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update from me
I've been using the TTO/EO mixture 25%/75% daily for some time now. Also have been following a strict diet although occasionally I would eat something that is against it. Although i have avoided sugar like the plague. The disease is still there I have only experienced a little bit of peeling on a couple occasions then it would stop. I would only see the beginning of peeling hardly any skin actually peeled off though. And I haven't seen any peeling in months

I can't beleive so many people say they are nervous when it starts peeling - the peeling is what you want for that skin to come off. I'm quite disheartened that people see results in 2 weeks and i've been doing it for so long with nothing. why isn't it working for me?

dfrance you said the TTO has to be high quality, would it really make a difference? I mean it's still TTO... Well I should try since nothing else is working what is a high quality TTO available in Australia?
ccone 7 years ago
Ccone, you need to start using a 50/50 mix of tea tee oil and DMSO. The DMSO needs to be at least 99% pure as well. This will get deeper down into the skin and initiate a weekly peeling. I'm on my 5th week of treatment now , treatment for 5 days then 2 days of peeling but I still have the tight foreskin. It's really frustrating. The fresh skin is of the same consistency as the phimosis skin. I'm at the point of giving up.
Frankgrimey 7 years ago
Ccone, from my experience yes it does. I used other TTO and with it took like 2 weeks to make the skin peel. Switched to Nature's Sunshine TTO which is lot more potent than the earlier TTO in my opinion. It really does burn/sting with DMSO and i can't use the mix without emu oil.

Frankgrimey, i've been using this treatment for probably for a half a year now, but it's been the most efficient for me, those steroid creams weren't so effective in my opinion. (though i have not tried the most powerful ones) I will not go get myself circumcised for this.

You can always stretch the tight foreskin what this treatment might cause, atleast it does for me.

Right now there's no white skin on my foreskin, but im still keeping up the treatment.
jomppa 7 years ago
Jompa, so do you go through a weekly peeling just to keep it as it is?
Also I've tried the stretching. I even bought the phimocure kit. It only made the skin rip and actually made it tighter.
Frankgrimey 7 years ago
Frankgrimey, last time i stopped treatment right after i managed to peel all the white skin away, it just came back. From what i have read about lichen sclerosus / BXO that patients keep using steroid creams even after the white skin have disappeared, they just use the steroid cream less frequently.
though im not sure for how long they keep using them.

I've also had those 'tears/wounds', i just let them heal and stretch.
jomppa 7 years ago
I agree. I think its important to keep up with the treatment on an occassionaly basis. I havent had a reoccurance but I do reapply maybe once a week or every two weeks. the tto gets rid of the white skin but I think diet and lifestyle change is at the root source of not having reoccurances.
dfrance 7 years ago
Guys, I was just reading through past posts because I havent caught up in awhile. Really surprised and saddened to see some people are still struggling through this. let me reiterate that I had the most success when I started mixing the tto and the dmso 50/50. make sure to apply emu oil at some point after to help heal the skin. Do NOT peel the skin off until its ready. doing so will not allow proper healing. if things hurt or get brittle take a break for a few days and use a little emu oil to help the skin repair. Buy good tto seriously...its well worth it. I also kept the area religiously dry. I found tanning in a sunbed with the areas exposed also was good for the skin. if you have done your research about bxo you will understand why this helps and why keeping it dry is crucial. ket me know if you need help.
dfrance 7 years ago
just want to say thanks for hanging around to help people dfrance, you could have easily just forgot about the problem once you cured yourself.

I started reapplying the TTO/DMSO mixture and got some peeling but not on the hard white ring on the skin just below it. my TTO says 100% pure on the bottle so how do I know if it's quality or not? also how do I keep the area dry? wiping with toilet paper doesn't seem like a good idea because fragments come off and might get trapped under the foreskin. also do I need to dry it manually after having a shower? one more question which hasn't been asked yet do you abstain from masturbation and sex when you have bxo?

btw I found a website where a guy was selling his own treatment regime for bxo and he used something called 'caproil' topically which comes in a 'yeast buster' kit. I'm waiting for some to arrive from overseas now if it gets through customs i'll let people know if I have any success. the rest of his regime was pretty similair cutting out sugar, dairy, etc. he also recommended drinking lemon juice with warm water in the morning to alkalise the body and taking a testosterone supplement daily and laxative teas to clean out the bowels regularly.
ccone 7 years ago
Ccone, seeing as though the treatment is ongoing it is nigh on impossible to abstain from masturbation or sex. I get blue balls after 3 days anyway :-)
Just look at it as a stretching exercise.
Frankgrimey 7 years ago
i don't think it's impossible after I was first diagnosed with it I stopped for at least 3 months because I thought it might have had something to do with the cause. only problem is after stopping night emissions start occurring. I wouldn't consider it a stretching exercise as it seems to make it tighter, but maybe it getting tighter had nothing to do with it. i heard something about flushing the seminal glands out is good for bxo but don't know if it's true though
[message edited by ccone on Thu, 11 Jul 2013 10:53:29 BST]
ccone 7 years ago
Stopped treating the problem for a couple of months but some white skin started developing under my urethra and started looking odd, like it was one herpe or something. The symptoms didn't match to herpes or GW and I started doing the the DMSO and TTO treatment again.

