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Hey David,

So my son is still not 100%. He finished the antibiotics Friday. But he now has a hoarse cough. His also getting a lot of pimples on his face. He still doesn't like being alone for a long period of time.
And today he is sneezing a lot. I mean a lot. Yesterday he was around a dog and at the beach for the first time.

His still turned off food. He Use to love bread, now doesn't like it. Or much food for that matter

What do you think is going on?
VenessaM last decade
The cough sounds dry, he coughs after playing around a bit.

I often wonder if it's his reflux causing him not to eat.

I have a paed appointment this Friday, so am interested to know how his tracking
VenessaM last decade
Unfortunately this is the price orthodox medicine asks us to pay for their help. There is no increase in health, but a diminishment of it.

Ok well he is out of danger now, so lets get back to trying to find that right remedy for him.

Can you describe the pimples

Descrie the sneezing

Describe the cough

Remember every symptom should be in the format:

1. what happens

2. when does it happen

3. what makes it worse

4. what makes it better

5. what triggers it
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
What happens: he gets pimples around his cheeks, around his mouth and forehead too
When does it happen: definitely the heat, if he has food around his mouth, dribbling, sweat on forehead, salvia, change of environment
What makes it worse: his salvia, heat, sweat, food around his mouth..perhaps dairy. Cause he does have a high dairy diet
What makes it better: cold water, the cold, moisturizing the face, removing salvia around face, keeping him cool
What triggers it: I think heat and maybe dairy, maybe teething too

What happens: the last two days he has been sneezing all day long. Not sure if it's a cold or from being around a dog on Sunday or the beach was a bit windy there. He actually has a bit of runny nose today.
when does it happen: it's been sparingly throughout the day, quite a lot of sneezing through out the day
What makes it worse: we'll when he coughs he also sneezes after it
Not really sure what makes it better or worse at this stage, his never sneezed this much
What triggers it: when he coughs he also sneezes after it. Change of environment perhaps.

What happens: his been coughing for the last 3 days. It sounds dry and hoarse. He does sound chesty too. His voice doesn't sound 100% (I'm actually going to the doctors today so he can tell me if his chest is clear or not)
When does it happen: it has been happening all day long sparingly, however I notice if he is running around a bit he will stop to cough
What makes it worse: perhaps his reflux and high dairy diet
What makes it better: not really sure. I know Cina helped last time with the hoarse cough
What triggers it: moving around a lot, maybe dairy too

He also has a bit of a runny nose today
VenessaM last decade
It is important only to give me definite symptoms. I cannot use maybes. If you are not sure, try to confirm it. If you cannot confirm it I won't use it.

You can give me your reasons for believing it if you like, that way I can try to judge the validity of it.

So are you saying his own saliva is causing a rash on his skin?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes his own salvia is causing the rash, as well as heat/ humidity

The reason i say maybe dairy could be causing it, cause his diet is All dairy. Cheese, yoghurt, eggs, milk
He is not eating anything else unfortunately.
But that is just what I think. I guess don't use it because I'm not 100% it's just an instinct.

I do think his a little constipated, his stool has been a bit hard lately. Not green though

And his nose is definitely congested with clear mucous running
VenessaM last decade
Can you get hold of Allium cepa 30c?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes I can get that tonight
How would like me to give it to him?

I really must get a homeopath first aid kit.
Do you recommend a place where I can get one? Otherwise I only know newtons pharmacy and I can either tell them what want or i get their standard kit. It's in pill form and dissolves under the tongue they said.
What you think
VenessaM last decade
For first aid/emergency situations you can just dissolve the pillules in a glass of water, because you don't need to keep them for weeks or months to redose.

So you can do that now too, rather than making a dosing bottle. This is not a chronic prescription.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well I just called newtons and that remedy Allium Cepa is not part of their standard first aid kit emergency. But they said I can always add it to the kit.

So I dissolve one pillules in a cup of water and than give him a teaspoon right?
VenessaM last decade
After stirring thoroughly yes.

All-c is one of our most commonly prescribed cold remedies - and they don't include it?? Weird.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

They couldn't give us the pillules so my husband just bought the liquid remedy.

