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Remedies discussed in multiple threads for bedwetting:
Apocynum Cannabinum2
Arsenicum Album2
Asparagus Officinalis2
Baryta Carbonica3
Benzoic Acid.2
Calcarea Carbonica7
Calcarea Fluorata2
Calcarea Hypophosphorosa3
Calcarea Phosphorica4
Convolvulus Duartinus2
Equisetum Hyemale7
Ferrum Metallicum3
Gelsemium Sempervirens3
Gratiola Officinalis2
Grindelia Robusta3
Hyoscyamus Niger2
Ignatia Amara2
Kali Carbonicum2
Kali Phosphoricum2
Lycopodium Clavatum4
Mercurius Vivus2
Natrum Carbonicum2
Natrum Muriaticum4
Natrum Phosphoricum2
Nux Vomica2
Platinum Metallicum2
Pulsatilla Nigricans4
Rhus Tox2
Sabal Serrulata3
Sanicula Aqua2
Secale Cornutum2
Thuja Occidentalis2

Causticum 30 working for bedwetting unsure how to proceed 6

My son is 15 has never had a break with bedwetting, has always struggled with this. Causticum was reccomended and is working, 5 pillules 1/2hr before bedtime. How long do we contin...
Remedies: Causticum
Started by harmony671. Last post: 2018-04-28

8 year old nightly bedwetting and regular pants wetting 24

My 8 year old daughter wears pull ups every night because she wets her bed every night. She also periodically wets her pants during the day, sometimes once a week and sometimes 3-4...
Remedies: Silicea, Calcarea Fluorata, Fagopyrum, Asparagus Officinalis, Belladonna, Bioplasma, Natrum Muriaticum, Calcarea Phosphorica, Ferrum Metallicum
Started by ttflutegal. Last post: 2017-09-05

Bedwetting - 9 year old girl 5

My child bed wet she is lean and doesnot have good appetite and she has gas.suggest remedies...
Remedies: Benzoic Acid., Kali Phosphoricum, Silicea
Started by sdharmm1972. Last post: 2021-04-19

Bedwetting in 11 yo with congenital disorder - getting exhausted 22

Child's First Name: Linda Age: 11 years Height: 154 cm Weight: 60 Birth weight: 3300 g (european size) Hair color: it used to be blond, now it’s getting darker Rac...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Colibacillinum cum Natrum Muriaticum, Heracleum Sphondylium, Sulphur, Cina, Causticum, Sepia, Calcarea Hypophosphorosa, Baryta Carbonica
Started by kattie_b. Last post: 2018-04-04

5-yo girl, constipation, encopresis, bedwetting 5

My daughter very much dislikes going to the bathroom. She's much too busy to be bothered with it. I see that she needs to go, and tell her to go, and she sometimes denies it o...
Remedies: Aesculus Glabra
Started by Spinny. Last post: 2017-08-15

Bedwetting problem for my 12 year old son 1

Hi - My son is 12 yrs and he wets the bed everyday. I try to wake him up at midnight.. sometime if he wakes up, he does not wet the bed in the night but there are days when he wet...
Started by pp1411. Last post: 2017-08-02

Bedwetting 1

age 26 male weight 85 having bed wet problem 8 to 12 times in a month. increses during winter also high blood pressure...
Remedies: Gaster galli
Started by cybernadeem. Last post: 2017-04-06

7.5 years old boy bedwetting 3

hello my son who is now 7.5 years old is always bedwetting. i tried everything. sometimes when i wake him up during thr night (specially school nights) he wakes up clean but during...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Sulphur
Started by roushw. Last post: 2016-01-30

Bedwetting in 8 year old 2

My 8 year old daughter wets the bed every night. We have tried many things. Nothing has worked. The only other thing that I have noticed is that her lips are always dry. It seem...
Started by ajo. Last post: 2015-12-03

7 year old girl bedwetting issue 3

My 7 year old daughter has never been able to sleep through the night without bedwetting, often she did it when she napped as well. She is a very deep sleeper and typically wets e...
Started by shannon888. Last post: 2015-04-27

11year old son bedwetting 18

Hi..thank you for your help. My son is a smart,very active boy...physically strong yet thin loves sports. He is a bit shy with adults initially, but very social with peers. Has som...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by eyewearinsight . Last post: 2014-06-21

