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Agraphis Nutans2
Arnica Montana2
Arsenicum Album3
Baryta Carbonica8
Caladium Seguinum5
Calcarea Carbonica10
Calcarea Phosphorica3
Echinacea Angustifolia2
Ferrum Metallicum2
Ferrum Phosphoricum4
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum5
Kali Muriaticum5
Lycopodium Clavatum3
Mercurius Solubilis4
Mercurius Vivus9
Natrum Muriaticum3
Nux Vomica3
Phytolacca Decandra3
Rhus Tox2
Sanicula Aqua2
Spongia Tosta2
Thuja Occidentalis2

13-year old with chronically enlarged tonsils 24

I have a 13-year old girl whose tonsils have been enlarged for several years. First just one then the second one last year when she was diagnosed with strep and took strong antibio...
Remedies: Kali Muriaticum, Murure, Natrum Sulfovinicum, Mercurius Solubilis, Mercurius Vivus, Coriaria Myrtifolia, Arum Italicum, Calendula Officinalis, Causticum, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Nux Vomica, Spongia Tosta, Drosera Rotundifolia, Hydrofluoricum Acidum, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by 3tephmt. Last post: 2019-02-04

Tonsils with high fever for 2 year old girl 11

My daughter is suffering from this problem for last 1 year now.The fever comes back after every 15-20 days and normally its a high fever around 104-5F .And she complains pain in th...
Remedies: Ferrum Phosphoricum, Calcarea Carbonica, Belladonna
Started by rollsroyce. Last post: 2018-05-04

4 year old sleep apnea/large tonsils and adenoids 1

My 4 year old daughter has very large tonsils and adenoids and sleep apnea. She is also a mouth breather. We are going to start myofunctional therapy to retrain her to breath pro...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by louin16. Last post: 2018-04-05

Enlarged Tonsils & adenoids 18

I am trying to see any homepathic cure for enlarged tonsils & adenoids for my 5.5 yrs old son. He used to get cold frequently last and now jus from last 3 months he has developed l...
Remedies: Calcarea Phosphorica, Baryta Carbonica, Belladonna, Calcarea Carbonica, Castor Equi
Started by tanda. Last post: 2018-02-05

Enlarged adenoid and tonsils 5

my son 6.5 yrs old.he is suffering from enlarged adenoid and tonsils since 3yrs.i consulted many homeo doctors but no result found.his main concern is snoring during sleep and sle...
Started by Lakshmi2. Last post: 2018-01-09

My 9 year old son has adenoid and tonsils 6

My 9 year old son has grade 4 adenoid and grade 3 tonsils as per X-ray examination (3 months back). He was advised for operation to remove adenoids and tonsils. He sleeps with ope...
Started by ravi11. Last post: 2017-12-02

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils 2

Hi, My son is 6.5 yrs old. He is suffering from enlarged adenoids and tonsils since from 3.5 yrs. He is very thin and has seviou snoring, sleep apnea. He breaths air thru mouth d...
Started by Lakshmi2. Last post: 2017-11-09

Enlarged tonsils and adenoids 5

Hi, My son 5.5 year old he has enlarged adenoids and tonsils. Both tonsils are close to uluva.he is very thin and has snoring,breathing with mouth,disturbed sleep at night.in da...
Started by Lakshmi2. Last post: 2017-11-07

Tonsils 4

Sir i get tonsils problem frequently, they occur even due to cold weather ,i even stopped drinking cold things ,tonsils got less but recently i am getting sneezing continously the...
Started by Phuib. Last post: 2017-07-20

Please help ,Throat red with pale pimples in back of throat and tonsils 1

Hi.i m 23 male , I have developed pimples in back of throat that are pale in colour and same on tonsils. One of the pimple on tonsils has a white mouth. I first noticed them when I...
Started by Oturpurerc. Last post: 2017-06-29

Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils - Dr Kadwa 3

Our son is 3.5 years old. He was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids a year ago and recently with enlarged tonsils. He has sleep apnea, is more tired during the day that other chil...
Started by jsweden2. Last post: 2017-06-05

