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Please help me figure out my son's constitutional

I have a 13.5 month old son, who has some significant health issues. I have been seeing a homeopath who is very well recommended and very kind (he has helped me for free for a long time) and we have been persisting with a remedy for my son for 4 months now. It works for a while and then stops working. We have played with so many different potencies and frequencies and we still do not have a good result.

I am starting to think that perhaps he is wrong and we have not got his constitutional right. I need help figuring this out please, as I am fairly new to homeopathy.


My son has fair (peaches and cream), dry skin, very fair, fine, wavy hair and blue eyes. He has a solid appearance (often people think he is bigger than he actually is) with a big round face. He has a long torso and shorter legs. He has a large bluish/purple veiny birthmark on his throat.


He is very happy, very social, laughs a lot and is very expressive physically and vocally. He very much enjoys expressive himself, it brings him great joy. He is cheeky. He is very social and loves to engage with all kinds of people. People have often said he has 'old' eyes, like he's been here before. People always comment on his bright and happy nature.

He is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled and kissed. He also enjoys very vigorous play - thrown in the air, swung around, bounced, play biting and getting a fright.

He is very active and loves to explore. He seems to like to figure out how things work. He is very observant. He plays by himself very happily.

He is very sensitive, to pain, and to what's happening around him. When he is unwell or very tired he is a very different baby. At these times he will whinge and grizzle constantly and need to be held. He can be over dramatic in his reactions to things. He will cry inconsolably if you take something away from him or if you put him down and leave the room. He is very hard to deal with when he's unwell, even if it's just a mild cold. He seems to be very aware of physical sensations.


He is not a big eater and is not very interested in food. He seems to be thirsty a lot.

He was diagnosed with acid reflux at 5 weeks and has been on allopathic medication ever since.

He had a blocked tear duct from birth which was finally resolved at 3 months when very infected with antibiotic drops.

He has had chronic ear infections since he was 7 months old. Unresponsive to antibiotics.

What do you think his constitutional is?

Happy to provide any more details that might help.
  littlefinn on 2008-08-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
There are indications for Pulsatilla here.
sameervermani last decade
sameer, what are the main indicators you see from what I've written?
littlefinn last decade
Blocked tear duct
Sensitive to pain
Dramatic reactions
Chronic ear infections
Social, likes to be hugged and kissed
Solid appearance
Poor appetite

Which medicine have you tried till now ?

Is it Phosphorus ?
sameervermani last decade
Thank you sameer.

We have had him on ferrum phosphoricum. That is what our homeopath is convinced is his constitutional.

Some of the indicators are there, and the Ferr phos HAS helped us, but not as much as it should have. The the thing that bothers me is that ferr phos babies are more fragile in appearance than he is. Would you agree?
littlefinn last decade
Interesting !

I have never heard of Ferrum Phos as being a constitutional remedy.

This remedy has no anti-miasmatic properties at all, hence it cannot be a constitutional remedy, and the choice of this remedy for the case does seem a bit perplexing to say the least.
sameervermani last decade
It was made on the basis of his appearance and general demeanor. The chief reasons according to the homeopath are his peaches and cream skin with very rosy cheeks. His cheeks often get very hot and red, especially when he's unwell and agitated. Also he is quite passive/compliant and will sit contentedly in my arms for quite long periods of time. I understand these are strong ferrum phos indicators. The homeopath sees many toddlers with chronic ear problems and mostly they are quite wilful and destructive and don't want to sit still apparently. My son isn't like this at all.
littlefinn last decade
Well the skin colour, rosy cheeks , and sitting contented in lap can be present in so many remedies.

Pulsatilla children can be the most mild mannered, compliant and affectionate of all, and I would say this symptom just confirms Puls even more.

But, I would again like to point out, there just doesn't exist a Ferr-p totality here.

Stricture of lachrymal duct at birth is present only in a handful of remedies, and Ferr-p is certainly not one of them nor does it cover the recurrent ear infections.
sameervermani last decade
Not surprisingly, Ferr-p does not cover even one of the symptoms below . These are from Kent's repertory just for illustration purposes . Incidently, Puls is present in all the major symptoms.

