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Dear nikki your younger son's small stature and underweight is possibly due to poor assimilation and/or absorption and/or disordered metabolism, recurrent infections expressing in diarrhea and colds. These are related to each other very much one causes other and other in turn cause the first. So I think these are running in a cyclic pattern. The cause of these may be abnormal gestation (i.e. mother malnutrition, excessive stress, excessive work, emotional disturbance during pregnancy) or may be genetically (i.e. this runs in your family) so tell what is present in your case. I studied your younger child and Pulsatilla is indicated best for your child so gave him three doses of Pulsatila at 10 minute interval. It is 11 am there when I saw your post and replying
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh,
Your are right,malnutrition, may be to some extent genetic-I am petite and was thin as child but my husband
is tall,am afraid he got my genes more.Ihad recurrent miscarriage before this pregnancy so i was deficient
for Vit B12 and folic acid which my Fertility doctor told me after he had done several test on me that i have some genetic alteration my body has problem making Vit b12 abd folic acid .i was worried
throughout this pregnancy for the health of baby,also during taht time i was diagnosed with the Hypothroid
i was given high doses of vit
b12 and folic as well as low
dose of asprin Dr told am high risk for clotting. I could not gained much weight during pregnancy . I am worried about his health .Is there any cure inhomeopathy?
Today I gave him 3 doses of Pulsatilla 30C at 10 minutes
interval.It is 10.45am here .
nikkikumar last decade
I can not say that there is any cure in homoeopathy for your child, but would certainly improve with homoeopathy and being fully informed about his condition.

It is mid night here. On friday night my daughter was crying a lot and was unable to console. I gave her Chammomila and suspected an ear boil as she was touching her ears. This calm down her and was okay for whole day, but on evening go runny nose for this I gave her Nux Vom on evening and at night before, but mom said only 40% improved in night on day she got excessive runny nose I gave her Merc Sol 30 dose in day. On evening and night she done well and sleeping away from her mom on my bed (it is my night without sleep).

So in summary, when you first notice runny nose gave your child Nux.Vom.30(try to give it evening and night)

When very very excessive phase starts give him Merc Sol 30c.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Iam glad your daughter is
feeling good with the help
of homeopathy medicine . Its
tough on parent when their
little one get sick.
I want to update about my younger son health. I gave him one dose of Pulsatilla30c
at the interval of 10 min. But I don,t see any improve-ment ,he is still coughing and his chest is still congested. Sometimes i feel he has breathing difficulty
make sound while breathing .
Please let me what to do next.He is still sweating on his head excessivelyand i don,t know why. Now it is
11.30 pm here.
nikkikumar last decade
Gave 3 dose of Sulphur 30c in morning.

What about runny nose and nostril obstruction?

and behavior these days.

describe cough if you can.

It is still worse in night and morning?
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
sulphur 3 doses at 10 minute interval in morning
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
I gave him 3 doses of sulphur
this morning ,i feel slight
improvement in his condition
but he is still coughing and has blocked nose . I don,t any mucus in his nostril from
outside ,its feel deep inside
his nose . I feel he has some
difficulty in breathing makes
nikkikumar last decade
I am sorry Dr Rakesh I sent imcomplete mail by mistake .I was telling he has some difficulty in breathing . His cough is dry but I feel heaviness in his chest while coughing .He cough mostly after drinking milk and after he wakes up from sleep. About his behaviour he likes to bump his head on his chair while sitting ,also likes to shake his head . He is very active and playful most of the time. Now a -days he is sleeping very much ,sleep after every 2-3 hours. He can,t sleep continously more than 2-3 hours in the night also. He still has not gained any weight also no teething yet .
nikkikumar last decade
get child through current acute ill--non suppressively---will find tuberculinum is needed--BUT ONLY after current chest complaint is dealt with--dont use under 30c
John Stanton last decade
Bacillinum may give some relief to the chest if sulphur doesn't (after waiting for some sulphur time) ; Bacillinum may act as a preventive also by breaking the sequence of respiratory ailments;
sorahamsha last decade
Wait and watch.

It is a rule in homoeopathy whenever any improvement is seen.

Consult your pediatrics as bronchiolities is a severe condition and usually managed in hospital setting and we are not able to heard his lung sounds.

Post his present condition with all these component from now.

Breathing difficulty ++++
Runny nose ++++
Obstruction of nose ++++
Coughing +++++
Feeling of chest congestion++++
use ++++ when you think it worst and + when you think it just above to normal alaways post these condition with severity when you post.

