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reperory help


I have found reading a case an interesting rubric that will suite my case :

MIND - STRIKING - desire - strike; to – desire to strike to, kick something when becoming effervescent

I couldn't find this rubric in kent or Murphy repertory.

Can someone indicate where i can find this rubric or at least the remedies under this rubric ?


  bayard on 2018-09-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Effervescent- means happy , positive, bubbly,
Sparkling, and full of energy.

I do not know the repertory used, but sometimes
One can tell by what homeopath, what publication you are reading the case from. A lot of newer remedies are not in the standard repertories
And the rubrics are coming from the “proving” of the remedy and one has to buy the books - and know if the provings were
Done correctly.
simone717 last year
MIND - STRIKING - desire - strike; to


Mind; activity; hyperactive: TARENT(4) LIL-T(3) COFF(4) VERAT(3) MED(3) CALC(3) CHIN(3) KOLA(3) LAC-H(3) PHOS(3) BELL(3) CINNB(3) COFF-T(3) IOD(3) TUB(3) ZINC(3) agar(2) canth(2) corv-c(2) nelu(2) dpt(2) lac-m(2) sul-ac calc-p oxyt sam-s absin agav-t anag ang ant-c arn ars-s-r aur aur-m-n bufo bute-j carb-ac chlor choc cic cob-n crat cygn-c dor electr eys fl-ac gaert geoc-c haliae-lc helo hyos hyper ign lach lyss nux-v op ory-c pass-d phys sep spig spong stram verat-v verb zing

Mind; impulses, morbid; violence, to do: dendro-p(2) alco alum cadm iod lat-h merc op pter-a

Mind; irritability; violent, in children: IOD(3) carc

Mind; mania, madness; violence, with deeds of: BELL(3) LACH(3) PLAT(3) senec(2) meli(2) anac ars cadm hyos sec stram

Mirilli's themes; violence: BELL(4) STRAM(4) HYOS(4) LYC(4) TARENT(4) VERAT(4) CHAM(4) NUX-V(4) PHOS(4) TUB(4) STAPH(4) HEP(4) SULPH(4) ARS(4) CANTH(4) AUR(4) CUPR(4) ANAC(4) LACH(4) ACON(4) NIT-AC(4) CINA(4) IGN(4) CARB-V(4) BRY(4) CAMPH(4) AGAR(4) COFF(4) CAUST(4) IOD(4) PULS(4) LED(4) M-AUST(4) CHEL(4) MED(4) FERR(4) OLND(4) MILL(4) CIC(4) TEUCR(4) VALER(4) ASAR(4) PLAT(3) CALC(3) NAT-M(3) NAT-C(3) LAC-C(3) PLB(3) SEP(3) DROS(3) THUJ(3) MERC(3) KREOS(3) CARC(3) BUFO(3) SIL(3) CON(3) BAR-C(3) MOSCH(3) STRONT-C(3) CHIN(3) MAG-C(3) KALI-C(3) LIL-T(3) OP(3) SEC(3) SYPH(3) SENEG(3) LYSS(3) PROT(3) CROC(3) APIS(3) VERAT-V(3) OENA(3) ARG-N(3) PETR(3) COCC(3) COLOC(3) GRAPH(3) STANN(3) RHUS-T(3) ALUM(3) KALI-N(3) ARG(3) MELI(3) DULC(3) HYDR(3) ABROT(3) ZINC(3) CENCH(3) NAT-S(3) RAN-B(3) SOL-T-AE(3) CARBN-S(3) KALI-P(3) SOL-N(3) ANT-T(3) ARN(3) RAN-S(3) THYR(3) SANIC(3) COLCH(3) SPIG(3) ALUMN(3) XAN(3) CIMX(3) PALL(3) TER(3) VISC(3) ASTAC(3) CANN-I(3) LAC-EQ(3) LON-P(3) AETH(3) CARL(3) DIG(3) IP(3) JADE(3) SOL-T(3) ASTER(3) BAPT(3) HOM(3) M-ARCT(3) ONIS(3) bor(2) mand(2) haliae-lc(2) plut-n(2) hoch(2) plac(2) aur-m-n(2) lac-leo(2) nelu(2) cadm(2) lat-h(2) onc-t(2) crot-h(2) bacch-a(2) bung-f(2) dendro-p(2) stoi-k(2) irid(2) niob(2) alch-v(2) alli-m(2) amet(2) cinis-p(2) citl-l(2) cycl(2) fic-sp(2) melal-l(2) reser(2) teg-a(2) uv-lux(2) thea absin hell ph-ac am-c kali-i aloe sac-alb bov merl psor mez cann-s ptel caps chlol grat hura ictod mag-s crot-c carb-an der ther act-sp gall-ac glon mang nicc rumx scorp alco atro cact cur elaps kali-m laur m-art merc-i-f rat stry alum-s kali-ar kali-br tax aesc ambr cere-b cere-s chol cyna ferr-p sabad aids bac des-ac falco-p mag-m pass-d senec argo cand-a ozon am-m anath aran-ix bani-c calc-i calc-p cer-o chen-a daph lac-h mangi nat-p rheum ruta sang spong strept ven-m acher-a agki-p culx-p cupr-acet kola lant-br loxo-r nitro pter-a sam-co-m ang aur-s bar-acet cahin cale-z carb-ac chlf corn cub gink indol kali-bi kali-chl kalm lava-h rham-p sphing tarax teucr-s thymu uran verb androc carn-g dpt germ heli helx-t latex lsd lycpr marm-a nat-glt perl por-m posit ros-g ser-ang thul adam agath-a arg-m aur-ar bell-p blatta brachy-s c-di-o calop-s caul crat cygn-c-b dys-co electr erb-c fagu ferr-acet gall galph galv helo hema-h herin hist iodof lac-drom lac-f lac-m manc mang-acet mant-r mobil-ph mus-m ovi-g-p phyt pitu-a polyst predl rib-ac seq-g sul-h tanac thal-s thul-m thul-o tour-chr tyt-a zinc-p acet-ac acon-l adan aether agav-t aml-n andri-q anh ant-c ant-m apoc-a ara-m arist-cl atro-s bamb-a bar-f bar-n bar-p bar-s benz-n berb betul biti-a bros-g calcul-b calx-b cand-p caras cast cean chap chin-b chir-f chrysan cic-m cich cimic clad-r clem coca coco-n coff-t coli cordy-a cori-r cupr-ar curc cygn-c cymb-c cypr diosp-k diox dor dysp dysp-p excr-can fab ferr-m fic fl-ac fum gado-n galeoc-c gamb geoc-c ger-r glyc-g granit-m gryl-a harp helod-c hippo-k holm-m hydr-ac hydrog hyosin hyosin-s ignis iris kali-s kres kurch lac-ac lac-del lac-lup lachn lamp-c lant lant-c lava-f luf-op luna lup mag-br mag-n mag-p maia-l mang-s melal-a merc-c morg morg-g mur-ac musa musc-d naja-m nat-ox neon nit-s-d nitro-o ox-ac parac-h peg-h podo psil-s pyrit ratt-n rhodi rhus-g ros-d rosm sal-ac salx-f samb scut senn sid-al stang-e stict succ sul-ac syc-co tab taosc tax-br tell telo-s terb-o term-a thal thul-f tub-k tung unc-t vero-o vesp vip x-ray xanth zinc-acet zinc-cy zinc-val choc sieg uro-h
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anuj srivastava last year
The strange, rare and peculiar would be-

