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, Cat.

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Lyss > general
and the same claim is made in the East Indies regarding the bite of the tiger From time immemorial it has been known in every country village that the bite of an angry cat is poisonous, and the effects often severe, even fatal This is also true with the bite of all other animals, human beings included, when in a fit of passion.

Viol-t > general
Urine smells like cat's urine; involuntary in bed

Sulph > general
Sleeps in cat naps

Phos > general
Sleeps in cat naps

Lac-f > general
Cat's Milk. Dilution.

Teucr > general
Marum verum. Cat Thyme. N. O. Labiatae. Tincture of whole fresh plant.

Areca > general
Areca catechu. Fruit Areca-nut, Betel-nut. N. O. Palmeae. Trituration of the nut, and triturations and solutions of the alkaloids, Arecoline and Tenaline.

Hyper > general
These punctured wounds, rat bites, cat bites, etc-, are all made safe by Ledum.

Viol-o > general
Eczema capitis, cracks, exudes and wets the hair; strong urine like cat's urine; ig When in the autumn our hay-fever patients report to us with violent symptoms of coryza, great depression of spirits, symptoms worse in the afternoon, easy sweat and langour, extreme dryness of the mucous membranes of nose, mouth and throat, with burning acrid copious flow of mucus, constant swallowing, itching of the soft palate, and compelled to scratch it with the tongue, Wyethia will cure for the season, and it has cured permanently in some cases.

Lyss > general
became very bad at 3 a.m. on Wednesday. He died shortly after 12, having been apparently conscious to the end though unable to speak for the last hour. The frothing had increased up to the time of his death and he seemed to choke with it. This case was paralleled by that of Goffi, an attendant at St. Thomas' Hospital, who was bitten by a cat and sent to Pasteur. On his return he was taken ill, and his case was at first diagnosed as Landry's paralysis, but finally proved (by experiments made with his spinal cord) to be "paralytic rabies," the result of inoculation. It was after the occurrence of these and similar "accidents" that the intensity of the "vaccins" was reduced. It would be well to have as an alternative preparation, Hydrophobinum Pasteurianum, obtained from Pasteur's vaccin, to meet conditions similar to these. The pathogenesis of Hydrob. is made up partly of symptoms observed in rabid animals and human patients, but chiefly of symptoms developed in the provings. The remedy has been pretty extensively used in practice, not only in cases of hydrophobia, but in many disorders in which the keynote symptoms have been present. These are Exquisite sensitiveness to breath of air.

Naph > general
Four grammes were given to a cat.

Naph > general
The dose should not be given after a meal, and all fats and oils should be abstained from during the treatment, which may be repeated once or twice after leaving a week's interval. (The nose irritation in the poisoned cat is significant of the vermicide action of Naph.).

Spig > general
Sensation resembling purring of cat.

Thuj > general
a cluster of small warts on the forehead of a boy which had lasted eighteen months and followed the scratch of a cat. Thuja Ø in fractional doses and Thuja Ø painted on cured permanently in three weeks. A gentleman, about 50, consulted me recently about a wart on the right side of his head. He was bald, and the wart was black and unsightly. It had been growing some months, and he was somewhat anxious about it as his father had had a similar wart develop in the same locality at the same age, and it had never left him. My patient had been twice vaccinated. Thuja 30, twenty-eight powders, one in seven medicated, one at bedtime. In one month there was much reduction.

Viol-t > general
or sudden arrest of secretion. "Urine smelling like cat's urine" is a keynote. The male sexual organs were much excited. Emissions with vivid dreams occurred.

Areca > general
The Betel-nut is in very common use in the East as a masticatory for sweetening the breath and hardening the gums. It is also used as a source of catechu, but the true catechu is an extract of Uncaria gambir of the Leguminosae. The chief medical use of the Areca nut has been in helminthiasis in dogs.