6 yo Mouth breathing, large tonsils and fluid behing ear drum 6

My little girl has a chronic problem larger than normal tonsils and fluid behind ear drum that would not absorb and is causing hearing loss . She breaths thru her mouth and snores ...
Started by Ellie1. Last post: 2017-05-26

Problem of tonsils & height 5

MY NEPHEW'S CASE Age: 12 years 8 months 2. Sex: male 3. Built up:mmoderate 4. Complexion: fair 5. Occupation: student 6. Single 7. Country: Pakistan but living in Amer...
Started by afskarimymail.com. Last post: 2017-05-03

Tonsils & height problem 13

hello Dr. I need ur help to cure my nephew's and neice's TONSILS and IMPROVE their HEIGHT. I m already giving u the required info in the next posts. as their parents ( b...
Started by afskarimymail.com. Last post: 2017-05-02

Tonsils 9

My 1.5 yrs old baby girl is having recurring throat infection with fever and cold . Any cold things like banana and curd not suits her kindly suggest remedy...
Started by ridhimaawasthi. Last post: 2017-03-21

Tonsils 4

how to cure tonsils permanantly.due to which my children health is suffering. one is 1.5 yrs old and other is 8 yrs old. both having throat problem got from me (mother) they both h...
Started by ridhimaawasthi. Last post: 2017-03-09

2.5yr child enlarged adenoids and tonsils 1

Hello, I'm looking for recommendations to try homeopathic medicine to treat enlarged adenoids. My son has had nose congestion which has been alternating with runny nose for al...
Started by ejk. Last post: 2017-01-21

Enlarged tonsils 3

Hi , Only managed to find Mercurius Iodatus Flavus 30x ( liquid form ) for my right tonsils , this enlargement almost 7-12 months old. may I know how is the dosage ....
Started by bichu10. Last post: 2016-10-17

4,5 years old son, enlarged tonsils after vaccination 43

My first words are "Thank you and God bless you!" for the admin team, for Doctors and specialist and also for all that are keeping this site so wonderful. I need some help for my s...
Started by Motherformyson. Last post: 2016-09-23

Dr. kadwa - enlarged adenoids and tonsils 1

Hi Dr. Kadwa, My 3.5 year old has stage 4 tonsils which his ENT said are the largest and recommending removal. He breathes from his mouth a lot. He does not get recurring ear in...
Started by lxibrahi. Last post: 2016-09-22

Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils - Dr. Kadwa 7

Hello, My 3.5 year old son has enlarged adenoids and tonsils. His ENT said his tonsils are stage 4 which are the largest. He does NOT get recurring ear infections nor soar throa...
Started by lxibrahi. Last post: 2016-09-05

Enlarged tonsils and adenoids 31

My 3 year-old son is suffering from enlarged tonsils and adenoids. In December 2013 he came down with tonsillitis and since then has enlarged tonsils which are affected every time ...
Started by HussainMN. Last post: 2016-05-20

Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils - Dr Kadwa 3

Hello Doc, My 6 years old son has been suffering from enlarged adenoids and tonsils. He also has sleep apnea and sleeps with his mouth open. Throughout the day, he breathes heavil...
Started by vrv1980. Last post: 2016-02-04

6 year old with Swollen tonsils 2

We have 6 six year old with swollen tonsils going on third month. Snoring at night. Around second month, was treated with antibiotics for strep. Swollen tonsils remained, but sn...
Started by InfantBabe. Last post: 2016-01-21

Enlarged tonsils in child 1

Hi, Could you please tell me whether medorrhinum is safe to use in children? Is it as safe as remidies based on plants? And, is medorrhinum frequently given to children with enlarg...
Started by Isa. Last post: 2016-01-11

Spondilitis, tonsils & feringsitis 2

My sister having all 3 problems spondilitis, feringsitis & tonsils for last 4/5 years. Please help her to recover , she is exhausted trying different remedies unsuccessfully. ...
Started by abezbaruah. Last post: 2015-12-11

Large Tonsils and Mouth Breathing 1

Dear Dr., My son is 5 years 10month old.. He has been having large tonsils and we have been giving him Homeopathy medicine from when he was 2 years. Right now, he is taking "Tonsil...
Started by kirangundurao. Last post: 2015-10-01

