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First of all, I want to give major thanks to dfrance and everyone else who has contributed to this forum.

Here's some background information about me:
I am currently 21 years old, Asian, uncircumcised. I've had BXO(or I think it is BXO) for about 2 years now. At first, there weren't any visible symptoms, but there was a reoccurring smell underneath my foreskin, a sour smell. Even after bathing and cleaning the area real good, the smell would come back within 12 hours. I've came to a conclusion that it was indeed a yeast infection. I've treated it successfully with monistat 7, applying it twice daily for a week, and the skin became dry and started peeling. After it healed, it seemed to be cured.

Ever since then, I've ignored the condition of my foreskin for about a year until I've realized that I have developed a white 'ring' on the tip of my foreskin, and it has made its way to my frenulum. This skin is very inelastic and was getting tighter and tighter, making it hard to retract during sex. At this point in time, I've tried monistat again, but it was only successful in killing the yeast and removing the funky smell; the white stuff underneath the skin was still there.

It wasn't until a month ago when I had came across this thread after hours of researching. I've ordered all the necessary ingredients I needed from Amazon(TTO, DMSO, EMU Oil, and Red Clover). I started using TTO and DMSO 50/50 by first mixing it in a glass container then applying it with a cue tip, about 3 times daily. As others have mentioned, it does burn from time to time, but most of the time it feels very 'cool' and is very bearable. Within minutes of applying the 50/50 TTO DMSO, the skin started becoming wrinkly, showing signs that the DMSO and TTO has penetrated the skin. In about 2-3 days while applying 2-4 times daily, the skin became very wrinkly to the point where I would take a break from applying anymore of the mixture. At this point, I've tried my best to keep the foreskin retracted and dry as it 'hardened' the wrinkled skin. I also used the Emu oil at time to help with the recovery. This hard skin is basically all the dead skin that the TTO/DMSO has destroyed and will eventually come off by itself in the shower. I highly suggest you not peel the skin off as it will lead to scarring. I tend to use my fingers and gently rub off the dead skin in the shower.

Once the skin is healed, I would continue the same process mentioned above. I am now currently 3 weeks into my regime and I can barely see the white skin anymore, and sex is already back to normal. The skin is now more elastic and almost back to normal. I will continue this regime for the next month or so because it seems to be working great.

As for the red clover, I have been taking 2 capsules twice daily, but I have no evidence that it is working. It's really cheap to buy, so it doesn't really hurt to use.

Note: Although I do not know exactly what caused my BXO, I have a gut feeling that it may be from WHEY protein. About 2 years ago, I've started bodybuilding and I have been taking whey protein about 5 times a week. I am currently still taking whey protein as I weight train daily. I cannot say 100% its from whey, but It seems that the BXO started developing since I started bodybuilding.

For everyone else who is not getting any peeling results, there may be a good chance that the TTO you are using is not good quality enough, or you aren't being consistent enough with the treatment. I suggest you try other brands that are more expensive; I paid about $15 for 30ml for my TTO. My brand is Kis Oils and can be purchased on amazon.

Best of luck to all you guys!
jhaha 7 years ago
Guess i could also write little update.

Im also happy to hear that the treatment is working on others who have far more progressed bxo than i have, which is just the tip of foreskin.

So far im also applying 50/50 dmso/tto mixture around 2-3 times a day with using flesh tunnels until the skin starts skin starts to peel and let skin heal while using emu oil.
Im using the flesh tunnels to prevent foreskin getting tighter, because im kinda frustrated that i have to stretch it every time after the skin have peeled.

Im using http://www.naturessunshine.com/us/product/tea-tree-oil-05-fl.... TTO
dmso 99% purity, from ebay.
Red clover capsules from some random Finnish medicine store

There's no any white skin tissue at the moment, but im having these weird bumps which are not hard skin or white colored, they are probably caused by stretching the foreskin by having phimosis earlier which made me notice the white skin and went to doctor who just recommended circumcision, but i said no thanks.

Also if anyone reading has phimosis problems i suggest visiting this forum: http://www.network54.com/Forum/244184/

The forum site is moderated by couple foreskin friendly doctors who don't suggest
circumcision under any circumstances who answer questions for free and they have helped me to not go to surgery cause of this disease. (i was considering circumcision before that.)

