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Remedies discussed in multiple threads for lipoma:
Arnica Montana4
Baryta Carbonica6
Calcarea Carbonica10
Calcarea Fluorata4
Conium Maculatum2
Kali Iodatum3
Lapis Albus8
Nitricum Acidum2
Nux Vomica3
Phytolacca Decandra3
Pulsatilla Nigricans2
Thuja Occidentalis9

Lipoma treatment 1

Any suggestion for the Lipoma treatment by homeopathy....
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Chinmoy2. Last post: 2019-12-01

Lipoma (fatty ball) 2

i am suffering with lipoma under armpit. I think it is the starting stage. i tried in english medicine, but cure. please tell me medicine...
Started by subrahmanyam. Last post: 2019-10-07

I am suffering from lipoma 59

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is vikash Kumar. I am 35 years old, Suffering from lipoma from last six years. Some of lipoma in both of my hand. Some in my stomach. When it started it wa...
Remedies: Ferrum Metallicum, Thuja Occidentalis, Sulphur, Baryta Carbonica
Started by Vikash_83. Last post: 2019-01-14

Lipoma cure help 22

hello doctors, its been 3-4 years since I am suffering from lipoma problem. there are lipoma around the upper part of my body. some lipoma in my belly,hand,back are very hard and i...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Nux Vomica, Thuja Occidentalis, Sulphur
Started by ghostas. Last post: 2018-09-17

Lipoma cure 8

hello doctors, I am a 24 year unmarried male. there is lipoma around my belly and hand and near hip. one is vey hard sometimes it felt hurt, all other are soft and small in size. ...
Started by ghostas. Last post: 2018-09-16

Lipoma 5

My self Manohar kothari having problem of Lipoma size7X3 cm. It is from last 10 year approx. Now the same is painful. I have latest test report.The contents of the report are '...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Calcarea Carbonica, Nux Vomica, Silicea
Started by Manohar Kothari. Last post: 2018-08-06

Very large benign tumour / lipoma on right buttock/hip 1

Very large benign tumour / lipoma on right buttock/hip Sex: Male Age: 20  Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recolle...
Remedies: Dulcamara, Majorana
Started by aethelberg. Last post: 2018-04-23

Suffering from lipoma ...5 in body all are small 1

hello i am dheeraj age 24 i m suffering from lipoma... 1. non vegiterian. spicy food 2. acidic problem 3. height 5 foot 4. normal body , nither thin nor fat. wgt 52[Edited by dheer...
Started by dheeraj2. Last post: 2018-03-07

Lipoma 2018 1

Hi Is there any cure for lipoma? I have multiple lipomas on my arms , abdomen , thighs. Do not know how many years but been a lot. Smoking - yes , Drinking - yes . Eating habit...
Started by lipomafighter. Last post: 2018-03-06

Lipoma 1

I've a lipoma since 5 years,,, I'm taking Thuja 1M ,am I doing correct? Plz reply me sir....I'm in great distress....
Started by Biplobsekh. Last post: 2018-02-24

Lipoma 58

I have been searching and have not yet found a post that answers the question of how to get rid of or reduce lipomas with homeopathic medicine. I had one excised several years ago ...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Lapis Albus, Majorana, Fucus vesiculosus, Calcarea Carbonica, Silicea, Thuja Occidentalis, Kali Iodatum, Anthrokokali, Castor Equi
Started by lumpy. Last post: 2018-01-07

Lipoma 1

Sirmy 9 yr old daughter is suffring for 2 yr from Lipoma on left side cheek it is 1cm in size and icreasing by the day.till now her was used 2 files of Cal. Flour. 6x countinue Th...
Started by Oichog. Last post: 2017-12-28

Suffering from multiple lipoma 1

Doctor please help me ,I am suffering from multiple lipoma from last 9years . I took homeopathic medicine ielipoma A84 drops but no use . My lipoma is growing rapidly. Am not obes...
Started by Harishhari. Last post: 2017-12-11

Lipoma problem since last 4 years 1

Good morning Doctor, My name is Vipin Kumar Sharma. I am suffering from multiple lipoma's in my body since last 4 years and now i am realizing that some lipoma's are inc...
Started by vipin3. Last post: 2017-11-25

