feeling in mornings?

-Any history of attacks of rage or visions/dreams of snakes?

-Cracking of jaw while eating?

-Stiffness of neck?

-Describe your menstrual flow. Is there any swelling and pain in breasts before menses that are better on appearance of menses?


Niel Madhavan last decade

I am 27 years old.

I think it may be a genetic problem other family members have similar problems but I suspect it began with menses at age 13. Then I used to have unbearable pain at period times with heavy bleeding and 9 day periods.
This time coincided with my grandfathers death that left me crying for days and filled with anger and regret but I dont know if this impacted on the condition as it happened before menses began.

Pain got better after my first child 8 1/2 years ago but weight gain got worse and worse.

After my second child 7 years ago the weight gain became uncontrollable and menses stopped for three months and then started to come but with irregularity. I think this is when the pcos got really bad. This is when I took pulsatilla 30 for a week which regulated my periods to monthly and seven day long period but did not help my weight- this was about two years ago.

Iam 5 stone overweight and I am tall- 5ft 9. I am quite muscular on my legs but have an hourglass figure.

I took Cimicifuga 200 for a couple of weeks then I started in 1000 dose(2 years ago) and take it often, about once a month- last time a month ago in 1000 because I find it helps with the pain.

I do suffer a sinking feeling when I first get up in the morning.

I have had attacks of a rage a couple of times in the last 4 years when extreme frustration spills out into anger and tears, I throw things and bang my fists on things.

I have seen a couple of visions in the last 4 years. Nothing about snakes.

No cracking of jaw while eating.

Definately stiffness in the neck which cracks when I stretch it.

Yes there is swelling in breasts before menses but not pain, I think it's better after the first couple of days of menses.

Menstrual flow is heavy and red turning brown in the last few days of the menses.

Thank you, Niel

summeroflondon last decade

Please procure Lac caninum 30c in dilution.

Post back for dosage instructions once you have the remedy.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Dear Summer ,

Although my dear friend Neil has prescribed but still please shed light on these areas

1) Does your mind often feel full of ideas that keep u preoccupied .

2) Are u loquacious .

3) Are u sensitive to slight pressure or gentle touch on your body .

4) Do u have this feeling of being off to somewhere all the time .
vikas_grower last decade
Dear Neil ,

There are very thin dividing lines between Lac Caninum and Lachesis .

1)Lac can - dreads to be alone , very fearful

Lachesis - Likes to be alone

2) Lac Can - Complaints change side

Lachesis - Move from left to right or mostly left sided .

3) Lac Can - feels worse in morning on one day and on evening the next day

Lachesis - Sleep aggravates symptoms and is always worse in morning . also worse by heat

4) Lac Caninum - tonsils pearly white

Lachesis - Purplish
vikas_grower last decade
Dear Niel,

Thankyou, I will get the medicine and let you know when I have it...

Thanks again

summeroflondon last decade
Dear vikas,

thankyou for your interest!

The answer to your questions are:

1. My mind is often full of ideas that keep my mind preoccupied.

2. I am definately talkative and a clear and confident speaker but I dont think I talk too much (loquacious).

3. No one part of my body has a particular dislike for touch although I do tell peole to move aside if they touch me while sitting next to me (my husband, children etc) as i feel uncomfortable.

4. I don't have the feeling of being off to somewhere all the time.

Thanks for all the advice!

summeroflondon last decade
Hi Vikas

Thanks for the guidance.

I prescribed Lac caninum over Lachesis after a lot of thinking based on the following points provided by Summer:

-Tight clothing comfortable at waist but not at neck (a clear differentiating factor)

-Complaints moving from left to light brought lachesis first to mind. But then moving sides is also an indicator of Lac. Besides, erratic pains moved the balance in favour of Lac.

-Besides, on the mental level, there was not much to choose from. The fact that there is no perceptible derangement of the sense of time inclined me to Lac even more strongly.

To confirm it, the guiding symptoms of Lac were put into questions and she responded positively to most of them.

This is why I chose lac.

Will look forward to your opinion.

Warm Regards

Niel Madhavan last decade
In addition, sinking spells in the morning clearly points to Lac.
Niel Madhavan last decade
Dear Vikas

One thing I forgot to mention.

She complains of a heavy menstrual flow which is another red-line symptom for Lac. In Lachesis, the flow is typically too short, too feeble.

Please suggest.

Warm regards

Niel Madhavan last decade
Dear Neil,

Left sided nose bleeds, pressure in head on waking, wants windows open, can't bear tight clothing around nose, intense person, complaints moving from left to right, bad mood in mornings..

This is Lachesis , Lachesis and Lachesis :)

The mental state is NOT that of Lac-c which is defined by the delusions

- despised is
- diminished - short, he is
- looked down upon she is
- worthless he is

Inferiority is a central theme in a Lac-c case which is not the case here.

sameervermani last decade
I meant tight clothing around 'neck' above.
sameervermani last decade
And, menstrual flow can be heavy in Lachesis , it is listed as grade 2 , under

Female; menses; copious
sameervermani last decade
Add to that 'ailments from grief', a symptom never found in Lac-c, but grade 3 in Lachesis. This is Lachesis big time.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks Sameer and Vikas

The guidance was valuable indeed. Thanks for bringing me out of this dilemma.

Dear Summer,

Please procure Lachesis 30c. It seems more suited to your case.

Warm regards

Niel Madhavan last decade

Dont give ' warm ' regards to Summer , please remember Summer is worse from warmth !!! - Lachesis .
vikas_grower last decade
Well said. :)
Niel Madhavan last decade

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