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Cheers dfrance. Appreciate it buddy. If all of you guys have used it then it should be fine with me too. My skin is usually good with this sort of thing anyway...it's not very sensitive.

EDIT: Just used the 50/50 mixture for the first time. A tiny bit of stinging/tingling going on which is consistent with what others have said...Didn't occur immediately when I used it but about 15-30 minutes after.

Also I'm questioning the tea tree oil and DMSO mixture I have. I put half of each into a small bottle and shook the bottle however I'm finding that the two liquids do not mix very well...it is kind of like mixing oil with water. They do not want to mix even after shaking a lot (I think the DMSO is sinking to the bottom while the tea tree oil is staying up top). Did anybody else find this?
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pc1890 6 years ago
I'm guessing this is normal though because the density of tea tree oil (it is an oil after all) is less than that of the DMSO. I'll just make sure I shake a lot before using every time so that the DMSO is getting used as well.
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pc1890 6 years ago
I think it is working for me actually I am seeing wrinkling of the skin. I can't wait till i start to see it peeling. I have been using every day 5 times and not skipping a day as suggested. at what point do I need to switch to DMSO mixture? Also yes some of my questions were answered but not how to apply and how much. I've just been using a cotton tip to spread the oil and it only takes like 10 seconds. Also some inevitably lands on the urethra and stings a little but I've gotten used to it. But it seems like 50% TTO would sting a lot more. Also wondering if other people needed the no-sugar diet, salmon oil and red clover to see results?
ccone 6 years ago
Ccone that sounds good! I'm using 50% TTO and 50% DMSO...been on it for 4 days now but it is really strong. I'm trying to mainly focus on the spots where the hard white skin is but often some lands on good skin and burns. My skin is getting a little infected so I'm laying off the mixture for a few days to let it heal. Have I seen any positive results? Sort of...The white spots have really come up and gone even whiter. It is really clear to see where all that hard white skin is and there is a lot more than I could see before using the mixture. I think the mixture has made them more visible. Some of the spots I have been able to peel off but this has been rare. I know it has only been 4 days but I need to stop for a while.

To dfrance:
I've been researching Tea Tree Oil. There are 2 types: Manuka and Melaleuca. I've been using the pure Melaleuca oil. Which do you suggest is better to use for this application? See the link below for a comparison...

pc1890 6 years ago
To ccone,
What mixture are you currently using? If the skin is really wrinkly, you can go ahead and give it a day or two of rest and see if any of that skin is getting ready to peel. There isn't really a special amount that I put on. I usually would use a q-tip for application and just make sure you soak the areas you are focusing on, decently.

I would absolutely follow the no sugar and no FAKE (I'm heavily linking fake sugar this) sugar. I thought the red clover was instrumental in stopping this problem at the source, especially if you have any itching. The tea tree oil gets rid of the current issue, but our goal is to make sure it comes back.

To pc1890,
I use tea tree oil from the melaleuca tree. I order it from Naturessunshine.com because I trust their quality. Make sure you are cleaning up your diet and avoiding the fake sugar especially. Its very necessary...you can't just do the tea tree oil and expect everything to go away. You have to give your body a chance to heal from the inside.
dfrance 6 years ago
I agree with dfrance about the diet. Tea tree may fix things, but if you do not clean up your diet it will eventually come back.

It might be hard to stay away from sweets, chips and pizza, but if you supplement with plant derived minerals I promise you will stop having the munchies. I now can forget to eat because I do not have cravings anymore!
I recommend the beyond tangy tangerine!