Lipoma 1

hello doctor, i also have this problem. There are numbers of lipomas through out my body and are increasing in size and number everymonth. I am very much worried Please tell me ho...
Started by kalai1. Last post: 2017-10-29

Lipoma 1

my wife has lipoma at slightly down to the right shoulder with acute pain. Is there any remedy to cure....
Started by myvaibhav27. Last post: 2017-10-02

Please Help with lipoma doctor ( Dr. Kadwa Can you please help) 6

I am Tahir suffering from lipoma since last 11 yrs. There are approximately 20 to 30 lipoma's all over the body (arms, back, stomach and many in thigh portion). I do not have ...
Started by tahir11. Last post: 2017-03-13

Please Help with Lipoma It will be helpful If I can get responce of Dr. Reva/ DR. Nawaz Khan or other Experianced doctor 0

I am Tahir suffering from lipoma since last 11 yrs. There are approximately 20 to 30 lipoma's all over the body (arms, back, stomach and many in thigh portion). I do not have ...
Started by tahir11. Last post: 2017-03-07

Medicine for Lipoma 2

hello doctor i am Narendra and i am suffering from lipoma in my both arms( 7-8 each arm) and in my backside(5-6) since 10-12 years and new ones are also developing. one is painfu...
Started by nkgupta. Last post: 2017-02-01

Teupne - Need help for Lipoma problems 20

Teupne, I need your help for Lipomas. My father has this problem.He is 76 years old man.He has two big lipomas on his head scalp.The size of each lipoma is like that of a big oni...
Started by Kamal1. Last post: 2016-10-28

Having multiple Lipoma on body 5

Sir i am from india. My age is 24 years .i have multiple lipomas on my body since 4 years.Multiple kind of Ayurvedic remedies are tried but there would be no any kind of significan...
Started by MKJ102. Last post: 2016-07-25

Kindly suggest treatment for Lipoma 3

Sir, My age is 36 years. I have a lipoma on back (left side) of my neck. This is from last 3 to 3.5 years. I have tried several homeopathic medicines(under a homeopathic doctor c...
Started by abhay78. Last post: 2016-06-13

Treatment for Lipoma 1

Hi sir, I have been suffering from Lipomas. There are a number of lipoma balls in my body everywhere. Please do recommend me the necessary medicines and their intake procedure. Tha...
Started by abhiverma8055. Last post: 2016-02-29

Lipoma problem in body 1

Name: Shesh Kumar Mishra Profession: Software Developer Working on computer :10-12 hrs/day Having Lipoma problem : last 5 years Eating: vegetarian, healthy and spicy foods too Gen...
Started by shesh1. Last post: 2016-02-29

Lipoma 0

i m suffering from lipoma on my arms ,abdomen ,thighs since last 10 years ,i was taking homeopathy medicine in local by there is no improvement,please suggest me best homeopathy m...
Started by RAMESH3. Last post: 2016-02-07

Lipoma Treatment 1

Hi, I am having multipule lipoma on my forearms, thighs, abdomen and on hip. Can some one let me know the effective treatment of this problem. my health is normal, age-30 years,...
Started by tasvvar. Last post: 2016-01-20

Lipoma treatment using staphysagria 0

sir, plese tell me can i take staphysagria dilution liquid for treatment for lipoma. doctor prescribed me the same but as i went through the internet it is showing me that this sta...
Started by deepc48. Last post: 2016-01-16

Medicine for lipoma 62

hello doctor i am anubha and i am suffering from lipoma in my both arms and in my thigh portion since 8-10 years and new ones are also developing. i have no other dieseas. i can sl...
Remedies: Majorana, Conium Maculatum
Started by anubha agrawal. Last post: 2016-01-14

Medicine for Lipoma 5

I am suffering from lipoma from last 10 yrs first its start from my arms but now its increasing very fast and some are very big in size around one inch. Please suggest me what medi...
Started by Sahilkhan1. Last post: 2016-01-11

Multiple Lipoma 15

I have multiple lipoma in all over my body. These are about 35 . Mostly they are present in my right hand. They looks very bad. I want to remove them by taking medicines. So plz te...
Started by Aakash Deval. Last post: 2016-01-01

