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Dr Rakesh,
My younger son got runny nose and cough again.His nose
is so block that he is not able to drink or eating enough. He was coughing while sleeping may be postnasal drip.Since birth I felt that he has some heavy breathing and chest little noisy . But his doctor never told me anything wrong . Please doctor advise me what to do.
nikkikumar last decade
It is 11:45 am there when i saw your post.

Gave Sulphur30C one dose before evening whenever you see this post and if you see this on evening and afterwards gave two dose of Nux Vomica 30C one in evening and one at night before sleep.

here is 10:00 pm so i would be able to replay in about 11 hours.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr. Rakesh ,
i gave single dose of Nux vomica 30c to my younger and I felt he is coughing more ,also he had vomiting ,so didnot repeat another dose . His chest is very noisy and I feel he has little difficulty in breathing . I bought Ipecec 30c today , do we still need it . Also I gave one of Nux vomica 30c to my elder son as he also has blocked nose. He has lost his appetite and is very tired after his illness . Please advise me what to do.
nikkikumar last decade
Once again your forgot to write time It is there early morning when I am writing this. I would advise you to wait about 10 am there and if there is no improvement then you should gave Ipecac at least to your younger child
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
ipecec and antumtart would work best...ipecac and antum tart both in 30 potency...gve and see changes in 24 houres.. plz take the baby 2 children specilist.
best of luck ,
isha_dr last decade
Dr Rakesh,
I forgot to write time yesterday ,it was 11.30 when I wrote to you.. He has thick nasal discharge which was too much when he woke up . Now he is little better. Yesterday night he did not sleep well ,woke up so many times he is now playful but chest congestion is still there. His appetite also seems to low,drinking milk but does not wants to eat ,bit cranky too..
nikkikumar last decade
It is 11:00 am there so gave him one three doses of Ipecac at 10 minute interval and and three dose of Nux Vomica one hour before sleep.

What is color of nasal discharge and consistency i.e. much sticky or normal.

What about your older son? and your husband?
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh,
Color of discharge is pale in the morning then its become white later on . My elder son is feeling tired and does not feels like eating anything . He has nasal discharge and cough while sleeping too.
My husband is feeling good .
Thank you . It is 10.40 am here . it is night there ,Good Night and have a Nice weekend .
nikkikumar last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
My older son has got 101F fever again ,he is very tired and has blocked nose .
Please advised what to do .
nikkikumar last decade
If thirsty gave him Nux vomica 30C THREE DOSE AT 10 minute interval.

IF NOT THIRST THEN Ipecac 30C three dose or China 30C three dose.

Apply cold pads on head report before sleeping
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh,
I gave my elder son 3 doses
of China30c at 10 min interval i don,t know the response of the medicine as already given him Antipyretic before your post came .
To my younger son i gave him 3 doses
of Ipecac 30c but I could not give him Nux Vomica as he is sleeping he will be very cranky if I wake him up. Can I give in the morning?
It is 10.30 pm here .
nikkikumar last decade
No need of Nux in morning. Post a reply at about 10:00 am.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
My both sons are not doing good . My elder son is still coughing and has blocked nose . He is tired and weak.
My 10 months was coughing so much in the night and nose was very blocked that he was
having difficulty in breath-
ing . His chest is still very congested .
Its 8.10 am . Waiting for your post.
nikkikumar last decade
What about fever in your older children?

By what symptoms you are thinking that he is tired and weak?

What conditions/things makes cough bad and improve? Do you notice anything.

Regarding your younger children do you notice any effect after Ipecac or not?

What about his thirst and sleep?

Whata bout Playing and feedings?

Still taking neubilizer or not?

If there is progressive decline in health then you should revisit your pediatrics.

What is about there wheather and temperature?

Be descriptive little more about your child.

He is fair in color or not?
What about his head size? it seems you normal or smaller or bigger than usual.

Still showing tendency to sweat on head or not these days?

Does he is coustum to easily scared?

has tendency to diarrhea or constipation?

do you notice that he cries more and fears dark? (my daughter has no fear of dark but fears being alone) what about your son?

Does his hairs are curly? Do they are are quite thin or thick?

do you think he is touchy?
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
PLease post answer of above mentioned questions. It is 11:00 pm here so while waiting my reply until morning gave him.

Gave both child Bryonia 30c alternating with Ipecac 30C every hour i.e. 1:00 pm bryonia and then 2:00 pm ipecac, then 3:00 pm bryonia and then at 4:00 pm ipecac.

so there would be two dose of each.

If still your child get a nostril blockage then use over-the-counter decongestant at night and consult your pediatric doctor.