“Kick something when feeling effervescent”

Do you find that rubric?
simone717 last year
soryy for my late feedback.
simone is right about -kick something when feeling effervescent is of my interest.

as i have found the rubric in a case description i'm sure it is incorporated in a repertory already, probbly in a more recent version rather than a proving

there were 2 more rubrics described in addition to the one i'm looking for

1.MIND - SPEECH - abrupt
2.MIND - CRUELTY - like to do something cruel; would

Maybe someone can help me with the remedies for these 2 rubrics and i will take it from there.

bayard last year
Mind; hurry, haste; speech:

Mind; talk, talking, talks; hasty, hurried: LACH(4) HEP(4) BELL(4) MERC(4) HYOS(4) SEP(4) PH-AC(4) ARS(3) BRY(3) MOSCH(3) THUJ(3) VERAT(3) LYC(3) COCC(3) LYSS(3) STRAM(3) ACON(3) AMBR(3) FL-AC(3) CAMPH(3) HELO(3) MED(3) PLAT(3) ARN(3) IGN(3) PULS(3) SUL-AC(3) VALER(3) rhus-t(2) amet(2) gink(2) m-art(2) mez(2) uran(2) bufo cimic pyrog stry act-sp alco atro aur calc-hp morph nux-v salx-f aids anac androc anh arg atro-s aur-s borr-b cann-i cann-s caust chlol cic cina cymb-c falco-c haliae-lc irid kali-c kali-p lac-c lil-t loxo-r merc-v mobil-ph neod nico-r op plb posit ros-ca-a sac-alb stann tab tax

Mind; cruelty, brutality, inhumanity: ANAC(4) ARS(4) HEP(4) MED(3) ABROT(3) BELL(3) ANDROC(3) CALC(3) KALI-I(3) PLAT(3) SYPH(3) MAND(3) STRAM(3) AUR(3) HYOS(3) LACH(3) NIT-AC(3) op(2) citl-l(2) sol(2) xan(2) kali-p absin carc choc bufo droso-m herin ignis lyss nat-m nux-v psor pter-a sulph thul-f tub aego-p alco bry calc-f canth chin chir-f cich croc cur falco-p fl-ac haliae-lc kola lac-lox-a lava-f marm-a merc nicc plut-n posit sabad sel sile-c squil staph tarent verat
anuj srivastava last year
anuj srivastava last year
many thanks anuj, but i'm looking for very specific rubrics
bayard last year

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