Lipoma medicine 0

i have 50 up lipoma in my body under skin which move when tuch.plz name of homeo medicine...
Started by jashim261065. Last post: 2015-11-06

Lipoma 3

hello doctor, am 39 years old male from pune. intially i had 2-3 lipoma on my right & left hand which have grown in size over past few years and many have occured on my back an...
Started by redoxide. Last post: 2015-11-02

Medicine for lipoma 15

I am 29 years old male. I have lipoma all over my arms and legs. 18 on arms and 8 on legs. 1 on stomach and 1 on back. It started 10 years ago. But the first lipoma was very small...
Started by gaurav sat. Last post: 2015-10-20

Lipoma 0

suffering from lipoma for last 10-12 years but still couldn't get proper remedy till date. it is more than 100 in the whole body and at some places and in belly area are in bi...
Started by ravikantmdp. Last post: 2015-09-28

Lipoma 1

Hello Doctor, My age is 41. I also have this problem. There are numbers of lipomas through out my body and are increasing in size and number everymonth. I am very much worried Plea...
Started by sonamahindra. Last post: 2015-09-07

Lipoma all over my body 11

Dear Doctor, I am currently suffering from multiple lipoma over my both arms, biceps and triceps. There are few more lipomas forming over my thighs and right chest. Few of them are...
Started by sat19. Last post: 2015-08-25

Lipoma or adenofibroma, fatty tissues all over body 16

Dear Dr., My name is Neetigya, I am male, 26. I am suffering from Lipoma or adenofibroma. basically they fatty tissues all around my body. Some of them are quite big in size and s...
Started by Neetigya. Last post: 2015-08-25

Lipoma 5

Hello Doctor I am Salahuddin khan and i am suffering from lipoma in my both arms and in my stomach portion since 4-6 years and new ones are also developing. i have high cholestero...
Started by salahuddinr. Last post: 2015-08-14

Kadwa - Lipoma Problems 4

Dr.Kadwa, I have a post for my lipoma problem for which you replied me to take Staphysagria 1M and I made this new post for my father who is 76 years old man.He also has 2 big lipo...
Started by Arunn. Last post: 2015-08-02

Kadwa - Need remedies for lipoma 3

Dear Dr.s, I am Arun and 31 years old male.I have 2 lipomas in my head scalp and they are of size of a small onion and I am unable to hide it by my hair.I am always asked by those ...
Started by Arunn. Last post: 2015-07-23

Lipoma 1

29yrs Male from Mumbai I observed first lipoma on my forearm in 2006-7. It was very small in size. Today 2015 I have many on my body. The old ones are getting bigger and new ones ...
Started by blrmaratha. Last post: 2015-07-18

Lipoma 6

hi I'm raj I Have 13 Lipoma I am 23 years old yes I do mustarbation from last 8 years once a day please suggest me proper medicine I listen that mustarbation cause lipoma is ...
Started by raj p. Last post: 2015-07-06

Lipoma 3

hi, this is shoyeb.i am a student. last couple of years I am suffering multiple lipoma around my stomach, arms,chest. most of them are tiny, sometimes are hard to find.on the contr...
Started by shoyeb. Last post: 2015-06-27

Lipoma and Ulcerative Collitis 4

I have multiple LIPOMAs over my right arm from last many years. But they have started increasing in size and there is slight pain also. I am a patient of ulcerative colitis from l...
Started by suminder. Last post: 2015-06-21

Multilpe lipoma on hands thighs and on stomach, Really fed up with it, 4

Hi i am rishi from bangalore, I am 25 yrs old tall and medium built(5'.9"-68kg) male, I have all type of food in hotel everyday like idly,dosa,roti,rice,all snacks ,no alcoho...
Started by Rishi iam. Last post: 2015-06-01

Lipoma all over hands,stomach,buttocks,thighs 1

lipoma all over my hands,stomach,buttocks,thighs. (>40)non-painful but growing in size and number.My details are follows Age:38,Sex:Male,body built:average suffering from asthma s...
Started by sumanonline. Last post: 2015-05-23

