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This is most likely for David, but open to anyone.

I have no idea how a person who needs platina is as I am not a homeopath and never seen one in person.

I have met a few girls/woman online on dating sites who might have seemed like platina. Based on comparing themselves to a goddess, involved with sexual domination role plays, sounding haughty on their profile, but when I talk to such girls and challenge them they seem pretty normal and as if afraid of me to my surprise as I expected them to be really haughty and different, and some other girls rather went to great lengths to justify themselves to me.

So what is platina like? Confident, haughty initially only or always confident, with an unbreakable confidence. Do they feel anxiety when challenged and can become timid? Feel anxiety about needing to present themselves in a certain way?

I found non of those type of woman special or with great confidence, noble. But than again it could be that no one was platina. So I am just curious. In books platina is portrayed as the noble woman, but can they also be as I described above, anxious when challenged, lack confidence
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  vitamin.X on 2011-09-16
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
When one deals with a platina woman, does one think how high and noble she is or do you get immediately the impression of how this woman tries to be something she is not which makes her look really bad. If you know what I mean? For example when a platina woman comes to you and acts like a movie star, does it look cheap and inauthentic or does she pull it off and present herself like a movie star.

Just trying to understand this remedy whether there are some similarities with me or not. I would think not but cannot explain how I got a new stability since taking it and feel much more ok with being emotional vulnerable at home. And got closer with my brother and father
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vitamin.X 7 years ago

You will not just be able to 'see' someone's remedy that way. The truth of a person's inner experience is not the same as what you see on the outside. Generally speaking, unless you are trained to be an objective observer or you spend a good amount of time getting to know someone, you will not perceive anyone the way they really are. You will be seeing yourself - meaning that your immediate impressions of people tend to be about your own feelings not those of the people you are seeing.

Two people needing the same remedy will not look, act or appear the same necessarily - in fact they may seem quite different, since any person can reflect different aspects of it.

Why would you want to know what a Platina woman is like though? How would that help you decide if you need the remedy?
brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Oh I do have a Platina case that I can share. I have seen other patients needing the remedy but I only have permission to print this one.

brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

I understand what you mean with seeing yourself. There is one woman who showed me some pictures of her today where she tried to look like a goddess with her leather outfits and it looked so inauthentic or fake, nothing special that I could not continue chatting with this woman anymore. Aversion. What is worse than trying to be something you are not. Or trying to look special but it ending up looking quite cheap or inauthentic. Its horrible. AVERSION. And you now saying this, sure is true, what I saw in her I often see in myself when I look at my pictures, this sick 'ego' who wants to sickly be something great but looks quite off in the pictures, not the great goddess for example, but off, which is a horrible thing

I have lots of aversions, don't chat with people who are overweight, not attractive, but the girls who are attractive I really want badly. Although since platina the need has gone down to a manageable level where I dont lose my mind. I can live without having that attractive girl now, since there are many other girls in this world, she is not the only one. I also get a great aversion the moment I sense a girl looks up to me as it makes her be nothing in my eyes. I don't need her anymore, or don't want her. Her worth has gone. She is just a number who I have no feeling for anymore,

I don't know why but I am only interested in females. I would not even want male friends. And if I compare myself to anyone than it is with females mostly. strange. I don't know what I would do with male friends. Going into a bar and picking up girls would not be my thing. Driving around with cars and boasting is not my thing. Going to sports events is not either. Having a male friend around and talk about stuff all day. Not all males are the same but in my mind they are mostly just boasters who try to make themselves look big which I cannot stand. It looks so low. AVERSION

''Why would you want to know what a Platina woman is like though? How would that help you decide if you need the remedy?''

Its not specifically to a platina woman. My main question was whether they can feel anxiety in conversations about not appearing a certain way or do they have an unbreakable confidence. If the answer would be unbreakable confidence it would make me sure to disregard platina and call it a placebo. Although I would disagree with placebo as I took anthropleura without a problem to my suprise and did not feel all of a sudden worse since now I might think of myself as not someone high anymore. There was no change or ego struggle. Now it feels like it doesn't matter. Its just a remedy. It doesn't change what I am based on what remedy I took. So thats why I had no problem with taking it

I cannot identify with males that much though. Am rather feminine I would say.

I read over the case. Very interesting. Especially the fathers personality. I have the same view about money. That it will not be a problem for me to find a job as people will want me to work for them. No one will be able to say no to me. Also as I said in the past I do not like the idea of having to go to university and get an education. I feel like a high position should be just given to me.

