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Stronger Potency or Better Remedy?

Wanted to get some input into an unusual case. Finally got some relief and wanting to know where to go from here. Will list the remedies at the end.

Mental: Apathy, indifference, cares about very little. Sometimes doesn't even care about friends/family. Wants to be left alone, and yet, wants to be comforted. When there is something important, puts all effort into it, and will work at it and not give up, persistent. But not inclined to put in any effort into things which aren't deemed important enough. Very indifferent toward the menial tasks of life, only want to do 'great' things. Views life as unfair, full of disappointments, yet continues on hoping the fairy tale ending will magically come true. Very trusting of people, yet disappointed when it turns out they can't be trusted, yet will if given another chance, trust them once again even if they proved in the past they couldn't be trusted. Does not like change, fears change, failure. Sinks into states of hopelessness, feeling there is no way out, doesn't know what to do to change fate/circumstances, feels there is nothing that can be done and at the same time doesn't really believe that, deep down feels there is ALWAYS an answer, nothing is impossible, just doesn't know what to do, so doesn't do anything. Spends lots of time thinking, plotting, investigating, researching, but then falls short when it comes to actually doing something, for one because fear of failure, second fear of what others are going to think/say, needs much approval and support from others to carry out plans. Loner, wants company of one close person, but otherwise prefers to be alone. Does not like crowds, very draining. Very psychic, intuitive, easily picks up on energies/vibrations. Very sensitive to energies as well. Can be having a great day and then walk into a room where there was a fight and the day is totally ruined, sometimes even two or three days because of taking on the negative vibrations of the environment. Does not take criticism well, again, can ruin a whole day, sometimes a whole week, having one little thing pointed out, something minor, plays the conversation in mind over and over and over. Very sentimental, romantic, idealistic, indecisive. Can get very angry, rage if provoked by someone (through criticism or pointing out faults) and sometimes out of pure frustration when things don't work out. Also very jealous, gets upset/hurt easily when others pay more attention to someone else. No or little drive or ambition. Does not care about money. Sad, lonely. Disappointed love. Low self-worth/confidence. Wants sympathy. Emotions that way heavily, but have to bear them alone, keep them to self because nobody would understand, nobody does understand. Nobody quite understands when explain what I think, or how I feel. Sensitive, emotional. Feel like I'm in a strangers body, look at my body like it's alien or foreign. Very caring, concerned about others, goes out of way to help others. Great listener, people come to for advice, someone to listen to them. Gets upset/feels taken advantage of when others who expect a lot don't show the same amount of care/concern. Wants to be liked, let's people walk all over, mistreat, disrespect, doesn't want to say anything because afraid of losing an acquaintance. Always on defensive, feels like always has to explain self to others, report to them, tell them what's going on, even for the smallest thing. Afraid to truly open up to others, and careful about what is said, when it's said, each moment is a tactical maneuver, a game of wits, lest true feelings/motives be discovered. Must keep true feelings/motives hidden because others either make fun of, criticize, judge, disbelieve, 'feel that what is said is being made up, or just saying things to get attention.' The same people who go out of there way especially to NOT show sympathy or concern, expect it in return when they have a problem. So no matter what is going on, no matter what is wrong, over the years, have learned to keep everything to oneself, just go it alone. Others won't understand.

Fears: Heights, flying in airplane, dogs, bugs (only if they are on me).

Sleep: Must eat food before going to sleep or can't sleep. Must eat carbohydrates especially.

Unusual Symptoms/Indications:

*Feels as if brain would stop working

*Head light/empty

*Body feels as if made of air

* Feels like everything is on rocky water, bobbs up and down. When standing, when sitting, when walking, all the time. When going down stairs, the whole stair case seems to be moving, bobbing up and down. Feels as if there is this invisible force that pushes me around, same type of feeling as when on an airplane and you hit an air pocket.

*Feeling as if the energy part of my body isn't lined up with the physical, as if there were two parts of me, the internal and external and they didn't line up right.

*As if my energy did not reach down to feet, like I wasn't truly on the ground or something.

*As if part of me were missing, or not here.

*When lying down in bed, on back, as if body were on a see saw, but it's always so that the head feels like it's being tilted back toward the ground, and the legs are elevated in the air.

