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Throat; Larynx (voice box)

Throat; loss of feeling; 2acon., 2all-c., arg-m., 2gels., 2kali-br., kali-c., mag-s., olnd., verat-v.

Throat; blisters; ant-t., apis., ars., 2rhus-t., sep.

Throat; blisters; throat; ant-t., canth.

Throat; blisters; tonsils; aur-m-n., iris., nit-ac.

Throat; blood oozing; 1acon., 2arn., ars., 2bell., 2canth., 2carb-v., 2chin., 2crot-h., cur., 2ferr-p., 2ferr., 2ham., 2ip., 2lach., merc-c., merc-cy., 2mill., 2phos., 2sang., 2sec., sep.

Throat; blood oozing; tonsils; 2crot-h., 2lach., 2phos., sec., ter.

Throat; blood oozing; uvula; lac-c.

Throat; bubbling in gullet; chel.

Throat; cancerous; 2carb-an., led., tarent.

Throat; Catarrh

Throat; Choking, constricting

Throat; coated; ars., lil-t., petr., sep.

Throat; coated; tonsils; merc-c.

Throat; Sensation of coldness

Throat; cramp; acon., ars., chel., 2gels., 2graph., kali-i., phos., 2sars., sep., sul-ac.

Throat; cramp; on swallowing food, forcing to retch; graph.

Throat; cramp; gullet, on swallowing; op.

Throat; Croup

Throat; Discoloration

Throat; Dryness

Throat; elongated uvula; acon., 2alumn., 2apis., aur., bapt., 1bar-m., brom., calc., 2caps., 2coff., 2croc., 1crot-t., 2hep., hydr., 1hyos., ind., 2iod., 2kali-c., 1kali-i., 2lac-c., 1lach., lact-ac., lyc., lyss., 2manc., merc-c., merc-i-f., merc-i-r., 2merc., mill., nat-a., 2nat-m., nux-v., 1phos., psor., sil., 1sulph., thuj.

Throat; emptiness; calc-p., lyc., nat-a.

Throat; emptiness; on swallowing; lyc.

Throat; erosion; 2aesc., 2apis., ars., brom., sumb.

Throat; erosion; spots; brom.

Throat; excoriated; 2aesc., ant-c., ars., canth., fago., hell., mur-ac., 2nit-ac., phyt., sul-ac.

Throat; splits in throat; bar-c., elaps., ph-ac., phos.

Throat; Sensation of something in throat

Throat; Fullness

Throat; gangrene; 1ail., 2am-c., 2anth., arn., 1ars., 1arum-t., bapt., bell., canth., carb-ac., 2carb-s., 2carb-v., chin-a., 2chin., con., 1crot-h., eupho., 2kali-p., 2kreos., 2lach., 2merc-c., merc-cy., merc., 2mur-ac., 2nit-ac., 2phyt., 2sang., 2sec., 2sil., sul-ac., 2sulph., tarent.

Throat; gangrene; uvula; chin-a., lac-c., 2lach.

Throat; glazed appearance; 1apis., 2carb-ac., cist., 2kali-bi., 1lac-c., 2nat-a., 2nat-m., petr., 2phos., phyt.

Throat; granulated; bar-c., 2hydr., 2kali-bi., 2phyt.

Throat; Hawks often

Throat; hawks up cheesy lumps; 2agar., 2chen-a., 2kali-bi., 1kali-m., kali-p., 2mag-c., 2phos., 2psor., sec., sil.

Throat; Feels hot

Throat; Inflammation

Throat; Irritation

Throat; Itching

Throat; jerking; nat-m., plat.

Throat; jerking; to pit of stomach; sep.

Throat; liquids drunk are forced into nose; anan., 1arum-t., aur., 2bar-c., bell., bism-ox., canth., 2carb-ac., caust., cupr., 2cur., ign., kali-bi., 2kali-ma., 2lac-c., 1lach., 1lyc., 2lyss., 2merc-c., 2merc-cy., 2merc., 2nat-m., petr., 2phyt., 2plb., puls., sil., 2sul-ac.

Throat; Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.

Throat; Mucus

Throat; narrow sensation; acon., 2alum., alumn., 1bell., bry., 2calc., 2caust., chin., merc., 2mez., nat-m., 2nux-v., phos., rhus-t., sulph.