But I am not a dictator. or like a boss at all. When I try to be this way an alarm goes off in my mind that its not making me look good. Its an ego thing and makes me look low. I am repulsed by whatever makes me look unenlightened, boasting, dictating would be one.


What will we do if anthropleura wont produce results? I feel like it gave another last try yesterday night and today morning the moment I woke up but I feel great again. I felt great yesterday up till the evening also.

Its strange as usually there would be aggravation for some days for the whole day usually. But this did not happen this time and it cannot because something I feel has changed inside of me. About how things affect me. Which is less compared to before

I have no idea what this remedy is about as it gave me no experience.

You know before, no matter what remedy I got I would have to report something good or bad. And I always wondered how some people on here can just say it didn't act - no change. I think I am like those people now. But of course I will stay open to any possible change or aggravation in the coming days.

If anthropleura does not work I would wish to get back to platina and maybe take a 10M dose as this way it will be seen how accurate the prescription is unless this is not advised and to high or soon for me. I don't want to waste time on Platina if its not right, but lots of good improvements happened though.
If you are certain it does not fit me than I guess its true and I should listen, but that is really hard for me. When I think something to be true, nothing can change my mind, unless I see for myself that it is not true.

And I could never just blindly want to take platina because I self prescribed it and want it to be right. It would be another ego thing, which as I said above I have great aversion too. Last thing I want is to look like the idiot who keeps convincing himself he is right because he cannot face it that he might be wrong. I am much much rather wrong and admit it than humiliate myself by acting in such non enlightened way. I have huge aversion to such things.
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vitamin.X 7 years ago

I must say something. I always have trouble to all of a sudden show myself better or higher than someone else I know as I believe I am hurting that person so I should not do it, but even more so I feel like the person will try with all his will to not make me be high. Hate on me. I am not allowed onto the high position or better said people will all turn against me and want to bring me down if I do. So why would I want that. I might fight everyone off but end up being lonely. And what will I have from it than? Its either be high and lonely or not high but have people around you who don't want to bring you down and hate you.

I mentioned this before, that I felt like you don't want to give me platina and never will because you don't want me to be 'high'. And what person would anyway want to make someone high and be happy that way? No one. I know this is just my view/delusion and not true at all probably. But my experience has been that way all my life. Whenever I was 'it' or great someone tried to bring me down.

If I have an argument I will be... arguing strongly, but the moment I feel I won the fight I turn to forgiveness and feeling sympathy. No need to keep an ego anymore, as I won. No challenge anymore. Or maybe the right word would be I don't feel I need to prove myself anymore. Everyone got to see me.

So I would doubt Platina sounds like me and feel I need to be open to whatever you suggest rather.

I have mixed feelings about me. Sometimes I feel in danger of appearing like an idiot and as if I need to prove that I am not and show how great I am, which I am not certain if I will be able to make it visible to people. and at other times I do feel rather good about myself. What makes my confidence go really up is to have people behind me, support. I can not argue when I am alone, when no one is behind me. Its the easiest way to make me uncertain, if everyone disagrees with me. No not disagrees with me. I am quite strong with my opinions. When people are against me, turn away from me, and no one is on my side this the easiest way to make me uncertain and loose all confidence. Than I might appear strong on the outside but fearful and uncertain on the inside from fearing people will walk away from me. I can be quite confident if I have people.

On the other hand I might get a big ego if I am alone and attacked by people and see it just as an attempt of people trying to break me because I am alone and now supposed to be less confident, its like they are trying to get me at my weakest moment so I feel I must not let myself get defeated. So the big ego is an attempt to show them that I am very confident when alone, that it does not affect me but inside I am uncertain and swing between fear of people walking away from me and the big ego of showing people that I am as confident when alone - untouchable.

Me getting across to other people how great I am is the problem. I cannot do it often - mental blocks. uncertainties, fears and all gets ruined than and I end up looking less great than I am. It used to cause such anger when this happened.
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vitamin.X 7 years ago

So if there is any remedy I would be certain of for me it would be palladium. - egoistical, high ego but not showing it around people or being mindful of it as it might make people turn away from me, walk away. I need people more than anything. A pleaser and approval seeker often. But it did not work it seems. It was good initially but ever since I got the idea in my head of having defeated the remedies I hoped I am not and now that I am great again I must not let myself be defeated by anything again it turned somewhat intense from than on. People out there want to bring you down when you are great.

And Platina on paper does not fit it seems to me.

I am just thinking over things as I am bored and wondering whether platina should be left behind or maybe tried again in the future
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vitamin.X 7 years ago

You still seem to me to be talking in animal language not mineral.