Also be aware of all things that cause inflammation in the body, like nitrites in processed meat, burned fat and meat, oils...etc. Also be aware of foods you react badly too. With skin problems gluten is the usual suspect.
radiator 6 years ago
to pc1890 - the treatment sounds very promising it must have brought up the white parts previously hidden under the surface.

to dfrance - I am using 3 tablespoons emu oil and 15 drops malaleuca TTO. I've just about used up that entire quantity too. I'll give it a rest for a couple days as suggested. In the meantime I'll order DMSO

I've been following all the recommendations except salmon oil I couldn't find one labelled pure. But do you just mean no artificial and refined sugars? Are honey and natural sugars are ok?
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ccone 6 years ago
Well since I stopped using the mixture the skin has been peeling like others have said. New skin is exposed and coming through which is great! The bulk of the hard white spots are still there unfortunately. The skin is still peeling so it may take longer for those spots to go with more applications of the mixture. I'll keep you guys posted on how I go but I'll probably need to add some emu oil as I think the 50/50 TTO+DMSO is too harsh for me for regular use anyway.
pc1890 6 years ago
Yes natural sugars are just fine.

Remember it took a long time for that white skin to form. The longer and more serious your condition is the longer I'd bet it takes to get rid of it.
dfrance 6 years ago
i just want to report that after stopping the treatment for less than 24 hours the skin seemed to tighten. also I have pain on the tip from tightness that I didn't have until I started the treatment. it really did work very well to provide relief. So I will continue the regime until I can start the DMSO treatment.

I read that the sulfur in the DMSO makes skin more permeable so toxins go out and nutrients in. Also without natural sulfur skin loses elasticity, becomes inflexble and scar tissue forms. this explains the cause of the phimosis. In my case I had phimosis first then balantis due to inability to clean under the foreskin.

also regarding the DMSO it needs to be 99.9% pure to use on humans and in a glass bottle to avoid leaching of plastics. They say more than 0.1% impurity can cause health problems.

In my country (Australia) the medical cartel made it illegal to sell 99.9% DMSO. (meanwhile steroids and body mutilation are the legally prescribed treatments - go figure). I think MSM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylsulfonylmethane) might work in it's stead though, its DMSO(O2) DMSO with another oxygen. Also because it's crystalline it might dissolve better in the TTO. I might have to use it since I can't get 99.9% DMSO here
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ccone 6 years ago
Ccone I live in sydney and purchased DMSO. I went to a chemist and asked for it but they said I needed a prescription...so I bought it online from vitamingrocer.com.au.

99.9% Pure Dmso...comes in a glass bottle and cost roughly 28 bucks for 8 fl oz. (Or around 230ml)

They are an australian site but get their ingredients from USA. Took about 20 days to get here.
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pc1890 6 years ago
Here is an update from me. I'm on day 7 =)

Days 1 and 2: I used the mixture at least 4 times each day. Not much pain or discomfort compared to what was to come.

Days 3 and 4: I used the mixture only once each day due to an increase in the pain and discomfort. Skin started peeling slightly.

Days 5 and 6: Didn't use the mixture at all due to the pain. The pain peaked on these days and it was because of freshly exposed skin after peeling. A lot of peeling occurred initially on the skin that didn't have any hard white spots. Eventually the skin began peeling near the hard white spots. Then some of the white spots began peeling too.

Day 7: Didn't use the mixture again. After having a long hot shower probably 40-50% of all the hard white spots have peeled off. I peeled off a lot of them manually and the warm shower definitely helped in softening the skin.

That's where I'm at right now. Super thrilled about the progress. Considering I only used the mixture for 4 days I think it has been really effective. I've peeled off some of the hard white skin in large pieces and I've noticed how HARD and INELASTIC that skin was...feels kinda like a really hard rubber! Underneath that hard white skin is new skin that is soft! I know for sure now that the balantis has caused the phimosis because I'm already noticing that the foreskin is a lot more flexible.

Really great news. I hope the progress continues and I'm so grateful I found this forum/thread =)
pc1890 6 years ago
Great news pc1890!

I have had, as mentioned before, great success with only tea tree oil and emu oil. I did not notice any increase in effect by using dmso, only burning when using to much.

The dmso I bought was on a plastic bottle, so I might want to try another for maximum effect in the future?

However, I am still on my way to recovery with the regiment I am on.

I now think it's sad with all the people who does not know about this remedy :(
radiator 6 years ago

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