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Not yet.
nikkikumar last decade
u still have 30c water solution in frig?
John Stanton last decade
yes I have.
nikkikumar last decade
tommorrow mornig --dose silica 200c---1 pellet in 4 oz water---stir heavy--TAKE 1 teaspoon of this and put in another 4 oz water stir heavy --- 1teaspoon dose--

use new spoon and new glas for 2nd mixing---ok?

this is just the one dose---

and order silica LM1 and 100ml amber glass medicinal bottle--ok?
John Stanton last decade
get extra 100ml bottles--will need at some time prepare meds for porer use and storage---

as well tuberculinum (kent) 2oo c--dont be concerned with ising this--intime --we shall see
John Stanton last decade
We are learning more and more about the child.

It seems that the child have some rhythmic impulse that causes her to scratching, head bang, etc. He may be disatified with himself.

Rhythmic impuslive indicates something other john.

Mom be patient and gave a close observation, not stress too much on anything.

This misleads us (as you stresses he is playful, playful)but it is not the case.

He is playful only when everything fine for him and being distrubed easily.

Describe your older children's mental symptom. There may be clue. John i am guesing Sepia. I think mom should hold on any further dose of Silicia until picture clear more clearly.

What You think John?
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
what u diggingat reshy? not catching the rhythmic deal u speak of?--u speaking cyclic?peridicity?or ???
John Stanton last decade
I am speaking of a rather weak manic impulse john
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
weak m impulse or not , I think, a dose of Tuberculinum is required here , to prevent it, if not it ;
sorahamsha last decade
i was talking about brain
sorahamsha last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
he is very happy child even if vomiting or not sleeping . Always smiling and laughing . He was very always smiling when he was with me till 2 months ago. he needs me all the time at home but in daycare he is playing well with toys. i have never gotten any complained about his fussiness or crying but at home he won't leave me for a second . he is scratching people face or pulls hair when they are holding him or tries to kiss him but not all the times.
nikkikumar last decade
John , i have Silicea 200c in liquid form . Please tell me can i give him and how.?
nikkikumar last decade
i read ur words reshy---i need be as unbiased without labels--let the symptom dictate--silica as an irritated aspect--not so much head hitting---though--since this is not new thing and no new have comeup yet--

mum--1 pellet 200c in 4 oz water --stir---1 teaspoon of this in another 4 oz water --stir--1 teaspoon dose now---30 minutes between any food or drink---

use new spoon and glass with each mix----and dont repaetthe dose..

and mum--u sounding bit slow--not well urself these days?whatgoing on with u?--my reasoningis i need trust u read and act accordingly to my words --and if dont i need know---i sense some gaps inour communications---just set me straight on this---if feel not talk aboutit just say--but no untruths at all..
John Stanton last decade
Yo Hypehen Jony , the Mom has Silicea 200 in liquid form (purchased as a liquid form?) ,read that ?

'John , i have Silicea 200c in liquid form . Please tell me can i give him and how.?'
sorahamsha last decade
one drop of Silicea 200 c in a teaspoonfull of water and stir a little ; and onto the kid's mouth ;

If John says otherwise, then follow John ;

with regards,
Dr.Soham Ram Sharma
sorahamsha last decade
shake NO THUMP -ur liquid version silica 200c---use 1 drop instead 1 pellet--watch tip of dropper when u see the tiniest little drop fall into 4 oz water--that means enough---stir heavy --1 teaspon of this in another 4 oz water--stir (new spoon)--heavy--1 teaspoon dose--can give now--well not if he is eatingthis very moment--but 30 minutes or so after eating--ok?
John Stanton last decade
double watr glasses as mentioned--due to suspected dose too large last time and childs extra reaction--c potency aggressiveness---we get aggravtuion too early on--LM we get it later--if remedy is correct choice----whatevr--just rambling about why double aqueous solutionified---like that word--'solution-i-fi-cational-i za-tion'
John Stanton last decade
Sometimes i don't get time to write , yesterday i replied to ur post till midnight . I live in Florida so there may be time difference . I am not doing so good as i have Thyroid problem also not geeting enough sleep for the last 11 months . I am trying to give correct the information about my son health in regards of physical problems but in homeopathy every little things matter which I might be missing sometimes.
Main problems of son .

Present complains-
Frequent cold and cough
Frequent waking up .
Less appetite .
poor growth.
slow dentition
Once agian i want to tell he is happy baby always smiling and playing .bangs his head sometimes . Pulls people hair and tries to scracth face but not allthe times.

past history.
Vomiting after feeding .
motion after each feeds.
green stools
got ear infection once .
Bronchiolitis once.
nikkikumar last decade
i undertsnad--

give son silica dose as mnetioned above --use 200c as mentioned ok?
John Stanton last decade
sepia is ruled out

silica is correct choice. go ahead with this

Niki grade his shyness in
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
mum---u still alive?
John Stanton last decade
'Talk To The Hand'
sorahamsha last decade
Hey Hyphen Jonny, you got to remind the dose to Mom again and again cause Mom isn't good at perception;;

Pal Bamboo
sorahamsha last decade
yeah bamoo--we r on the slowwww boat to china---all works to some advantage--i tend be hasty anyway--so mum approach balances my approch---symbiotic relating---

i rather be using LM here--but 200c --she probalby gave--just hasnt noticed any change at all---if was GREAT change either way--i am sure would have heard about it--
but still i am interested in knowig current state---and some info outside the main focus---
John Stanton last decade
Hi John , sorryfor late reply , I have fever and sinusitis . I gave one dose of silicea 200c according to your advised . Since yesterday he is very dull , woked up many times in the night , was very restless.
In the morning he ate ok , drinking well not but not playing very actively.
nikkikumar last decade
mum--we need get u functioning---

yeah the dose silica to large --c potencies aggresive as all hell--aggravtion at stat nogood------we be testing little dudes vitality --we willlet ride--but we may need tame down response --if continues---

mum --keep eye on any new symptom AT aLL----

as for --u --from the little i gather--thyrpid condition--waking nights with child--and now current ill---u take dose --nux vomica beofre bed to night----can take now--but ur not gong want do anyting after--u decide----1 pellet 200c in 4 oz water--stir--1 teaspon of this in another 4 oz water--stir--1 teaspoon dsoe --use new spons and galsses for each mixing---ok? be sure u r?

also i will remind u--obatin
silica LM1 pellets--and 4oz/100ml amber glas medicinal bottle with cap---give me the ok if u undertsnd..OK?
John Stanton last decade

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