*When standing at sink, washing hands as if everything were moving forward and backward (like the sink moving forward and back, toward me and away from me, all the while having the sensation that there's an invisible force pushing me around, moving me)

* Sometimes feel as if moving even when not. The feeling you get when you're in a car riding down the highway, you have that sensation of movement, of the car going forward, sometimes I get that same feel, as if even when I'm sitting down on the sofa, that my body is moving forward, that I'm moving forward. I have to mentally remind myself that I'm still, that my body is in one position that I'm not really moving and sometimes that helps.

*Afraid going to die, separate from body. Worse at the times of aggravation mentioned: 12 noon, 5PM (closer it gets to five), 8PM - 11PM. Even if there is no clock around, can usually tell when it's approaching noon, five or eight, because symptoms get worse. The more I eat the better. Eat a lot more than normally even would just to feel better. Feel like body is disintegrating, going to disappear, or becoming invisible, or transparent, feel light, airy, so try to eat more to feel physical, which does help some.

*Hissing/ringing in ears.

*Least pressure on skin leaves marks/indentations. Wake up in the morning with marks from creases and folds of bed sheets imprinted into my skin.

Aggravation of symptoms: Weather changes, atmospheric pressure changes. Humidity (Apathy, lethargy much worse). Tired, lack of sleep, fasting, not eating. Anger. Night time. 12:00 Noon. 5:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M.

Ameliorates symptoms: Eating, eating to the point of stuffing myself. Sleep. Doing things, keeping busy.

Remedies that helped significantly:

Phosphorus - 30C did very little. 1M helped greatly with the lightness, feeling as light as air, but only for about 10 minutes. Immediately after taking it, remedy helped, felt heavier, more grounded, normal, was so happy, but then the lightness came back again, and produced no more effects after that. Tried 10M no response. This is a typical response for me that remedies have an instantaneous effect, but then nothing after that, no effect even in higher potencies. Improvement will be immediate and last for a few minutes to half an hour at most. Just feel like there is something that's blocking anything from working. It is possible though that it could just be deep emotional traumas. I take everything very seriously and feel things much more than other people. When I was was very young 3/4, I don't know, and had my first vaccination, it was extremely traumatic, as I did not want to get it and I screamed as if my life depended on it, they had to have three people in holding me down to on the table to resist the fight I was putting up so they could give me the shot.

When there is a heavy emotional burden, my immediate thought is that I want to die, I don't want to live (though I do, and would never do anything), and just want to be alone, sleep, suffer in pain and misery by myself.
Psorinum - 10M - This greatly improved the sensation that things were bobbing up and down or rocking back and fourth including myself, and for the first time in over a year I didn't feel like I was going to die. Within five minutes it helped, and the physical symptoms lasted for several hours (I think it was three), the mental symptoms stayed better the rest of the day (Took the remedy around 5:00 p.m). Even when the physical symptoms came back, still felt a lot better because mentally felt better, wasn't worried, didn't feel like I was going to die anymore. Next day, mental symptoms came back. (Note, had taken Sulphur 200c, when this all began and also produced similar results, helping me to feel heavier, not so light/airy, helped with the strange sensations of body moving even when I'm still, but then lost it's effect and nothing worked after that including higher potency of Sulphur)

Thanks in advance for any insight!
  homeopathyguy on 2006-07-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
your dealing with layer issues..need set each symptom in chronologicalorder of occurance in health history--and as to causations that are known...

sulphur applies--as well asnatrum muriaticum--possible agaricus --depoends on how much alcohol or drugs used in heath history....

no matter what remdy use--dosing is important --kentian method has inherit problems--particualrly with self prescribing...test dose is wise and observe response --dose modification and repititon are all based on this initial response---again keen observation is manditory...and in chronc ill--patience..

lets start by simplifying and clarifying particualr symptom complexes/sensatis and such...as wel as causatio

when you rmemebr main complain starting? what exactly was occuring in life at that time?prior?
John Stanton last decade
Mr. Stanton,

