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Dr Rakesh ,I am waiting for your reply . Yesterday ninght my younger was coghing after waking up . He is still sweating a lot on his head even in the cold.
I understand why he can,t sleep more 2-3 hrs in the night he gets 2-3 times in the night . I have been giving him Ferrum phos for the last 2 days . Please tell me what to do.
nikkikumar last decade
I was seeing your post.

What about her other symptoms
Nasal obstruction
runny nose
breathing difficulty.

Overall condition.

Post his daily activities in detail and write down special about him.

His current weight and hunger.

Regarding your older child, consult dentist also.

Swollen cheeks may be an indication of severe infection and deep seated infection
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
Sorry for delayed reply ,i had internet problem . My son has nasal obstructio+++
cough++ in the night
Chest congestion +
I feel he has heavy breathing and some time he is breathing through mouth . He is sleeeping well but waking up every 2-3 hrs . He plays very well with his toys and with everyone . His daily activies-
Morning - drink milk and eat some babycereal sometimes Indian breakfast plays for 1-2 hrs then sleeps for 1-2 hrs . eat and drink + bath + Plays == Sleeps after 2-3 hrs . This is everydays activity . He likes to bang his head with sofa and baby chair . He is love to smile and laugh .He likes taking bath. i am worried about his sweating problem . Now-a -days he is sweating more on his head .
nikkikumar last decade
check ,mouth--teething/gums situation

as well feel along behind ears/neck -under jaw--mot eif any thing feel unusual--comapre both sides--also take note how child responds to this investigation
John Stanton last decade
I checked his teeth /gums .
He is getting 5 teeth his gums are swollen . He does not like to be touch over his ear tries to push hands .
nikkikumar last decade
Dr Rakesh , My younger had an appointment with doctor . He said my son still has reflux that might be reason of his night cough and not sleeping properply . He has ear fluid both sides which also might be his reflux . He has not gained any weight he weigh only 16lbs.
His doctor advised that his problem will go away with or without treatment . Please advised me what to do about his reflux.
nikkikumar last decade
ttething is direct association wih current ill
John Stanton last decade
Dr.Rakesh has chosen Pulsatilla considering the respiration/nose /head sweat/stomach symptoms;;

I think Dr.Rakesh can consider Chammoilla also with nightheadsweat/teething/reflux etc. , looking for that Chamomilla child's mind;;

Some how sleep has to be restored ;
sorahamsha last decade
dr Rakesh , You are not replying nowa days . Please advised medicine for his acid reflux and for his sweating.
nikkikumar last decade
knock off using ferr-phos andrelax--alow symptoms settle--and rewrite point by point all CURRENT EXISTING SYMPTOMS--if ant wait and emergeny write it all out NOW..include locations--omplaints exactly--things worsen--things better--start there--
John Stanton last decade
Sorry for delayed response

By baby got involved in an accident burn by motorcycle.

She put her feet on a heated silencer so I am these days away from any work and taking care of her.

So vehicles are always a threat to our babies whether they are static or mobile.

I read once again your younger children again.

Your pediatrician is absolutely right that she is getting cough from your acid.

Acid reflux in children is mainly due to immaturity of lower esophageal sphincter function (i.e. your children does not have normal function of stomach gate to prevent food return into esophagus).

It is also a common phenomenon up to one year for children, but as it is affecting your child's health so here it is an abnormal condition and if persisted beyond 18 months then it is a quite serious condition so we had to resolve it before 18 months of age so be continuous here and with your pediatrician.

Your child' night crying may be due to this and all other symptoms are certainly due to this.

Causes for GERD may be anatomic (but as your child is suffering intermittently so it is not the case as I believe) and other includes poor dietary habits (overeating, lying down just after feeding or feeding while so if these are case then correct these)

Gave upright positioning after feeding, elevating the head of the bed, prone positioning (but not in car or where child is alone prone position can cause sudden death in child so careful about this), and providing small, frequent feeds thickened with cereal.

Your child must have any allergy or very weak immune system why he is getting so frequent cold and nasal obstruction, I am trying to improve your child immune system and acid reflux symptoms with constitutional homoeopathic treatment but you have to find out allergy and avoid.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
What about his feeling of weakness and tiredness.

Child is not so much irritable while having such severe illness certainly indicates Puls or any remendy that is mild in its nature like Silicia.

Thick yellow discharge also indicates Puls.

So post what medicine your are giving
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
I agree with Dr.Rakesh 's conclusion about Pulsatilla;;

Would like to know whether Dr.Rakesh would recommend Silicea 6x
as a complement to Pulsatilla, for the time being;
sorahamsha last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
Sorry about your little baby,hope she is doing fine. Small babies need lot of supervision that why I was sending my son to daycare so that while doing my work i would not ignore him , but now he getting infection so much I have planned to call nanny for 2-3 hrs to my place. he is not feeling any weakness now . He has cough and nasal congestion . I use pillow under his head but he is not liking much. I feel his lower easophageal spincter is weak because if i pick up after feeds he regurgitate his food , even slight pressure on his tummy give him vomiting.This problem has reduced little bit now but he still get it.I am not able to find out any allergy he might have with some food.
He is getting teething but he is not in much pain . At present i am giving him CALC PHOS once in a while.
Thank you so much
nikkikumar last decade
TEETHING__regurg/vomit from tummy pressure---not liking head lifted---..etc ---knock off all other medicines---u spinning ur wheels---dose with nux vomica---use 200c --2 pellets in 4 oz water--stir-- 1teaspoon dsoe--clean up all this mess with the nux---if any symptoms left over after alowing bit --retake case at that point---NO OTHER meds at all__u RELAX AND STOP THIS AND THAT ---U STIRRING THE POT WITH NO IDEA WHAT UR DOING--GIVE nux_v NOW AS TOLD- AND RETAKE CASE reassess ---
John Stanton last decade
uno dose--1 dose only---no citric acid foods and drinmks
John Stanton last decade
niki do not address me only

stop ferrum phos and others for two days and gave according to john's i m in agreement

dose with nux vomica---use 200c --2 pellets in 4 oz water--stir-- 1teaspoon dsoe--
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
What is uno dose ?
nikkikumar last decade
uno = 1
John Stanton last decade
I have nux vomica in 30c,6c . Is it useful to give in these doses or i need in 200c only.
nikkikumar last decade
use 30c same prep and dose method
John Stanton last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
i am addressing your name because you have been reading all my posts and have an idea about my kid's health . Its easy for me to follow one doctor advised as I have been taking advice online . If I address one doctor I feel i am talking to doctor.and if I follow all doctors advice then it will create confusion to me . I am very thankful that so many doctors are giving their valuable advice but as a patient it is very difficult for us to decide which one to follow.
nikkikumar last decade
Okay, I asked that because now I may be somewhat delayed in responding.

You can use any medicine advised previously by me with benefits as here Nux is.

Also describes, present condition of your child and try to obey instructions to avoid GERD.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
mum got it right --2 many hands in the cooking etctec etc ---best follow one thread of thought--as long as it proves curative in real sense---otherwise ''hit the road jack''
John Stanton last decade
cough and cold throughout the day,congested nose while sleeping, not eating properly, prefers eating only sweet especially during this time,no running nose, thick mucoid secretion comes out on sneezing, suffering from past 25 days, condition improves as weather becomes warm
shreyansh_neel last decade
how sound is childs current sleep?how often waking curently?
when was nux-v last given?
John Stanton last decade

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