Try to answer the general questions for both childrens
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh,
I gave Bronia and Ipecac to my both son. My elder son is having fever 101 F ,stuffy nose . He is tired and does not feels like eating anything . His fever is not coming down with Antipyretic.He is not thirsty at all and also not sleeping well. He is very dull. I do not see any improvements in his condition after the medicine.
About my younger son he is playfull today but still has chest congestion . He had one vomiting after I gave him Bryonia its happened yesterday also . He is drinking milk but not eating much solid . He is not on Nebulizer now . He has fair complexion and still having sweating on his head , I didnot give Calc carb which was advised for his sweating.

His head looks proportional to his body but on growth chart it is showing less head growth only 2 percentile this time.His hair are straight and thin,he has less hair .he has tendency to diarrhea.He has never been good sleeper . when he was born used to get up every hours . First 2 months he uesd to sleep only for 3-4 hours in day unless started him on Calc phos . Now also he gets up 3-4 times in the night. .
It is 10.50 pm here .
nikkikumar last decade
For your older children as it is night there so upon wakenig please fill up a fever sheet given in starting for your younger child.

I had just read your post regarding your children upto 23 january and making a patient case history for him. Continue to keep in touch and whenever you think anything serious please do not hesitate to contact your local doctor. I have objection to it, but continue taking advise here also
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
My both sons are doing little
better now. Both of then now
having runny nose and cough . My younger son was
coughing a lot during sleeping yesterday.He has lost his appetite for solid food ,just drinking milk only
He is still sweating on his head . they both having lots
of nasal discharge in the morning. Please advise medicine for this acute condition and I will write to in details for their other problems.
Thank you . Its 10.16 pm here.
nikkikumar last decade
It is now morning there please write down symptoms at present.

I would answer as soon as i see the message before sleeping. It is here about 6 pm.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh,
About my elder son he is coughing and has runny but not much, but he is very irritable, angry ,not able to sit quiet,not eating much.
He is very thin before but after this illiness he has become almost bony.He has some other behavior problem which I will write to details
after this episode.
My younger son has runny nose
which thick and continous in the morning. He is coughing too which is more while lying down . He seems having breathing difficulty may be
because of runny nose. His appetite has decreased too.I forgot to tell you ,yesterday
night he woke up at 12 pm started cough so much that he vomited all which he ate at dinner.Now he is 10 months
still not able to sleep throught night,has to wake up after 2-3 hoursand will play until gets tired. Iam worried how he will grow if he is not sleeping in the night .
nikkikumar last decade
I studied your younger child again throughly and now gathered some useful information about him.

Gave him Pulsatilla 30C three dose at 10 minute interval.

It would certainly help him a lot.

Also order Silicea 30C for future use.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Regarding your older child, plesae provide some more information and symptoms to suggest a medicine. It is midnight here so i would be able to answer after 10 hours.

Wishing ant trying to get our sons well soon.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
sorry it was your sons, it was typing mistae 'Y' delated while posting
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Good Evening Dr. Rakesh (it's actually 12.00 am)

please have a look at

Cypripedium Pub ----> child wakes up at midnight and plays,may be due to rush of blood to the brain,at the age of dentition,after influenza etc. etc.

Indeed, the child's constitution is more related to his under size but cypripedium may suite the immediate ailments.

thank you good night every body.
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Rakesh ,
My elder son is doing fine now. About my younger son he is still coughing in the night sometimes he is vomiting everything . He has runny nose only in the morn-ing during the day he is ok. He has no appetite for solid just wants to drink milk but not much . he is very active ,playing but he looks so small in front of his age group babies. He is still sweating too much on his head .His sleeps is better than before but at one time he cannot sleep more than 2-3 hrs ,has to wakes up for milk and will sleep again after playing for
2-3 hrs ,this has been
going on every nights.i did not give him Pulsatilla yet . Please advise what to do. Thank you so much . Its 9.40 pm .
nikkikumar last decade
Dear nikki your younger son's small stature and underweight is possibly due to poor assimilation and/or absorption and/or disordered metabolism, recurrent infections expressing in diarrhea and colds. These are related to each other very much one causes other and other in turn cause the first. So I think these are running in a cyclic pattern. The cause of these may be abnormal gestation (i.e. mother malnutrition, excessive stress, excessive work, emotional disturbance during pregnancy) or may be genetically (i.e. this runs in your family) so tell what is present in your case. I studied your younger child and Pulsatilla is indicated best for your child so gave him three doses of Pulsatila at 10 minute interval. It is 11 am there when I saw your post and replying
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

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