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Dear,doctor my name is raja, i am 25 years old and my height is 5'3 and my weight is 45kgs,i am desperate to improve my height. i shall be highly glad if you waste some of your valuable time and reply me. I want to know if it is possible to increase my height & if it is possible then which medicines to take in what doses & order. please help doctor please help the needy... thanks in advance doctor.
Raja_3 9 years ago
Hie Doctor...!!
M 24 yrs Male and my height is 5.3. I want to add mre 3 to 4 inches to my height. Could u suggest me the best medicine to increase my height fast.

Would be grateful to hear a word from you.
Sohan444 9 years ago
hi i'm a 22 years old female. i would like to know that will these medicines work at my age factor? my height is just 5 ft 1 inch.. :(( . how much inches can I gain? At least 2-3 inches is what i expect !!
mnprit.kaur 9 years ago
hi!for i am from china.but the store is not in china.i want to know how to buy those products that increase height!
chonyangyi 9 years ago
I am 35 yr old. i have 2 kids. Is it possible to increase my height?
ParulJoshi 9 years ago
i am 18 years old and my height is :5'5..i want to increase my height..can anyone plz help me...
mayank95 9 years ago
iam 2o years age my height is 5.7 ' and weight is 58kgs . i wan't to gain at least 4 inches as i wan't do do modelling.plz help for a quicker remedy and even can i join gym
gulsham1992 9 years ago
my homeopath doctor prescribed me baryta carb 10m 6 doses . one dose a week to increase my height more 2 inches .

is the dose good enuf .
will my height increase .???
please reply friends / doctors .

thank you
shawn2007 9 years ago
my doctor today prescribed me baryta carb 10m (powder). 6 doses . one dose every week . nothing else . but i see silicia everywhere in the post .

will having only baryta carb 10m increase my height .

please help
shawn2007 9 years ago
Don't know who your doctor is????

But correct homeopathic practice is
give remedies to correct something
in the body that is NOT working right.

So if you have some physical problem
that will not allow growth- then you take
a remedy. Baryta carb is a remedy given
for dwarfism and many other things.

No one on here knows why your doctor
is giving you the remedy- if it was for
a physical problem then perhaps that
could be commented on. Not being
tall enough to be a model- is not
a disease.
simone717 9 years ago
thanks simone for replying . actually the doctor is a homeopathic doctor. a good one.

its that i see here many posts for height increase which says baryta carb (liquid) and silicia also has to be taken .

but the doctor gave me only baryta carb 10m ( 6 powder doses ) each a week for height increment .

i want to increase my height a little bit ......not for becoming a model........lolz
shawn2007 9 years ago
Drs on here would not advise taking
any homeopathic medicine unless there
is some kind of disease blocking your

Other posts on here are trying to use
homeopathy for cosmetic purposes-
which medicines have side effects if
they are not matched to disease states
in your body.

All the height medicine combos etc are
for people to make money especially
when people buy them and nothing is
wrong with them and start taking them
everyday- or maybe something is wrong and they need a remedy bc
they cannot gain weight or are anemic-
but instead of getting a doctor to help
them- they just take height medicines.
and create side effects.
I hope your dr. is treating you for a real
physical problem to do with growth.
Google growth and genetics.
simone717 9 years ago
doctor simone , your telling these medicines dont increase height .
be clear in what u want to say .i really want to know whether this medicine works or not ?
shawn2007 9 years ago
Hi- if you are over 18, and do not
have a physical problem that blocked
your growth? No it is probably not
going to do anything but give you
side effects if you take it a long time.

If you are under 18 and still growing
and have problems with growing or
any physical issues- maybe your dr. is
addressing that scenario.

Talk to your dr. about this. btw I am
not a dr.-almost no one on this site
is an MD.
simone717 9 years ago
Lyco-you are not understanding.

1. In India especially increasing your
height is big business. It is going
against the laws of homeopathy to take
things when the body is healthy and
has reached what your family genetics
are programmed for.
2. There have been people on here that
buy combo remedies for height increase
and made themselves sick. It is wrong to
spread this notion that homeopathic
remedies can be used to change your
height if you want to when you do
not have any growth problems or
other illness- just the same as taking
them to increase your breast size when
you are perfectly healthy or to get
larger muscles with no exercise.

Homeopathic remedies if you do not
have a problem have other side effects. This is not 'conventional meds' There are no 'conventional meds' for height, etc- what are you
talking about. See all the ads on tv in
the usa, promoting a drug and then
a year later all the ads are for joining
a lawsuit about the drug? Let us say
you were healthy and just want to add
2 more inches just because- and you
increased your disk in spine from taking a 'cosmetic prescription'-do
you want to be the lab rat down the line 10 years later when maybe your
disks start becoming fragile or fusing bc you fooled with mother
nature and messed with your healthy
genes??? I don't think so.

You are naive if you think people who
see those past threads do not then
'seek' out these doctors for treatment
and they get business.Some are ethical
in that they turn the people over 18
away and do not respond to them.

This can be boiled down to:

If you are sick use homeopathic medicines and get a homeopath to
prescribe for you.

