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What happened with the Cina?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
After giving Cina, he had an outbreak on the skin, his stool got better in colour, cough got better too, but a little bit more clingy.
VenessaM last decade
Ok so it has been 5 days. It is fine to give him another dose.

The skin breaking out while other internal symptoms improve is a positive sign on homoeopathy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

Just an update on my son, i think he is improving beautifully, his stool is looking heaps better again. Haven't heard him hiccuping in the last 3 days. Or even bringing up any acid reflux. I haven't heard his cough as much. I've gone back to stage 1 in his milk cause he seems to handle it better than stage 2. Will try stage 2 a bit later again.
He did have another break out of some sort of mini red rash at the back of his neck and hairline. But I'm guessing that's just an aggravation or could have been from the stage 2 milk.
His been a little congested, but I'll keep track on that

He seems to be eating better too.

I'm really happy in his progress. Now I just need to get myself sorted out. Thanks so much for your help this year with my son! Means a lot to see my son improving his health with natural medicine.
VenessaM last decade
Excellent that is really great news.

Now you on the other hand, will take longer lol. But we will get that done too :)
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

Don't expect you to be working today but my sons skin has flared up again over the weekend. He has red spots over his face and his been itching his hair a lot. Not sure what to do? But he is bothered by it. The rest of his body is fine. Not sure if it's from the heat or the acid from his salvia
VenessaM last decade
Hmmm....it could be direction of cure. Things moving from inside to outside. He is not unwell in any other way?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Sorry for the delay, we had another BBQ today. I think the red patches could be coming from the heat. He is well otherwise. When I put the aircon on or put cold water on his face or moisturiser his face gets better. And it's been really humid down here.
His skin is still flaring up today though.

The only other thing, yesterday He did have hiccups twice after an hr of his meal.
VenessaM last decade
Hi David,

Hope you had a great start to the new year!

Just wanted to find out. My son vomited a couple times yesterday. He hasn't done so for a while and he was just not himself yesterday and today. He is very clingy to me and my husband and wanting the dummy. I think his reflux is bothering him. I did give him a dose of Zantac yesterday but I haven't needed too for a little while. What do you think? His stool was a little green yesterday too
VenessaM last decade
You should probably give him the Cina rather than falling back to the Zantac. Zantac will continue to suppress his symptoms and make things worse in the long run.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Great I thought so, hated giving him the Zantac anyway.

Will give him a dose today.

How do you know how many times he should take Cina before he has reached his limit? I think he has had it twice or three times already. So not very much.

I also would like to start putting in writing 'how to deal with a sensitive reflux baby' and include homeopathy in that. Will keep you posted. Would like to help other mums who have sensitive babies like my one. And share my experience. I just think sensitive babies are a lot different and there isn't much info out there for mums.
VenessaM last decade
There really isn't anyway to predict how long the Cina will continue to work for him, or if he will need a higher dose or another remedy. It is a matter of observing and adapting to what happens.

Basically you continue to use a remedy while it continues to improve the patient, assuming there are no new symptoms appearing or some other symptoms are not worsening.

However I would expect he would need it less and less often if he is genuinely improving. When a remedy needs to be repeated often, it usually means it is just palliating the symptoms, and palliation actually harms the person in the long run.

Reflux is pretty easy to treat in homoeopathy, if the practitioner follows our guidelines for prescribing.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Update on my son his been waking up crying almost every nap time yesterday and today. Could this be an aggravation? Yesterday he woke up in hysterics at one nap I didn't know what to do, haven't seen him like this in ages. I must say I did give him a little Zantac yesterday cause he was so upset poor fellow. He was also congested and he has been bringing up some vomit too.

I thought his reflux has gone but he still has a little left I think.

I know you said to avoid Zantac and trust me I really want too, but when he wakes up screaming like that I feel so sorry for him. His stool is still a bit green too.

Is this normal?
VenessaM last decade
Yes if he is much worse then it is likely to be an aggravation. This might be because the dose was given too soon, or was too strong for him. It might also be the healing crisis he needs to finally kick this, so how we handle this is important.

While I understand your desire to palliate his pain, in the long run it will only prolong his problems.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Okay so we just wait for the aggravation to pass. I gave him the dose on Sunday and he got worse yesterday. So hopefully it will pass soon. I Will try my best to refrain from giving him the Zantac

Will keep you posted
VenessaM last decade
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John Fenwick last decade
Hi David,

My son had hiccups this morning 40mins after having his milk. So he is still having some digestive issue. I stayed clear from the Zantac and gave him gripe water and that help stop the hiccups and he than burped after it. Yesterday though he was just soo sooky, clingy and just upset with himself. I hope today is a better day.
I can't stand the sooky ness some days though, it really is doing my head in. And I try hard not to give him the dummy, but I know if I did he would not sooky as much.

I guess I just get worry that he sooks all day long cos he is in pain and I'm not doing much about it.

But not sure if you know what this behaviour means he pulls his hair alot..when he drinks his milk or when he doesn't get his way or when he is angry /upset or when he doesnt want to eat. He also stratches his ears til they bleed.

Do you think we are on track?
He did have some green stool yesterday. But this morning was back to normal.
VenessaM last decade
He just had breakfast and now has hiccups again. So that's twice this morning already.
VenessaM last decade
Hi David,

Over the weekend, my son has flared up with red pimple patches over his face. Particularly around his forehead/ eyebrow.

So what he seems to have left now is these hiccups...his been getting hiccups everyday and now the red pimples.. Do you think the red pimple patches are an aggravation or from heat or from the acid reflux?

I've been trying to go through in detail for my symtoms, but it's taken me a bit longer. Will get back to you about me soon

Thanks in advance
VenessaM last decade
Update today...his face is actually better today...so maybe it was an aggravation I don't know.

However he vomited twice and a little bit more than usual today. He also had hiccups twice today.

I'm getting a little concern
VenessaM last decade
David, my son looks like he is getting his bottom tooth. I have been seeing a little white appear to the surface, but it's not out just yet.

He has been upset lately, really sooky and clingy and has a bad temper at the moment too. His stool is really mustard in colour and he has been vomiting lately. I hear teething can cause vomiting too.

He has been turned off food again though.

Is there anything that an help him?
VenessaM last decade
Repeat the remedy right away.

Can you also get hold of Cina 1M for the next step?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes I can get Cina 1m.....

So would you like me to give him the 1m or 200c now?
VenessaM last decade
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

On Wednesday I took my son to childcare, he only stayed there for about 3 hrs cause he couldnt sleep and was crying, so i went to get him. Not sure if he was depressed there. The next day he woke up with a temperature, I gave him panadol but that wasn't working. On Friday I went to the doctor, he said that my son has caught a cold or bug from the child care place and has a fever that should last no more than 3 days and try nurofen. He also has little spots all over his body, particularly his legs and hands. The doctor thinks this could be a heat rash from the fever. He is not drinking his milk or eating much at all. The doctor thought he may have a bit of a red throat.
He has been waking crying, and sounding congested in the nose and the only way I can get himback to sleep is by rocking him. Ive been up with him all night last night. He has been very teary, upset and clingy.
His temperature has come down now, but he is still unhappy.

His stools seem okay, perhaps more on the mustard colour.

What are your thoughts
VenessaM last decade
It does sound like he caught something.

Hmmm....considering the 200c hasn't done anything, I would give him a single dose of the 1M.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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