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Yah I do, but at 10pm last night I didn't know what else to do?

He has been drinking alot more water than usual.
Fever only occurred last night it was high 38.8...has dropped this morning to 37.4 I did give him a bath this morning too
Stool smells like rotten eggs, really mustard looking
What makes him happy, outside and being carried
Temper arching his back, throwing himself on the floor, so his tummy is on the floor and his legs are in the air. Also screaming to himself and I don't even know what has upsetted him. And also waving his hands in the air. Tensing his body and short shouts
No sweating
He is worse when he is left alone or when he doesn't get his way
VenessaM last decade
Give him a dose of 200c again. Hit the bottle 3 times, and if you need to repeat it hit it 4 times.

Get hold of the 1M when you can. The intensity is quite high.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Okay so I gave him a dose at 9am, he slept for 2 hrs. But had to rock him to sleep

However he work up crying at 1130, his temperature was 38.2.... Gave him another dose. Only issue I don't remember if I put the drop in the water and I gave him a spoon. So I'm not sure if there was anything in the cup. I was distracted.
His still really upset and his temperature is high. He won't eat or drink.

I don't know if it's a throat infection or not
VenessaM last decade
Is it safe to give another dose? It's been an hr
VenessaM last decade
It sounds like either Cham is not right or the potency is too low.

Situations like this can get very tricky. I cannot see him and you cannot keep getting new remedies. If he is at risk it may be better to have a doctor examine him.

You can repeat the Chamomilla 200c, hit the bottle 6 times, place 1 drop directly on his tongue. I don't hold too much hope that it will suddenly work on the third dose though.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I would still like to try one drop on his tongue before we go docs, but that is my next step.

I did have to give him panadol to drop that high temperature. He was crying uncontrollable.

I rocked him to sleep again, so fingers cross he will wake up better.

Thanks for your help.
VenessaM last decade
It would help to have a homoeopathic first aid kit at hand for these kinds of situations. Many pharmacies sell them. Check with me before buying one though.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I didn't realise you can get one of those. Would love to get one

I'm off to the docs now, he has not gotten better :(

His nappy has hardly even been wet today either
VenessaM last decade
Hi David, just got back. He has a bad throat infection. I think he picked it up from childcare.

She gave him antibiotics. I bought them, but you know I don't want too. But I can't leave him suffering

Please tell me what to do? His really upset
VenessaM last decade
How many remedies do you have at home? Do you have the resources to manage this via homoeopathy?

There are situations where it is not fair to leave him suffering. I can easily take responsibility when I can actually see him but over the internet there are too many opportunities to make mistakes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
What remedy would be best for him? I have merc sol, not sure if that would help? I do have some other remedies

My husband can buy it tomorrow otherwise. I have given him a little bit of the antibiotic just to relieve some pain
VenessaM last decade
You cannot give him a little bit of the antibiotic. You either have to give him the course, or none at all. Giving him some could create resistance in the microbes respsonsible.

You would have to wait almost 24 hours now to get that remedy. That is 24 hours with this infection continuing to run.

I don't think we are in a good position to be treating him. You either need a first aid kit at home or you need a homoeopath nearby who can prescribe as needed.

What remedies do you have? It is remotely possible one of them could be useful.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I have lycopodium 30c
Merc sol 200
Culc carb 30
Phos 200

Not much I suppose
Can any of these helps?
VenessaM last decade
His got another temperature

I also have sulphur 30
Puls 30
VenessaM last decade
Where can I buy a kit from? Can I get it from you?

Pls tell me there is a remedy that can help him that I already have. Would like to give it to him ASAP

VenessaM last decade
None of those specifically suit the symptoms except Chamomilla. Chamomilla continues to show for all the symptoms. So either he needs 1M, or I cannot determine the remedy from your description.

Remedies that seem like Chamomilla are Staphysagria, Colocynthis, Nux-vomica, Cina. None of which you have with you.

Maybe in a pinch you could try Puls, but Puls is soft where Cham is hard. No remedy really substitutes for another. Sometimes I find parents describe a Cham child when it is actually Puls.

Anger is the key feature of Chamomilla, nothing pleases them, they are so mad! The pain makes them mad, they hit you, they seem to hate you, but at the same time you cannot put them down or leave them alone. They have to be carried around fast, rocked continuously, nothing entertains them for long.

So all I can see from your description is Chamomilla.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Just don't let yourself get into trouble here. I cannot provide all the remedies you need. You just don't have enough to deal with an emergency like this. Unfortunately you may need to rely on orthodox medicine this time.

You can always get 1M tomorrow so you have it for later.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Oh no, I don't think I can get a fist aid kit in time... I'm afraid it's not looking to good. I won't be able to get cham 1m till another day either...

I just wanted to ask thouppers thought a remedy would be more specific for upper respiratory? His breathing heavy, excess salvia, red throat....wouldn't he need a remedy to help just on that?

I thought merc sol could of helped him. It helped me once when I had a really sore throat.
VenessaM last decade
I do have color 30c and Nux....they are both a bit old though.

He was once prescribed Coloc for wind pain and Nux for constipation.

Not sure what strength is the Nux though

If I did have all the remedies which remedy would you recommend though?
VenessaM last decade
I mean Coloc 30c
VenessaM last decade
Just read your other message. I guess I will have to give him the antibiotics and probably quit work. Cause childcare is just getting him sick.

I would really like to get a first aid kit though. This has really thought us a lesson. I'll buy the 1m for another time.

Thanks for your suppor.
VenessaM last decade
As a health professional, sometimes I have to give the advice that I think is in the best interests on the patient, even if this generally conflicts with my homoeopathic philosophy.

I think quitting work is a huge step to take. It would be much easier and less financially difficult to just cure him of his problems.

I know you may be frustrated, but we are working with a serious handicap here. I cannot do many of the things I could do in person. It may be suitable for me to refer you to someone who is in Sydney so that you can get the best possible care.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
To be honest I don't think the situation would of been any different if I had a homeopath in sydney. All the good homeopaths are in the city or noth Sydney and I live in the western suburbs.

I think he has done better under your care than the last two naturopaths/homeopath last year.

I understand it is harder not seeing the person, but I think that is more for an emergency case. May be handy to know someone for those cases. But any ongoing issues like teething and reflux, can very well be treated in this manner.

I will look into purchasing a first aid kit.

In the mean time I guess I will continue with the antibiotics. However with the Cham 1M, I will purchase to keep for later.

All night he has been waking up and needing to be rocked to sleep by either rocking or bouncing up and down. Which both sound like Cham. He is also dribbling a lot too.

I did want to know your opionon with Merc Sol though, I thought that remedy is good for tonsillitis? Which is what the doc said he had.

As for going work, I may have found a temporary solution just for him to grow up a bit more.

In the mean time my remedy has arrived, so would like to get back to helping myself again.
VenessaM last decade
Oh no I actually had Cina 200 and 1m

I guess it's to late now
VenessaM last decade
Don't give remedies for that reason. We have hundreds of remedies for tonsillitis, including Chamomilla. The remedy must only be given when the symptoms suit, not because someone somewhere said it would cure a named condition. That is allopathy, not homoeopathy.

Just see how he sorts himself out after the antibiotics and we can make a decision about where to go next.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hey David,

So my son is still not 100%. He finished the antibiotics Friday. But he now has a hoarse cough. His also getting a lot of pimples on his face. He still doesn't like being alone for a long period of time.
And today he is sneezing a lot. I mean a lot. Yesterday he was around a dog and at the beach for the first time.

His still turned off food. He Use to love bread, now doesn't like it. Or much food for that matter

What do you think is going on?
VenessaM last decade

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