STRICTURE of lachrymal duct : Arg-m., calc., euphr., fl-ac., graph., hep., nat-m., puls., rhus-t., Sil.

Mind;MILDNESS : Acon., ambr., anac., Arn., ars-i., Ars., asar., aur., bell., Bor., bov., cact., calad., calc., cann-i., caps., carb-an., caust., cedr., chel., cic., cina., clem., Cocc., croc., cupr., cycl., eupho., euphr., hell., ign., indg., iod., kali-c., kali-p., lil-t., lyc., mang., mosch., mur-ac., nat-a., nat-c., Nat-m., nit-ac., op., ph-ac., phos., plb., Puls., Rhus-t., sep., Sil., spong., stann., stram., sulph., thuj., verat., viol-o., zinc

INFLAMMATION : Apis., bell., bor., bov., bry., cact., cadm., calc., canth., fl-ac., kali-bi., Kali-c., kali-i., kreos., mag-c., Merc-c., Merc., pic-ac., Puls., rhus-t., ter., verat.

Mind;AFFECTIONATE : Acon., anac., ant-c., bor., carb-an., carb-v., coff., croc., hura., ign., nat-m., nux-v., ox-ac., par., phos., plat., puls., seneg., verat.
sameervermani last decade
read Inflammation as 'Ear Inflammation'
sameervermani last decade
Wow, this is very interesting Sameer. I thank you very much.

The homeopath we see comes highly recommended in my city, especially for babies and children, so I wonder how he could have gotten it so wrong.

Is there any reason you can think as to why the Ferr phos may have helped us partially? My son's main problem is this ear infection which we believe he has had for 7 months, and causes terrible nighttime behaviour, screaming and disturbed sleep. We have tried so many different potencies of ferr phos and most caused an aggravation after a couple of doses. This further confirmed to our homeopath that it was the right remedy! Eventually we found the 3C didn't aggravate, and started to work consistently when taken once a day, but after 3 weeks, stopped working and now we are back where we started. Does this make any sense to you with your knowledge of this?

Also, I wonder if there is anything more I can tell you about my son which would help to further confirm puls as the correst remedy?
littlefinn last decade
Your' re welcome.

In homeopathy , being famous and being really good are 2 different things. There are a lot of good 'unknown' homeopaths and vice versa. This is especially true in the US because word of mouth does not have much meaning here, as people do not like to discuss private things like their health with others. Every homeopath can have 5-6 cures which he can always give as references. What happened to the thousand other patients that a doctor saw is still under question.

First of all , same potency is never repeated for 3 weeks, now I am getting serious doubts about this person's authenticity.

These medicines are energy medicines which give an impulse to the vital force, and it is the RESPONSE of the vital force to this impulse which cures. Once this response has started which surely does start after 2-3 doses of one potency, all further doses of that medicine (before the response has come to a complete halt) act as interference.

When the response has come to a complete halt, and there has been benefit but some problem remains and provided the same medicine is called for by the totality of symptoms, a higher potency is given , but once again just 1 or 2 doses are enough.

Ofcourse, I understand what is happening, the lower potency was palliative for a while, and then it stopped working, and now it is not going to be of further benefit.

I think the remedy is pretty clear, if you want to go ahead and try it , I will tell you the dosage , which will be a lot different than your current 'homeopath' :)
sameervermani last decade
Thank you sameer. I appreciate your explanation very much.

Last night we had to take our son to the ER as he had been vomitting all day and had a rash on his arms and legs. In the ER the doctors noted that his ears are in a very bad state and told us to take him off the low dose antibiotic he has been on and put him on a stronger one for another seven days. I argued because we have tried many antibiotics but they were very persistent.

We will give this last course of antibiotics a go, and we also have a follow up appointment with our paediatrician next week, as well as a visit to an osteopath for sacro-cranial therapy for our son.

I would like to try the pulsatilla, but I think it's wise for us to wait one week until we have finished this course of antiobiotics and also seen the osteopath, as I have learnt in the past that when too many things change at once it is difficult to watch for symptoms. I hope you understand what I mean.