Thanks so much for your reply. My current issues, the most important at this time, the feeling like I'm as light as air, the sensation that I'm rocking back and fourth, on an airplane experiencing turbulence, etc, all began on May 8, 2005. Let me back up just a bit first though. The end of February, a job I had worked at for 7 years, I got let go, and I thought I was glad to be out of there, but didn't realize how it had become an important part of my life, working there for so long. I still, very often have dreams about working there. It was hard cause I have a lot of close friends there who I am still in touch with, everybody was shocked. So, I began doing psychic work at home, doing readings and stuff for people online. Got out of regular schedules, began having problems sleeping, for almost a whole month I couldn't get to sleep until like 5 in the morning and then would sleep most of the day. Somedays I couldn't sleep at all and would be functioning on no sleep at all. I think the work was just too much for my brain/mind/psyche, whatever you want to call it. Then I started messing around with more metaphysical stuff and on May 8, 2005, I experienced what some think was a psychic attack, where I felt like I was being pulled or sucked out of my body, and extreme mental torment. Prior to all of this I had been feeling like I was going to have a nervous breakdown (before I lost my job), for some reason, I don't know how I knew that, don't even know how it would feel to have one, just told people that I thought that. The incident on May 8, 2005 was of shear terror, shock, thought for sure I was going to die, very much a near death experience or so I felt. Then after that it was just constant fear, terror at night (totally stopped doing my psychic work, which helped some), I was scared, couldn't be alone at night, felt I was going to die. Had to keep the lights on at night. Constantly praying, doing protection prayers, meditations etc, against this evil that was after me. One morning woke up screaming and in fear for what reason I didn't know, foud myself trying to get out of the house and slammed my face into the door/wall because I didn't open the door and I couldn't get out.

Things got a little better (but knew I still wasn't myself) and moved to another state to pursue a relationship (July 2005), hoping a new start would help things and for awhile it did, then the symptoms began again, couldn't sleep at night, was afraid, scared I was going to die, kept having experiences where I felt the energy in my body moving up to my head, like I was going to come out of my body. Profuse sweating of the hands/feet, panic attacks, fear of ghosts, spirits, entities, etc. The relationship was not a healthy one and the other party just played lots of games with me. All my friends back home thought I should come back and that my head was just being messed with. Couldn't find work even after hundreds of applications. Anger, rage, jealousy, hurt over things that were happening. My family was far away. These issues would just go over and over and over in my mind, couldn't let them go. My mental state just got worse and worse and became more and more fraigle. Eventually came back home (February 2006) and didn't take me long to get a job and get restablished, didn't have nearly as much trouble sleeping. Had used Bach Flowers to help with the mental aspects, the fear (Rock Rose, Aspen, Mimulus). But still dealing with the physical symptoms.

Still not feeling myself, feeling like a part of me is missing, whatever happened to me on that day, it left me. I'm not the same person I was, and sometimes feel very detached, like I'm not totally here. Used to have lots of dreams about death, and all were about how I was skating very close to the edge, very close to it, was always okay, but was on the verge. Just last night coming back to current, had a dream that my brother took a look at me and said, 'You're not even in the world, or you're out of this world or something, like I was there, but wasn't really there, like part of me was in another dimension or something.'

The dreams about my old job mostly center around impressing my boss, and in the dream the possibility of getting my job back is always raised, or at least I'm thinking about it in my dream.

The strange feeling like I'm on an airplane experiencing turbulence or that I'm rocking back and fourth or whatever started several weeks after the incident on May 8.

The feeling like I'm as light as air or going to come out of my body is accompanied by a weakness, that is difficult to describe, it's like the heaviness that I used to always have isn't there anymore, feel like I might float away or just totally disappear. It used to be so bad, that going into a store with lights and being under them, I thought I wouldn't live for very long if I stood under them. And touching anything that was of a vibrational nature made me feel worse, worsened the symptoms. It was as if I was totally living as energy, nothing physical existed. Very strange feeling. I wanted to and still want to feel heavy, to feel weighted down, to feel like I'm real.

Again I think it was almost just all too much for my brain, and looking back, I probably had a very weak brain as heavily as I let emotions weigh on me and how much I would obsess about things, think things over and over and over and over.