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils 13

Hi, my boy has had enlarged adenoids and tonsil since he baby. They have not been infected, just enlarged.He is almost six years old. When he was little his homeopath gave him firs...
Started by Maria de Gracia. Last post: 2015-07-08

Swollen congested tonsils and blocked congested nose 1

My three and half year old son is suffering from recurrent cough for the last three four months. He was administered antibiotics (amoxicillin) and lots of cough syrups which gave t...
Started by nabin_dey. Last post: 2015-06-18

2 and a half year old with enlarged tonsils 5

my son is 2 and a half years old. he has frequent cold which develops into persistent cough.. it ends up in tonsilitis with fever. it started 20 months back(when he was about 9 m...
Started by scorpio2015. Last post: 2015-05-28

Tonsils causing Sleep Apnea 2

Hi All: My both tonsils are so big that now they are blocking the airways when I sleep and i have been diaganosed with sleep apna. Doctors are asking me to go for Uvulopalatophar...
Started by M Malik. Last post: 2014-12-23

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils 17

Hi my 3 year old son suffers from enlarge adenoids and tonsils. He breaths through his mouth and has obstructive breathing at night . He also is thin and hasnt gained much weight s...
Started by Saphirre27. Last post: 2014-04-30

Enlarged tonsils and enlarged adenoid 6

dear doctor my son is about 14 years old. his weight is 50 kgs. he has very very enlarged tonsil and he has also enlarged adenoids.nostrils are block, breathing through his mouth....
Started by swapan2012. Last post: 2014-03-29

White spots on childs tonsils 3

Hello. My 3 year olds tonsils have white spots on them. She has no pain and appears well. No fever. I noticed them just today. The past week she had a very runny nose and cough du...
Started by rania1403. Last post: 2014-03-21

Enlarged adenoids and enlarged tonsils 5

my son about 14 years is suffering ffrom enlarged adenoids and enlarged tonsils. he is always breath through his mouth any one of the nostril is always block.sleeps immediately aft...
Started by swapan2012. Last post: 2014-02-13

Recurring Strep Throat - Tonsils Remove 1

Hi All, I understand this is very well known forum to discuss homeopathy treatment. My wife is suffering from severe throat infections for last 6 years in years she will have mini...
Started by mathew2k. Last post: 2014-01-25

Enlarged Tonsils and Continuous Cold+Sneezing due to Allergies in 5year old boy... 27

My five year old boy is having extremely enlarged tonsils for more than a year. Doctors has advised surgical removal of them. He is also allergic to unknown allergens and very ofte...
Started by Asad4life. Last post: 2013-12-12

Pain in throat and tonsils 5

I got my period 5 days ago and starting experiencing cold like symptoms from that day. My throat has been sore all these days and I have phlegm stuck in the back, which is difficul...
Started by rania1403. Last post: 2013-11-14

Chronic enlarged tonsils and nasal discahrge, child 13 31

i My daughter, since baby, gets sick with a cold all the time! She s now 13. As soon as she gets sick, she complains of her throat, i can feel enlarged tonsils and glands that are ...
Started by nanou. Last post: 2013-10-15

Chronic tonsils and weak body 3

HISTORY:- AGE 22 HEIGHT 5.7 WEIGHT 56 APPEARANCE WEAK BODY AND ARMS FACE COLOR LIGHT PALE Chronic tonsils since i was 10 years old after TYPHOID FEVER and till now sudden sore...
Started by Nomi Nomi. Last post: 2013-10-06

Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils 1

My daughter is 5 and has large tonsils and adenoids, the doctors have wanted to remove both due to the fact she has been having sleep apnea. Anyone have any suggestions on natural ...
Started by lfaria. Last post: 2013-07-04

Help with OCD, erectile dysfunction, depression, tonsils e.t.c. 22

Hello everybody 1) I'm 20 years old 2) Male 3) 70 kg weight 4) 180 sm height 5) Russia, Moscow * first problem - suffer from erectile dysfunction. Morning erections not, at th...
Remedies: Sanicula Aqua, Nux Vomica, Selenium, Tarentula Hispanica, Agaricus Muscarius, Cuprum Metallicum, Mygale Lasiodora, Zizia Aurea, Tabacum, Caladium Seguinum
Started by Ipohondric. Last post: 2013-07-02

