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im zaid,age 24,height5.5,i have read from one of the forum to use baryta carb 200,is it necessary or i can use baryta carb 30,plz help me,i want to start this medicine as early as possible
zaidbajubair last decade
I am 28years male and is 5'5' tall.
My weight is 70kg.
I want to increase my height by few more inches.
My all family members are of good height (5'9').
Please suggest some good and effective homeopathy medicine to solve my problem. PLEASE HELP !!!

Ankur Saxena
shrrutankur last decade
Hi I just wanted to know when taking Baryta Carb, Silicea and Symphytum; do you take Baryta Carb 1st thing in the morning and then after that Silicea? Basically what I'm trying to clarify is when taking Baryta Carb and Silicea 3 times a day, are these at the same time or take Barya Carb wait 1 hour take Silicea etc till 3 doses are made each day. Also can you take all 10 drops of Symphytum at night once? Thanks
mssmoney last decade
so i am 27 now and short height i want to gain height. can i gain my height by use of this medicine and also guide me where i can buy this medicine
brave last decade
dear dr. my age is 30 n im married person 9 month ago my heigth is 5.5 can i increase my height at least 2 inches?
cancerian007 last decade
i am usman and my heigt is almost 162cm and my age is 19.i want to increase my height almost to 5'10.could you please suggest me
shehzada sonu last decade
HiI am just 5'6' nd i want to increase my height upto 5'11' ,so please suggest me some medicines.
sakshivrm last decade
i am 27 and my heihgt is 5 ft 2 inches i want to grow, i am in police and my profession also demands the jesture of physical build aswell and this is a very big set back in my career life. i want ot grow my heigh to 5 8 atleast. can you suggest my some medicine plz
brave last decade
dear drs plzzz
reply me
cancerian007 last decade
um i do not know , but more i talk to students who studied bio chemistry and doctors , they all abhor homeopathy the only reason being that , homeopathy does not contain any true medicine in its formula , sad ...

and the saddest being since it does not contain anything ,

my experience it does not work , many doctors here claims it work ,

if at all genetics count i should be very tall but i am not , so ............ genetics is always the factor for taller posture .

my question to the homeopathy doctors of this room , do you have any research paper , or even documentary proof which will prove that your therapy really increases height ? if not please do not advise , sometimes genuine advise with good wish can cause agony .

if you have the proof i would like to see it . nothing personal , it's just science/

never rely on homeopathy .

please read everything below,
it's my experience and doctor's recommendation .

my growth stopped when i was 15 , since then i took homeopathy medicine for 3 years , but it did not work the homeopathy doctor changed the doses but it did not work , then final i went to endocrinologist , he suggested me , to stop all the medication and told me to get Epiphyseal plate x-ray ,
igf-1 test,
cortisol test,
hgh test ,
FT test ,

after the reports he told me your bone plates are closed , you wont grow unless you choose limb enlargement surgery , he also he would not suggest for surgery and told if i had taken proper precaution and went to a good endocrinologist i would have grown , but damaged has been done , he also told that people think that doctors always prescribe expensive growth hormone , which is not true , growth hormones can be stimulated by many other ways .

in short all those who are in teen first visit a good endocrinologist , then he will advise you what to do , if you can grow or not , but do not rely on Homeopathy ,
horizonrays last decade
Dear mr. hozonrays,
have you any idea about reunion of bone after fracture of bone even gap of 2' to 4' or . at the age of 30-40 or more also it may slow ... Have you got any proofed about regeneration of bone after fracture if yes then I challenge to all that , the regeneration of bone is always be there till death..

you can regenerate the cartilage, disc, necrosis of femur head...etc...by homoeopathic process. and we are doing it may be less the expected.. but we are doing..

So Growth of height at any age may be .05mm to 1mm but it is possible

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
dear deoshlok ,
yes i am aware of that fact ,
the broken bone can be reunited , and this principle is used with bone enlargement surgery , but it's the broken bone which elongates , not the Epiphyseal plate . Once it's fused it fuse forever .
there is no way in medical science to elongate bones unless you break it and force it to regrow , and this is the principle is used in limb enlargement surgery and that's the method most desperate people go for .

human height fluctuate upto +/- 1.25cm in a day .

what i am talking here is real increase in height , at least 1inch or 2.54 cm .
i am not talking about 0.01mm or 1mm , these number does not count for those who peruse to increase their height . what i said was that there is no medical way to increase the height if bone plates are fused , unless you go for cosmetic limb enlarging surgery and ready to risk your legs.