I haven't asked what they think about this treatment but this is clearly the best treatment i have tried. Thanks to everyone on this thread and Dfrance who created this treatment.
jomppa 7 years ago
Yes thank you Dfrance, I am moving onto DMSO & TTO, I have lost most of my ring, hoping the DMSO will loosen the rest. only minor peeling so far and think I need next step. Be advised, I ran out of Red Clover for a couple days and it started over! Peace Brothers, good luck with your personal hells!This disease is surely a hell.
bartmh 7 years ago
Have moved onto DMSO n TTO, within 10 minutes we've seen a miracle! I degress, after initial success with TTO and Emu Oil I suddenly hit a wall, the white ring stoped shrinking and had gotten wider! I believe this came from the protein I was consuming in Peanut Butter! But cant say for sure. I found pharmacutical DMSO and rushed home for my girl to apply, 10 minutes later she gasp, I had a wrinkly old man penis. With 3 more inches and 3/4 inch more girth!!! The loosening was amazing and full erections are possible without tearing! Thank You again Dfrance!
bartmh 7 years ago
I'm probably just about to do what everyone does and ask an answered question but I've read this whole post and didn't notice a definitive yes or no.
Early this year I was told I had BXO, given steroids, which didn't work, then told only choice was circumcision:). Eager to get rid of this scary problem I went ahead and, it deffinatly got rid of the ring around the foreskin. Obviously wish I had of found this forum first but hey it's done now.
Hears my question though, the BXO seems to be spreading to the eye of the penis which then I'm assuming goes down the tube. Has anyone used this mixture on that part of the penis not the foreskin as I no longer have one. In conjunction with healthy diet, supplements, and the red clover stuff. Once again sorry if Kim making anyone repeat themselves. As you all know though its a scary thing, thanks in advance for your help.
Arm88 7 years ago
Arm88, as the surgical treatment is a failure, and the treatment of BXO in the uretor tube is split your shaft, take grafts from your mouth and rebuild it, I am NOT trying to go there!!! I recomend stay away from all heavy protein rich foods!!! It seems the protein in the seman even effects our junk Sir! Red Clover, correct diet!
bartmh 7 years ago
What kind of Red clover are you guys using?

I just bought some random company red clover capsules from my country and think they weren't any good.

Any suggestions what to buy?
jomppa 7 years ago
I've been using Natures Way 400mg caps (2) two at a time, (3) Three times a day.
bartmh 7 years ago
Thanks Bartm
Your right I d like to avoid cutting my penis in half if I can, already done more than I wanted. Red clover ordered and diet changed. Do you know of anyone useing the tea tree mixture on the urethra opening though as I'm going to try. I figure its the same scarring so it might work though that area is more sensitive, so I'm cautious. Thanks for the response.
Arm88 7 years ago
Hi guys,

So glad I came across this forum as I feel it has gave me hope in starting up a treatment to tackle my BXO. I'm 23 years old and have been struggling with this for over a year now.

I've already got Emu oil and tea tree oil but have still to aqquire the DMSO and Red Clover, which I am going to go about doing so asap. I have a question about the DMSO...is it liquid based or gel based that I should purchase? (I'm refering to DMSO website that dfrance suggested)

Thanks all and look forward to hearing from you.
tw-369 7 years ago
Get the pharmaceutical grade DSMO
bartmh 7 years ago
Thank you for the reply bartmh. I will order it now. How are you finding your treatment?
tw-369 7 years ago
Amazing results! Ive lost my ring twice, if my protein intake is up it returns though! Stey away from dairy products and protein rich foods and it stays healthy! The DSMO was a major factor!
bartmh 7 years ago
Good to hear your in control of it Bartmh.
Is anyone experiencing BXO on the opening of the urethra, and if they have, have they experienced any benefits from this method. thanks. Just waiting to receive all the bits as I couldn't find them all in one place. Any info welcomed.
Arm88 7 years ago
Hey Arm88,

My BXO isn't affecting my urethra opening. The BXO is only limited to my foreskin and a small patch on the head of my penis.

I really hope the treatment works for you and by the sounds of things it seems to help greatly with so many others on here. I don't see why it wouldn't work on the opening. Best of luck to you and please let us know of the results!
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tw-369 7 years ago
Hi everyone,

Forum has gone pretty quiet lately. As a newbie would really like to hear some new feedback on how others are getting on with the treatment. Anyone had improvement as of late? and anyone almost/fully cured?

Like dfrance suggested it's common for people to not post anymore if they have had significant improvement.

Look forward to hearing from you hopefully, thanks again.
tw-369 7 years ago
Hello everyone. Just wanted to make a post about my condition, and I will be starting this treatment soon. Ive had BXO/Phimosis for as long as I can remember, tho the condition has never worsened, and ive never been willing to be circumcised.

I olny have one question, about the Red Clover. Ive always been over weight, but have been getting into shape(down 80lbs). I know red clover is mainly for the ladies, but does it seem to effect weight, or breast at all?
Rob1234 7 years ago
I have now managed to get white skin off my foreskin. Now im just gonna keep up the treatment for sometime just to make sure and see what happens after i stop using the dmso+tto.