Chronic Tonsils and Constipation and some time uti blood and protein discharge 11

How are you Doctor Please give me remedy for these signs tonsils and constipation was start since 7 years and till now sometime pains in testies and in bladder and pass urine with...
Started by Nomi Nomi. Last post: 2013-06-09

Enlarged tonsils and adenoids 2

MY son 5 years old had tonsilits at the age of 3. I used homeopathic medication mainly calc carb -0/3 and bio combination 10 and he didn't have that problem for the past one a...
Started by thulasiarava. Last post: 2013-05-31

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils 1

my son is 4 yrs old. 1. his adenoids and tonsils are enlarged. 2. Allergy with dustmites 3. catch cold wind very soon and difficult in sleeping. 4. Wakes up frequently in night an...
Started by jruchi. Last post: 2013-03-09

I have tonsils 1

I am 13 year old and I have tonsils but they don't hurt the only problem I get when I get this problem I smell bad from mouth ,please help me...
Started by Wajidiftikhar. Last post: 2013-02-23

Enlarged tonsils n blocked nose 21

my son is 8yrs n visually n speech challenged.he suffers from enlarged tonsils n blocked nose.when he was younger the problem was not so persistant but now blocked nose has become ...
Started by anil k. Last post: 2012-11-22

Attention to any Doctor for Cough and Chronic Tonsils 4

Gender : Boy Age : 8 yrs Complexion : White Hair/Eyecolour : Dark brown Body type/ Hieght : Healthy / Normal hieght My son was having evening ...
Started by Hannah Hannah. Last post: 2012-11-22

Pain in tonsils and voice loss trouble respiration 1

hi, doctor my wife 34 year old suffering from nodule in thyroid and pain in tonsils ,ear and teeth . she feels heat when she eats non veg food .her respiration is blocked from nos...
Started by sajid1234. Last post: 2012-10-05

Enlarged adenoid and tonsils 1

my kids is 3.5 years old Enlarged adenoid and tonsils lots of head Sweating Snoring Hard breathe Wakes up frequently Frigthened also Sinus Infection Nasal congestion He is active,...
Started by ruchyee. Last post: 2012-09-04

3 year old with Adenoids and Tonsils Please help 12

My son will be 3 year by next week. He has Adenoids and tonsils and the doctor recommended to get them out. His weight is 31 lbs. He goes to daycare and get repeated cold and inf...
Started by laxmik. Last post: 2012-05-26

Tonsils in 18 months old son 1

Hi Doctor, My son is 18 months old. He has a tendency of growing tonsils whenever it is a bit cold or if he drink cold water, it will result in tonsils and cough and then fever. ...
Started by Masoodm99. Last post: 2012-05-06

Chronic enlarged tonsils after mononucleosis 10 years ago 4

I am wondering if there is a homeopathic solution to my problem. I became ill with mononucleosis when I was 20 years old, and I have not been the same since. I am now 30 years old ...
Remedies: Majorana, Monotropa Uniflora, Mercurius Vivus, Sol, Mercurius Solubilis
Started by Wolfie. Last post: 2012-03-07

2yr old needs Tonsils removed, Adnoids removed and tubes inserted in both ears... HELP! 3

My 2yr old just recently was seen by an ENT specialist, AGAIN, for his sleep issues. He wakes up every night and has since he was born. I thought he had snored a lot or breathing...
Started by naturalnolden. Last post: 2012-02-21

My 28 months son has enlarge adenoids and tonsils 5

Hello Doctor my 28 months has these symptoms. -snore with gurgling sounds -nose is obstructed -lots of sneezing in the morning and runny nose -disruptive sleep due to the obstru...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Agraphis Nutans, Caladium Seguinum
Started by concernedfather. Last post: 2011-11-05

Daughter 2.5 years enlarge adenoids and tonsils please advice 5

Hi, my daughter is 2.5 years old. She is diagnosed with enlarge adenoids and tonsils, ent prescribe nasal spray, but not helping. She sweats alot while sleeping and her breathing ...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by madeline2. Last post: 2011-11-02

Enlarged tonsils 10

My son is 21 yrs old.. He has enlarged tonsils.. there is no fever or pain , but as they are large, food get stuck behind it and smells.. so can someone suggest some remedy for...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by bhavnas90. Last post: 2011-10-29

