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Astragalus Menziesii

, AST.

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Common symptom: Weakness..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Astragalus Menziesii in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Astragalus Menziesii, Gray. Natural order, Leguminosae.

Authority. J. M. Selfridge, Trans. Pacific Hom. Med. Soc., 1874-76, p. 178.

Ate some of the green leaves at 4.30 P.M. In fifteen minutes I experienced a slight burning sensation in pharynx, oesophagus, and stomach. At 5 P.M. a feeling of fulness in right temple and superior maxillary bone.

also slight nausea, accompanied with shivering and chilliness, such as frequently precede or accompany nausea.

5.20, experienced occasional attacks of dizziness, with fulness of the head.

5.45, felt weak. arms felt as if trembling.

6.30, still felt weak, with a sense of emptiness in the stomach.

7 P.M., ate a light supper, which did not remove the weakness, although the feeling of emptiness was relieved. Had a pressive pain in both temples, which lasted until 9 o'clock.

7.30, felt as if my nerves were all trembling.

9.15, had a slight pain in left superior maxillary bone, followed by a feeling of pressure, which continued but a minute or two.

9.20, aching in the right superior maxillary, with a sense of pressure in both bones.

also slight pain in the masseter muscles. Restless sleep after midnight. Frequently disturbed sleep, with dreams of quarrelling. Had a stool at 7.15 A.M., an unusual hour.

loose, like diarrhoea, with burning and tenesmus.

8 A.M., slight burning at anus, recurring occasionally.

9.15, occasional feeling of tenesmus.

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Astragalus Menziesii

Ant-c > general
Pimples about mouth (Ast-r)

Aster > general
by motion, and in cold, damp weather. Tears amel. the mental state. Teste says the malaise is agg. by heat. Great desire for cold drinks Coffee agg. all the symptoms, and excites them anew several days after they have disappeared. Ast. r. is a very important remedy too seldom used.

Limu > general
Limulus was proved in the lower triturations by Hering, Lippe, and others. Among the symptoms recorded the most notable was a rush of blood to the face, with heat of face and over whole body, recalling a similar symptom of Ast. r., another sea-animal. The remedy does not appear to have been much used, and Hering has omitted it from his Guiding Symptoms. The only italicised symptoms in Allen are these "Frequent rush of blood to the face, and painful fulness of the whole right half of the body, especially here and there, and in the lower extremities" (a symptom of Hering's from the first centesimal trituration).

Hom > relationships
Compare Sepia, Murex, Aster. r. Ast. fl.; in cold damp feet, Calc. c.; Lach. (agg. after sleep); Hydrast., Phytolacca, Pic. ac.; in agg. from milk, Calc. c., Chi., Con., Nit. ac., Sep. Sul., Mag. c. AEthus. Causation.

Mag-aust > relationships
Compare Mgt., Galv., Electr. In fetid cough, Caps. Rush of blood to head, Ast. r. Toe-nails, Graph., Sil., Nit. ac., Thuj. See also under Mgt.

Myric > relationships
Compare In tenacious secretions, K. bi.., Hydrast. Jaundice, light-coloured stools, slow pulse, Dig. (Dig. has pulse irregular as well as slow; the tongue of Dig. has not the thick, tenacious coat of Myrica). Liver, Berb., Chel., Chim., Pod., Hep., Merc., Cholest., Hydrast. Urticaria and liver disorder, Ast. fl. Sore all over, Bapt. Leucorrhoea, Hydrast. Pain through left chest to scapula, Therid., Illic., Pix.

Sep > general
Urticaria agg. in open air, Rx. c. Urticaria, Ast. fl., Nat. m., Apis, Chloral., Urtica.

Sep > general
Apoplexy, Ast. r. (a sea animal). agg.

Urt-u > relationships
Compare Gout, fever, spleen, Nat m. Dropsy, uraemia, gravel, gout, Ur. ac., Urea, Urinum. Fever, vertigo, spleen, Querc. Spleen, Cean. Rheumatism of right deltoid, Sang. Secretion of milk, Ric., Puls. Urticaria, Apis, Nat. m., Ast. fl., Medusa, Homar, Pariet. Causation.

Medu > relationships
Compare Ast. fl., Homar., Murex, Sepia, Apis, Bombyx, &c.

Stront-c > relationships
Compare Bar. c. (closest congener; scrofulous, apoplectic conditions; chilliness). In headache amel. wrapping up warmly, Sil. (Sil. headache comes up spine and over head; Farrington says Stron. has the same). amel. Wrapping; sheep-dung stools, Mag. m. Sprains, Arn., Rhus, Ruta. Caries of femur with watery diarrhoea, Sil. Scrofulous bone affections, Staph. Pains increase and decrease gradually, Plat., Stan. amel. By light; aversion to darkness, Stram., Am. m., Calc. Bar. c., Ars., Carb. a., Carb. v., Caust., Lyc., Pho., Puls., Rhus, Val. (Cin., aversion to light). agg. Walking, AEsc. h. Threatened apoplexy, Ast. r. Causation.

Limu > relationships
Compare Homarus, Ast. r.; Fer. (flushing); Indium. (pains in head from straining at stool); Ars. (ill-effects of sea-bathing).

BOM > relationships
Compare Apis, Ast. fl., Rhus, &c.

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