Jesus guys quit your crying, yes it stings you want to get better? JUST DO IT! The faster you fix the problem the faster you can get back to a normal sex life. It burned so much sometimes it developed some scabs or what looks like scabs, probably more like chemical burn on the surface.

I started experimenting with organic unrefined coconut oil for one day, it removed the peeling skin and has great antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

I have also cut out smoking, drinking, and changed my fat boy diet back to a paleo diet. I have also been taking fish oil, multivitamin, and a probiotic daily. Lots of power greens and meat. My anxiety is definitely doing a lot better.

Also some of the white skin had started peeling off the glans from rubbing in the shower, so be patient and persistent. I'm trying to do the TTO and DMSO treatment 3 times a day and everytime its been absorbed, I plan to follow it up with an application of the organic, unrefined nutiva coconut oil.

I also have emu oil but haven't used that in a while. I'll use it once my foreskin starts feeling raw and beat up.

I will keep you guys posted on how the coconut oil does, I have high hopes for it.
fukdisbxo 7 years ago
did everyone forget about the red clover? if you are using the tto and dmso to the point where its not helping or its making your skin extremely raw,, something else is going on and you are not getting to the root of the cause. the red clover is what made me stop itching just in case people have forgotten. I would recommend getting some from that site I referenced earlier as it is of extreme quality. help your body heal dont become obsessed with the mixture only.
dfrance 7 years ago
Since May 2012, I've been suffering from inflammation of the penis head and testicles. I get burning feeling, followed by sore feelings which continue for most of the day.

An erection or when I feel the need to urinate is enough to inflame the problem. A purple/bluish ring has formed around the glans too. I have to wear very loose thin pajamas

Latest dermatologist said I has Lichen Scelrosus. Is that the same as BXO. He prescribed a strong steroid ointment but I am against using steroid cream because I think they made my condition worse.

I now have slowly started getting tough dry white skin on upper shaft and penile head. At first it used to wash off and come back slowly, but now it appears to be getting tougher. Please help - my life has completely fallen apart
hpower 7 years ago
Hey Hpower, lichen sclerosus is the same disease as BXO, but for some reason it's called BXO on males.

I suggest trying Dfrance's treatment on the first page on this thread.

Though i have no experience of using Tea tree oil + DMSO mix on glans.
jomppa 7 years ago
Don't try it if you aren't ready to make the commitment and do it all the right way. Take 30 mins and read through this entire thread and then decide for yourself if you think it is for you. It is slight perturbing to me that people try just parts of the treatment for a couple weeks and don't diet or do the rest of it. I've talked to a couple people by email outside of this thread and they are certainly doing better, thus the reason multiple people have not returned to this thread. At some point, I am not returning here either. I have said really all I can say. To reiterate, I had the BXO on the glans and I had the hard ring. Both of which are gone. The skin on the glan is SLIGHTLY discolored, but appears normal other than that. May have been from over using TTO. All in all, I wouldn't change anything I have done. I was miserable for 12 months and it consumed my life almost to the point of breaking off my relationship. Its a relief to not have my skin cracking or bleeding anymore. Such a scary, shi**y situation...I feel blessed to have figured out how amazing red clover (and a good diet) is in treating this miserable disease. Wish you guys all the best.
dfrance 7 years ago
Hey Dfrance,

I hear what you are saying. Your commitment is great. Before you leave, can I just ask a few questions because I'm not sure if the dermatologust has correctly diagnosed me. I've been given different diagnoses by so many different doctors but this latest dermatologist said it is definitely subtle signs of Lichen scelrosus...

What were your exact symptoms? I suffer from a lot of discomfort - burning, soreness.. Even change of temperature makes it worse. I don't have any white hard ring, though lately in the last month or so, some white dry skin has been forming on my foreskin and glans.

I've read the entire thread. In terms of a daily diet what foods should I follow? I used to be a gym fanatic back (before all this started), so being strict with good shouldn't be a problem. Before, I just never believed diet could help this problem because all doctors said the same. I am willing to follow anything - even a water and vegetable diet for a month if it improves this horrible condition!
hpower 7 years ago
Hi everyone,

First of all, I just want to thank dfrance and others for all the support that this discussion forum has provided for people suffering from this terrible condition.