Tonsils Enlarged 0

My Son is 21 yrs old.. Has enlarged tonsils, both sides.. there is no pain or fever.. he has more than 2 yrs.. they are so large that food get stuck behind it and smells.. Is th...
Started by bhavnas90. Last post: 2011-10-16

Throat inflammation & tonsils pain on swallowing 6

Dear Doctor, I am having throat inflammation & tonsils pain on swallowing. This was started two days back and now cough is slowly progressing. Usually when cool climate time or w...
Remedies: Belladonna, Galene, Garnierite
Started by anish_anirudh. Last post: 2011-06-02

White Clumps on Tonsils 24

Hi. For the past 3 months I have been coughing up malleable white clumps that smell strongly. Only today did I realize that these clumps came from my tonsils. They seem to be fo...
Remedies: Belladonna, Majorana, Skookum Chuck
Started by rocknricer. Last post: 2011-04-08

Tonsils for 8 year old son 1

I had a very bad episode in the month of January 2011. My son started with high fever with rash on his hands arms, back and chest. We took him to the doctor and he diagnosed Scarl...
Started by dalze. Last post: 2011-02-28

Enlarged tonsils 9

Iam 23yrs old female having enlarged tonsils from childhood. I get frequent sneezing and cold. It happens due to change of climate mostly. I have developed acne since i am 14yrs. a...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Silicea, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Kali Muriaticum, Ferrum Metallicum, Phosphorus, Anthrokokali, Caladium Seguinum
Started by shat24. Last post: 2010-11-03

Acid reflex and enlarged tonsils 2

My 6 year old son has been having breathing, snoring and acid reflex disorder. The acid reflex and snoring he has since birth but the breathing gaps during sleep he has since he st...
Started by MALAIK. Last post: 2010-10-23

Tonsils Removed 35 years ago and still get stones 0

Can anyone help me out here? I get these stones once in a while (on right side looking out on back of my throat) but had my tonsils out as a child. How can this be explained? My...
Started by noopie. Last post: 2010-10-23

Tonsils and adenoids 2

Need a homeopathy treatemnt for my 7 year old daughter who has large tonsils and adenoids , she si tired after waking up form bed, breathes from her mouth all day and night, has di...
Started by rakheemc. Last post: 2010-10-13

Enlarged Tonsils in a 2 year old female. 2

My daughter is 2 years old. Her tonsils are so large that she has been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Per the sleep study performed, she stopped breathing over 150 times...
Started by KimArmstead. Last post: 2010-10-06

Tonsils 1

Dear Sir how are you , Iam a male 36 years old Actually my problem is that whenever climate changes then and if i eat some cold things then too much mucus will form and i get sinu...
Remedies: Phytolacca Decandra
Started by mohanchandu. Last post: 2010-09-14

Sons tonsils 4

Any suggestions? my son has swollen tonsils, which are pink in colour with no pain. He is not sleeping very well because he is having difficulty breathing at night. I have tried a...
Remedies: Sulphur, Belladonna, Baryta Carbonica, Mercurius Vivus
Started by Gerney19. Last post: 2010-08-02

Adenoids and Tonsils - 3.4 year old 4

I read the archives for treatment of adenoids and tonsils (enlarged) via Cal carb and Agraph Nut. I tried the Agraph Nut for 10 days now 6x, thrice per day and he seemed improved ...
Started by NewbieHomeo. Last post: 2010-07-12

Chronic tonsils 1

Tonsils problem: My daughter 6 years old is suffering with chronic tonsil enlargement and repeated infections. Both tonsils are enlarged. From past one week she is getting wet c...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by chiru71. Last post: 2010-07-02

Tonsils 7

My 3 year old daughter has enlarged tonsils and it's affecting her speech. Not severely, I can just hear that they're swollen-I understand all her words perfectly fine. ...
Remedies: Phosphorus
Started by jody5864. Last post: 2010-06-15

Tonsils 6

i have been having swollen tonsils for years ..not pain but unusual feeling inside throat ...bad odor.right is more swollen .also some bad odor balls yellow in color are being forc...
Remedies: Silicea, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Kali Muriaticum
Started by tipu2009. Last post: 2010-06-14

