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Hi David,

Was wondering if you could help us pls.

My son is constipated, it could be from increasing to full cream milk. But he is loving Drinking it.

Also he is still getting the hoarse voice/cough . It sounds really nasty at times.

He gets agitated with the heat, prefers aircond/cool weather.

His also been waking up early mornings, not sure if he is in discomfort

Thanks Venessa
VenessaM last decade
Hi Vanessa. I am pretty much back on board now, thanks to some highly skilled practitioner-friends, God bless them.

Anything else that he has currently? Even the slightest thing might help me to decide what to do.

Things like colour, consistence, shape, odour of stool; what makes him feel better; what makes him feel worse and so on. Anything you can give me will be helpful.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Great to hear your back on board! We really missed and value your advice.

Okay so he has been hard to put down to sleep. Yesterday I had to put him to sleep in the pram and had to move around/rock the pram during the day. Night time he was okay to go down...but he has been fighting his sleep all week particularly the day time sleeps.

He arches his back when he doesn't get his way. His Very selective on who he wants to hold him. Short tempered. Does not like being alone, as long as someone is near by. Doesn't particularly need to held, just wants you there. If you leave the room he cries for you to come back. Or wants to go where ever I am.

Diet: high dairy and protein mainly.

He still gets hiccups from time to time

His face flares up with red little pimples...it comes and goes. Heat and sweat makes it worse.

He has been waking up around the same time restless around 5ish in the morning for the last 6 days.

Stool: the colour is like a mustard colour, definitely not green. He strains for a while to get anything out and his face goes red

What makes him happy: he has started walking recently, thats all he wants to do and so that has been making him happy. He loves going for walks. Going outside makes him happy, doesnt like being at home all day.

He cries when he doesn't get his way, but his not upset all the time. He is still quite happy. And cheeky.

He doe this huffing and puffing sound, he thinks he is being funny but you could hear this hoarse sound in his voice. It sounds flame too. He does get the bark cough occasionally, the doctor prescribed him the ventolin to help with the cough or asthma. But of course I refuse to give him that.

I hope that's enough info
VenessaM last decade
Can you describe the bark more?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
It sounds a bit flamie, congested, it's a little hard to describe the hoarseness of his voice. It sounds dry and inflamed
Almost like his struggling to breathe at times, and he does the cough.

He has been doing the bark cough all morning actually.

Is that enough info?
VenessaM last decade
Hi David,

My son tried going toilet this morning and he was straining so much he couldn't even get it out, he was even crying a bit too.

I really don't want give him coloxal drops

Is there anything I can give him to make it easier for him?

Thanks heaps
VenessaM last decade
Hi David,

I called up Newtons Pharmacy just to fiandi out if there is anything in the emergency kit for constipation and they suggested Bryonia or Alumina 30c but to consult you.

His been straining, pushing and crying all day and his only been able to get out dry little pellets with my help. His in childcare tomorrow, so not sure what to do.

I think it's definitely the A2 full cream milk. I'm thinking of trying lactose full cream milk, but I'm not sure if it will make a difference.

The pimples on his face has flared up today from the heat

Awaiting for your guidance

VenessaM last decade
What do you mean 'he has only been able to get out dry little pellets with my help'?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi i have not had time to read all posts so i may repeat what someone else has said but i would imagine your child has recently started solids so are you giving him dairy or wheat. these are the 2 major asthma and ezcema causes if you eliminate both for a minimum of 3 weeks and if you see improvement slowly introduce one at a time you will know which is causing it. also have you just stopped breast feediing as there can also be a separation anxiety. good luck
pixie wood last decade
He could be lactose intolerant, that is definitely a possibility.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I've actually tried him on lactose free cows milk, the little bugger won't drink it cause of the taste....same issue I had with his formula. But we were able to get him use to a NORMAL formula...thanks to homeopathy.

What I mean I've had to help him....I've had to put up his legs in the air and use a cotton ear plug to tickle the area and help him take out his stool that way.

I had to do the same thing when i started him on solids too. But you than had help him get through that David.

I had to help him with his stool again this morning. I'm really confused on what to do?

What are your thoughts?
VenessaM last decade
What is a Normal formula?

It is not just lactose people are
allergic to, it is all dairy products
and many people have the problem
with gluten also. Milk only got big
when we got refrigeration.

We found out our son in his teens
was allergic to dairy and gluten-
stopping both those eliminated
his allergies, his slow digestion
and many skin issues and fuzzy thinking -he eats
an Oriental type diet now and is fine. Many
cultures in the world do not consume cows milk
the way we do-I don't think there is anything
'wrong' with you if your body cannot tolerate dairy
or gluten.
simone717 last decade
Are you manually pulling the stool out?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes I have manually had to pull some stool out. ...the joy of motherhood.

But he does also push and get some out himself, but not as much...only a few little pellets
VenessaM last decade
Ok that is a key symptom for Alumina, so 30c of that remedy would be suitable. Give him one dose each day for up to 3 days, stopping the moment he reacts.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks David,

I'm buying the Alumina in liquid today, how many drops would you like me to give him? And in water or not?