regarding homeopathy medicine , it contain nothing more than alcohol and sugar pills , the concentration of real chemical in alcohol is such low that you can compare 1m to adding 1mole of compound to adding and mixing with a million mole of compound. under-that circumstance , there is only 1 in million chance of getting real molecule of medicine . so please pardon me , and tell me can you provide medical evidences , for all of us here .
horizonrays last decade
plzz dr reply
shehzada sonu last decade
sir how are you i posted my male on 21 november for your reply of short height. plz reply me i am waiting for you
brave last decade
plz dear dr.deoshlok sharma reply me my age is 30 years n married person 9 months ago my height is 5.6 inchs i want to increase my height atleast 2 or 3 inchs is it possible?in my family all have gud height
cancerian007 last decade
sir,i am 24 completed and my height is 167cm,pls suggest as i want to increase my height
sammeerr last decade
two medicines i. e. barty carb and sillicia will be sufficient?
sakshivrm last decade
two medicines i. e. bartya carb and sillicia will be sufficient?
sakshivrm last decade
dear mr. hozonrays,
if you think it is vag then pls do't take the homoeopathic medicine..

India's 60% population is dependent on homoeo medicine..
We are getting the result..
I am regenerating the bone in AVN case.. I can provide the phone no. of the patient of regeneration of bone at the age to 40.. in Necrosis of the feumor head..

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Respected Dr. Deoshlok sir,

Kindly answer my questions... i have my height of 5'6' and i want it to be.. 5'10' atleast. please reply me personaly. what medicines i have to take?
sakshivrm last decade
dear doctor ,
i am aware of the fact that man indian depends on these medicine , but you did not say that after they realize that this system cannot treat them , they are so frustrated .

that's why i am asking you on the basis of science , and research , you being a homeopathy-st you are aware of the fact that most of the homeopathy medicine do not have the medicine in them .

nopes i do not need phone number of your patients , he we are talking about growth , and growth after bone ossification , precisely height increase , just give the proofs for all of us , research and diagnosis done on young adult will do the job , i am just curious to see the results .......
horizonrays last decade
oh by the way i do not take homeopathy medicine , i am just cautioning people here ,
i just do not want other to be affect such badly . and i do not want others to be suffer , because their wont increase by this ...
by the way if you do not know in england by The Science and Technology Select Committee , an extensive research has been done , and they state that homeopathy is no good than placebo . and homeopathy is nothing more than a pseudoscience , homeopathy medicine lacks active ingredients to cure disease .
30c medicine means the original substance has been diluted upto 10^60 times , and and literally there is medicine in them ,
12c is the potency where you have 50%50% chance of getting medicine . anything lower than 4c is just joke in term of medicine . so be scientific and let us know how it work ,
for me being a student of sciences i would really like to know how all these work .
horizonrays last decade
i would like to know my son is 4.5 yrs old and he is just 32 inches tall. my height is 5.7 and my husband is 5.4. pls let me know can i use this medicine for my son??? i want him to be tall , everyone thinks he is 2.5 or 3 .. i m very anxious pls let me know at ur earliest convenience
ayesh64 last decade

shell i continue with height increase medicines

plz sugest me..
im using all the medicines which is prescribed in this forum

waiting for ur reply
zaidbajubair last decade
Here no body will reply you guys, they can jst fight over here...... gud go on........
sakshivrm last decade
dear zaidbajubair ,
if you take homeopathy medicine or not , it doesn't really matter , all it contains is sugar pills , alcohol .
so do what ever you want to do , it some one claims that you will grow an inch in 1 year if you are using this for last 6 month you should be at least 1cm taller to your average height .

in chemistry there is a limit to dilution , but in homeopathy no there is no limit, 30c equivalent homeopathy medicine in water or alcohol will be equivalent to pure form of alcohol or water and there will be no real molecule in it.

more over height increasing process is very costly , it requires lot of things.
if you are really serious about increasing your height.
consult a orthopedist and ask him that you want to know if your epiphyseal plates has been ossified or not . he will prescribe a lateral and ap xray of fibula or tibiba or both . if it's still open or just started to ossify , you can grow tall . depending upon your structure .
but if you are above 20 it's more likely that you wont grow.

dear sakshivrm ,
in this forum two doctors used to participate since, but since i have been challenging these folks they stopped coming into this room , neither of them has any answer to give .
homeopathic medicine might work if it's prescribed in lower potency than 12c / 24x
horizonrays last decade

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