Medicine needed for Lipoma 50

Sir, I am Siva and 30 years old male staying in chennai.I have 4 lipomas in my right hand and 1 in my head scalp but with no pains.Last week, I found 3 more in my left hand but ver...
Started by siva1234. Last post: 2015-04-26

Suffering from lipoma 5

i am 25 year old . Please suggest about it[message edited by sachin barka on Mon, 26 Dec 2016 07:19:26 UTC]...
Started by sachin barka. Last post: 2015-04-14

Dr.Kadwa-Need help for Lipoma problems 0

Sir, I am Moorthy and 35 years old.I have 4 lipomas in my head scalp.Two of them are of a small onion size and the other two is yet to grow.I have 4 lipomas in my right hand and 2...
Started by Moorty2014. Last post: 2015-03-25

Lipoma 1

i have various lipoma throughout body i want to know what is cure testimoney and there is any connection between lipoma and sex...
Started by prakash rai. Last post: 2015-03-13

Request Lipoma remedy 1

1. ID adee72 2. Age 43 3. Sex M 4. Single/Married: Married 5. weight 68 6. Height .175cm (5'10") 7. country India 8. climate Tropical (hot n humid like on seashores) 9. List ...
Started by adee72. Last post: 2015-02-20

Lipoma - Need remedy 3

Hi, I am 34 year male. Form last 3-4 years I am suffering from Lipoma. So many glands. I also have problem of Asthama. A doctor has prescribed me to take Calcarea fluor 12X...
Started by niteshgp. Last post: 2015-02-14

Dr.AkshayMohl: Pl give treatment for Lipoma problem 5

Dr., As you have said I created a new post for my lipoma problem.I have lipomas in my hands,head.I don't have pain in my lipomas.Some 15 years ago I got hit in my head by a st...
Started by BMTY1234. Last post: 2015-01-20

Lipoma 4

Dear Sir, My name is Biijender from Sonipat(haryana) I have many lipomas in my body. they are painless but i want to get rid of if, so kindly tell me best treatment for this. Age-...
Started by Bijender Kumar. Last post: 2014-12-29

Lipoma related 1

sir,i am 26 yrs old.having lipoma on the upper part of the body(186 no.s).some of them are painful.i prefer only homeopathy..is there any remedy please..give me some advice...
Started by souviksarkar39. Last post: 2014-12-23

Lipoma related 1

sir help me plz....
Started by souviksarkar39. Last post: 2014-12-23

Medicine for Lipoma 5

Hi, I m suffering for lipoma over 3years. I m 28. sex-Male. I like to eat fish,vegetable,mite,and normal food. I m a student. I use laptop for 4/5 hours a day. I live in Bangladesh...
Started by Tanvir0584. Last post: 2014-11-11

Medicin for lipoma 1

Hi, I m suffering for lipoma over 20years. I m 38. sex-Male. I like to eat fish,vegetable,mite,and normal food. I m a student. I use laptop for 4/5 hours a day. I live in Banglades...
Started by amirul. Last post: 2014-11-11

All Dr.s PLS attention here about LIPOMA 3

Pls all Dr.s of this forum : I m humbly requesting to all u Dr.s of this forum, pls share all ur experiences about Lipoma and multiple Lipoma treatment here. Pls also b kind enoug...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Silicea
Started by Dr. Showrav. Last post: 2014-11-08

Multi lipoma 2

Please suggest me the treatment for the multi lipoma in the body. I am 28 years and this is hereditary problem in my family. Its growing in numbers and size.Plz help...
Started by ashish19. Last post: 2014-11-05

Sulphur 30 C for lipoma 0

Dear Sir,I found sulfur as the remedy for lipoma from remedy software at this site. I am using Sulphur 30 C 5 drops in two tea spoon water 3 tims a day for 4 days. I find sulfur be...
Started by cheema2020. Last post: 2014-11-01

Multiple Lipoma all over body 5

Sir, I am Prashant from india living in kolkata. i am suffering from multiple lipoma from last 7-8 yrs and they are growing in no.s in my body quite rapidly . can u suggest some me...
Started by prashantkmr60. Last post: 2014-10-14

Lipoma problem 0

i am 29 year male.. i have 2 three fatt balls in my arms near elbo and on under the wrist. one is in my thigh and 2-3 in my lower back. It doesn't hurt me but as i have notice...
Started by aly.irshad. Last post: 2014-08-01