Don't get bored and start changing remedies. Let the anthopleura do its work - 2 weeks before we judge its effectiveness. Depending on what happens, we will make another choice - either to repeat the remedy, go up to a higher potency, or to change to a new remedy.

I actually advised you to stick with the Platina if it was working - you are the one that creates this confusion. But now you have done it you need to accept responsibility for it and stay the course.

It seems to me the reason you like Platina is because it fulfills your need to have this 'high' self, not because it is curing you. It seems only half-right to me - but it is also half-wrong (which means all wrong in reality). Partial similars are often promising in the beginning, but it is what they don't cover that really is important, not what they do.
brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

I am not getting bored of the remedy as it is to early. Am Not going to do something on my own.

There is one thing I was wrong about in my above posts... The experience when you are someone great that everyone will try to bring you down. What I meant rather is that since my social anxiety whenever I tried to be confident or happy, people would try to bring me down and it seemed better to be just depressed and quiet. But things have changed since my early days of social anxiety. Dont believe this to be true anymore.

When I feel I am great, I am confident and this isn't true anymore.

Back in my old country up till age 16 I was afraid of being put down, but since coming to this new country, things have changed. Isolation and feeling distant, not getting close to people, keeping myself distant but also people treated me here very well and made me feel good, somewhat special. My social anxiety appeared once I have gotten treated really bad by some people - humiliating. I don't think it was really bad objectively speaking and since than when I came to new country and people treated me well again I did not want to put myself in a situation where people could all turn against me and start humiliating me. I had an image of being the great guy again and did not want this to happen to me again.

I don't believe it is an ego enhancement. Because I don't have a desire to really go back, only fear if maybe for some strange reason it is my similimum, as I did feel on initial dose such a nice feeling of warmth and security in stomach area, and my body felt tired and as if it was having mild orgasms all day long. I took anthropleura because I thought I might be animal too and the problem of what a remedy means to me and my ego has gone.
vitamin.X 7 years ago

Those seem like proving symptoms of Platina - ';mild orgasms all day long' - this happens in women who need Platina.

Ok good just try to stay focussed on watching reactions, not trying to decide what remedy you need. You have to leave that to me, but your job is to report honestly and accurately what you experience.
brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Oh really. I thought I am feeling the mild orgasm from feeling my body again that this is causing me to feel so good. Didnt know that. It felt like after you feel after smoking a bit of marijuana, a nice pleasant feeling from feeling all of your body, like a mild orgasm,

But no worries. If you say platina doesn't fit me, than I must assume it to be true and think there is a better remedy for me out there.

My hair is still regrowing and still my hunger in morning is up.

It is hard to report anything new since platina. As I feel my sensitivity level or whatever it was has gone. Or I got stability. At the moment I don't know what to report on. Except that I feel ok and the same like for the past 2 or 3 weeks. My chest maybe is a bit heavier. That is all
vitamin.X 7 years ago

If I were to go in a club this is how I would be:

-Going alone is not an option as it would make me feel horrible. I would feel totally left out, isolated. I could not be in there alone while seeing all those people. It would make me feel so horrible that I would have to go out.

Walking around and trying to approach people is to humiliating but also if it ended up unsuccessful I could not take it. I would feel horrible.

-If I were to go in there with some friends. I would feel good and be ok with being on my own or quiet and wait that girls come up to me. I am not the type of person who goes after girls. As they are supposed to come to me and they always do or used to. That was when I was younger and in high-school. Now it might be different as girls of such age don't come to you.

And there is another picture I have of myself if I were alone in a club. The isolation and bad feelings if I could not socialize with anyone but stayed alone, left out. The feelings of failure, guilt. It comes down really heavy on me.

So I don't put myself in such situations ever because I am alone. When I got people its always better.

I could bear being in a club if I knew some people there
vitamin.X 7 years ago

What would Platina do in such a situation?

The basic feeling of Platina is 'I am superior to everyone here, the most beautiful, the most special. I deserve the highest praise, the most attention. I not only deserve it, I demand it. I am so far about all the other people here, that it is lonely. No-one comes close to my level, so I am isolated from the common people. How could I meet anyone here, when no-one approaches my level of intelligence/beauty/culture? I am cursed with such a superior quality, that I will never meet my equal. The people around me are so coarse, so obsessed with activities that are beneath me. I must hold myself above them, act only in a way that befits a person of my nature.'

So they are distant, cold, haughty, disconnected, critical. They don't make friends easily, they are very 'picky' about everything.
brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

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