Throat; narrow sensation; when coughing; coc-c.

Throat; narrow sensation; when swallowing; 1bell., 2calc.

Throat; nausea; acon., all-c., arg-m., gels., 2kali-br., kali-c., mag-s., olnd., verat-v.

Throat; Obstruction

Throat; Pain

Throat; Paralysis

Throat; pimples on uvula; kali-bi., rumx.

Throat; Pressure in throat-pit

Throat; pulsating; 2am-m., arg-n., 2bell., bufo., chel., coc-c., euphr., 2glon., 1hep., ind., kalm., 2lach., nit-ac., ph-ac., rhus-t., tarent., xan.

Throat; pulsating; after cough; coc-c.

Throat; pulsating; tonsils; 2am-m., kalm., nit-ac.

Throat; pulsating; tonsils; left; nat-p.

Throat; pus-filled pimples; 2aeth., ant-t., psor., sep.

Throat; pus-filled pimples; on tonsils; 2sep.

Throat; sensation of relaxation; 2alum.

Throat; sensation of relaxation; uvula; canth., ham., 2kali-bi.

Throat; rigidity; chel., lach.

Throat; Roughness

Throat; greenish yellow scab, behind throat wall; elaps.

Throat; Scraping

Throat; Scratching

Throat; Sensitive

Throat; Sounds

Throat; shocks; on waking; manc.

Throat; shocks; in larynx on waking; manc.

Throat; shocks; trachea; bry., cina., spong.

Throat; shocks; trachea; in sleep; spong.

Throat; shrivelled uvula; carb-ac.

Throat; Spasms, convulsions etc.

Throat; tonsils suppurating; aesc., 2alumn., am-m., 2anac., anan., 2apis., aur., 2bar-c., 1bar-m., 2bell., 2calc-s., calc., 2canth., 2cham., cub., cupr., cur., daph., 2guai., 1hep., ign., 2kali-bi., 2lac-c., 2lach., 2lyc., 2manc., merc-c., 2merc-i-f., 2merc-i-r., 1merc., phyt., 2plb., 2sabad., 2sang., 2sep., 1sil., 2sulph.

Throat; tonsils suppurating; right; bar-c., 2lyc.

Throat; tonsils suppurating; left; 2lach.

Throat; Swallowing

Throat; Swelling

Throat; complaints with syphilis; 2ars-i., 2asaf., 1aur-m., 2aur., 2fl-ac., 1hep., 2kali-bi., 1kali-i., 2kalm., 2lach., 2lyc., 1merc., 1mez., 1nit-ac., 2phyt., syph.

Throat; Tension

Throat; Tickling in the air passages

Throat; thick sensation; ail., sep.

Throat; thrush; 2aeth., ars., arum-t., 2bell., 2bry., 2canth., 2gels., 1ign., 2kali-chl., plb., sulph.

Throat; thrush; on tonsils; 2bell., calc., 2gels.

Throat; twitching; 2arg-n., chel., crot-t., cycl., sep.

Throat; twitching; extending to pit of stomach; sep.

Throat; Ulcers

Throat; velvety, feathery sensation; brom., calc., chen-a., cina., 2dros., 2hep., 2ph-ac., 1phos., sulph.

Throat; Voice

Throat; wart-like growth; 2arg-n., 2merc-c., 2nit-ac., 2thuj.

Throat; wasting; larynx; 2agar., anan., ant-c., 2arg-m., ars-i., ars., bufo., 2calc., 2carb-an., 2carb-s., 2carb-v., 2caust., 2dros., elaps., 2hep., 2iod., 2kali-bi., 2kali-i., kreos., 2lach., led., 1mang., 2merc-i-r., merc., 2nit-ac., 2phos., 2sel., 2seneg., 2sil., 1spong., 1stann., sulph., tub.

Throat; wasting; larynx; short hacking cough and loss of voice; 1stann.

Throat; wasting; larynx; singers and public speakers; 2ant-c., 2arg-m.

Throat; wasting; trachea; 2ars., 2calc., 2carb-an., 2carb-v., caust., chin., coloc., con., 2dros., hep., iod., kali-n., lyc., mang., nit-ac., seneg., spong., 2stann.

Throat; External throat