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Hello rjohn are u still there i would like to chat to you bout bxo
dufraise 8 years ago
I'm BXO free after using my regime I laid out above...Not sure how the other guys have been doing lately, but they were reporting the white skin was peeling off last time I heard.
dfrance 8 years ago
I'm curious on your progress. You started my recommendation last fall and you said you were seeing signs of improvement. I'm kind of guessing people who don't return to the forum are healed...but for the sake of other people out there though please do share the good news if that is the case! Most of us heal and forget we ever had the problem. I have that tendency too, but I'm trying to help other people because I remember how scary and sucky it was to have it and I hate to see people waste money on expensive treatments or even surgical procedures that are not as effective. Our bodies are capable of fighting off every disease in this world if we Prop our immune system up.
dfrance 8 years ago
Hello dfrance,just the man i was looking for. Your treatment sounds amzing and im defo going to try it. please can you tell me the extent your bxo got to. My bxo has caused the penis end to loose colour there are white patches on my penis head,there is quite bad scarring and it has left a white ring around my foreskin also. cant wait for your reply. i hope you can help. Ben
dufraise 8 years ago
Thanks for the reply dfrance, really appreciate you posting your experiences with this.

I'll let you know where I'm at:

I started a new diet about 2 weeks ago, pretty much went cold turkey on all the fast food etc, cut out dairy, gluten and wheat (apart from beer!). So far thats been ok and my general health feels better.

I also started on the red clover at the same time, as well as salmon oil and vitamin A tablets. I didn't have any itching before but thought I should do this anyway.

About a week later I started using the mixture of emu oil, DMSO and tea tree oil. This didn't have too much effect other than making the white skin on the glans a little more visible - by that I mean it kind of made it stand out instead of fading in slightly with the rest of the healthy skin.

Still...I wanted rid of it so I 2 days ago I've started on a 50/50 mix of DMSO and Tea tree oil.

Today I've noticed that hard white skin has turned very wrinkly, just as you said. Fingers crossed, with more applications I'll start to see it peel! I'll keep you updated on the progress.

rjohn 8 years ago
Hello rjohn if this works for you please let me know asap,as i will start this treatment if so. please please keep us updated. together we can beat this horrible diaease.

regards dufraise
dufraise 8 years ago
Hello rjohn, please please let mw know how this treatment works for you,as i have had this for many years and dieing to know if this really works. please keep us updated.
dufraise 8 years ago
Hi dufraise

Ok, I'll give you an update.

I started using 50:50 mix of tea tree oil and DMSO about a week ago. I have noticed some peeling after around 3 days of use. Only tiny bits of peeling on the most dense white areas, but on other, less dense parts slightly larger parts of skin peeled off.

As dfrance said earlier, this process will take time for the many layers of skin to peel off, so I'm just going to carry on with the treatment and hope for the best.

Hope this helps.
rjohn 8 years ago
Hey dfrance and everybody, feel like its time for an update. I've using this mixture for about a month and a half, though on and off for the last 3 weeks. When I first started the 50/50 mix I noticed the white parts wrinkling and peeling quite a bit. Currently things look pretty good though the denser spots haven't dissappeared yet. They seem much closer to the normal skin colour and much less noticible. I'll keep going with this untill all is cleared. I'm also still taking red clover tablets or tincture. Also, there was a red spot (irritation?) that is almost pretty much gone. Dfrance, what was your experience with the peeling/fading process? Another note, I've been washing nightly with iodized salt water and notice that keeps the skin from getting irritated and red.
Hastouki 8 years ago
Hello guys thanks both for your reply, i have a few questions for you both. 1. Please tell me the website you buy the dmso from. 2. My bxo is on the gland (Head) of my penis and is your bxo also there and do you use the dmso directly on that?.

Also guys not only is there white scarring on my penis head but the skin itsself is loosing colour (pigmentation) has this also hsppened to you and is this regeme helping to bring the colour back.

Look forward to hearing from you

dufraise 8 years ago
My experience with the peeling/fading process was that it was slowwww. Remember how long it took for you to get the disease? It started out tiny and grew over a long time. It doesn't take that long to get rid of it but it does take awhile! There is no magic potion that makes it disappear. The DMSO and the Tea Tree Oil were the only things that worked for me though. Don't forget its important to eat right and not feed the disease with sugar and fake sugar.

I got my DMSO from DMSO.com but you can get it from most anywhere I think. It was cheap there though and I knew it was what I needed to get the job done. My bxo was on the head of the penis and it had that hard outer ring forming. When I realized one day that I couldn't pull the skin back without it being very painful and even ripping in some places I freaked out and was determined to do anything I could. I poured over articles for weeks and finally decided that this combination might be the winner.

