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Thank you for all the information in this thread. Had the same issue for several years and just wanna leave my thoughts about it here. I used the teatree/dmso/emu combo for several months, it improved my situation well, but not completely. I found that keeping it dry, is the most essential part in curing it. I stopped using the dmso and only focused on keeping it as dry as possible. I used a foreskin retractor for 4 weeks and all my symptoms were gone after it. I recommend anyone who suffers from this to give it a try, worked for me, can't say it will work for everyone though.
I used this myself: (never mind, can't post url, new account) but any kind of retractor should work fine. Best of luck to everyone
habanos 5 years ago
DMSO gel or liquid form ?
thomasr 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your experience on here with us. I run the blog 'Obliterating BXO Naturally', and have found the exact same thing that you have - keeping the area dry is the most important, if not even the only thing you need to do to rid yourself of this condition. I have read the same suggestion on so many forums around the Internet also.

I'd be really interested to hear from any men who found that their BXO did not respond favourably to keeping the area dry.

Out of interest, how long had you had BXO and how progressed was your case? I've been treating mine now for a little over a year, and while it's definitely healing and I'm able to have a normal sex life again, I'd still like to get rid of the last white patches. I'm always keen to try and speed that process up, so am wondering if a foreskin retractor might help me, or if you used one earlier on during the process than mine is at.
greaneyr 5 years ago
Hey, thought I'd return to this thread and chime in since my last post over a year ago.

I can now thankfully say I am 90% BXO clear. I want to vouch for what greaneyr and habanos have said...keeping the penis dry is most essential in improving this condition. When I first found this thread my BXO ruled my life completely. My penis couldn't retract due to the hardened white ring on my foreskin and I had a large white patch on my penis glans which connected and ran down my frenulum. It was also very itchy. I used to hate looking at my dick and was ashamed of it but now it looks so much healthier and dare I say it normal. My white ring is completely gone, I can retract my foreskin fully now with no problem and the white patch on my glans has faded very well that only I am able to notice where the patch was and recent sexual partners haven't commented.

I only ever tried TTO mixed with a plain moisturiser at the beginning of my treatment which caused initial peeling. For me DMSO was always plan B. I then became slack in applying the TTO moisturiser but continued to religiously keep my penis dry and kept my foreskin retracted for a lot of the day, always making sure to wipe away urine and ejaculate. I cannot emphasise enough how much this has cured my condition. I have also within the last few months been using creme complete and I feel this is also helping keeping everything looking healthy. I also began eating a healthier balanced diet at the beginning of the year and for the last 4 months have converted to a vegetarian diet which in general makes me feel healthier overall. I'm not sure if this is a contributor in curing BXO but I do believe imo that it has helped as I strongly believe you are what you eat.

Anyway that is my update and I hope I have been of some help in returning to the thread with some positive success. Our bodies are all different but I wanted to give some hope to guys out there that felt like me when I was at my lowest. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Take care and good luck with your healing.
lb_65 5 years ago
Im Back again. Im here trying to read good news about this &%$ disease. Ive gone last year and did nothing whit my pennis. An d its worst. Sure of that.

I dont have a precise diagnostic about my BXO. Just a Dr that says that it was that because i asked directally. But Im here since the page 18... and read all the dfrance methodology, but i have to confess that never i was constant and continuous in the treathment explained by this thread. I started like a month ago again, whit the TTO/DMSO 2 or 3 times a day, and i started to see that the white patch on my gland its a little bit more pink in one side, but more inflamated at the other.
That its because it will be good to change photos of the different stages of the disease between us. To see if we are talking of the same patterns.
Any way i will try to keep dry the zone... I drink a lot of alcohol, all days, may that could it be a point... Dont Know... just for the record. I eat really good and healthy. Not to much dairy neither sugar.
Remember the photos. If anyone have some... I have 2 or 3.
TX to all of you that leave here your experencies because the Drs knows less than us at least in this...

astor 5 years ago
And Greaneyr... I saw your Photos in your blog. I will do the same today... I will start a blog whit that but in spanish... Because there are nothing like this in spanish. I will take photos and will publish them.

I cant find Confrey here in my country... You think its decisive?
And the white patch in your gland its still there or gone... I dont see the urethra hole neither the upper of the gland...

See you all
astor 5 years ago
So Im back with an update..
Its good..not as good as i wanted but Im not too stressed anymore..

Having tried the dmso for my lichen sclerosus et atrophicus..i dont not have feeling in my frenulum anymore..thats the worst part..however realizing dmso wasnt helping after 2-3 months with TTO...I started working on the immune aspect..

