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dear zaidbajubair ,
if you take homeopathy medicine or not , it doesn't really matter , all it contains is sugar pills , alcohol .
so do what ever you want to do , it some one claims that you will grow an inch in 1 year if you are using this for last 6 month you should be at least 1cm taller to your average height .

in chemistry there is a limit to dilution , but in homeopathy no there is no limit, 30c equivalent homeopathy medicine in water or alcohol will be equivalent to pure form of alcohol or water and there will be no real molecule in it.

more over height increasing process is very costly , it requires lot of things.
if you are really serious about increasing your height.
consult a orthopedist and ask him that you want to know if your epiphyseal plates has been ossified or not . he will prescribe a lateral and ap xray of fibula or tibiba or both . if it's still open or just started to ossify , you can grow tall . depending upon your structure .
but if you are above 20 it's more likely that you wont grow.

dear sakshivrm ,
in this forum two doctors used to participate since, but since i have been challenging these folks they stopped coming into this room , neither of them has any answer to give .
homeopathic medicine might work if it's prescribed in lower potency than 12c / 24x
horizonrays last decade
Homoeopathy will not magically increase height, make your breasts bigger, increase the length of your penis, or any other ridiculous claim. It is not the homoeopaths making these assertions but the various charlatans that infest any business.

Horizon, if you believe that high dilutions used in homoeopathy do nothing, why not test this out by taking a potentized medicine? A Sulphur 30c should be suffient to create what we call proving symptoms. Simply take a dose every day - it would be preferable to use pillules.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
sir i m confused after reading seeing like all adviser are doing marketting here so pls sharma and all other advisor hep me and tell me sure shot result i m confused between bartya sicea symphitn syphihnum medorrhinum thyrodinum1m
vicky_singh2008 last decade
brisbanehomoeopath , dear i have test homeopathy on myself and i know it does not work ,
medically it will never work if you take anything beyond 12c , simple as that ,
if you are not familiar with a medical term get yourself familiarized called placebo effect ,
there are numerous general , research papers , where they are have done extensive study on this medicine system and conclusion is very simple the effect of homeopathy medicine is nothing more than a self healing machinery of boy which is accelerated by placebo phenomenon .

so if you want to give me any suggestions , better come with medical and scientific data.

as for the matter those two doctors are now not replying back to me , because they do not have any medical evidence .

vicky_singh2008 > if you are younger than 18 then only there is natural change of you to grow , otherwise growth has to be induced .
horizonrays last decade
Tell me how you have tested homoeopathy on yourself?

I am not a scientist, I only have my experience with curing patients, which clearly is anecdotal.

While I could present many cases, I cannot prove that the patients were cured, nor could I offer any assurances that you would believe I imagine.

As you may be aware, there is a severe limitation faced by 'proving' the effectiveness of potentized medicines when using the double-blind protocols typically used for pharmaceutical and herbal drugs. Since any homoeopathic medicine must be chosen on the peculiar and individual symptoms that the patient displays, and not the name of the condition being treated, there will always be failure when applied across the board to many patients without taking full and proper cases. In any disease, every patient encountered in such an experiment may need a different medicine, and may even need medicines not yet clincially used for the condition.

This means that most evidence comes anecdotally from patients and practitioners, which clearly does not win us much support from the orthodox corners of science.

Were you aware of the study done by the Northern Ireland Department of Health? This is an article about the study, and I have also linked the study itself.

'Complementary and Alternative Therapies Backed for NHS Funding

A major UK Government-funded study, carried out in Northern Ireland and commissioned by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, concluded there would be a range of benefits to patients if they were given access to complementary and alternative medicine, and that the treatments could even save the health service money.