Lipoma on arms legs and stomach 1

Male age 26 has lipoma on arms, legs and stomach. Dandruff, occasionally suffers from throat infection. Pl suggest remedy...
Started by Satish Pasrija. Last post: 2014-07-18

Treatment of Lipoma 5

Hi, I have lipoma all over my body. the maximum size is 1.5 inch. the no. of lipomas are increasing day by day. can you please help me in this regard. thanks a lot in advance....
Started by saber_mohd. Last post: 2014-07-11

Lipoma 1

Hello, I am 26 years old, doing job in a company, seating 10-11 hours every day in front of computer, I am suffering from lipoma since 6 years. in a week only once or twice I smoke...
Started by Tapash009. Last post: 2014-05-10

Need medicines for Lipoma 1

Hello Doctor, I noticed a lipoma 2 years back on my forearm. Now it is around 15 spread over my arms, back and thighs. My Age : 25 Food Habit : Pure Veg including Rice, Roti, Veg...
Started by imcoolsantosh. Last post: 2014-04-01

Multiple Lipoma 5

Hi I have multiple lipoma had my first one when i was in 8 grade.The rest i am developing in the past 7-8 years. 12 in the arms 4- in the thighs 3- in the lower chest I am 36 yea...
Started by dsowm. Last post: 2014-03-16

Lipoma 5

Re: Lipoma From Mahfoozurrehman on 2014-01-15 Lapis Alb.3x (10 drops per dose thrice a day) Calc-Carb-200 One dose of five drops after every four days. Note changes and report af...
Started by jetnee123. Last post: 2014-02-20

Suffering from lipoma 3

hi doctor, i am a 24 year old men and i got 2-2 fat balls at triceps of both hands,1 above my wrist and 1 at lower ribs all are small (1 c.m in diameter). can you please suggest me...
Started by G.singh. Last post: 2014-02-16

Lipoma 5

Hello friends And Experts. I have tumor like formation under skin called Lipoma all over body manly on west region please guide me for precaution and solution...
Started by jetnee123. Last post: 2014-01-21

Medicine for Lipoma 6

1 40 years 2 Breakfast- 8 AM, Lunch - 1:30 PM and dinner - Lite 3. No Issue - Right now - Stomach and other wise its fine 4.I am sitting in a cabin for around 8 hours but i d...
Started by atul8144. Last post: 2013-12-10

Lipoma 1

Hello doctor, I am Rajesh and i am suffering from lipoma in my left chest (24 x 8 mm) since 6 month. I have no other disease. Please advise me some suitable medicines. 1 age 36...
Started by mediad. Last post: 2013-10-03

Lipoma 6

Dear Doctor, I have multiple Lipomas on my body- arm, stomach , thigh I am 34 years old -Diet is veg and occasional non veg occasional, - I have digestion problems (occasional con...
Started by Sumit Markanday. Last post: 2013-09-20

Lipoma 0

I have multiple lipomas in my body expeciall on hands and sotmach (sides). Recently I got operated for Cyst to my spleen. The spleen was saved and cyst was rmeoved, however in th...
Started by vsgn1973. Last post: 2013-09-04

Lipoma from 11 Years 0

Name:Raghav Sex:Male Married:Yes(since 2 years) Kid: No Problem: Multiple Lipoma Age:31 Years Food habit: vegetarian, take meal three times a day, two time tea(morng,eve) Acidity: ...
Started by Radhay123. Last post: 2013-08-25

Lipoma 1

sir, i am anil yadav i have been suffering from lipoma disease for long time i have lipoma on mu thigh and both hands and back side now what should i do for treatments. anil ...
Started by anilyadav. Last post: 2013-07-29

Constant medicine for Lipoma treatment? 5

HI, this is forhad, i have over 25 lipoma now, spreading on my different part's of the body and increasing day by day. while i contact with a therapeutic specialist he recomme...
Started by forhad. Last post: 2013-07-21

Treatment for lipoma 1

hi doctor i m suffering from lipoma disease since last three years my age is 26 year. and its spreading in my body like hand and stomach...
Started by harish12345. Last post: 2013-07-14