Seeking remedy for a bedwetting child 29

Hi, My son is going to be 12 soon, and he has never been dry. Please help. I've tried many things and it seems nothing is really working. Thank you very much in advance....
Remedies: Grindelia Robusta, Calcarea Carbonica, Phosphorus, Equisetum Hyemale, Calcarea Fluorata, Calcarea Phosphorica
Started by gulayim. Last post: 2014-06-15

BedWetting Belladonna Questions 26

Hello. I am very new to homeopathy, but willing to try anything to help my 10 yr old boy with bed wetting. He is a healthy boy, rarely even a head cold, stutters when excited, but ...
Remedies: Belladonna, Stramonium, Tilia Europoea, Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by angellgood. Last post: 2013-08-21

Bedwetting in child 7

Looking to determine correct remedy for 7 yr. old girl. She holds urine fine during day, but not at night. She's primary (never has held through night). Struggled w/constip...
Started by blumtnmama. Last post: 2013-08-15

Adenoids in 3 year old and bedwetting 1

Hi all, my little niece, 3.5 years old, has been on and off colds, stuffed nose for the last 2 years. She gets better, goes to the nursery and is ill again. There is constant cata...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by miaki. Last post: 2013-02-06

Bedwetting and teeth problem 1

my three year old girl child has a problem of bedwetting. she bedwets four or five times every night even if the quantity of water consumed is not much. lately she involuntarily ur...
Started by pcthahir. Last post: 2012-12-18

6 year old boy bedwetting 2

My 6 year old is still bedwetting. He was dry from 18 months until 28 months and then he had a bad fall, and was in the hospital for 4 days. He is generally healthy, had a real hig...
Started by junick. Last post: 2012-11-23

8 year boy bedwetting and frustrated 253

Dear Sameer, I have a child that seem to be unbalanced somehow. I have tried to fill in the questionnaire and hope that you have any suggestion on what remedy to try. QUESTIONNAIR...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Platinum Metallicum, Silicea, Calcarea Carbonica, Calcarea Hypophosphorosa, Arsenicum Album, Sanicula Aqua, Tuberculinum, Sambucus Nigra, Lycopodium Clavatum, Sulphur, Kissingen, Natrum Carbonicum, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Kali Carbonicum, Natrum Muriaticum, Calcarea Phosphorica, Grindelia Robusta
Started by Tintintin. Last post: 2012-11-19

Reg bedwetting problem 5

My daughter 10 yrs old , bed wets everynight , since past 6 months i give her dr reckewegR74 but no results. please advice some appropriate effective remedy.....thanks...
Started by samira99. Last post: 2012-08-23

Bedwetting in 6 year old 1

I apologize now as this will be long, but I want to give all the details I can. My oldest just turned 6 last week and up until trying some remedies recently has never been dry over...
Started by lovemy3boys. Last post: 2012-07-26

Bedwetting 10

My daughter age 7 wets the bed every night. She has never been dry. Even with going to the bathroom before bed, limiting liquids she will wet a lot every night often wetting throu...
Remedies: Causticum, Belladonna
Started by nmpgordon. Last post: 2012-01-19

Nighttime bedwetting in a 4 year old 3

Hi there, My son is 4 years old and he is still sleeping in a dieper. Every morning the training pants are full to the max and sometimes cannot absorb all the urin and the sheet is...
Started by ilko26. Last post: 2012-01-17

Bedwetting problem with 8 yr old son 9

Hello, I need help with my 8 yr old son who has sever bed-wetting problem. He needs to be woken up every 2 hours to prevent wetting his bed. If I get late in any of the intervals,...
Started by krishnakant. Last post: 2011-06-29

14 year old girl bedwetting 4

My daughter has never been dry at night. We have tried alarms, removing wheat and dairy from her diet. She wets about 3 or more times each night. I used the Remedy Finder on here a...
Remedies: Equisetum Hyemale, Equisetum Arvense
Started by jimrox. Last post: 2011-06-29

