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frequent cold and cough in baby.

My 9 months old boy having cold and cough very often. He has discharge which thick
in the morning and later on become thin . He is coughing a lots not able to eat or drink . Sometime he throws up after drinking . He is very congested . He has been sneezing but no fever. please suggest some medicine
for him.
  nikkikumar on 2009-01-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Gave him Sulphur 30C 2-3 drops in boiled turned into lukewarm water three times in morning at 10 minute interval

2-3 drop at 10min-10min-10min in morning.

Post response in 10 hours after the dose
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dear Kumar,

I also seen your some of previous post.

I noted your child was prescribed Calc Carb in the past for excessive sweat, but you do not have posted any response to this prescription.

If you had given him Calc Carb and he benefited by this then you should gave him Calc Carb instead of Sulphur.

You should post respose to a response and let us know people such things.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh ,
I have not started him on Calc carb yet . I have sulphur 30C in tablet but
no in liquid form. Can I give him ?
nikkikumar last decade
yes 3-4 pills at a time three times
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
He got 101f fever . Please let me if I give him Sulphur or some other medicine .
nikkikumar last decade
sulphur has these features of fever:

frequent flushes of heat throughout the body with much sweating and great thirst.

don't use more than one dose of sulphur 30c for the baby in case of fever.

my suggestion is that you take the baby to a children's specialist nearby. (either allopath or homeopath)
sorahamsha last decade
You should gave him sulphur.

Why you are delaying?.

You should seek now a homoeopathic doctor near by you as in such acute condition one could not relay on internet resoruces unless you have proper knowledge about homoeopathy

otherwise fill the following sheet to know cause of fever and homoeopathic medicine for it

Please tick on options, which you feel, are quite suited or applying on you, you can also tick more than one options

A. You have fever
1. For 1-3 days.
2. For 3-7 days
3. For 7-15 days
4. For 15-30 days
5. For months.
B. You have fever
1. Not always and never gone above 103
2. Always/continous
3. Always and between 101-103
4. Always and above 103
5. Don’t know
C. What complaints do you have with fever.
1. Problem in throat.
2. Runny nose.
3. Dry cough
4. Tiredness
5. Mild headache
6. Drowsiness
7. Body aches
8. Nausea
9. Vomiting
10. Diarrhea
11. Cough with yellow/green/ tan (chocolate or coffee colored) sputum
12. Severe headache
13. Neck pain and stiffness
14. Normal light hurts
15. Night sweats
16. Earache
17. Dyspnoea
18. Pain while urination
19. Back pain
20. Joint pain and swelling
21. Abdominal pain
22. Jaundice
23. Missed periods (menses)
24. Any new skin eruption
25. Nothing

D. You feel _____ since you have fever
1. Much sleepy
2. Much dullness
3. Much restlessness
4. Much anxiety
5. Decreased tolerance to heat (as compared to others in the same surroundings)
6. Decreased tolerance to cold (as compared to others in the same climate).
7. Much thirsty.
8. Less thirsty.

E. What are timings of rising of temperature in your case or at which time you feel fever in respect, or at what time you fever got worse.
1. Morning with feeling of chilliness
2. Morning without feeling of chilliness
3. Forenoon with feeling of chilliness
4. Forenoon without feeling of chilliness
5. Afternoon with feeling of chilliness
6. Afternoon with feeling of chilliness
7. Evening with feeling of chillness
8. Evening with feeling of chilliness
9. Night with feeling of chillness
10. Night without feeling of chilliness
11. Night with perspiration
12. Before midnight
13. After midnight

F. Fever starts with:
1. With chill
2. With heat
2. With perspiration
3. With chill followed by heat
4. With chill followed by heat then perspiration
5. With chill followed by heat with perspiration
6. With chill followed by heat without perspiration
7. With heat followed by chill
8. With head followed by perspiration
9. With shivering
10. With shivering followed by feeling of hotness
11. With shivering followed by heat and sweat
12. With intense heat

G. What do you think the reason of your fever? There are few most common reasons are listed below, please see and find which may be your causes of fever and recall that anything from listed below happened to you prior to onset of fever.
1. Exposure to dry cold winds/cold
2. Getting wet
3. From getting wet when overheated
4. Excessive exposure to sun
5. Eating nonsuitable/unhyegenic food stuff i.e egg, fish, food, salad, drinks, and vegetables.
6. Any diet irregularities
7. Bites i.e. bee bite
8. Any injury
9. Do you have any wound
10. Any operation or delivery recently
11. Any episode of excessive anger/fear/excitement
12. Any prolonged deep grief/embarrassment/disappointment

H. During fever you:
1. Desires covering normally
2. Wants much covering
3. Avoids covering
4. Without covering getting some relief
5. Covering makes worse.

I. Effects of fever on daily activities
1. Want to be absolute quited and lying in bed
2. Walking in open air makes worse
3. Walking in open air give some relief
4. Sleep give some relief
ADVISE: Since fever is a sign of the body fighting against disease, the
first step is to take rest in a well ventilated room and avoid
any exertion, mental or physical.
Take lots of fluids to avoid dehydration.
Cool packs Can be kept on the forehead and also on the entire
body to lower the temperature. Water taken for this should be tap
Diet should be light and nutritious with plenty of vegetable
soups and juices.
Soft diet consisting of porridge with rice and lentils is
Avoid taking carbonated beverages, cold juices and fruits like
cucumber and bananas.