In the study, the treatments which were administered after referral from local GPs included acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, osteopathy, reflexology and aromatherapy.
The Health Minister in Northern Ireland has made the independent evaluation report available to download on the Department’s website. Within the extensive report there are detailed responses from patients, GPs and practitioners, using a validated audit tool, focus groups and surveys. It goes on to make recommendations about the way forward. www.dhsspsni.gov.uk/index/hss/complementary-alternative-medicine.htm

The Results

In the pilot, 713 patients with a range of ages and demographic backgrounds and either physical or mental health conditions were referred to various complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies via nine GP practices in Belfast and Londonderry.

There was some comparison of CAMs involved in the study. This showed for instance that of the patients who availed of chiropractic and osteopathy treatments 56% were likely to record an improvement in their level of wellbeing, 77% of those availing of acupuncture and for homeopathic treatments the figure was 79% (see page 31 of the report).

Some statistics on Health improvement

• 81% of patients reported an improvement in their physical health
• 79% reported an improvement in their mental health
• 84% of patients linked an improvement in their health and wellbeing directly to their CAM treatment
• In 65% of patient cases, GPs documented a health improvement, correlating closely to patient-reported improvements
• 94% of patients said they would recommend CAM to another patient with their condition
• 87% of patient indicated a desire to continue with their CAM treatment

Painkillers and medication

• Half of GPs reported prescribing less medication and all reported that patients had indicated to them that they needed less
• 62% of patients reported suffering from less pain
• 55% reported using less painkillers following treatment
• Patients using medication reduced from 75% before treatment to 61% after treatment
• 44% of those taking medication before treatment had reduced their use afterwards

Health service and social benefits

• 24% of patients who used health services prior to treatment (i.e. primary and secondary care, accident and emergency) reported using the services less after treatment
• 65% of GPs reported seeing the patient less following the CAM referral
• Half of GPs said the scheme had reduced their workload and 17% reported a financial saving for their practice
• Half of GPs said their patients were using secondary care services less

Despite initial scepticism, the GPs involved were almost unanimously in favour after seeing tangible results. In 99% of patient cases GPs said they would refer the patient, or a different patient, to the scheme again and in 98% of cases GPs said they would recommend the service to other GPs. However, they also called for more information to help build their understanding of CAM therapies.'

(Source: Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety : Evaluation – Complementary and Alternative Medicines Pilot Project in Northern Ireland, May 2008 (see web-link above); and circular email from Get Well UK)

And here is the link to the study...


David Kempson
AdvDipHomMed Sydney College of Homoeopathy 1994
Professional Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
brisbanehomoeopath , some people never understand , welcome , you want evidences , you give evidences of 20th century , i give scientific research of 21st century .

how i test medicine does not matter , how it's tested in big labs that's matter .

1994 results , haha haa, i will give you more recent results .

results of research done in uk extensively , and the report was published back in feb 2010 by
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
Science and Technology Committee in England (parliamentary committee )

they have concluded that it should banded


another statement >
“ We conclude that placebos should not be routinely prescribed on the NHS. The funding of homeopathic hospitals — hospitals that specialize in the administration of placebos — should not continue, and NHS doctors should not refer patients to homeopaths.'

all references has been included.

this is research , not a hypothetical answer , my references has been included.

you just keep quoting from old document and fool the fools not me,

psychological effect is more powerful than a medicine , and homeopathy work on psychology , i can give sugar pills to person with moderate illness and and will say it's energy booster pills and i will help you recover fast that person will recover 20-50% faster than other ?
and this is called placebo effect > if you recommend medicine you should know this ,

but no psychological thing works on endocrine system.

horizonrays last decade
I am a science cum engineering post graduate. M.Sc(Tech) to be precise.

I was like you, a vehement critic of homeopathy. I decided to read about homeopathy to prove it a hoax.

After reading for a month, I was enthused enough to test homeopathy on myself and my family. The results are awesome.

Perhaps you are aware about how painful bony spurs of the heels can be? Before I ventured into homeopathy I consulted the best orthopedists and the modern medicine has no solution except pain killers, and when they too fail they suggest operating and immobilising you for 3 months(for each heel). It is a total of 6 months bed rest. Even then there is no guarantee that they won't grow again. I could resolve the problem permanently within two years with homeopathy, never to return. I am free of that debilitating pain since the last 6 years.