Nat-nit > general
C. D. P.) administered ten grains of Na. ntrs., dissolved in an ounce of water, to fourteen men and four women. To twelve men and four women it was given in five-gr. doses. In almost all it produced alarming symptoms of the apoplectic order. A cat had 4 c.c. of a 10 per cent. aqueous solution injected under the skin, and died of the effects. Collischorm (quoted H. P., x. 469) relates two cases of accidental poisoning with Nat. nitros. ($51$) The first patient was affected with Diarrhoea and fainting, bitter eructations, heavily coated tongue, and on the chest an eruption like syphilitic roseola. Traces of albumen in urine. During the night, copious alvine discharges with faintishness. The following day, intense cyanosis. Urine dark yellow, containing copious urates. Next day he took 2.5 grin.

Luna > general
that worm affections are most troublesome at the full moon, and that goître diminishes, more or less, during the waning moon. On this fact is based the following Spongia-Luna treatment, which he calls "infallible" Cut slices of sponge of the size of a finger. Grill them at a candle flame till they are brittle at the centre but still elastic at the borders. Triturate the whole and put 7 or 8 grams into half a litre (rather less than a pint) of rain-water or river-water. The bottling must be done three days before the new moon. Close the bottle and put it in a cellar, taking care to shake it once every day. Three days before the full moon the patient commences to take a tablespoonful night and morning. The greater part of the bottle will be finished during the waning moon. Goullon quotes the following remarkable case of somnambulism from the Cercle Médical "A youth of fifteen, in good health in other respects, had been withdrawn from his apprenticeship, on account of his nightly promenades on roofs, and put in a private asylum. Although his room was oriented so that no actual moon-rays could reach, it, the moon nevertheless exercised a potent influence upon him. As soon as it reaches the horizon he gets out of bed, and carefully, with closed eyes, moves towards a window, so high that he has to jump in order to reach and open it. As it is barricaded with an iron trellis he gets down, and, crossing the corridor, goes to the outer door, above which is a window. With cat-like agility he climbs up to this, when he is seized by three warders, who take him back to his room, where, only after the moon has set, can he lie down and go to sleep. In the morning he remembers nothing. At full moon the symptoms are still more extraordinary." Among other maladies notably influenced by the moon is epilepsy, and epilepsy agg. at full moon generally needs Silic. Skin diseases, according to Menuret, are frequently influenced by the moon. He instances a case of eczematous affection which increased with each waning moon, and was at its maximum intensity at the new moon, when it covered the whole face and chest, and was accompanied by unbearable itching. Then there was gradual improvement and the face became smooth, but scarcely had the full moon passed than all began again. Scabies and worm affections are agg. at full moon. Nervous affections, especially in subjects of sycosis, are frequently influenced by the moon. Moritz Hoffmann observed a young girl (daughter of an epileptic mother) whose whole body became swollen at every new moon, the swelling disappearing as the moon waned. Mead tells of a child who was subject to convulsions at each waning moon. Gale remarked that with weakly persons there are two epochs at which excitability is most pronounced.

Psor > general
bread and butter tastes like cat's urine.

Sel > relationships
Compare Hunger at night, Cin., Pso., Ign., Lyc. Impacted stool, Alo., Calc., Sanic., Sep., Sel. Impotence (Chlor. sudden). Priapism, glans drawn up, Berb.; (glans drawn down, Canth.). Aphonia of singers, Caust., Arg. m., Stan., Ar. t., Graph. Prostatitis and urethritis, Lith. c., Dig., Cyc., Caust., Lyc., Cop. Hot weather fatigue, Lach., Camph., Nat. c., Nat. m. Bad effects of mental exertion and loss of sleep, Sul. Impotence, Sul. (Sul. has more coldness and shrivelling of the organs; Sel. more total relaxation, so that semen escapes involuntarily and dribbles). Exhaustion consequent on protracted diseases, Sul. (Sul. has flushes of heat on least motion; and gone feeling in forenoon). Periodical headaches, Sul. (Sel. every afternoon, agg. from tea; Sul. once a week, agg. from coffee). Headaches of drunkards or debauchees, Sul. (Sul. agg. from all forms of alcohol; Sel. headaches are sometimes amel. from brandy; also its gastric symptoms). "Cat-naps," Sul. (Sel. wakes precisely at same hour, before rising time, at which all symptoms agg.; Sul. has not the periodic hour for waking, and does not fall asleep again). Itching in folds of skin, Sul. (Sel. has also "tingling in spots"). Chronic enlargement of liver, Sul. Loss of appetite in morning, Sul. (Sul. has increase of thirst; Sel. has not. Sel. has white tongue; Sul. has not). Emaciation, Nat. m., Chi. Debility from loss of fluids, Chi. Twitching of face, Tell. Bores fingers in nose, Cin., Ar. t. Throbbing after meals, Nat. c. agg. From tea, Thuj., Fer. Pain in back with emissions, Cob. Fatigue, Pic. ac. Sun effects, Sol. Larynx, Nat. sel. Causation.