What i have figured out is that we all have leaky gut to an extent and via either antibiotics or gmo food, coffee, vaccines..we have killed off good bacteria and made our intestines leaky..

you must try to heal the gut..so im on the paleo Autoimmune protocol as of 3 months now..cant seem to take in grass fed meat though so will turn to mostly fish..

but the HUGE difference came in when i started the low oxalate diet..this is calcium oxalate that BUILDS up inside or outside of the penis..some woman have it as vulvular pain..we have build up overtime in the body..

now why did i get build up down there?? i had an std wich needed killing off with lquid hydrogen..so the skin got dammaged and that helped the oxalic buildup..

when i went on a green smoothie diet..i realized that my itching was 20 times bigger..and there was white build up around my frenulum that i could scratch off..that freaked me out..i looked at the smoothie ingredients..spinach..celery..sweet potatoes etc...MeGA loaded in oxalates...so i went on a low oxalate diet plus VSL3..suposedly helps with eating off excess oxalate..i think the vsl3 helped as i had lots of improvement in the first 2 months..i only bought 2 boxes as they are hell expensive but take magnesium citrate to help..

now its been 3 months..my gland is still white but still watching out for oxalaltes..i tried keeping to 40mg of Ox's but thats hard as i have rheumatoid arthritis and i need lots of food and was really hungry...so im staying under 60mg....

so gland still white but noticed after 2 months that my urine was coming out alot stronger and my urethral entrance got longer..as it wanted to shrink alot..so there seems to be an effect where when you get rid of the oxalate..what ever space it was taking ..sort of goes back to normal.,,.and when i eat more oxaltes..it wants to go back as it where...

so i guess vsl3 helps if you can afford it..atleast try out the diet plus calcium oxalate and mag oxalate ..
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Vic75 5 years ago
dfrance, I'm going to start your method very soon and I'm wondering if you would tell me methods of applying the mixture (and mixing it). I haven't seen much posts in the right way to apply the mixture.

mrjql7 5 years ago
I've been applying 50/50 TTO/DMSO mixture three times a day. I have noticed wrinkling, so I think it's working.

I really hope this "fixes" my BXO but most importantly I hope it helps with my tight foreskin which is basically pinhole phimosis with a BXO patch on the phimotic ring. So sick and tired of it, this is basically my last resort, if this doesn't work I'm gonna have a circumcision. I'm sick of this disease hurting my self esteem and sex life.
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mrjql7 5 years ago
mrjql7... I can't comment on any DMSO-based treatments as I never tried them. I have no idea where to buy DMSO from in my area, so was forced to pursue other treatments.

Your phimosis, if caused by BXO, is very much treatable. I had a tight ring which also prevented me having a sex life, and I can now have a normal one.

Out of interest, what have you tried to date, and for how long? My experience has been that, no matter what treatment you throw at BXO, recovery takes a long time. Be prepared for this. That was what I found the hardest part - staying positive and not caving in totally when I wasn't sure if the treatment was even working. Any kind of peeling, in my experience, means it's working.
greaneyr 5 years ago
I've tried stretching exercises for almost 2 years with no improvement. I'm assuming the BXO is hindering progress. Thanks for your positive reply, I'll really persevere with this treatment.
mrjql7 5 years ago
Any chance you could tell me your other treatments to cure your BXO?
mrjql7 5 years ago
Update, remission for over a year! Ran into an issue with Romano cheese! Pure whey, AGAIN, stay away from the whey!!!
bartmh 5 years ago
Almost a week into this treatment and I am amazed. I'm already seeing a lot of peeling. Although I'm still skeptical if this'll fix my BXO and/or Phimosis, I'll persevere. At least I know it's working. I'll keep you posted with updates.
mrjql7 5 years ago
Does anyone have experience with or know anything about carbon dioxide laser treatment for men with LS / BXO? I couldn't really find anything negative said about this treatment, but I could find the extract of a paper on the outcome of a trial in which it was deemed fairly successful: "Is carbon dioxide laser treatment of lichen sclerosus effective in the long run?"

I suppose it does a similar thing than some of the suggestions in this forum. Any views on this?
piet80 5 years ago
I also came across a paper published earlier this year: "Male Genital Lichen Sclerosus"

It suggests that, instead of LS (or BXO) being an autoimmune disease, it may been the cause of intermittent damage by urine.
Any of you that could say that urine damage may have had something to do with your BXO, considering that in the paper it also says: "A recent study by our group has shown that 91-100% men with MGLSc have dribbling ..."?