Tonsils with pain 11

hi I hv very bad tonsillitus . It is coming back every week and i have done 4 antibiotic courses in six weeks . my tonsil become swallon and they hurt alot and every time there i...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Arnica Montana Radix, Mercurius Vivus
Started by abbas37. Last post: 2010-05-26

Sleep Disorder & Snorig due to Enlarged Tonsils 9

Hi, My son is 6 year old. He use to snore a lot since he was a baby. He got his adenoids out about 4 years ago when he was 2 years old. Recently, he started snoring again. It seem...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Silicea, Natrum Muriaticum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Kali Muriaticum
Started by pmantro. Last post: 2010-05-14

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils 1

y 5 year old son was diagnosed with enlarge adenoids and tonsils and suggested surgery, I ran into your web page trying to find another option to surgery. I began to give him Cal P...
Started by spidersense. Last post: 2010-02-16

Tonsils have my son 5.3 years 1

Dear respected doctors My son have from last few months Tonsils and little fever with dry coughing and not eating. Our doctor did test his boold, urine and stool test and looks no ...
Remedies: Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum
Started by RKGupta. Last post: 2010-02-12

Mono with extremely enlarged tonsils 3

Daughter, 11, diagnosed with resolving mono. Tonsils are huge, speech is affected, sleep is affected. Breathing mostly through mouth. No fever, temp consistently 98.1 or so. BLonde...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Kali Muriaticum, Anthrokokali
Started by tlr1106. Last post: 2010-02-04

Enlarged Tonsils with Cuts 4

I am 32 year male. I am suffering with enlarged tonsils since childhood. Every two-three weeks my tonsils gets infected. it results in sour throat, cough (like dense ball every mor...
Started by dskararia. Last post: 2009-12-11

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils 6

Hi, My 7 y.o. (soon to be 8) daughter has been diagnosed with significantly enlarged adenoids (by x-ray) and her tonsils are enlarged as well (2 out of 4). Dr. recommended stero...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Caladium Seguinum
Started by lgm123. Last post: 2009-11-26

Need remedy for tonsils 1

Came down with influenza on tuesday night. Low fever than then became a bit high, chills, neck pain, sore eye ball sockets. Vice like pain in head when rising, better from gripping...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by elderberry. Last post: 2009-10-18

3 year old has enlarged tonsils 1

My 3-year-old grandson has been diagnosed with enlarged tonsils (3 out of 4 - whatever that means). He is Caucasian, fair, blond, blue-eyed. Tall for his age,35 lbs. slender, but n...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Sol
Started by Marcia. Last post: 2009-10-01

Acute Tonsils 2

Dear All, My son is about 6 year old. he has this old problem of tonsils, doctors from his age of 3 are advising to get the tonsils removed, but i am not getting them removed. few...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by baduzai. Last post: 2009-09-13

Pus cells on Tonsils 3

Dear Doctors, My daughter, 3.5 yrs old has visable pus cells on her tonsils, she also has inflamed tonsils, by which she is prone to catch cold and fever every month, specially wh...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Sol
Started by indhawk. Last post: 2009-07-01

Help! swollen tonsils neck pain etc, drs say nothing wrong 5

Hi; everybody. I'm very glad to be part of this forum and hope you can help. For years I've had voice problems, neck pain,etc, drs unable to find anything(!) Recently my ...
Remedies: Sulphur, Arsenicum Album
Started by sharky. Last post: 2009-05-26

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils 2.5 year girl 3

Hello, Thank you all You cured me from thonsilitis. Now I ask for help for my doughter. She is 2.5 year old. Everything started with hard breathing snring after she had fever we w...
Remedies: Belladonna, Echinacea Angustifolia
Started by liudoskis. Last post: 2009-04-04

Adenoids and tonsils enlargment 1

My 4 years old daughter has enlargment of adenoids and tonsils since 1 year. She will be suffering from catarrh with thick yello discharge from her nose. Because of this she has ...
Remedies: Mercurius Solubilis
Started by sreeharits. Last post: 2009-03-31