I have been reading this forum since the beginning and am wanting to start my TTO/DMSO (with red clover) treatment, but I just had a few questions that hopefully some of you have the answers to based on experience.

1)For those that are uncircumcised, when applying the mixture to the foreskin and glans, do you leave the foreskin in the retracted position for as much as possible, or can I apply on head and foreskin and keep it rolled down afterwards?

2)From what I read about DMSO, it has a small side effect of having you taste and smell a garlicy odor for several hours once applied to skin. Has anyone had this happen to them, or is the amount that's applied too small for that too happen?

3) Has anyone suffering from BXO also been suffering from bladder area discomfort, interstitial cystitis, prostatitis or similar disorders? I feel that for me, there is a link to a flare up whenever I have a pain near the bladder area.

4)Finally, the TTO/DMSO treatment seems to be effective for the topical skin condition, but does anyone know if it helps with pain in the urethra (from stricture or scarring perhaps). I would assume it is just for the skin.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for this open communication and support.
sbullet 7 years ago
Every day, every week, every month, I'm astounded by the number of guys who have come to this forum for help. Tired, discouraged, miserable and hoping for something.

I remember the plight I was in a couple years ago and the desperation of doing anything (except surgery) to rid myself of this. I knew I got it somehow and there had to be a way to get rid of it. After all, the Drs seem to be clueless on this one.

Much research and time spent pouring over the internet and trying countless 'remedies' I finally found something that worked for me. Finally, the white skin gone, the hard ring returned to soft, normal skin. I had it all back. Since then, I've gone back to a pretty much normal life including no issues with sex whatsoever.

It appears people from all over the world are suffering from this. I realize it maybe difficult to get all of the ingredients and help so I've come up with an idea to help provide you guys with the ingredients and guidelines of what I did to remedy myself of BXO.

If any of you are interested in getting the ingredients and recommendations from me, please contact me and we can work something out that is fair for both of us. I may develop a site or blog to further expand. Please give me feedback. I'm not trying to get rich off of this, but I have spent numerous hours trying to help out and would like to see everyone get back to normal life.
dfrance 7 years ago
Hey Dfrance,

Thanks for your help.

I just need to determine if Lichen scelorosus/ bxo is definitely what I have first because I have no big ring. Only minor signs of dry white skin

Did you feel burning and soreness on a daily basis or did you just have the white ring/stuff there without the discomfort?
hpower 7 years ago
Update from me...

I've been incredibly slack in applying the mixture since originally having success. I wanted to avoid the discomfort until a suitable time when I could deal with it better. I've been using the mixture again about twice a day and the discomfort isn't really noticeable compared to when I first started using the 50/50 TTO DMSO mixture, probably because back then I was using it 5 times a day.

When I wasn't using the mixture I found that the hard white spots began to reappear...I think it is essential to use it over a long period of time even if the bxo has 'gone'.

I can safely say that before using the mixture, the bxo and phimosis was so bad that I could hardly retract the foreskin and urinating was difficult. By getting rid of most but not all of the bxo I'm able to retract the foreskin farther than I was able to 7 months ago (before the mixture was used).

I feel like if I keep using the mixture more frequently the white spots will be gone...the phimosis will still be a problem though but I would be in a far worse place if I never used the mixture. I'm probably going to have to start doing some stretching to fully recover the foreskin to its original state
pc1890 7 years ago
Hi dfrance,

I hope you are still following this thread. I read what you wrote about contacting you if we need ingredients and/or suggestions. I would be VERY interested in some sort of an arrangement. Please feel free to email me as soon as you can. I couldn't add my address in the post so just check my user profile, I left it there. Hope you respond. Thanks so much!
sbullet 7 years ago
dufraise did you have the constricting ring? I believe it is called Schumers ring. My fore skin was removed after it became unretractable, and the BXO came back below the corona about 6 months after the circumcision. I have completed two days of the Emu and Tea tree oil will keep you updated. Thank you for your post!
bartmh 7 years ago
Hi guy,

I have been suffering from BXO for years now. It was initially bad but i just scraped off all the hardened skin and while i now have some scar tissue and my foreskin is not retractable, i haven't had and whit patches show up for years now. Recently I noticed a small patch of white at the bottom of the meatus (opening on the tip of the glans). I have no pain/itching/discomfort but I'm worried this may spread. Now is this 50/50 DMSO and TTO safe to use on the tip/opening of my penis. This area is extremely sensitive so I'm wondering if the burning will be unbearable. If this is the case then what can I do solve this problem.