Hope you guys are also doing well.
jomppa 7 years ago

Hello everyone,
I first found this forum last year and immediately got my hands on some DMSO and TTO. At first I had a lot of peeling and the progress was very rapid. after a few weeks of applying everyday, I noticed the solution stopped working..
since then my BXO has been getting increasingly worse. I started up my treatment again and the problem was that I had not been shaking the bottle before application (the liquids probably separate over time). Will post again once I am fully healed
gemini33 7 years ago
hey guys, just checking in to see how people are doing. crazy how many people have joined the conversation. I'm still bxo free after almost three years. I still have a small bottle of tto and dmso mixed that I keep around. maybe apply it once a month still. if anyone has questions for me, let me know. I will check back again soon.
dfrance 6 years ago
occasional recurrence's when ingesting frozen yogurt, (whey) and other forms of high protein. Dry skin followed by splitting, cracking extreme pain! Triple anti-biotic crème followed by TTO and Emu mix. Add DMSO if it persist! Diet, plus red clover, and Salmon oil daily! Thank You Dfrance you've brought me back to the human race Sir!!!
bartmh 6 years ago
Hi dfrance,

New to the forum and glad I've came across it.

I have a white patch on the glans of my penis, close to my urethra. Does the DMSO/TTO/EMU treatment work by making the white skin peel on the actual penis glans? I am eager to hear back from you dfrance (or any others who have experienced white skin on the glans) as this treatment could be the lifesaver I've been looking for!

Thank you
lb_65 6 years ago
In response to the previous post. I had BXO on the foreskin which was subsequently removed, sadly before I had seen this forum. What's done is done:)
I then had the pale skin. Your talking about on the head of the penis which is typical to BXO. Also about 3 weeks after surgery it started to scab up around the opening to the urethra also under the scabbing it was unbearably tender.
I went to see a specialist as wasn't having much luck on nhs. He basically said the only treatment Is to correct it if it causes problems you can't live with. Nothing preventative. He did say, and I'm not saying don't do it as it seems to be working for others. But he said don't under any curcumstances use DMSO on the gland. I thought I'd listen to him. I have more info if you want to message me back, as its not everyone that has it progress to the gland. It's a scary business and id be happy to pass on my current info, all be it limited.
Arm88 6 years ago
OK, ive quite a bad dose of this and this is working for me. Thick white skin around foreskin, use TTO straight and it eventually peeled off. Continued to use TTO on white patches on glands and thick skin, improved slightly. Started using Huang-Lian tablet crushed and added to water in gauze and applied directly to skin for say 10 minutes a day, also used concentrated vitamin E oil and things have improved dramatically. I cant say whats had the most effect, but i avoided DMSO due to reports it can affect your kidneys. Good luck. PS: Huang-Liang is berberine hydrocloride.
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quitelive 6 years ago
Okay Guys..

To be honest I experience a wonderful improvement from suffering by BXO and I thought I wanna post it here. Maybe my experience is gonna help some of you.


I started to experience a tight foreskin in January 2013.
Afterward I saw my foreskin and a downside of the glans is getting white.

At first I really didn't know what it is, and simply just tried to stretch the tight skin by using a special equipment from Australia but
of course it didn't help.

After this I've been diagnosed
with BXO but in this time my foreskin was already very tight and had a very strong white color including the glans as well.

I visited a Skin Specialist and another sexual health clinic, as I was totally against circumcision!
I was like ,there must be another way to sort it out..
I'm not willing to do this surgery..

So I got a strong steroid cream which was helpful but not enough itself.

I also got a prescription for

Protopic 0.1 ointment

Tacrolimus monohydrate

Which is also a great medicine,but still not enough.

Now most of the white color disappeared and a skin is in a lot more better condition but after I started to try my own idea,I started to improve a lot again.

The reason why they say this surgery is the best treatment for this disease is because if they remove the foreskin than the glans will completely dry out, so there is no moisture
mainly caused by urine to feed the bacteria to grow BXO.

I had that idea before, what if I keep my foreskin pulled back so the glans is gonna dry out...

One doctor told me that probably it's not gonna work because the infected skin is still there.

But I read,someone else tied it and it really works.

Now I'm doin' it and I'm so happy because my condition improves so quickly.

I'm still using the ointment

and at least 50% of the day
I keep it back and it really helps me.

Important to make sure, if I need to pee, I always pull it back so the skin doesn't touch the stream and than dry it with a tissue and that's it.

Many doctors told me about this surgery but as I said

I'm really against it!!
So if some of you are in a same desperate situation as I was, just try it and see if it works.

I hope it's gonna help you guys!
Just-one-guy 6 years ago
I read a lot about the ring that people diagnose their problem with. I have BXO on the head of the penis so below the foreskin. Is it safe to deal on this place with TTO, Emu oil and DMSO? I have a huge white area that has no pigment anymore. It is arround the place where the urine goes out. I can also give photo's of my problem. Dfrance, can you send me your email adress?

Thanks for any help!

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Markishere 6 years ago

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