Tonsils & Adenoids 4

I have two boys, one 6 and one 4, the 6 yrs old snored horribly and RLS as well as signs of stopping breathing in his sleep. We had his T&A taken out on Dec. 30th and have seen gr...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica, Phosphorus, Caladium Seguinum, Belladonna
Started by Conner. Last post: 2009-02-21

5 year old girl with recurrent swollen tonsils 12

I have a 5 year old girl with enlarged tonsils which are not currently infected but are causing problems. She had several bouts of tonsilitis last year which resulted in her takin...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum, Artemisia Vulgaris, Sanicula Aqua, Thuja Occidentalis, Majorana, Silicea, Tuberculinum, Phosphorus
Started by Hendrix. Last post: 2009-01-29

Enlarged Tonsils 2

I am 51 yr old female who has had since childhood, one enlarged tonsil on my right side. Definitely no history of cold or infections. Can't even remember when last had a col...
Remedies: Mercurius Solubilis
Started by arthursmom. Last post: 2009-01-09

Enlarged tonsils 5

Hi, I have had many bouts of tonsillitus, and am currently cosideing having them removed. However, I saw that some homeopathic/herbal remedies may help. My tonsils are now enlarg...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica, Calcarea Phosphorica, Thuja Occidentalis, Tuberculinum, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Phytolacca Decandra, Belladonna, Kali Phosphoricum, Natrum Muriaticum, Grindelia Robusta
Started by dezza. Last post: 2008-11-24

Enlarged tonsils and adenoid. 4

Out of desperation I went online to resolve the problem of my 3 years old daughter, who suffers immensely for almost 2 years. My girl snores and breathing with efforts, she always...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica
Started by berenica88. Last post: 2008-11-10

Adenoids and enlarged tonsils 2

Hello! I was reading some posts here and would like to try to get an advise from someone knowledgeable. My daughter was diagnosed with adenoids and enlarged tonsils. She is 7. Enla...
Remedies: Iodium, Argentum Metallicum, Agraphis Nutans
Started by jucher. Last post: 2008-08-07

Perpetually Swollen Tonsils 3

I have a young man whose tonsils were badly damaged from an unspecified infection three years ago that the doctor had trouble finding the right antibiotic for over a two week perio...
Remedies: Belladonna, Sulphur
Started by holisticwoman. Last post: 2008-07-26

Enlarged tonsils and constant cough 11

My daughter is 21 and for the last 7 weeks developed very large tonils and persistant cough. She has never had problems before; mild allergies maybe. She has been on several rouun...
Remedies: Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum
Started by VickiD. Last post: 2008-06-04

Tonsils 0

For a couple of months, I have had white 'growths' emanating from the crypts of my tonsils. They occur on both tonsils at once, and sometimes only on one. When I look at...
Started by mj760. Last post: 2008-05-31

Tonsils problem of kids 6

My son is 5 years old. He is getting periodic fever every week for last 1.5 monhts. for ex if he gets fever on wed it will subside by friday and restart next wed. Did all blood tes...
Remedies: Mercurius Iodatus Flavus, Tuberculinum, Hepar Sulphur
Started by gbansal. Last post: 2008-05-19

Attn Rishimba, Swollen tonsils in kid 8

Hi Rishimba/others, Please suggest a gentle remedy for my kid. A local homeopath used to treat my daughter for the tonsils, Since one year. No benifit, every time there is a side...
Remedies: Graphites, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by chiru71. Last post: 2008-05-10

Tonsils & Adenoid 1

Hello, I need your help very urgently my daughter having both tosils and adenoid problem since she is three years old now she is 8 she has huge swelling in both left(more) and rig...
Remedies: Bacillinum
Started by vettath. Last post: 2008-01-30

Fever, Swollen Fingers, Tonsils 1

Mahesh had gone touring to the west coast from th mid west (USA). He came back with severe swelling of little and ring fingers (right hand), severe fever and tonsilitis. Onset of ...
Remedies: Rhus Tox, Arsenicum Album
Started by srisri. Last post: 2007-11-22

Tonsils , biochem 10? 1

I have 2 kids both of them suffer with tonsil infection very frequently. (some times cold and phlegm). I am afraid of the amount of antibiotics they were subjected to. Is there ...
Started by chiru71. Last post: 2007-09-08