Secondly, should I consider circumcision? While my foreskin is not at all retractable I have no problem urinating or masturbating.
rraja 7 years ago
Update day 4; To review my history I was effected with this horrible disease in '04, it progressed and was treated as a yeast infection by my Dr. untill I seen a Uroligist in 2012 that diagnosed me with Schumers or Stumers Ring, the antibiotics and steroid cream started. Helping a little at first it became clear I needed circumcised and I was circumcised 02192013 and was free for six months of this wretced disease! Then a friend dropped off a months supply of yogurt! Yes whey is a very contributing factor! Because it came back below the corona, very painfull ripping and constricting. I've been on the TTO and EO 6 days with the Salmon oil and vit. A 2 days, it is clearing! Although I slacked one day day 5 and phimosis returned! 1 application and it is better, will update! Thank you Dfrance
[message edited by bartmh on Mon, 14 Oct 2013 12:33:06 BST]
bartmh 7 years ago
thanks for the information bartmh now we know for sure that circumcision is no cure. it's criminal that they call it a cure or treatment. I slacked off a bit lately in my diet, it's just so hard being on a restrictive diet for so long. particularly after drinking some milk for a few days. Although mostly adhering to the diet I stopped eating breakfeast and dinner and lunch mostly consisted of chicken or grilled fish and hot chips. after taking many supplements before now I'm only on a few. I was always applying either DMSO/TTO or EO/TTO and I haven't seen any peeling in ages. The bxo still looks the same but now the foreskin is tighter. I'm going to try the yeast buster kit which involves a much stricter diet (e.g no fruits) and ingestion and topical application of caproil (caprylic acid from coconut) which is an antifungal. This was a regime recommended by someone who cured himself of the disease www.balanitisgone.com
ccone 7 years ago
First of all, I want to give major thanks to dfrance and everyone else who has contributed to this forum.

Here's some background information about me:
I am currently 21 years old, Asian, uncircumcised. I've had BXO(or I think it is BXO) for about 2 years now. At first, there weren't any visible symptoms, but there was a reoccurring smell underneath my foreskin, a sour smell. Even after bathing and cleaning the area real good, the smell would come back within 12 hours. I've came to a conclusion that it was indeed a yeast infection. I've treated it successfully with monistat 7, applying it twice daily for a week, and the skin became dry and started peeling. After it healed, it seemed to be cured.

Ever since then, I've ignored the condition of my foreskin for about a year until I've realized that I have developed a white 'ring' on the tip of my foreskin, and it has made its way to my frenulum. This skin is very inelastic and was getting tighter and tighter, making it hard to retract during sex. At this point in time, I've tried monistat again, but it was only successful in killing the yeast and removing the funky smell; the white stuff underneath the skin was still there.

It wasn't until a month ago when I had came across this thread after hours of researching. I've ordered all the necessary ingredients I needed from Amazon(TTO, DMSO, EMU Oil, and Red Clover). I started using TTO and DMSO 50/50 by first mixing it in a glass container then applying it with a cue tip, about 3 times daily. As others have mentioned, it does burn from time to time, but most of the time it feels very 'cool' and is very bearable. Within minutes of applying the 50/50 TTO DMSO, the skin started becoming wrinkly, showing signs that the DMSO and TTO has penetrated the skin. In about 2-3 days while applying 2-4 times daily, the skin became very wrinkly to the point where I would take a break from applying anymore of the mixture. At this point, I've tried my best to keep the foreskin retracted and dry as it 'hardened' the wrinkled skin. I also used the Emu oil at time to help with the recovery. This hard skin is basically all the dead skin that the TTO/DMSO has destroyed and will eventually come off by itself in the shower. I highly suggest you not peel the skin off as it will lead to scarring. I tend to use my fingers and gently rub off the dead skin in the shower.

Once the skin is healed, I would continue the same process mentioned above. I am now currently 3 weeks into my regime and I can barely see the white skin anymore, and sex is already back to normal. The skin is now more elastic and almost back to normal. I will continue this regime for the next month or so because it seems to be working great.

As for the red clover, I have been taking 2 capsules twice daily, but I have no evidence that it is working. It's really cheap to buy, so it doesn't really hurt to use.

Note: Although I do not know exactly what caused my BXO, I have a gut feeling that it may be from WHEY protein. About 2 years ago, I've started bodybuilding and I have been taking whey protein about 5 times a week. I am currently still taking whey protein as I weight train daily. I cannot say 100% its from whey, but It seems that the BXO started developing since I started bodybuilding.

For everyone else who is not getting any peeling results, there may be a good chance that the TTO you are using is not good quality enough, or you aren't being consistent enough with the treatment. I suggest you try other brands that are more expensive; I paid about $15 for 30ml for my TTO. My brand is Kis Oils and can be purchased on amazon.

Best of luck to all you guys!
jhaha 7 years ago

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