That's all I can think of for now. If you have any questions let me know, and thanks again for your response, appreciate it.
homeopathyguy last decade
P.S. Don't drink alcohol, never used illegal drugs, and used very little prescription medicines over the years, don't like to take medicine. Had a lot when I was younger, mostly antibiotics and acne medication, but try to avoid medications at all costs.
homeopathyguy last decade
by sound s you tamperedwith powers best left alone---weakened by being released from job- lowered resistance...it seem as though you havenatural tendency towards this--a sensitivity prior being released ...

----what was original occupation (original-one let go from)...what was entailed in this job?

you have any unusal experience or meeting or relationship--prior to the sensing of having nervous breakdown?prior being let go?anything at allcomes to mind? please explain

why did you start psychic consultations?please explain why you gravitated that direction..
John Stanton last decade
when exactly was phosphorous taken?psorinum?sulphur?

no other remedies ?
John Stanton last decade
My original occupation was a car salesman. I worked with people on a daily basis, negotiating, was very stressful. I'm not the type to want to deal with quotas and push people to buy, and it was just a lot of frustration, stress, things always seemed to be going the wrong way. (That's one thing I've felt my whole life, like the murphy's law, whatever can go wrong will go wrong). Seems like everyone else is lucky, but not me.

There was other relationships prior to this, one at the dealership where someone I had known for years, we had been very close friends and it seemed like she was very interested in me, but kept it totally at work, didn't go beyond the work place, but we would talk for hours on days when nothing was happening, we would exchange movies, and just had some things in common. Then a new person came into the dealership and decided that he liked this girl too and he was always taking over her space and just like that the two of us drifted apart and hardly talked anymore after knowing each other for 4 years. I was upset, angry, jealous, to the point of rage that this person from nowhere would just come along, and it was like he was in competition with me, and he had a girlfriend, but he kept trying to ask this other girl out, and to keep me away. So of course that added to my natural job stress. This one was the one immediately before the feeling of nervous breakdown. Again, lots of anger, rage. When things didn't go well, would break things, throw things (at home). Would feel so heavy and depressed sometimes the only thing to do would be to goto sleep to sleep off the emotional hurt / pain / suffering.

Relationships whether with the opposite sex or same sex never came easy for me as far as developing close friends. I was well liked, everybody knew me, thought I was a great guy and always came to me for advice and help when in their time of need, but beyond that, they didn't really want to hang out with me or spend time with me, so I had all these people in my life who I called friends who really were just aquaintances. They would call themselves a friend when they needed a listening ear, or advice. I would get calls at home after school from people who needed to talk, but the same people had little time for me afterwards. And of course I wanted to help, but also very much resented the fact too that I was being taken advatage of. But people just knew they could walk all over me and always did.

Almost all relationships have been of the unrequited version. One thing that I remember a lot was when I went rollerskating one time and I feel and then didn't want to skate any more (typical reaction for me, where if one little thing goes wrong then I want to go hide away by myself, remove myself from people), and these girls came up to me and felt bad for me and wanted to skate with me, and I being moody and depressed, said no! I wanted to, but I said no to spite myself, hurt myself, deny myself. Did that a lot too, it was like a punishment, felt I didn't deserve to have something good happen. And so then years later I still think back to that incident and regret having passed up the opportunity, (and even though I know this isn't true), tend to think things like, 'See, this relationship isn't working out because you had your chance, but you blew it, never gonna get another chance again, you rejected those girls back then, so now all these girls are rejecting you now). And this stuff just goes over and over in my mind.

Yes, I wish I never would have gotten involved with/messed with the stuff I did, or I probably wouldn't not be feeling the way I do today. I only started doing it, because I wanted to do something to help people, I had been helping friends/family etc, but wanted to use it to help more people. I'm naturally intuitive and by nature curious about metaphysical things, and of course to be able to tell people things that they knew I couldn't have known was like an ego boost, that is not the primary reason of course, I do really care and want to help others but I wanted to do something that made me feel good too. I haven't really ever had a job that I truly liked, and it's more just a case where I feel like I'm wasting my life because I'm not really doing anything that's all that important, something that I don't care about. I go through the motions, I do what needs to be done, but beyond that, not much else. Everyone tells me it's a means to an end, which is true, but I still struggle when I feel like there's something else I'm supposed to be doing, but don't know what that is.

The Sulphur was taken back around September 05 I believe, the Phosphorus was about a month and a half ago and the Psorinum was about two weeks ago.