Help for lingual tonsils 2

I have had trouble with my tonsils for over 2 years. I have gone to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN three times this year, plus , I have seen many specialist here in North Dakota. The ...
Remedies: Spongia Tosta, Medorrhinum
Started by geminipat. Last post: 2007-03-16

Adenoids, tonsils 10

I have a child with an airway constriction. He also has large adenoids and tonsils. He has had strep twice, and enlarged nodes in neck, we think may be due to chronic fighting of...
Remedies: Calcarea Phosphorica, Baryta Carbonica, Nux Vomica, Aralia Quinquefolia, Alfalfa, Belladonna
Started by benatarfan29. Last post: 2007-02-08

Green tonsils 3

hi just wondering if any one knows what could be the reason my stepsons tonsils have gone green mouldy. any idea's would be great thanks...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by lisa264. Last post: 2006-10-28

Sore Tonsils 1

Im 15 years old and have large tonsils and i'm always coughing up mucous and when i sing 4 a certain amount of time my throat will start to get soar and then the next day i wo...
Started by 2loveable4. Last post: 2006-09-24

Recurring tonsils + flatulence please help 3

1. Name - Vivor 2. Age - 29 3. Sex - M 4. Married/Unmarried - Married 5. weight - 220 Pounds 6. Height . - 180 cm 7. country - India 8. climate - 20-40 C 9. List of your complaint...
Remedies: Tuberculinum, Mercurius Vivus, Psorinum
Started by Vivor. Last post: 2006-08-03

Enlarged tonsils 18

My son is 6 years old. Since he was 3 years old he has his tonsils enlarged. He start coughing at the same time. Doctor said that he might have asthma and treated for it with pu...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica, Hydrastis Canadensis, Echinacea Angustifolia, Sulphur, Belladonna
Started by dorocia. Last post: 2006-07-21

Enlarged Tonsils & Adenoids 36

I have a child 10 years old requires Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy due to enlarged tonsils & adenoilds.Parents prefer to try with Homeopathy before going for removal.Age: 10 years,...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica, Sulphur, Belladonna, Aconitum Napellus
Started by sthillaiyah. Last post: 2006-05-25

Enlarged Tonsils 3

Since yesterday I have been feeling pain in my throat. I took one dose of Belladona 200 after reading a post on the Forum. I woke up this morning with definitely enlarged tonsils a...
Remedies: Belladonna, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Sol
Started by Dungi. Last post: 2006-02-08

Tonsils and exercise 19

I have chronic tonsil problem. I keep it in control by preventing very cold drinks, getting cold etc.strange thing that happens is that whenever I try to start weight training, inc...
Remedies: Adrenalinum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Sulphur, Belladonna, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Rhus Tox, Phosphorus, Ferrum Metallicum, Natrum Phosphoricum, Bioplasma
Started by tjalal. Last post: 2006-01-04

Just got my tonsils out:( 2

Has anyone got any information for me, post operation? I am in a lot of pain. It is day 6 now and I think my scabs are falling off. I have some white clumps in my mout and my tongu...
Remedies: Arnica Montana
Started by Toy Poodle Mom. Last post: 2005-12-10

Sore/Burning Tonsils 4

Last night I felt a pain in my tonsils, so I got the flashlight and looked. My right tonsil looks like it may have a hole in it. It looks like it's where a creator in my tonsi...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus
Started by imme18. Last post: 2005-09-27

Infected tonsils 1

please help me my tonsils are swollen my lymph nodes in my neck are always swollen....do I need to have my tonsils removed....I also have white cheese like formations in my tonsils...
Remedies: Belladonna, Formic Acid
Started by barboy33. Last post: 2005-08-31

Deep pocket tonsils 1

I am glad to find this website. For many years, I did not know what caused those little white patches on my tonsils. I am 55 and now know that I have deep pocket tonsils, which ca...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by Abbey. Last post: 2005-06-20

Tonsils cure 5

My son has severe case of swollen tonsils,plus reccurent cold and cough.Pls advise...
Remedies: Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Belladonna, Phytolacca Decandra, Mercurius Vivus, Lachesis, Lac Caninum, Zincum Metallicum
Started by tanvir. Last post: 2004-04-13

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