This would help for future
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
Here is his present condition
Breathing difficulty+++
Runny Nose +
Obstruction of nose ++
Feeling of chest congestion++
i will update you about his condition tomorrow.
Thank you.
him2009 last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
Here is latest condition .
Breathing difficulty+++
Runny Nose +
Obstruction of nose +++
Feeling of chest congestion++
nikkikumar last decade
What you feel the difficult breathing is due to chest congestion or obstruction of nose?

It is 4 am there so hoping next update in morning so update with all component also with answering this question.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
Yesterday he was felling very bad , He slept at 9.30pm then got up at 11.30 with the cough and breathing problem. He was not able to breath becuase of nasal as well as chest congestion . He did vomit of all he ate at dinner . He was so much in discomfort because of nasal obstruction,I gave him puff of bronchiodilator also some home remedy like Vicks,camphor rub but was no improvement in his congestion .I tried to suck his nasal mucus with the help of saline drop and suction cup but i could not get anything ,he was still so congested .I tried every thing till 3am then out of desperation I gave him one dose of IPecac 30C . After 40-50 min of it he felt little better and slept for 3 hours. He has runny nose which thick ,profuse. He has dificulty in breathing and can still feel chest congested . He has his doctor apponitment in next 2 hrs . Please tell me what to do next .
nikkikumar last decade
if congestion turned worse afte rslight betterment--then need to tame response --also it is of IMPORTANT that all obticles to cure be removed--this may be particuar item in diet--enviremnet--etc strong odors--this u need look closely --what things aggravte--positions of body--touch-...etc --leave no thought un explored--this appies to beterments from....they exist and these WILL guide to remedy choice---congestion is too general----DEATILS are needd--dont waste any more worry--use ur sense and write all u observe---remeber--what makes worse?what makes better? also not eanything peculiart --seemingly totally unrelated to main complaint--coiciding factors --tell so doc can help--u are the eyes /ears/senses---
John Stanton last decade
Dr Rakesh,
I just got back from doctor office ,he said his chest is clear and his right ear has fluid and he is going to have ear infection so he prescribed him Antibiotic.He also said his cough is now becuase of post nasal drainage . I am feeling he got better because of Ipecac which I gave him in the night. I don,t want to give him any antibiotic . Please suggest me medicine for ear infection and for his nasal drainage .Thank you so much.
nikkikumar last decade
Gave him Puls 30C three dose whenever you see this post. It is about middle night there.

Do you have Silicia 30C?
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
Yes I have Silicia 30C.He has very thick nasal discharge which is too much in the morning . He is not able to eat due to his blocked nose . I will give him PUL 30c but you did not mention how to give him 3 doses.Is it 8 hourly or 3 doses at 10 min interval?
It is now 9.15 am here.
nikkikumar last decade
Gave him three dose at 10 mintue interval.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Please post your son's past illness since birth.

Do he suffers constant nasal obstruction and nosiy breathing(you have said that heavy breathing since birth).
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Is he snores regularly?

Is he a all the time nocturnal mouth breather?
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Please notice which things are making him worse i.e.

Open air
Cold air
Just after feeding?
In bed
Covering, etc.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh,
After2-3 days of his birth he used to spit his milk soon after drinking so he was drinking whole day long after half and hour. He was sleeping very less in the begining just 5-6 hrs in whole day only in lap ,as soon as he put to sleep on bed he used to cry . He was pooping 7-8 times just after drinking milk. He doctor said he might have acid reflux so he asked to use pillow to sleep. His poop was green most of the times. Within 2 weeks of his he was lefted up head and had full head control He was copying some word when he was just 2-3 months old . He was so active since he was 2 weeks old like used to throw blanket . He started social smiling when he was just one months . We thought he is going to have early milestone but soon he started losing everything when he turned 6 months . Now he doesnot want to walk without hold , doesnot say much words just says Daddy, Akku,baba. He has stopped doing bye bye. he got his first infection at the age of 4 months cold as well as ear infection. Then cold and cough at the age of 6 months . So far he got 4-5 cold and cough. He does not snore regularly only during when his nose is block . He seems having breathing difficulty sometimes during a days he tries to make some sound with nasal flares. He wakes up with crying in the night.He is mouth breather only during cold infection. He gets worse in open and cold air. I am not sure but i feel he gets worse in bed and with covering. He gets cough after feeding but not all the times. He got sweating problem on his head when he was 3-4 montths old. His vomiting and loose motion problem got better with the help of homeopathy . He was on Calc phos and on Nux vomica for sometime,
nikkikumar last decade
ok ic
update his present condition
Breathing difficulty+++
Runny Nose ++++
Obstruction of nose ++++
Feeling of chest congestion++
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh , It seems he got another episode of cold and cough . Since morning he is coughing and sneezing . He has runny nose all the time since morning . His present condition is -

Breathing difficulty +++
Runny nose+++
Feeling od chest congestion+
nikkikumar last decade

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