Lipoma on my neck 2

age 29 food : all Muslims foods apatite is low but try to eat three times a day habit: no smoking habit or alcohol but master bat daily Job: doing a night job for 1and half year...
Started by SAQ83. Last post: 2013-06-20

Lipoma on my neck 3

age 29 food : all Muslims foods apatite is low but try to eat three times a day habit: no smoking habit or alcohol but master bat daily Job: doing a night job for 1and half year. w...
Started by SAQ83. Last post: 2013-06-15

Lipoma 2

Hi there, I am vinod kumar suffering from lipoma. Please find my history below: What is the marital status. Married What is the occupation. Student What are the complaints...
Started by chauahn0711. Last post: 2013-06-08

Lipoma 1

he is around 27 yrs old.he occurs multipale lipoma all over body last 7 yrs. first developed on right forearm and than all over. sometimes itching occur at winter season and bette...
Started by jilesh tank. Last post: 2013-04-30

I have lipoma on main trunk and limbs 3

Hi Doctor I am a male of 47 and I have fot first Lipoma on left arm near elbow about 19 years back, it was growing at avery slow rate and the second lipoma appeared on the same arm...
Started by KSAMNS977. Last post: 2013-03-21

Lipoma 0

a 27 yrs male , he has developing LIPOMA both upper extrimity and lower extrimity and multiple. aggravate last 3 mth. he had all ready took homoeopathy medicine for 2 yrs but no re...
Started by jilesh tank. Last post: 2013-03-06

Medicine for lipoma 1

hello doctor I am Saini, I am 31 Year Old, 5'11', 94kg in weight and I am suffering from Lipoma in my both arms(lower and upper) and in my thighs from last 10-12 years a...
Started by saini4u. Last post: 2013-02-20

Lipoma 1

Dear Doctor, I have Lipoma in my both hands & high too. its is stable from long time, but by last 2-3 months, it is increasing. im very much worried for that. Please suggest me any...
Started by abhi.apj. Last post: 2012-12-08

Lipoma On Forehead, Obesity and Anxiety 4

Hello Doctors I have a lipoma on my forehead for the last 2 and a half years. i have tried various homeopathic medications for it but no improvement. At present, im taking Baryta...
Started by moodyblues. Last post: 2012-10-27

Lipoma 0

i am having one lipoma at my back / growing at faster rate. presently going through calc fluor 4x ( 4 tab three times a day) but not gettig any changes. if anyone can help me with...
Started by shibu9635. Last post: 2012-10-22

Lipoma 1

dear sir i am suffering from lipoma is it curable? in my right hand two lipoma that is 1 cm and my left hand several lipoma but all are very small what can i do sir i am really ver...
Started by deepakkr3. Last post: 2012-10-14

Suffering from lipoma 3

hello doctor, my doughter have a lipoma in the back of the neck , her age is 6 months . plz suggest me the medecine for treatment...
Started by suman6091. Last post: 2012-09-04

Lipoma on my body 0

hello doctor i am sachin and i am suffering from lipoma on my body but it is small and little pain, one one time ,pls advise me some suitable medicines. 1 34Age 2 nonvegiterion ,...
Started by sachindas30. Last post: 2012-08-03

Lipoma 6

I am having multiple fatty glands on my body mainly arms,legs,stomach since 15 yrs approx. If anyone is having best medicines for cure of this that pls suggest....
Started by san_dedicate. Last post: 2012-06-02

Lipoma 2

My father age is 56 and he had a lipoma in his back of shoulder doctor ,he has another one in his forearm but automaticall gone but this one is medium size around 2 inches long and...
Started by chiku123. Last post: 2012-05-28

Lipoma 24

Hi there, i've recently noticed in past couple of years that i started to get lipoma. Its genetic in my family. I'm really worried that it'll eventually become bigge...
Remedies: Sulphur, Thuja Occidentalis, Majorana, Baryta Carbonica, Lapis Albus
Started by Neesha. Last post: 2012-05-11

Lipoma treatment:- some cure 1

Friends, There has been a post on lipomaboard and some positive treatment for Lipoma. Apple Peel+Lacose has worked for one... More detailed info please visit lipomaboard dot com...
Started by Lipoma2012. Last post: 2012-04-09