Call the doctor,
If you have severe chills, shivers and chattering teeth. These
can be symptoms of pneumonia, malaria or kidney infection.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh,
My baby got fever in the night and I feel its viral .
He is irratable and dull ,not eating or drinking because of his cough . whenever he tries to eats he gets cough . Now he is coughing and having less runny nose . I feels his chest is very congested. I gave him baby Tynolol for his fever 7 hrs ago and don,t feel any fever now. also i gave 1 dose of sulphur at same time ,should I give him more dose as you advised 3 times a day.
Thank you so much
nikkikumar last decade
Iam waiting for reply. Should i give another dose of suphur so far I gave him only one dose he looks better than before has less runny nose but he is coughing with sputum. Its seems he has lots of mucus while coughing but not able to bring out. he looks very tired and weak, still not eating and drinking much.please let me know what to do.
nikkikumar last decade
sulphur doesn't match.
Give him two doses of ANTIM TART 6x with a gap of 6 hours or a single dose of Antim Tart 30 c and wait.
sorahamsha last decade
Never give him ANTIM TART in 6c.

Only 30c or 6x;
sorahamsha last decade

Please mention your location it seems you are in USA and i am in lucknow and so there may be quite delay in responsing and you too see answer.

You should gave him Ipecac 30C at 3 hours interval.

This will help him to clear his suputum.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Ok, try Ipecac as Dr.Rakesh suggested.
sorahamsha last decade
No need to gave him any further dose of Sulphur.

Keep in touch and carry on treating your child with homoeopathy.

It would be very helpful for his future health.

I advise you to make a thread you post all queries and information regarding your child.

This would be helpful to us as i had seen your all post and then came to sulphur, but spended much time.

If you now continue keep posting all queries in this thread or any other then it would be useful
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Thank you Dr Rakesh . i live in Florida,sometimes it is difficult to find homeopathy medicine in store so we have to order online which take 3-4 days to come.Iam not sure I will get ANTIM TART in store here and online order will
take time .could you please tell other medicine with similar action.
nikkikumar last decade
Ipecac 30C is advised to you


Ipecac would work great
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Thank You Dr Rakesh ,
Today My son had an appointment with his doctor and he found out he has Bronchiolitis he put him on Nebulizer . He told me that my son has not gained any weight from the last 5 months and has fallen off from the growth chart . He is very thin and for the 3-4 days he is not eating because of his cough . I am worrried for being very thin . Please advised me what to do . I have always given him best homemade organics food and try not to use any chemical but I am not seeing any benefit . I am trying to use homeopathy for my family so that they won,t have any side effect of allopathic medicine .
nikkikumar last decade
Dear Nikki read post carefully it seems you are not doing so.

I was supposing your child condition to be acute bronchitis followed by cold, but if it is bronchiolitis then things are certainly worrisome. You should continue treatment with your doctor until this episode resolves as well as gave him homoeopathic medicine called Ipecac 30C. You should also order Nux Vomica 30 C Bryonia Alba 30C and Hepar Sulph 30 C also to prevent delaying. Continue homoeopathic treatment to avoid your child be asthmatic as children with recurrent bronchiolitis tends to develop asthma in their later life. Gave him Ipecac 30C as soon as possible and also post your condition with every post to update
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh, please express your opinion about Thuja(prevention of asthma) and Natrum Sulph in this case.
Also about ANTIM TART where in it cured 10 and 11 year olds in less than 3 doses , in my experience, taking the digestion into account .
sorahamsha last decade
thanks for the information of hepar sulph;

r s sharma
sorahamsha last decade
Dr Rakesh,
I did not find Ipecac but I have found Anti Tart 30C,please tell me what to do now . I have Nux vomica30C,BryoniaAlba 30C and Hepar Sulp 30 C .
Thank you.
nikkikumar last decade
Dear Kumar,

We suppose to get information about your child every whenever you post.

It is 10:15 PM in Florida while I am posting this post.

First choice of medicine without much information about your child's present condition is once again Ipecac as it acts on medium and large sized bronchi which should be present in your child case.

Second choice is ANTIM TART as it works on finer bronchi (but medium and larger one should have to clear first to open its way to pass), but as you are unable to get Ipecac you should gave him Antim Tart 30C one dose and see its response up until morning.

Hopefully you get this before you go to sleep. It is 9:00 am in India and I am waiting for your reply. Bryo, Nux, Hep can be useful but mainly based on symptoms.

We are prescribing only pathologic levels while considering all aspect is more fruitful but we are unable to get them.

Please post your local time in am and pm while you post.

So please post your child condition every time and your local time when you posting
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dr Rakesh,
It is 11 pm here , i just read your post . My son is sleeping now ,i will give one dose of Anti tart 30 c and will keep you inform about his condition after of this dose .
should I continue to give Calc Phos ?
Thank you so much.
nikkikumar last decade
Dr Rakesh,
I don,t see any improvement in his condition after one dose of Anti tart 30C . please advise me what to do next.Its 6.50am here
nikkikumar last decade
gave one dose more describe his symptoms in some detail cough++ fever dyspnea++ ill looking.

it is 9 am there nad u will next post from me about 12 noon or 10pm or morning does he is taking allopathic medicine?

what about stool?

what about thirst?




Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

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