That is the power of homeopathy. I can go on ond on.

You are entitled to your beliefs. So am I to mine.
To see what homeopathy can achieve one should come to India and observe the way millions get benefitted by homeopathy, which is a government approved therapy. Every district has govt. homeopathic hospitals/ dispensaries where people are treated for free.

I don't deny that modern medicine has it's benefits, particularly in emergencies. I won't hesistate to use it when required.

Homeopathy and modern medicine can co exist. If you don't want to believe in and use homeopathy, you are the loser.

Modern reaserch is not that fail proof. How many times a medicine that is promoted as a better medicine for a particular condition is withdrawn, after it's side effects are known?

How many times the adverse side effects are sweeped under the carpet and the medicine is sold to unsuspecting patients, before the truth is digged out, and millions of dollors are claimed in compensation?

If you can't understand homeopathy, fine. Leave it. But don't try to convince others that it is useless. We are better informed tha you. We simply pity you, for missing out the tremendous curative potential homeopathy has.

gavinimurthy last decade
vicky_singh2008 last decade
mr Murthy ,
if you want to know my credentials , i was a student of biology , to be very precise .

and despite of my proofs you are not acknowledging it .
I know better than you know how homeopathy works , and what are it's principal , and i am not misinforming people , i am just infoming them about the ,

the science of pyscology and placebo effect , if you want , you can ask any renouned doctor about placebo effect they will tell you .

regarding bone , unless you have genetic problem bones will heal itself in the period of time , and this principle is extensively used in limb enlarging surgery .

there are many pains in human which can be cure by hypnosis but not by any anaglasic medicines , so pain is not always a pain but many a times psycological problem .

there are numerous cases in medical science a perfectly fine person feels pains just because they think it pains and they need pscological treatment to cure them .

more over i am not entitled to my belive i am entitled to science of chemistry and biology , and according to chemistry and homeopathy challeges chemistry .

according to homeopathy , a drop of any medicine added in whole ocean will create a 30x medicine if you understand what i mean . well and good , if you want to go with placebo effect and psycological effect and want to call it real medicine , go ahead i have no problem but atleast do not misinform people about homeopathy . many of homeopathic medicine made up of arsenic , mercury and even zinc are banded in western country , the allowed are only herbs and some elemental medicine .

oh i lost many thing because of my blind belive on homeopathy , that i was forced to study science . understood . if you do not understand thing and medical sciece i cannot telp you .

many people see things which are happening and they simply deny that and you are doing the same .
horizonrays last decade
vicky_singh2008 last decade
vicky_singh2008 last decade
'oh i lost many thing because of my blind belive on homeopathy , that i was forced to study science '

What does this mean? You lost many things because of your blind belief in homoeopathy?? This sounds like a grudge to me - someone harmed you, took something from you, damaged your health? You have a vendetta because of something that happened to you? Who is this person who did this to you? What happened that would cause you to turn against something you believed in? Why would you have a 'blind' belief in it? How did homoeoapthy disappoint you so deeply that it turns to hatred?

There is a story here. One can only imagine what it is, but what is very clear is that this is not about 'science' at all. You want to 'get back' at homoeopaths for some perceived injury. Such comments immediately identify you as a person who cannot be impartial but has an unknown and worrying agenda.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
it about science > nothing more that >>

i am not against homeopath as placebo , but i am against calling it a 100% medical science .

it just did not have any scientific ground , one know about about biology and chemistry knows about it.

what it did to me , my family or my family , what matters it other should not be harmed ><
horizonrays last decade
brisbanehomoeopath ,
mr my agenda is to educate people
homeopathy is not going to give me anything ,

i do not care about what people might think , 500 years back people thought that earth is flat , science proved it to be to be sphere , now what ever is agenda of science , they proved , i am proving to with ... references . i am not shooting arrows in mist .