If keeping everything dry and clean would be of any benefit, this might be the reason why ...
piet80 5 years ago
^^^That's reassuring, I'd rather urine be the cause of my BXO than an autoimmune disease. Slightly easier to maintain remission.
mrjql7 5 years ago
That's also horse pucky! A lovely Lady in the UK I believe, was studying the causes of female lichen sclerosis and has determined there is non firing A/B in the effected skin. I will look her paper up again and post a link. She is where the Red Clover came into play!
bartmh 5 years ago
Update: There is very hard skin on both sides of my foreskin tip, I think this is just part of the process of the skin peeling, however I just want to make sure. Is this normal?

EDIT: Skin peeled this morning, seems it's perfectly normal, just dead skin about to peel I think.
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mrjql7 5 years ago
I've been in remission a total of three tears now with three exceptions, a case of yogurt got me, an ice cream cake, a spaghetti dinner covered in Ricotta cheese! It is whey protein that upsets the balance! Thank you again Dfrance
bartmh 5 years ago
Update: Itchiness has came back, even with Red Clover Pills. Hopefully this is just par for the course.
mrjql7 5 years ago
Update: If you value your smell too much, I'd consider hiding in a bunker for a couple of months. While I'm at college I get complaints from people that I smell of seaweed, not that I'm surprised, the smell is appalling, I thought TTO was a bad enough smell but the DMSO makes it so much worse lol. Just a heads up to people wanting to try this. Progress is slowing down but I'm still persevering, it's only been 3 weeks after all.
mrjql7 5 years ago
Long time sufferer - BXO first started about 15 years ago, thin tight ring, baffled doctors, ring got tighter and thicker and started developing fissures when stretched, ring calmed down (not sure why - possibly because of the bio oil + TTO I was using at the time) but the underneath of the head of penis has now got a large white patch (approx 30% of head of penis is white) and has irregular red patches, and some small dark red blotches that look like blood blisters. Go through phases of being depressed about it.

Obviously steroid creams didn't help. Have tried bio oil, TTO, Moo Goo products, cutting out dairy + sugar (as much as possible), acupuncture, Chinese Traditional Medicine, creme complete, vitamin E oil, apple cider vinegar, salt soaks, keeping it as dry as possible and keeping the foreskin retracted as much as possible. Urologist has twice recommended circumcision which I am considering but have significant reservations about. Other than the ring kinda sorting itself out I've not had significant gain from any treatment.

My current daily procedure is to wash with TTO shower gel, apply Moo Goo starflower oil, then creme complete, vitamin E oil + moo goo during the day, in the evenings a salt soak in warm water, more starflower oil and creme complete and a few drops of TTO. During the day I keep it as dry as possible (irritatingly I am prone to post urination dribbles which makes this a challenge) and keep the foreskin retracted as much as I can. All this work plus minimizing sugar and dairy just seems to stop it getting worse, or possibly just slows down progress significantly.

I do notice that the affected skin can change very rapidly from moisturized to dried out, from feeling soft to feeling dry and plastic.

Sorry there are no solutions or revelations here - I just really wanted to share my experience. Many thanks to anyone who read this far !
irieguy 5 years ago
Hello irieguy
Iam long time sufferer too. Iam 25 and I have BXO since aprox 17. Iam already circumcised and it really helped. But only for 2-3 years. Until white skin appeared on glans. It will be better for u to do circumcision, it helps to maintain glans clean every day and to stop progress of decease. But speak with doctor first.

Write me and we share info quickly
relifer1 yahoo dot com
Relifer2055 5 years ago
^Circumcision also damages nerves, decreases sexual pleasure, can look pretty ugly, can spawn a whole host of other problems, huge scar etc.

People please don't have a circumcision unless absolutely necessary.

I'm trying to avoid it at all costs. I have severe phimosis and BXO, this treatment seriously looks promising and with stretching exercises you can gradually fix your phimosis. I'm far from fixed yet and circumcision is still on the table, but I think this thread in general is evidence enough to not have a circumcision for BXO.
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mrjql7 5 years ago
Just wanted to post a little update.

I started this "treatment" in November 2015 and thus far I have seen great improvements on my foreskin, I have very little white parts now as opposed to pretty much everywhere back in November and I have pretty much stopped the treatment (maybe once or twice a week) due to the progress I've made.

I just want to thank dfrance for this, as it makes my situation look optimistic (I have very tight foreskin and the BXO did not help).

I have also stretched using various methods and the diameter of my hole has increased quite significantly, it's still very tight but I'm making progress at the very least.

I just want people to realise that this treatment is not immediate and it may take months to show results.
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mrjql7 5 years ago

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