Lipoma 0

I had lipoma, 2 in my left arm and one in left thigh for the last 3 years. I consulted a homeo doctor. He suggested me thuja 30 and selicia 30. I took the medicines but instead of ...
Started by jankhan4sw. Last post: 2012-02-07

Intradural lipoma in spinal cord 1

sir, i am 25 years old.i am suffering from intradural lipoma in my spinal cord due to which my legs gets deformed and lost some sensation.pain also occurs sometimes in my back....
Remedies: Silicea
Started by pranavs24. Last post: 2011-12-15

Large lipoma on my shoulder 1

Hello, I need help. I'm a girl. 32 years old. Since last year, I have a large lipoma of 4,5 cm of diameter at my left shoulder. My Doctor tried 4 injections of Lipostabil (Li...
Remedies: Silicea, Lapis Albus
Started by lola1971. Last post: 2011-12-15

Lipoma 2

I have lipoma developed over 20 years now, and grown bigger and cosmetically awkward. Please suggest remedy other than surgery....
Remedies: Hamamelis Virginica, Arnica Montana, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by chandrakanth.mekal. Last post: 2011-12-15

Lipoma 12

Hi Doctor, I have multiple lipomas(minor movement around them)some are also feel hard and large about 4 inch on my back but not as like stones on my body since last twenty years....
Remedies: Nitricum Acidum, Calcarea Carbonica, Sulphur, Lapis Albus, Baryta Carbonica
Started by TAHIRSM. Last post: 2011-12-06

Lipoma and pterygium 0

I need urgent help! I have a pterygium in my left eye and have several lipomas in various places on my body. I would really like some help regarding which remedies to take to get r...
Started by bjmanub. Last post: 2011-04-13

Need help with pterygium and lipoma 1

Hi, I previously visited a homeopath who helped me but does not follow up and I really need help! I have a pterygium in my left eye and have several lipomas in various places on ...
Started by bjmanub. Last post: 2011-04-11

Lipoma Growing fast!! 16

Hello All, My name is Abhishek. I was born in Punjab India, but currently live in USA for past 2 and half years. I have many Lipomas on my body, most of them are in lower back and...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by asehgal123. Last post: 2010-08-14

Lipoma 2

advise remedy for lipoma im using calcarea flour 6x...
Started by su.maira.2000. Last post: 2010-06-11

Progressive lipoma disorder 17

hello, i currently went to see naturopathic physician about my progressive lipoma disorder. he gave me calcarea carbonica 1m. currently, he has me taking 3 pellets once a week. is ...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Phytolacca Decandra, Lapis Albus, Calcarea Hypophosphorosa, Sulphur
Started by adamhank. Last post: 2010-02-17

Lipoma 4

Dear Doctor, I am 45 year old male and I am having lot of lumps under my skin at various places all over the body.These are in the form of clusters of small marble size on my left ...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by invertedtree. Last post: 2009-11-07

Multiple lipoma 0

i have multiple painless gland in my body. please suggest me proper remedy to cure it. Vikas Jain...
Started by ranjana. Last post: 2009-10-15

Lipoma on Body 42

I have been suffering from lipoma on my hole body since 1990 . Can you suggest something to remove these lipomas These are painless.some are very large on back. I have already use...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica, Majorana, Calcarea Carbonica, Caladium Seguinum, Nitricum Acidum, Kali Iodatum, Phosphorus, Adrenalinum, Hypericum Perforatum, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Magnesia Phosphorica, Silicea, Arnica Montana, Bellis Perennis, Thuja Occidentalis, Rhus Tox, Apis Mellifica, Sulphur, Lapis Albus, Tuberculinum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Psorinum, Phytolacca Decandra, Eucalyptus Globulus, Staphysagria, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Lachesis
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How to Prevent Lipoma from Returning? 0

1. Each symptom in as much detail as possible. For example, for a headache, describe the type of pain: My main concern currently is a lipoma on my back. It's about 3 or 4 cm ...
Remedies: Majorana
Started by catm41005. Last post: 2009-06-03