5.5 year old still bedwetting heavily at night - can anyone help? 6

My 5 and a half year old daughter has never been dry at night and I am wondering whether this is something that can be helped with homeopathy? She is very wet and often changes her...
Remedies: Grindelia Robusta, Bellis Perennis, Granatum Punica, Digitalis Purpurea
Started by MrsKJsings. Last post: 2011-01-20

Night Bedwetting - 5 yo boy 5

Hi, My son just turned 5. He was fully day toilet trained by 2 1/2 yo. I was hoping he would grow out of his night bedwetting by now. He wears a nappy/pull up everyday and it is we...
Remedies: Hyoscaminum, Hyoscyamus Niger, Gratiola Officinalis
Started by winuby. Last post: 2010-11-11

Bedwetting 3 year old 3

I'm hoping someone can respond to this message. I have a 3 and a half year old son who's been daytime potty trained for a year now (does great no accidents). But at nigh...
Started by karinamom. Last post: 2010-08-31

Bedwetting case of a kid 5

Hi all Doctors, I am planning belladona 1M single dose for a bedwetting case of a 3.5 yrs old boy who is sharp minded, worries in dreams, little bit disturbed mentally due to the ...
Remedies: Belladonna, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Equisetum Hyemale
Started by zafer_sm. Last post: 2010-01-16

6yr old bedwetting 21

hi my son is constantly wetting the bed and he is getting really embarassed and doesnt want friends over because of this problem just in case they see his drynights. he is hard to ...
Started by kris01. Last post: 2009-10-13

Bedwetting in the night 5

hi, I have a 17 years brother who has bedwetting problem since last more than 10 years. My brother is healthy and like spicy food. Is there homeo remedy to to help his bedwettin...
Remedies: Benzinum, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Causticum, Kreosotum, Sepia, Psorinum, Equisetum Hyemale, Ignatia Amara, Apocynum Cannabinum, Belladonna, Convolvulus Duartinus, Ferrum Metallicum, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Rhus Tox, Sabal Serrulata, Secale Cornutum, Cina, Sulphur
Started by imtiazahmedjesu. Last post: 2009-06-05

Bedwetting in oldest three boys and none of the 5 youngest siblings. HELP! 13

Hi, I am a Mother of 8. My oldest three (ages 10,9, and 8 are all bedwetters. None of the younger siblings (who are out of diapers) have troubles. The only thing that we can think ...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by MommyofMany. Last post: 2009-04-22

5 yr old with eczema, molluscum, bedwetting 21

My 6 year old son has had molluscum for 3 years on his buttocks and thighs. They come and go, but the area is not clear even after using Thuja. He also has some itchy spots of ec...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum, Rubia Tinctorum, Galium Aparine
Started by tlzak. Last post: 2009-03-15

7 yr old bedwetting 1

my 7 yr old son had stopped wetting the bed at nights when he turned 4. till 4and half he never wet the bed, but since then he has been wetting the bed every night once sometimes e...
Started by tiredmom. Last post: 2009-02-28

Bedwetting 3

my 9yr old son has been wetting the bed ever since . he weighs 35 kg . he has had lycopodium , cuasticum etc but nothing helps . pl advise...
Remedies: Causticum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Baryta Carbonica, Mercurius Vivus, Silicea
Started by ajaysmriti. Last post: 2009-01-19

101 Tips To Stop Your Child's Bedwetting Forever 0

Visit my website and review my best selling ebook on 101 Tips To Stop Your Child's Bedwetting Forever...
Started by imrismark. Last post: 2008-12-28

7 year old bedwetting 1

Hi, My step daughter has just come out from Mauritus to live with me and her father. Her mother died when she was three. She is wetting the bed everynight. After reading some...
Started by kerryann. Last post: 2008-10-25

Adeniods - Eczema - Bedwetting 7

My son who is 6 1/2 years old is suffering from various problems. Detials mentioned below: 1. Adeniods. 2. Tonsils operated 1.5 years back. 3. Fat ( 35 KG). 4. Anemic. 5. Hung...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Mrs_Sam. Last post: 2008-02-06

Bedwetting in 5 year old boy 6

hi everyone, i would like to get some advice regarding my 5.5 year old son and bedwetting. he had a normal birth and he is generally a happy child. he is sensitive though but get...
Started by mother2. Last post: 2008-01-27