i humbly challenge all homeopathic doctors to come with their medical and scientific evidences to prove that homeopathy is something more than placebo , if you cannot prove it back off , because i have already given enough evidences

or if you are user go and read high school chemistry books about atom and molecules and titration ,

well by the before i came to this forum , 3 doctor used to prescribe medicines to people coming in this room , since i challenged them they are not coming to answer me.

first read the posts , and them criticize ,

and then read the book of homeopathy , you doubts will be cleared ..
horizonrays last decade
u are right bro
vicky_singh2008 last decade
My Age is 23 year,live in karachi pakistan,Dr how much height can i increase?and i how much days ?and how much drops i should take daily ?and i which potency ?
murtazaroomi last decade
how can i increase my height,,,m 24 yrs female and 5.2'
srijit last decade
As I know usually height growth stops after a certain age. Women usually stop growing after the age of 21 while for men it is 25. However, these calculations can be turned around through certain physical activities, exercises, right diet, and other things, which are important for human body’s growth. growingtallerstretches dot com
RonCan66 last decade
As I know usually height growth stops after a certain age. Women usually stop growing after the age of 21 while for men it is 25. However, these calculations can be turned around through certain physical activities, exercises, right diet, and other things, which are important for human body’s growth. read on growingtallerstretches . com
RonCan66 last decade
Dear dr sharma, i am 25, nursing mother, my health is ok. i bought baryta carbonica 200ch and silicea 30 ch. pharmacist said i could take them together ( both are 3 times a day). Now i am confused, how do i start taking them. Please help me. Thank you very much.
mutamital last decade
Dear muta mittal
Baryta carb 200 daily 4 pills or 2 drops twice in a day morning empty stomach and night before dinner and Silicea 30 4 pills twice in a day gap must be 15 minutes between two medicine and because your age is 25 you can start pituitary 3x 1 tab thrice in a day for 6 month.. in the same time start one allopathic medicine for deworming your body.. for that start Zentel 400 mg or albendazole 400 mg in Jan daily one tab for 5 days after dinner and feb 1 tab, march 1,april 1,may 1 and jun 1 means 10 tab to be consume in a 6 month and after that see your height and other performance…
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dear Dr. Deoshlok Sharma,
I am 28 year male guy, 5'5' tall. I want to increase my height. My all family members are taller then me. Please suggest me some medicines.I would be heighly obligede to you.
Ankur Saxena
shrrutankur last decade
Dear Dr. Deshlok Sharma

Im 21 years old, 5 feet tall. Both my parents and siblings are tall. I have a condition called Hyperprolactinoma i.e. microadenoma in my pitutary gland affecting my menstrual cycle.

I am finally being treated since last year and wont need anymore treatment after 8 months. But my heioght stopped growing when i turned 15.

Homeopathic is my only chance to increase my height. I did read the post called Increase your height on abc forum about bartya carb and silica. Issue is that m not sure if it would be suitable for my condition, and if i need to alter doses of medicine.

Also i live in sydney. Can i get the medicines here? or can they be shipped here by you? I do have friends in india that can help me get medicines too.
sad737 last decade
Hello Dr.,
I am 36 yrs old female. My height 4.11 and my weight is 140 lbs. I am currently taking homeopathy pills for thyroid, cholesterol and pcos. I would like to increase my height to few inches.

My son is 11 yrs old and his height 4.9. My husband is 5'11.

It would be nice if you can suggest medication for myself and my son.

vid_nand last decade
dear dr kumar..sir my age is 19 and my height is 5'2'..my bones are fused now so is there any way i can increase my height now...plzzz reply sir.
utkarsh310 last decade
dear dr deosholk..sir my age is 19 and my height is 5'2'..my bones are fused now so is there any way i can increase my height now...plzzz reply sir.
utkarsh310 last decade

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