Dog with lipoma 1

My dog is only 3.5 years old but has developed a Lipoma on his chest in the past 2 month. The vet did an aspiration. He has been raw fed and has not received any meds for the past ...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans, Calcarea Fluorata, Thuja Occidentalis
Started by charlie2000. Last post: 2009-04-14

Lipoma in my Arms 2

I am Justine P.Salas,Born in keralain southern india.Now working as an Engineer in MPSEB in Madhya pradesh. I have lipoma in my arms, i want to take Homeo medicies for that. i woul...
Started by justine. Last post: 2009-04-13

Suffering bcoz of Lipoma 3

Hi I have one lipoma in my left hand. I want to stop it in the beginning and also want to dissolve the one. Can anybody help me on this?. Thanks Muthu kumar.S...
Started by muthuyes. Last post: 2009-03-23

Lipoma & fissure 0

Since March 2002 I have a Lipoma on right shoulder,size of a half size ping pong ball.It has not expanded.I tried Homeopathy but it was reduced slightly.The Doctor did not reveal n...
Started by saptar. Last post: 2009-03-23

Lipoma and homeopathy - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma 3

Now a days removing lipoma is a great thing for homoeopath.. here I am introducing a drugs pls try and see the result.. A lipoma is a benign tumor composed of fatty tissue. These ...
Remedies: Beryllium Metallicum, Beryllium Carbonicum
Started by deoshlok. Last post: 2009-02-24

Dr. Joe is there any medicine to stop lipoma growth 5

I am a 29Yr old male. Suffereing from Lipoma from last 12 Years. But its very slow growing and painless. But the discomfort i feel is terrible. Sometime i feel stiching sensation i...
Remedies: Arnica Montana
Started by suspramod. Last post: 2009-01-12

Lipoma growing 0

HI I m prashant from india, i am having lipoma in my body, a lot of there are on my arms,2-3 are on my stomach and a small one near to chest. in the recent past they have grown v...
Started by prashant16. Last post: 2009-01-12

Seeking for medicines for multiple lipoma 3

Dear Sir, I am suffereing with multiple lipomas since last 5 years and my age is 30. Can any body suggest any medicine for cureing / controling size and growth of these lipomas....
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Lapis Albus
Started by pawan_gzb. Last post: 2008-09-20

Lipoma in Stomac 0

Patient: Male Age:22 Lipoma has been found in Stomac during Endoscopy. I shall be grate full if some one can advice any remedy. Thanking you in advance. Rana...
Started by marana. Last post: 2008-09-05

Multiple lipoma 0

Dear Doctor, Please tell me what will the dose and potency of baryta carb fo multiple lipoma(fatty tumors) present all over arms,neck, back, tighs and buttocks....
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica
Started by bhakri . Last post: 2008-08-29

Lipoma - Fatty Tumor in whole body 4

Hello! Sir I am Sajo, 29yrs/M/Married, I am facing problem due to lipoma in my whole body, in arms, legs some of them in bally area too, these are genetic from my mother, all ar...
Remedies: Conium Maculatum, Selenium, Lapis Albus, Calcarea Iodata, Calcarea Carbonica, Iodium
Started by backend_id. Last post: 2008-07-28

Lipoma and digestion related problems 5

Hi i am male 33. i have lipoma since my childhood. I am also suffering from digestion related problems such as Gas, indigestion, amobeasis. the stool frequency is also about 3-4 t...
Remedies: Phosphorus
Started by dkjoshiame. Last post: 2008-06-14

Lipoma on head and face 7

I have a rather large lipoma on my right jaw bone and seem to be developing another on my face next to my nose. Do you have any suggestions as to prescription?...
Remedies: Kali Iodatum, Phytolacca Decandra, Silicea, Anthrokokali
Started by dscott. Last post: 2007-10-14

Lipoma 1

send me remedy suggestions of lipoma...
Started by manoj singh. Last post: 2007-03-16

Lipoma in a pet rat 2

My rat Doris has just been diagnosed with Lipoma (she's got a fatty lump on her right handside). She is 2yrs old next month, the vets have said we have just got to keep an ey...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Baryta Carbonica, Mercurius Solubilis, Silicea, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by ratchick. Last post: 2007-01-13

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