Tight hamstrings, bedwetting , dandruff and gaining muscle weight 7

Hi, My name is Nicolas and I am 17 years old. I eat natural foods from birth but I am hoping you can help me with these few symptoms. I struggle with very tight hamstrings. What ...
Remedies: Selenium
Started by Nicolas. Last post: 2007-11-29

Bedwetting in child 142

my six year daughter is suffering from severe bedwetting & chattering of teeth at night I gave her CINA 30 then switched to CINA 200 for 4 days (twice daily) but to no affect kindl...
Remedies: Causticum, Sepia, Equisetum Hyemale, Lycopodium Clavatum, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Benzoic Acid., Belladonna, Opium, Silicea, Carbo Vegetabilis, Cina, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Calcarea Carbonica, Zincum Metallicum, Benzinum, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Gummi Ammoniacum, Aconitum Napellus, Antimonium Crudum, Apis Mellifica, Arnica Montana, Arsenicum Album, Artemisia Vulgaris, Asa Foetida, Atropinium, Aurum Metallicum, Baryta Carbonica, Bryonia, Camphora , Cantharis, Carbolic Acid, Chamomilla, Cicuta Virosa, Coffea Cruda, Colchicum Autumnale, Convolvulus Duartinus, Crotalus Horridus, Cuprum Metallicum, Gratiola Officinalis, Hyoscyamus Niger, Ignatia Amara, Laurocerasus, Lyssin (Hydrophobinum), Mercurius Vivus, Morphinum, Nux Vomica, Plumbum Metallicum, Podophyllum Peltatum, Secale Cornutum, Stramonium, Veratrum Album, Calcarea Hypophosphorosa, Caladium Seguinum, Cuprum Oxydatum Nigrum, Allium Cepa, Chimaphila Umbellata, Dolichos Pruriens, Ferrum Metallicum, Filix Mas, Graphites, Natrum Muriaticum, Natrum Phosphoricum, Nux Moschata, Petroleum, Ruta Graveolens, Sabadilla, Sinapis Nigra, Spigelia Anthelmia, Spongia Tosta, Stannum Metallicum, Terebinthina, Teucrium Marum Verum, Abrotanum, Aceticum Acidum, Agnus Castus, Antimonium Tartaricum, Asarum Europaeum, Baryta Muriatica, Carboneum Sulphuratum, Croton Tiglium, Ferrum Muriaticum, Indigo, Magnesia Carbonica, Magnesia Sulphurica, Platinum Metallicum, Urtica Urens, Valeriana, Allium Sativum, Anacardium Orientale, Chelidonium Majus, Ferrum Sulphuricum, Kali Carbonicum, Rhus Tox, Argentum Nitricum, Carbo Animalis, Fragaria Vesca, Magnesia Muriatica, Natrum Carbonicum, Ascaris, Agaricus Muscarius, Bovista, Cyclamen Europaeum, Kali Bromatum, Mercurius Iodatus Flavus, Phytolacca Decandra, Psorinum, Vipera, Ammonium Carbonicum, Argentum Metallicum, Cocculus Indicus, Dulcamara, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Kreosotum, Lachesis, Muriaticum Acidum, Nitricum Acidum, Phosphoricum Acidum, Senega, Squilla hispanica, Taraxacum, Kali Phosphoricum, Rheum, Sabal Serrulata, Staphysagria, Tuberculinum, Borax, Cannabis Sativa, Alumina, Ammonium Muriaticum, Ambra Grisea, Capsicum Annuum, Carduus Marianus, Collinsonia Canadensis, Colocynthis, Daphne Indica, Guaiacum, Hydrastis Canadensis, Iodium, Kali Bichromicum, Manganum Metallicum, Menyanthes, Mezereum, Oleander, Rhododendron, Sabina, Sarsaparilla, Selenium, Sulphuricum Acidum, Thuja Occidentalis, Verbascum Thapsus, Crocus Sativus, Echinacea Purpurea, Saponinum, Uva Ursi, Scilla Maritima, Viburnum Opulus, Apocynum Cannabinum, Coca, Linaria Vulgaris, Medorrhinum, Plantago Major, Radium, Sanicula Aqua, Santoninum, Thyroidinum, Apocynum Androsaemifolium, Conium Maculatum, Naphthalin, Ratanhia, Tanacetum Vulgare, Argentum Cyanidum, Eryngium Maritimum, Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Hydrangea Arborescens, Uranium Nitricum, Actaea Spicata, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Aethusa Cynapium, Aletris Farinosa, Aloe Socotrina, Alumen, Anagallis Arvensis, Anatherum Muricatum, Angustura Vera, Anthracinum, Aphis Chenopodii Glauci, Arsenicum Hydrogenisatum, Arsenicum Iodatum, Arsenicum Metallicum, Arum Maculatum, Arum Triphyllum, Arundo Mauritanica, Asparagus Officinalis, Asterias Rubens, Aurum Muriaticum, Baptisia Tinctoria, Bismuthum Oxidatum, Bromium, Bufo Rana, Cadmium Metallicum, Cahinca, Calcarea Phosphorica, Calcarea Sulphurica, Chininum Arsenicosum, Chlorinum ( Chlorum ), Cinnamomum, Cinnabaris (Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber), Clematis Erecta, Coccus Cacti, Crotalus Cascavella, Cuprum Arsenicosum, Drosera Rotundifolia, Eugenia Jambos, Eupatorium Purpureum, Euphorbium, Ferrum Arsenic, Ferrum Iodatum, Ferrum Magneticum, Hydrofluoricum Acidum, Gambogia, Glonoin, Helonias Dioica, Hippozaenium, Hydrocyanicum Acidum, Ipecacuanha, Iris Versicolor, Jaborandi (Pilocarpus), Jatropha Curcas, Kali Arsenicosum, Kali Chloricum, Kali Iodatum, Kali Sulphuricum, Kalmia Latifolia, Lac Caninum, Lachnanthes Tinctoria, Lactic Acid., Lactuca Virosa, Lilium Tigrinum, Lobelia Inflata, Mancinella (Hippomanes), Mercurius Corrosivus, Mercurius Cyanatus, Mercurius Dulcis, Mercurius Iodatus Ruber, Naja Tripudia, Natrum Arsenicum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Niccolum Metallicum, Oenanthe Crocata, Oleum Animale, Oxalicum Acidum, Phellandrium, Polygonum Hydropiperoides, Ptelea Trifoliata, Ranunculus Bulbosus, Ranunculus Sceleratus, Sanguinaria Canadensis, Thea Sinensis, Viola Tricolor
Started by navneet43. Last post: 2007-09-20