Yes, I've always been naturally sensitive. When I was a child would get Strep Throat a lot, sometimes twice a year. Lots of antibiotics. Terrible allergies in the summer time, usually affected only my eyes (itchy, blood shot, still get that). Also had problems with bedwetting and fear of the dark, wouldn't sleep without a nightlight.

Was very concerned about things as a child, would be worried about my parents financial problems at age 4. When I was about 6 or 7, there was a girl in school who's parents were going through a divorce and it was as if I could feel the pain she was going through, like it was my pain and suffering, and while the other guys didn't even want to touch girls, I remember giving her a big hug, trying to console her, make her feel better.

Also around age 3/4 would tell my grandparents that I was a bad person (don't know why, just always said that, they told me that). Growing up, always the feeling that I wasn't good enough, that I could never make my parents happy, proud. Was in competition with my brother, (younger), felt like they loved him more than me, that he got special treatment.

Parents were in construction and I was around a lot of chemicals like paint, paint thinner etc. Someone smoking a cigarette and driving by our house on the road in their car, it would give me a headache. Headache is usually the first sign for me of a toxicity to something. Whether it be exhaust fumes, paint, new carpet, cleaning supplies etc. Always a headache, and trouble breathing.

Several years back, I had been seeing a homeopath for chronic muscle pain that I had. And had under his care tried many many remedies, all at a 30c potency, except Gelsemium, which I couldn't seem to tolerate in any potency, eventually put me on 1LM and don't think I felt bad, just don't think I felt better either. I would get this awful depression from Gelsemium. Feeling of being blue/sad for no reason, the kind that would only be helped by sleeping. Just a few of the remedies that come to mind that I was taking while going to the homeopath (All 30c) Calc Carb, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria, Eupatorium (This one gave me severe headaches, aching, deep in the bones, horrible). Natrum Muriaticum, Zincum Metallicum. Natrum Mur 30c helped a tiny tiny bit emotionally (less depressed, happier some days, barely noticable though), but he didn't feel it made enough of a difference I guess and switched remedies. Zincum Metallicum 30c, helped some too with the muscles (chronically tense, contracted, tight), and again got that same effect where the first time I took it, it seemed to be working and stayed on it for almost a month and no effect after the first time. Silicea 30c he gave me for a nasty headache I had the one day and that cured it rapidly. Also believe he tried Belladonna 30c on me too. All this several years ago.

If you have any other questions let me know, but that's about all that really comes to mind at the moment. Thanks!
homeopathyguy last decade
Also got lots of ear infections as a child. Could not tolerate milk, would throw it up, couldn't even take mother's milk (so probably didn't get the important benefit of it for the immune system). As a kid, rarely participated in things, kept to myself, watched others doing things that I wished I could do, never felt like I was good enough to do it.

All through out life, have these thoughts about various relatives dying. Thinks about death and dying a lot. Have had dreams of relatives dying where I wake up in tears, and dealing with the emotional pain as if it had really happened.

(Just some more things that came to mind)
homeopathyguy last decade
when the last time you feel such rage ((as felt back during car dealership time when new guy came to work and such))? none after thattime?

when last time had such dreams of dead ? when exactly these type dreams start?
John Stanton last decade
After leaving the dealership and after the incident on May 8, 2005, when I moved to another state and the relationship with the other girl, lots of rage involved with her, mostly from jealousy when she would do things like say she was considering dating me and then in the next breath be telling me how she wants to go out and get hit on by other guys. Times when we would fight, disagree on things and I wouldn't back down from my position and neither would she, both very stubborn. Never do anything physical to anyone, mostly just will throw things or kick things. Usually like a bag or a box or something. It's been several months since I've had rage like that. And I do tend to flip out when somebody accuses me of something, immediately start trying to defend my position, I start talking really fast, and get louder and louder without even realizing until someone says to me, 'You don't need to shout.' I didn't even know I was shouting. Despite how this seems I'm usually very quite and mild mannered. There are just certain people that I really go head to head with. My mother is another one, and since I've been back home (Pennsylvania), have had a few incidents with her, where she gets my blood boiling so to speak. And really this has been an issue all my life with my mom where we go at it all the time. And my typical reaction is just that I want to get away and leave, remove myself from the situation, when she doesn't let me, if she follows me and continues to prod, then I blow up, lose it. The rage can also be to a lesser degree when I can't get something to work right away. If I'm trying to do something, and I can't seem to do it, I'll struggle for a few minutes and then get mad. I won't give up, but I'll get really mad, upset. When I was younger, my mom used to and still does at times, watch me do something, and if she sees that I'm not doing it the right way or she knows she can do it better (which is all the time), she'll take over, make me give it to her, or take it from me and do it herself, no matter what the task, whether doing dishes, cleaning something, opening a jar, bottle, etc. And so I seem to have that 30 second time frame where if something doesn't work out right away I lose my patience and get upset (I am a very patient person and I can work on something for hours and not give up), but still have that short fuse where I get upset when something doesn't work out or go right, immediately.