Also in your opinion what is better liquid or pillules? What last longer?

The pharmacy said liquid is better and last as long as pillules, do you agree?
VenessaM last decade
Pillules last longer - over 100 years. Liquid will always spoil eventually - the more alcohol the longer that takes, but certainly nowhere near the lifespan of the pillules. Water is also more sensitive to the environment, can will more easily lose the signature of the remedy.

For patients this is not really an issue, only for practitioners. You will rarely need remedies for as long as we do.

If you are getting a bottle already made up for dosing (so alcohol content is roughly 20%) then you can just dose directly from it. Same as before, hit bottle twice, 1 drop in 1/4 cup, stir and give him 1 teaspoon.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
It's more common for it to be the protien in the milk these days and you can try a goats formula or something you get from the GP called neocate. this is the on;y milk my child could have he was very allergic and try to introduce goats so he gets used to the taste for when he's older. if theres no other choice of milk i'm sure he will get used to it. i have had hurrendous allergy problems with my 1st child and have learned alot over the years. if he has wheat or dairy it effects his digestion and my other Son gets ezcema or asthma uts very hard to eliminate at 1st but the sooner you do it whilst he is young the easier it is and i am sure you will see a remarkable difference. they usually take 3 days before you will start to see some improvement and 3 weeks should be back to normal. i hope this helps
pixie wood last decade
Thanks for all your advice pixie.

David just wanted to let you know the Alumina helped my son go toilet today....thank god!

I've put him back on his formula, until I figure out what to do next. My preference would be to try cows milk again but watered now and than maybe lactose free milk. But my paed reckons that lactose free would only make him more constipated, cause generally if your lactose intolerant you would have the diarrhea.

I'm sure we will get through this phase too with the help of homeopathy medicine, as we have done so in the past.

Thanks again David
VenessaM last decade
Great to hear! Let me know if anything else crops up.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Your very welcome. but this needs to be totally out of his diet to work. i know you need to figure out what to do but there is a Nanny goat formula you can buy and once he reaches 1 year old you can use carton milk which is cheaper. are you in the UK. where are you from?? i only got rid of all my excess unused milk about 2 months ago. or i could of sent it. my nephew is having constipation like this and they will not change his diet and it's so painful to see when you know a few changes will make them ok. i wish you luck and although it is more expensive just until there a year old it is so so worth it for them.
pixie wood last decade
What is wrong with using Soy
milk? I had to switch formula's
to that on my son. Later when he
got older he began eating the dairy bc
he wanted to at his friends houses
and school and so on and all his
problems seemed random, so I never
put it all together till finally got
allergy testing done. No one was
going to 'argue' with the science.

I cannot stand the plain soy milk
myself, but I have some with a tiny
bit vanilla in it and that tastes pretty good.
simone717 last decade
Hi Simone/pixie

Unfortunately I'm sorta anti Soy milk if I had to be honest. Years ago I use to be on soy milk myself and had major problems with my endo. I believe all the phytoestrogen in soy contributed to my endometrisos ....I than switched to lactose free milk and have never looked back.

I have also tried goats milk for a week with no luck of my baby even drinking it and we were dealing with weight issues 6 months ago. Hence why I had no choice but to stick to a formula which was Whey dominant and I included my own probiotics in it. This seem to help him and in return he at least drunk it. I will however look into it again, cost is never been an issue i suppose if it is for the health of my child. I live in Sydney though, I think our local shopping centre sells goats, so will look into it.

I hear rice milk is not to bad either actually. But my son has a very strong character and battles with me everyday with what he wants to eat or drink, he would even starve him self...just to get his way. And I myself am battling with endo, so can't seem to handle to much worry or stress.

But it's so great to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel and by persistence we will get there.

Thanks for all your advice, I appreciate you sharing your experiences
VenessaM last decade
I totally agree on the soya. it is a very bad product and i wouldn't let any of my children have it. the nanny goat formula was the think that got me through. what about adding goats to his usual gradually. a very small amount at a time over a week or more and then he is very slowly getting used to the taste and it will not be full on. i know what your going through and i cn only tell you there is light. my son could only eat veg and meat . nothing else and i used to long for the day he could eat like other kids and he does now all apart from dairy and wheat which is hard but i'm gratefull he can eat as much as he can now. i wish you all the luck in the world x
pixie wood last decade
Hi- good to know about the soy-
my son is 20 now and back then
there was not so much info about it.

Guess I am going to stop drinking
it too!!

thanks, Simone
simone717 last decade
Hi David,

My son is constipated again.....I don't know what is going on with him. All weekend we have gone back to being constipated. Also his getting this outbreak on his face particularly around the cheeks, but his been scratching his forehead and hair like crazy....to the point that the back of his neck is badly scratched, it evenly looks inflamed. The rest of his body is fine though. I don't though if this is eczema reappearing or if its from his sweat.

He is back on his formula, and I have give him Alumina drops 3 times already. But he is still straining and is only able to get little pellets out.

What do you think I should do? I feel like we are going backwards again.

Thanks heaps
VenessaM last decade

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