Just one drop, in a cup and stir thoroughly and take one teaspoon?
VenessaM last decade
Hi David,

I gave my son only one drop yesterday, but he woke up a couple times last night congested, runny nose, coughing, his voice sounds hoarse.

Should I have given him more. I need to go to work today and have a babysitter for him, but just want to make sure I get him sorted before I leave.

Also the doctor said to me yesterday that his chest is clear and it just seems his immune system is low. How can I build that up for him? Other than food he doesn't eat anyway.
VenessaM last decade
It is an acute prescription, you will need to give him a dose every 2 hours, up to a maximum of 4 doses. Make sure you hit the bottle before placing each drop in the water.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

Update on my son

He has watery eyes, still has a clear muscous leaking nose, the sneezing has slowed down a bit. But he keeps rubbing his eyes and face. He still has a cough too.
His stool is still hard.

Am I okay to keep giving him doses today?

It is looking seasonal allergy according to our baby sitter at home.
VenessaM last decade
If you gave him all 4, then no you must stop. Don't overdose him. If the remedy is right those 4 doses will be enough. If it is not you will just create side effects.

That doesn't sound like much has happened by using it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Oh okay

Well in that case not much improvement. The watery eyes is a new symtom as well as rubbing the eyes and face.

What do you think?
VenessaM last decade
He is proving the remedy I think. Stop all remedies for a day and let's see how he goes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hey David,

I went to see my sons paed today and he did say to me it looks like he caught something viral at the childcare and perhaps antibiotics was not needed. Lesson learnt for next time.

However just a concern that I would like you to treat instead.

In relation to his cough he did say to me he may have a bit of asthma, where the passage way gets inflamed. It could be seasonal, or when his paying around a lot. He gave me a ventolin for him to give to him on the odd occassion. But of course I don't want to give him orthodox medication.bWhat do you suggest?

Also his is not itching his eyes, or face today. He had a bit of a running nose this morning but he seems okay now. Besides the cough he does still sound a bit congested
VenessaM last decade
So he is better today compared to yesterday? Then it is likely he had too much of the All-c. When did he develop the new symptoms compared to when he started the remedy?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes he is better today than yesterday.

Symtoms before remedy:
Runny/congested nose
Turned off food/ drink

New symtoms after remedy:
Watery eyes
Itching of faces

symtoms remaining:
A bit of runny/ congested nose
Cough is still a bit there, Cough sounds hoarse and flamie
pimples are still there but have improved
he did have a bad nappy today it spelt like rotten eggs and had a touch of green in it, but not too green

He does seem to be all respiratory issue related. Do you think he still needs developing in that area?
VenessaM last decade
another thing David,

He is still hiccuping. Today he hiccuped 3 times. Tends to happen when he eats a bit more or after an hr or so from milk
VenessaM last decade
He just had dinner and had hiccups straight after it too

Not sure why this keeps happening to him
VenessaM last decade

This could be another reason why my back is killing me

For the last few days I've had to rock my son to sleep morning, day and evening. I'm not sure why. When I put him in his cot he arches his back and cries and wants me to rock him some more. I feel like we are going back to the days when he was only a few months old.

Symtoms left:
He has been vomiting a bit lately again, he vomited twice today
He has a bit of leaky nose too
His bottom two teeth are out
Needs to be Rocked to sleep
He sounds congested and flamie
VenessaM last decade

Was wondering if someone would help in David's Absence

My sensitive baby boy seems to be constipated. His also been waking up a lot throughout the night tossing and turnung these last 2 nights and I've had to give him panadol. It could be because of his teeth

David has treated him in the past for his reflux.

My son does occassional cough from time to time, his specialist thinks its not related to the reflux but he could get inflamed Passage ways (asthma)and his specialist prescribed him a ventolin for when this occurs. But of course I rather treat him with homeopath.

If someone though can pls help him with his constipation

VenessaM last decade
Hi David,

Was wondering if you could help us pls.

My son is constipated, it could be from increasing to full cream milk. But he is loving Drinking it.

Also he is still getting the hoarse voice/cough . It sounds really nasty at times.

He gets agitated with the heat, prefers aircond/cool weather.

His also been waking up early mornings, not sure if he is in discomfort

Thanks Venessa
VenessaM last decade

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