Haven't had any dreams of any of my relatives dying lately, it's been a few years. The one, I had been in an argument with my parents and dreamed that my mom had died and woke up crying and really upset, sad, guilty since we were fighting.

Sometimes it will just come as a thought during the day, just out of nowhere, I'll imagine that one of my relatives are dead or that I'm going to their funeral, just thinking about them being dead. That happened just recently which is what made me think of it. A day or two ago, just out of nowhere, started thinking that my grandmother had died.
homeopathyguy last decade
Also would get mad to the point of rage (usually only in regards to my mom), if I find out that she's been saying things about me to others that are less than complementary. And there's also these battles, which hasn't taken place for years, but things which are so petty, where my mom will do whatever she can to get me to do what she wants, and if I don't do it, then she starts threatening me, so she'll say things like, 'If you don't do what I say, then I'm going to tell your grandmother about the time when . . . . digging up things from the past about me as ammunition for the present.' Then I would respond like, 'Fine, I'll just kill myself.' (Wouldn't really do it, but I would try to say things like that hoping to see some love, some sense of compassion from my mom).

And no matter what happens, no matter what I do right, my parents will always bring up the past, always remind me of the past and how I failed in the past, how I didn't do this right, didn't do that right. So then it becomes a case where I always dwell on my past faults/mistakes, can't forget them, move beyond them. Afraid to do anything. I'll think long and hard on something for days, weeks, months, then finally make a decision or so I think, then the next day I'll decide something different, then I'll decide that I should go back to the original idea/plan, whatever. Can't ever make up mind, never know what the right thing to do is, get upset, and just wish someone would tell me what to do. I want to know, I need to know, please, tell me now, and I'll do it. I just don't know what to do.

And my parents always are the devil's advocates in my life, because no matter what position I take, they take the opposite. So when they get upset at me and think I should do something, let's call it X, and I want to do Y, I obsess over the decision and think that Y is the best choice, but then start doubting, not sure if I'm doing the right thing and then start to consider X, so then when I switch over to X, then my parents are starting to go along with Y and then they get upset because they thought I was going to do Y (which they didn't want me to do, and I was trying to please them, to do the right thing, make them happy). So feel like I can't win. IT's easier just to never make a decision. No matter what happens we have to have big discussions about any decision I make, no matter how small, have to give a full report, explain myself, justify my decision, while they give me all the reasons why I shouldn't do such and such and do you remember the time back in 1982 when you, do you remember in 1995 when you, etc. etc. (I'm 29 years old).
homeopathyguy last decade
Homeopathyguy ... have you been to see a healer/medium who is experienced in spirit release? Your metaphysical experiences might have attracted lower vibrations of energies toward you. I would strongly recommend this course of action. Do a search on spirit attachment on the internet for more info.
carlotta last decade
Hi Carlotta,

Thanks for your input. Yes, have been, back when this all first began. Had several people do some clearings on me and everybody says I'm clear.
homeopathyguy last decade
Just a few more things I thought of. Very strong aversion to vinegar, taste and smell. Can't stand it. Many foods I don't care for, don't like, but none repulse me as much as vinegar. Can eat it when it's in something that's stronger, and don't have a bad reaction to it, just don't like it.

Hands are always clammy.

