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Dr Rakesh,
I don't know what cause his loose motion. May be his teething or he ate outside food. I don't see much change after Calc carb he is stilll sweating ,same sleep pattern still wakes up after every2-3 hrs , eats and drink very less . He looks very small for his age . He has some white spots on his nails and also skin near to his nails is peeling may be some Vitamin defficiency , his iron level was normal though last month doctor checked his blood.
nikkikumar last decade
what is present status of loose stool?

maintain his hydration with lots of boiled water and fluid

wait for john's reply.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
if mood fine--is one thing----but if off --just not right lately---lookingat sulphur

chaffing around nails--could be over use calc phos--particular if used low and repeated needlessly----white spots r direct pointer to chronic il behind this--but we nned assess if this acute stage ---it looks like sulphur will be needed --but haste makes waste----

calc carb could be behind the loose stool with teething---if ill is venting then we need proceed careful

loose stoolis not aproblem if it is venting ill throughthis means---what is neede dto be known is HOW CHILD'S MOOD HAS CHANGED SINCE LOOSE STOOL HAS started ? compared just prior

also need know little things child is showing--seeming not associated with MAIN focus--this will guide---so relax and write all u observe

but dont give any other meds yet...
John Stanton last decade
His mood is good , playing but in the night he get s up after 2-3 hrs with crying he is not hungry but wants to drink milk to sleep . I am worried how will he grows if he is not sleeping in the night .
I has been giving Calc phos 6x from the last 2 months and also I gave him 30c in the past .
his stool is normal cosistency only frequency has increased .
nikkikumar last decade
when last time child dosed with calc phos exactly?

what time he wake last night?

stool is or is not loose?
John Stanton last decade
sweating--what exact parts of body?? when most? when the least?

read what i swritten carefully--if do not understnad then ask.

what is home envirement like? tell only valid facts --better write nothing than mislead with wrong info

what skin condition of child?current?past?
John Stanton last decade
last dose of calc phos was 10 days ago. There is no timing of his sleeping and waking up he can not sleep more than 2-3 hrs at one time .
His stool is liitle loose but not watery .
he gets sweating on his head and sometimes on his nose mostly during sleeping . He dose not get any sweating on his head when he is not sleeping.

Home environment is good , I give him organic home food , home is very child proof , trying to keep very clean . He plays with brother and with his father . I have been very caring to my kids never nelect even if i am not feeling well .
His skin is good only dry some times but he has visible veins between eyes and ears. His head sutures were open other than his fontanelles when he was born . I feel 2 small bumps on his head i don't know its because he falls or bumps his head while playing. he is growing very slowly physically even after giving him best food and care . he looks very small for his age .
nikkikumar last decade
Today he is feeling better , no loose motion .
nikkikumar last decade
last calc dos i recommended was too large---aggarvtion seem come fromthat--lets allow afew days--and alos i am thinking on this---if no obsticle at home and recuring cold as mentioned---thereis something iam missing--or need appraich with different potency of calc carb--not certai yet---lets wait--no 0ther meds at all--u job will keep close eye for any little change--new symtpom not seem before--could be the seemingly most unrelated thing----

that said her is some more questions--

whatodors associated with sweat?

explain more of veins in head area --as wellk the exact locations of bumps mentioned
John Stanton last decade
'crying he is not hungry but wants to drink milk to sleep'
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
niki whenever you are ill what you like do.

what things you like most during this period

what about child day activity, they are exhuasting or not
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Hello John ,
He has no odor associated with sweat .
Visible veins are extended from lateral angle of eyes to tragus of ears both sides , i am not sure thoses are veins or somethings else as i feel some bone gaps.

He has 2 very small bumps on his head, one is on top of his head and other is on middle of left side .
nikkikumar last decade
Dr Rakesh,
its been nearly one year without of much sleep , i hardy sleep more than 2-3 hrs . i am very late sleeper and my son is keeps on waking up throughout night . I get very tired and want to sleep .Even i am very very tired I don't sleep in the daytime try to finish household work . Sometimes I am sneezing whole day because of my Allergy and sinusitis . Even i am sick i don't stop working .
My younger son get tired after 2-3 hrs of playing but if we are outside the house for shopping he does not sleep or eat much . He enjoys going outside and won't bother about eating or drinking . My elder son is very energetic always jumping or running inside the house , he can't sit quietly ,likes noise . He is very very adamnant and strong will .i get complains from his teacher about not following direction and need repetition order to do some work. he is very intelligent in math and reading but hard time in following direction.He gets tired but does not want to take rest.
nikkikumar last decade
mum--r u still breastfeeding the younger son at all?

we have been speaking/ treating young son all this time?
John Stanton last decade
No , I am not breastfeeding him any more . He drinks baby powered milk and Pediasure . His Dr advised him Pediasure as he is not gaining any weight.
When he was drinking my milk he was very restless while drinking and was trying to slip from my lap most of time , may be pressure of milk .
nikkikumar last decade
what foods ?drinks he favouring?love have?hate -will not eat at all?
what flavours or tastes he have to have?(sweet,salty,bitter,weird things...etc etc )
John Stanton last decade
I want to tell one more thing . I had gestational diabetes during his time and did not gain any much weight. I developed Hypothyroidism and was deficient in VitB12, calcium and Vit D during my pregnancy . During first trimester I did not about these problems so treatment was started in 2nd trimester.
nikkikumar last decade
he enjoyed playing outside---what was the weather like the day u mentioned? what weather he hate? whattemperature weather he hate?
John Stanton last decade
what exact treatments used during thi spregancy for the mentioned?list all --include herbs,vitamins,homoeopathic ,allopathic..etc etc
John Stanton last decade
what skin ills child have since birth? no matter how small..eveen crdle cap--or tiny rash...etc etc etc ....list locations and exact conditions-- and also how treated?
John Stanton last decade
what temperature he like his pedicare? when wakes at night? during day?
John Stanton last decade
what potencies u have of silica on hand or obtainable with ease?
John Stanton last decade
I live in Florida so temperature is not cold here . I don't take him outside in cold whenever I take him in cold he starts sneezing.
i was taking Synthroid for my thyroid . other medicines were Multivitamin, low dose aspirin , extra dose of Vit12 and folic acid .
I was doing some herbal detoxification when i got pregnant but I did not know about being pregnant also I had one dental X-rays .
Throughout my pregnancy I did yoga for pregnancy .

My son never had any skin illness only some dry skin .
but last week i noticed small red colors rashes on his both cheeks I thought those were some bug bite got resolved without any treatment.
I give him pediasure little warm but he can drink cold also. he has no particular timing of waking up its depend upon what time he sleeps . He plays for 2-3 hrs then sleep and this thing goes on all day long.
nikkikumar last decade
His visible veins are extending from outer eyebrows to ears . When he born veins were more visible .
nikkikumar last decade
silica----1 pellet 30c in 3/4 full 8oz water bottle (usual knid)--thump 8 times on phone book-or some soft covered thick book---1 teaspon of this in 4 oz water--in drinking glasss--stir-- 1 teaspoon dose fromthe glass--give in morning 30-60 minutes before 1st eating/drinking of day--

label water bottle 'silica C 0/30' and store in frig..

repeat dose from bottle every 2 days--thump water bottle solution (silica C0/30) 8 times before addingthe teaspon to 4 oz water---all clear?

when notice any change At ALL in ANY way At ALL--no further dosing ok?

i expect info daily as to what is occurring...keep eye for any new symptos at all--as wellas return of old

noother medicines at all--and nothig applied to skin---
John Stanton last decade
ok,John . Thank you so much.
nikkikumar last decade

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