Bedwetting in child 19

hi everyone my problem is I have a daughter 6years old she is suffering from bedwetting problem we have tried all sorts of medicines but to no avail. She urinates 3-4 times in a ni...
Remedies: Cina
Started by navneet43. Last post: 2007-08-28

Child's night bedwetting 23

Hi, my 5 year old son is wetting his bed practically every night. We do take him to the toilet at around 11pm. He has plenty of arguments why he does not go to the toilet at night ...
Remedies: Equisetum Hyemale
Started by coase. Last post: 2007-07-28

Bedwetting in 9 year old boy 10

this is my first request for help. My intelligent, bright, energetic, sporty, sensitive boy is still wetting the bed. At age 6 I took him to a homeopath who gave him lycopodium, ov...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum, Phosphorus, Natrum Phosphoricum
Started by weedotty. Last post: 2006-11-12

5 year old bedwetting 7

Hi my 5 year old is still wetting the bed every night,she doesnt have anything to drink an hour before bed she goes to bed about 6.30 we get her up at 9,30 to go to the toilet and ...
Remedies: Equisetum Hyemale
Started by stuster21775. Last post: 2006-09-02

Bedwetting in 9-year-old girl 2

I hope someone has some helpful advice for us. Our daughter, who just turned 9, wets her bed every night. The doctors Ive spoken with are simply no help at all.Weve tried cutting...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Cinnamomum
Started by jolie. Last post: 2005-03-02

Bedwetting 11 year old girl 6

Hello everyone,I have an 11 year old daughter who wets the bed at night. She has only ever had a dry spells that last one or two weeks, She has been this way since potty training, ...
Remedies: Staphysagria, Cinnamomum, Sabal Serrulata
Started by bertie. Last post: 2005-01-28

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