The feeling that I'm rocking back and fourth or swaying or feeling like I'm going to come out of my body and such is very much aggravated if I'm watching TV and see a scene where an airplane is flying, whether I see it from the point of view inside the plane or from outside. And anytime I see any kind of swooping, even a bird that's high up in the air and flying around up high it makes it a lot worse, like my natural reaction is to grab a hold of something, so it could just be something brain/visual stimuli / equilibrium.

Have a family history of difficult cases, usually nothing too serious health related, but nonetheless, chronic problems that seem to resist every treatment tried.

Another peculiar symptom is, always get goosebumps just before having to go to the bathroom (stool).

Also before the incident on May 8, 2005, when I couldn't sleep, the ringing that I have in my ears, or humming or buzzing or whatever, it's hard to describe, at times I feel like it's in my head, other times I feel like it's in my ears. Well, before that day, when I wasn't sleeping well at all, I am sure it was in my head, it was like my Brain was in hyper mode and it wouldn't shut down. When I couldn't sleep the number one thing I would complain about was that my brain just wouldn't shut off, or shut down, like it kept going, even when my body was tired and it wouldn't let me sleep. Sometimes I attribute the humming/buzzing noise to my brain processing information or running like a CPU in a computer or something.

Also sometimes had the sensation that my limbs were swollen energetically, like there was this sensation of my energy extending out beyond where my actual parts where. A sensation of expanding and contracting, almost the rhythmic momvement of an accordion, as if parts were growing larger, expanding. About four years ago, first noticed it on my head, like one day it started happening where I felt this crawling, tingling, energy sensation in my brain, and the first time I tried to describe I remember saying that it felt like there was a baseball cap on my forehead, and I've still got that sensation.
homeopathyguy last decade
any colness/chill or such associated with the goosebumps prior to stooL?
John Stanton last decade
Yes, chilly with goosebumps, with the urging usually comes on right before I go. And it's a sudden thing. I'm one of those people that there's no 'well, maybe I need to use the bathroom. Don't sit and read in the bathroom.' When I have to go, I have to go, and I usually have a few seconds warning. Same thing with urinating. Comes on very suddenely. I'll be fine, won't even be thinking about it and all of a sudden I'll feel like I have got to get to the bathroom ASAP.
homeopathyguy last decade
goosebumps/chills come with the urging?or just before the urging?

how was last nights sleep?
John Stanton last decade
Goosebumps and chills usually come on with urging (sorry that wasn't clearer when I first described it). It will all usually happen at the same time, I'll get the urging, chill type feeling and goosebumps all at once. Anxious, nervous type sensations as well.

Stomach carries on a lot at times (in general, not just when I have urging, but definitely happens a lot when I do feel the urge to go). Makes a lot of noise. The other day someone thought it was thunder outside, but just my stomach, and not because I was feeling nervous or excited or anything or even cause of hunger, just because I felt like I had pressure from gas in stomach, and sometimes don't even have a stool when go to bathroom to relieve, just air/wind. But being nervous definitely can bring the symptoms on as well.

Sleep was okay, didn't have any problems getting to sleep. Can't say I had any dreams. I haven't had as many as I usually do over the past several months. Like they aren't as vivid/detailed.

Something that happens with me a lot is if I do have a dream, I usually don't remember it immediately upon waking, and won't even have the feeling that I was dreaming and just don't remember what it was about, but instead, I'll wake up go about my business and then something will come to mind usually around 10:30-11:30 in the morning and it will be a little bit of something that was part of my dream and I'll first think to myself that it was an event that really happened to me, then after a few seconds I'll realize, 'NO, that didn't happen to me, that was from my dream last night.' Can't tell you how many times this happens to me.

Along those same lines, as far back as I can remember, I would have deja vu type moments, where I would swear I had experienced this exact moment before and as if I could predict what people were going to say before they said it, or like I was predicting in my mind what they were saying as they said it. And also, would just generally look at the world around me and think things to myself like, 'Is this real?' 'Am I really here?' 'Am I really experiencing this?' 'Is that person I'm looking at a really there?'

Something else that is odd, speaking of sleep is I always like to have air blowing on me when I sleep, like to have some noise in the background. If it's too dark I can't sleep, must have some light, and if it's too quiet I can't sleep, need to have some noise going, or my mind just gets restless (almost like by having the noise, it gives my brain something to process, to keep my brain busy, so I can relax) and I can't sleep. Always sleep best on stomach, can't usually sleep if I don't, but tend to sleep in fetal type position when depressed or have strong emotions, usually on my right side.