If you are not sick- do NOT use homeopathic medicines bc they will
cause side effects, and I have talked
to several people who had the side
effects from taking homeopathic
medicines to increase height, to
get bigger breasts and to increase
muscle mass-they were never ill, they
just saw advertising that said this was
possible to do and their friends were
doing it, people at the gym were doing
it, etc.
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simone717 9 years ago
Hi Doctors,
I am aged 27 and just 148 cms. I wish to grow atleast 152.4 cms thats like 5 feet. I am extremely depressed due to my height & I have no urge to love my life due to that.
May I expect you to show me a ray to life by advising me some effective medicines to increase my height at this age. Please do not misguide me or say soothing words to make me feel better. I have had enough of them & I pity myself. I have tried all possible remdies & cures to increase my height but havent been able to do so at all. I have lost all my hopes from life due to this & lack all the Confidence in me.
I read about the recommended doses of Baryta Carb, Silicea & Symphytum. Are these meant to be taken at my age?
I will do exact as per recommended by you.

Awaiting an honest reply from your end.

Thanks a lot.
Neel7 9 years ago
Neel, at your age nothing is going to
happen, unless there was something
blocking your growth earlier or you
have some kind of health issue now??
or in past that had to do with this??

what you do need to do is get something
for feeling depressed about this bc
that can be fixed!! I know you don't think
that is possible right now, but I have seen
people come on here very upset about
appearance and then get a remedy and
feel good!! and are out enjoying their life.

Please go to front page of forum and
on bottom left- post a new thread,
about your mental state and
ask for help. It would be good when you post this
to fill out the questions- 1-36 in your post (see any
post by nawazkhan and list all problems-you need to
feel better and believe me you can.
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simone717 9 years ago
Hi simone717,

I appreciate your advise but I was more interested in getting medicinal remedy to my solution. I read here in posts by people belonging to my age range & the Doctors having specified them certain Homeopathic remedies. But in the latter pages (from 14 onwards), I have observed the Doctors haven't been replying to any of the Questions posted at all.
So I've decided to go ahead with the 3 medicines which have been specified time & again in this Post; namely Baryta Carb 30, Silicea 12 & Symphytum Q.
For your good information, I am depressed but I still wouldnt want to give up. & I really hope I find some remedy to atleast gain half the number of cms I desire to gain!

Please let me know if I am going in the right track.

Thanks for being a hearing ear!
Neel7 9 years ago
And yea, simone717, I havent had a single health problem which could've blocked my growth in any way. I just had tonsils but I have got my thyroid chekced and the results were normal.
So, do you think that the medicines I aim to take will help me to some extent?

Thanks & Regards,
Neel7 9 years ago
Since Deoshlok started this thread..
and is really no longer on forum
I would click his name and email him
and see what he says, and if he would
take you as a patient or even reply to
you based on your age.

Personally I would not put medicines into
my body without supervision from
someone who is experienced in this
matter-I don't want any side effects.
simone717 9 years ago
But, dear Simone717, ain't Homeopathic medicines known not to cause any side effects? I have been taking homeopathic medication for any damn problem in my body & have always reacted very well to them, so I have this as my last hope..Please let me know
Neel7 9 years ago
do you think your height is an illness??

The answer is no. so if you keep in mind that you
take homeopathic medicines only when Ill??
that will keep you on the right track. And yes when
you are ill and are taking medicines they address that
illness and erase it, and then you don't take anymore

If you take medicine when you are not ill what is that
medicine going to be doing to you? Especially if you
take it for a long time, like these height things people
take for 6 months. I have seen people on here take
height medicines for 6 months and they are not for
any illness, and then people have hair fall, loose teeth
etc. I have seen people think they should add medicines
to increase muscle mass, and mess up their entire
digestive system. Have also seen a person who used
nat phos ( just to keep weight how she wanted it?)
and she was not fat, but then eventually her system
went haywire and other homeo meds could not fix
what she had done to herself.

So if you are well, taking medicine?? that is meant
for illness makes no sense.

You took medicine for a problem in your body-
that was the right use of medicine.
simone717 9 years ago
I am 20 years old and if i take homeopathy medicines how many inches i can increase
Mukeshkumar91 9 years ago
Hi Docs,

i am 24 (1988 born). i am 5.5'. wat r my chances of growing taller now. i am desperate. if you think i can still grow taller, please advice me a course.

hari88 9 years ago
Hi simone717,

I really don't think this Forum is going to help me achieve even a mm of height.
I hope I find some other remedies somewhere else on the Web & get what I want.
The worse mistake anyone can do is not to even make a mistake!

Thanks a lot for all your replies!

Neel7 9 years ago
Neel, I certainly wish you luck, height
and a happy life. I really do hope you
grow, but for me? I am not going to try
an experiment with homeopathy that
has unknown outcomes.

I don't want to find out that yes I grew,
2 inches but 10 years later the disc's
in my back are cracking or soft or some
other issue due to new uses of medicine.
I don't want to mess with Mother Nature
and genetics. That is not a mistake I
would want to deal with. But that is me.

Best to you.
simone717 9 years ago

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