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Use 30c now if you have it.

There is an epidemic of whooping cough going around Australia. We need to be alert for that with him. I would also suggest getting Drosera and Spongia as well.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Okay will buy those as well

Do I give him a drop in a full cup of water? Or a half cup being that it's only 30c?
VenessaM last decade
Use the same amount of water as you last used. Potency doesn't affect dosage. Dosage is all about the individual's sensitivity.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
How often can I give it to him?

Ken Daren is making up the 200c for him...his such a nice man. Newtons pharmacy are closed today

I picture you to sound like Ken
VenessaM last decade
Morning David,

So I've given my son the lycopodium 200, 3 times already and his very flamie cough still sounds very bad. His nose is still congested too and I think that is why is unable to breathe.

He seems like he has a lot of mucous in his chest that he can't get rid of.

His been burping a bit more lately and one time yesterday when he burped he even brought up clear liquid.

His been very sooky too.

I've never heard the sound of a whooping cough, but his cough sounds more like a chesty cough.

The redness of the cheeks are a little better.

Not sure if I should give him another dose of lycopodium today?
VenessaM last decade
Haha Ken was one of my lecturers, and he was my homoeopath for a short period.

Ok no more Lycopodium. 3 doses of 200c is plenty. Is he worse? When exactly did he become worse (after which dose)?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yah he does seem like his getting worse. When he breathes I can hear all the mucous in his chest. He was the same yesterday though. So not sure if there was much improvement.

He hasn't been waking up crying at night though, although he has been coughing last night

His nose is runny clear mucous now

He just seems upset, clingy and sooky in general
VenessaM last decade
Ok try to wait it out. He has had enough of the remedy. Keep an eye on him and let me know if there is any sign he is declining instead of improving.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

I just went to see a doctor just to make sure it's nothing serious. He said its just a general cold, but that I should give him something to break down the mucous in his chest. Cause he has a lot of it.

He prescribed him Bricanyl Elixir....but obviously I don't really want to give it to him.

You suggested just waiting another day. So I may hold off...but I've had to give him some panadol cause his been pretty upset.
VenessaM last decade
Give me another description of how he is, including colour/consistency of mucous, any other symptoms.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Also, you do realise that I asked you to give him one dose, not 3. It is possible that he is aggravating from the extra doses he has been given. This will also require waiting to see if it calms down. 3 doses given in a short space might prolong the aggravation unfortunately.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I thought his case was acute thats why i gave him more. But by the time i got to him yesterday his cough was a lot worse than saturday and friday. I did also struggle to give him the doses yesterday because he kept spitting it out. So I wasn't to sure if he was getting any of it too. But figured he got some.

His stool has been good consistency though, not to hard but not to soft.

The muscous is clear and runny nose. No sneezing or watery eyes. His voice sounds like he has a cold though.

No other symtoms really

Perhaps I will just wait another day and see how he is tomor.

I'm just more concern about breaking down the mucous in his chest that's all. Is Vicks on the chest a no no as well? Cause the doctor suggested that
VenessaM last decade
You can do that if you think it will help. It won't affect the remedy in any way.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Morning David,

My sons flamie cough is still lingering. He sounds so congeated and has Dry mucous in his nose.

He had a good sleep though

His still getting hiccups too

Not sure what to do
VenessaM last decade
His nose is also runny - clear
VenessaM last decade
Give him one dose of 30c now.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David

Sorry I've been a bit busy with work. I gave my son the 30c dose as you suggested, but last night he woke up crying again 2 times. And in day care today he was whinging a lot too. His also got a little red rash on his chin of little pimples. His nose sounds congested/blocked, not runny though.
He seems a bit better in spirit but his chest stil sounds flamie. The cough has improved but not 100%

His sounds a little breathe less at times too

What do you think I should do?
VenessaM last decade
I just heard him crying and he does sound very congested in the chest...and a rattling sound too

I'm worried his not able to break down the mucous in his chest
VenessaM last decade
Hmmm ok we are not getting the best result here.

Repeat the 30c again but hit the bottle 4 times. In the meantime answer these questions for me.

What is the mucous like if you can see it?

Can you describe the cough? The sound of it.

What do you need to do when he wakes up at night? What does he seem to want?

If you listen to his chest what do you hear?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks David,

I was wondering if it makes a difference that I had the liquid bottle since last year? Could that make it less affective?

I'll answer the following questions tomor when his awake. I gave him the dose tonight...so hopefully it will help him
VenessaM last decade
Is it a pharmacy made bottle of the remedy, or a bottle that a homoeopath made up for you?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
A homeopath made it up for me
VenessaM last decade
Hi David,

Update on my son:

Its been over a week and he is still not well. His is very whingy and upset. He will cry when he falls or when he doesn't get what he wants

I managed to take a mucous out of my sons nose. It was some what drying and he was a light green colour. However he has a lot of dry white stuff around his nose area and face. It is still leaking a little clear mucous

The sound of the cough: it still sounds flamie, congested, something is blocked. You can hear it when he crys. Like he has a frog stuck in his chest.

My day care lady said she gave him bongela yesterday not sure if his teethng is bothering him.

He didn't wake up crying last night, but when he has woken up, he seats up in his cot it almost seems like he is struggling to breathe and the only way I could calm him down is my giving him a little panadol.

Hearing his chest it sounds congested, his not wheezing...but almost like a rattling sound

His face is red, it is more red on the right side of his face than the other.

I also just saw him put his thumb in his mouth
VenessaM last decade
He is also very clingy with both of us and wanting the dummy a lot

The cough doesn't sound dry
VenessaM last decade
If it was made up for you, it has a limited shelf-life. I try not to reuse medicines made that way after 6 months, because you cannot tell if they are still potent or not.

I just realised you are spelly 'phlegmy' as 'flamie' which I thought meant inflamed.

You need to get Ant-tart 30c.

Coarse loose rattling; chest seems full yet less and less is raised
Paroxysms of suffocation
Rattling cough during dentition
Difficult breathing, seems as if he would suffocate
Much rattling in the chest
Bad humor, whining
Peevish, moaning
Desires to be carried
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
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