Wearing more clothing increases my confidence, almost as if it's providing me a layer of protection from the outside world.

Emotions better when outside with strong wind blowing. Like to have winds blowing on me. Get cold very easily, usually wear warm clothes that others wouldn't wear in summer, but at the same time prefer colder weather to hot (even though don't like to be cold). Usually feel happier, more energetic in cold weather than in hot weather.
homeopathyguy last decade
John - Anacardium Orientale ? What do you think?
carlotta last decade
carlotta.-i think that remdy will have this peculiar trait of chill before stool..
John Stanton last decade
always sleep on abdomen? and fetal/right side? never any other way?
John Stanton last decade
Generally I will lay on my back before I go to sleep, laying on back I will think through things in my mind, that's my time to go over and over things, but can't usually sleep that way (sometimes will fall asleep on back, but not often), when I'm serious about getting to sleep, I turn over to sleep on abdomen.

Heavy saliva during sleep. Drool a lot on pillow. Always been this way, and I'd say in the past six months, has increased. Even during the day too. Though it used to be thicker, lately it's almost as if I just have a mouth full of water that I'm swishing in my mouth.

Thought of something else this evening when I ate supper. Prefer cold food to hot (all foods). And like cold drinks, prefer cold, as it relieves thirst more than warm. Absolutely hate drinking water in the morning on waking, no matter if it's cold or hot. Only in morning does it taste very bad, same water later in the day tastes good.

I've been told already that I talk a lot in my sleep. At one point, someone thought I was on the phone having an angry conversation with someone, because I was very loud, sounded upset. I would say something, and then pause like I was listening to the response, then I would respond back. This was a couple years ago, but at the time it was happening pretty regularly, and I was of course not aware of it.
Herbalguy451 last decade
Sorry about the name change, that last post was me, wasn't using my own computer.

Carlotta, in regards to the spirit attachment, forgot to mention that many people in past have suggested to me that I'm going through Spiritual Awakening - Kundalini symptoms.

Do have a sense of no other way to describe it other than energy coming through my forehead and feet tingling like crazy, and it's not a normal tingling like part of a disease, nerve related issue.

A practitioner who deals with energy healing recommends using mylar blanket (like those emergency blankets you can buy at walmart) to protect against geopathic stress / electromagnetic energies and other harmful vibrations (He says that it resets the brain's response to those energies). If i put that over my head, I can greatly reduce that tingling sensation in my head and the ringing in my ears, the noise in my head almost completely goes away. Really odd, but it does work.
homeopathyguy last decade
i do you respond to masgae therepy ?

what was going on in life whe taling in sleep was occurring?
John Stanton last decade
When my primary complaint was my chronic muscle pain/tension, yes, massage therapy did help that. Haven't had a massage in a long while. Does help to relax me. And my chronic pain was always better by human touch. Even emotions better by human touch.

The talking in sleep I believe might have been around the same time as the dreams with dead relatives. Can't say for sure what was going on, don't think there was anything major, also believe I was seeing the homeopath at that time, wish I could remember, but can't say for sure what remedy I was on exactly at that time. I was at the car dealership, so always stress there, but not to the point with the new guy yet. He only came a year or two later.

Before the incident on May 8th, 2005 when I had really been doing a lot of the psychic/intuitive work, I did notice that I felt like my brain was having problems like felt as if my memory wasn't as sharp as it usually is. Having trouble remembering things, having trouble coming up with the right word when talking, tending to slur my words some. My long term memory has always been so much better than my short term memory. There would be times that I would lock the door at night and then five minutes later wonder if I locked the door, and then go check, and every once in awhile, I would forget still a third time and recheck. Often takes me hearing something several times before it's committed to memory, but then it usually stays in memory and I can remember things from long ago that nobody else can.

Tend to invert numbers a lot when writing. Not so much mixing up words, mostly numbers. Example if somebody tells me 3456, I might have written down 4356.
homeopathyguy last decade
Also of note, even at a very young age, had lots of thoughts of death, fear of, not like now though. Would spend a lot of time thinking about death.
homeopathyguy last decade

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