Is it ok if I come back here in one week and find you for advice on a course of treatment?
littlefinn last decade
Sure, come back after a week, and I will be happy to advise you further.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer. It has been one week. Today we saw our paediatrician who recommended grommets for our son's ears. We are on a waiting list to see an ENT, but it may be some months before we get in. We DO NOT want to get grommets put in!!!

Then we saw our osteopath who has treated our son a few times now. She is going to do 3 more sessions with him (one each week) and has recommended we try a dairy free diet for our son for a month. She has also given us 2 different probiotics to build up his digestive function after so many months of antibiotics AND a herbal tincture called hydrastis to help dry up his mucus. She has suggested all these things for one month to see if we can fix his ears.

I am not sure whether to introduce homeopathic remedy into this mix as well as it may confuse the issue. What do you think?
littlefinn last decade
To be honest, any attempt to 'dry up' the mucus through herbal means is same as using an allopathic anti-expectorant and hence can cause similar supressions.

This will not cure the root cause for sure.

But, I leave the choice to you.
sameervermani last decade
I didn't realise that. Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean that we wouldn't continue with homeopathy, I am more wondering whether to try it NOW, or wait to see what effect the osteopath's recommendation have so that we don't confuse any change in symptoms after giving puls with something else that is happening because of the other changes (dairy free diet, etc). What do you think? I will reconsider the hydrastis though.
littlefinn last decade
giving suppressants towards a a problem is nothing but asking for a different manifestation and even in a further harmful form.

Sameer is a very good homeopath , in my opinion you should treat your son through homeopathy rather than allopathic sup presents.

The final decision is yours.
gumby last decade
gumby, I am sure he is, he has been extremely helpful already. I had no idea that a herbal tincture would be considered the same as allopathic.

However, you don't think that cranial-sacral therapy, a month of dairy free diet and probiotics are going to interfere do you??
littlefinn last decade
sameer, please advise me. I feel very anxious right now about all the decisions I have made about my son's health. He has been ill for so long and the results of his illness have affected our family so much, we have just done what we thought was best at the time. Obviously I now know that our current homeopath has not given us great treatment, but it is very hard to deal with a screaming child night after night for months and months, and so we have resorted to pain relief, antibiotics, and decongestants because we didn't know what else to do, and the hom remedies weren't working. Have I made things worse for us by doing this? I am only trying to do what is best for my son and our family. I just want him to be happy and healthy.

We have seen an osteopath because it is a natural therapy and I thought complementary to homeopathy (it was the osteopath who first suggested we see a homeopath - I knew nothing of homeopathy before then). I realise that her recommendations are treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause as homeopathy would do, but I thought it would complement homeopathy rather than interfere (with the exception of the herbs, which I understand now). Is this right?
littlefinn last decade
I am not sure how the pro-biotics would affect the response to the remedy.

So, it is better if we wait till you are ready to try homeopathy 'alone'.
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, can you please clarify: does 'alone' mean that we cannot use pain relief medication and that we also must stop giving our son zantac for acid reflux?
littlefinn last decade
These are the general instructions which should be followed

1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets (in your case the liquid) with your hands, tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate, except where this would cause a drastic change in consumption
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be AVOIDED during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin
sameervermani last decade
Ok, thank you, that all makes sense.

I think we are ok on all counts except for the medication. His reflux medication is prescribed by a doctor. He has been taking it since five weeks old. Of interest perhaps is the fact that his meds have a strong peppermint taste. The doctor also recommends pain relief as an management aid for his chronic ear infections.

I can see why you are uncertain about the probiotics. However, I think some damage has been done to his digestive system through the repeated use of antibiotics, so I agree that he needs probiotics for a period of time to fix this and repopulate his intestines with the 'good stuff' so that his immune system improves.

Do you have any strong feelings about cranial-sacral therapy?
littlefinn last decade
no, i dont .
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, given your knowledge of our current circumstances and history, are you still willing/happy to advise us on a remedy anyway?

Our son's current state is:
For the past few days very cranky and irritable. Throwing mini tantrums, especially when something is taken away from him or the word 'no' is used. Waking from sleep very irritable, crying and unrefreshed. Calling out in his sleep last night. Left ear appears ok. Right ear is blocked with warm wax and drum inflamed.

(Just to confirm, we are not giving him the herbal tincture.)
littlefinn last decade

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