When I say the process was slow I mean getting rid of all of it was slow. But intitally when I used the mixture it wasn't more than 2 weeks and I was 75% free of it. I put the mixture on it on all the time..maybe 10 times a day if I could. It started to peel so I kept helping it peel more. It came off in big white strips I kid you not. It was the coolest weirdest thing I've ever seen haha. Sorry if that grosses anyone out.

I'm trying to think if I'm forgetting anything. Let me know how the treatment works. Good feed back is always appreciated since I do try and take the time to answer your guys questions. I remember the awful feeling and I'd hate for anyone else to struggle with it and waste money for any longer than they need to.

The awesome thing about this treatment is that I bet it costs you less than $50 bucks. Can't even beat that with 1 trip to the doctors office...you have nothing to lose plus its less embarassing lol.

Cya guys.
dfrance 8 years ago
Dfrance you have no idea the hope you have feeled me with i have this condition for so long it is ruining my life. If this works my friend i will personaly go into buisness with you and we can cure the world of this disease and mak money i the process lol. even tho i would happily help people for free and we all know how awdul this is and the affect it can have on peoples lives. would it be possible to get a direct email for you so i cantact you direct for any question and keep you updated with my progress..

Thank you again

dufraise 8 years ago
Haha, I've thought of ways to try and make money off of it while helping people. I can't really prove that it works though other that my own experience. Maybe it'll be possible in the future when more people try it out...and the solution can be perfected.

If you want to give me your email, I'll contact you. I'd rather not put it out on the forums.
dfrance 8 years ago
Lol no worrys i just tried giving you mine but wont let me you put email sites up on here :-(

dufraise 8 years ago
My work stuff 88 at gmail dot com
dufraise 8 years ago
There u go dfrance i have fooled the system lol look a the line above sure you can make sense of it send me an email so i know you got it.

dufraise 8 years ago
Ive sent you an email back. have a few question for you to my freind.
dufraise 8 years ago
Two and a half weeks of using DMSO and Tea Tree oil treatment...wow...large areas of skin have started peeling.

Initially I was quite cautious with the mixture, applying it maybe 4-5 times a day. I suppose I was quite worried about the effect it has to the rest of the healthy skin if it comes into contact (it does wrinkle up and peel, and also burns a bit)

But...I've become a bit more carefree, applying the mixture as often as I can - maybe 7 or 8 times a day.

And its just started peeling in big areas, whereas before I would have to use the end of my nail to scrape off small flakes (sounds rank).

I also have the occasional rest day as the skin becomes quite sensitive after multiple applications.

Anyway, cheers again dfrance, I'll keep you all updated with my progress!
rjohn 8 years ago
Thanks for that rjohn. To everyone who might read this, sometimes it takes that stronger combination of just DMSO and Tea Tree Oil. The Emu Oil is good for keeping the inflammation down but it also dilutes the tea tree oil solution. So if you have that tough area that's very dense with the white skin the 50/50 is for you. That's how I finally got clear of it all.
Oh and keep those immune systems healthy!
dfrance 8 years ago
wow, you guys are giving me some hope here! I too have been dealing with bxo for years and it has nearly cost my my marriage as it affects our sex life. I have even gone as far as flying to CA to see a seeming expert in the field (I'm from the east coast so it was quite a costly trip) and he gave me the same treatment recommendations as all the other yahoo's...use this steriod cream and good luck! So I have been using it now for about 4 weeks now and while it has softened the skin and helped with the itching, that is about all it has done. I am going to try this method as soon as I can get all the stuff ordered and will check back as time progresses here. I guess I'm debating whether I should abandon the cream completely while I try this or if I should do both. Any thoughts are appreciated.
b2golfer 8 years ago
You should abandon the cream, and stick strictly to this for a while.
Hastouki 8 years ago
B2golfer im new to the rigime to. take my email addy from the previus post i put on,and we can talk about our progress if u like. i talk to dfrance the main man often via email it really helps to talk.
dufraise 8 years ago
thank you! I sent you an email. Appreciate you reaching out to me!
b2golfer 8 years ago
Hi! I am new to this forum. I don't know if this was covered before, but I stopped consuming Aspartame (Nutrasweet) and my BXO disappeared, and only returns if I consume it again!! No more diet sodas for me!! I learned about the connection between the two on another forum.
[message edited by happycamper72 on Tue, 28 Aug 2012 06:41:32 BST]
happycamper72 8 years ago
has anyone used dfrance's treatment for the ring around the foreskin, assuming anyone here also has that symptom?

As far as I can tell it's my only symptom, and I'm now unsure I even have BXO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

goldspanner 8 years ago
I had the ring and this worked like magic for it. If thats your only symptom, try 50/50 tea tree oil and dmso. Apply a few times a day and see what happens. Usually, you start to see results (peeling) within a couple days.
dfrance 8 years ago

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