Stram > eyes
Pupils so contracted as scarcely to be discernible, smaller than I have ever seen in a cat's eye (after seven hours),

Nat-nit > eyes
Pupils widely dilated (cat).

Nit-ac > ears
Sudden noise like the spitting of a cat in the left ear, for several minutes, in the afternoon,

Naph > nose
The animal constantly rubs his nose to remove the irritation (in poisoned cat).

Naph > nose
Attacks of sneezing (cat).

Psor > face
Taste Foul, bitter or coppery, sticky. Of food is oily, or like cat's urine. Nauseous.

Naph > face
Twitching of facial muscles (cat).

Naph > mouth
Saliva flows from the mouth (cat).

Psor > mouth
Taste bitter mornings before eating, amel. eating; when not eating; amel. eating and drinking; bad, finally coppery; like cat's urine to bread and butter in morning; oily to the dinner; flat, insipid; foul, she drinks to get rid of it; filthy.

Nat-nit > mouth
Tongue protruded, dark colour (cat).

Spig > chest
In affections of the heart, particularly if the whole l. side is sore from the affection, and possibly the eyes also from sympathy; purring of heart as of a cat; palpitation of the heart with anguish; trembling pulsation of the heart; sympathy of the chest with heart troubles.

Nat-nit > chest
L. ventrical contracted, r. dilated (cat).

Nat-nit > chest
Blood very dark, almost like treacle (cat).

Plb > chest
Cat's fremitus at the apex of the heart,

Nat-nit > abdomen
Intestines firmly contracted (cat).

Nat-nit > abdomen
Liver of dark colour (cat).

Ferr-s > abdomen
Sensation of fermentation, or of a noise or movement like purring of a cat in region of stomach.

Nat-nit > abdomen
Stomach firmly contracted (cat).

Viol-t > genitals etc
Frequent urging to urinate with profuse discharge. Foul smelling, like cat's urine.

Caj > genitals etc
Urine diminished, milky; smells like cat's urine.

Viol-t > genitals etc
Fetid urine; it smells like cat's urine.

Nat-nit > genitals etc
Bladder firmly contracted (cat).

Tanac > genitals etc
At full term a child was born not larger than a cat; the child lived three weeks.

Lepi > general
Pain as if scratched by a cat, lasting an hour, and followed by heat of the feet (second day),

Cann-i > generalities
Wakeful all night; mild, pleasant dreams; cat-naps (second day),

Daph > generalities
Nightmare; he dreamed that an evil black cat seized him by the hand.

Puls > generalities
Screams and starts up in sleep, frightened by a black dog, a cat; tries to drive away bees,

Kali-cy > fever and chill
On awaking from cat-naps has a chill, which in fact wakes him before he can get soundly asleep; this is followed by very slight sweat,

Kali-cy > fever and chill
On awaking from cat-naps has a chill, which, in fact, wakes him before he can get soundly asleep; followed by a very slight sweat.

Acet-ac > generalities
After the bite of a mad cat, lacerated wound, swollen upper and lower leg (externally and internally).

Aspar > appendix
After eating Asparagus his urine smells like cat's urine,

Psor > face
Of food is oily, or like cat's urine.

Viol-t > genitals etc
Foul smelling, like cat's urine..

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