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I read a lot about the ring that people diagnose their problem with. I have BXO on the head of the penis so below the foreskin. Is it safe to deal on this place with TTO, Emu oil and DMSO? I have a huge white area that has no pigment anymore. It is arround the place where the urine goes out. I can also give photo's of my problem. Dfrance, can you send me your email adress?

Thanks for any help!

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Markishere 6 years ago
The berberine hydrocloride you are using has another name Acetone, google it. Acetone is basically in the same family as DMSO! A solvent with the same propertys and side effects.
bartmh 6 years ago
C2H6OS is DMSO, C20H18ClNO4 is Berberine Hydrochloride. Im not sure what your point is but, its like saying water and hydrogen peroxide are the same thing.
quitelive 6 years ago
dfrance...can u send me your email addy?
london2014 6 years ago
Very important to mention!

I donft know about other reasons for tight foreskin but..

BXO is a skin disease. First I experienced myself and after that doctors told me that skin does NOT stretch with this disease..

I lost more than 100 pounds and a lots of time because I didnft know this..

Go to a doctor and then itfs up to you if you go for a circumsition or you choose a medical help and the same way as I said before.

Do not waste your money..

especially for a brand called novoglan.

It might help a lot in other circumstances but not BXO.

Youfve been warned..
Just-one-guy 6 years ago
Gemini33 or dfrance...when you applied the tto and dmso did you have the wrinkled effect right away? Did it go away, if so, how long? I applied 50/50 tto & dmso and now my glans is wrinkled and it as tho it looks damaged. Is this typical?

I appreciate anyones reply who has used this treatment.
london2014 6 years ago
Point is they are both solvents and known carcinogens evidently! Point is which is harder on your body? Which is water and which is peroxide oh wise one!
bartmh 6 years ago
Searching Berberine Hydrochloride and carcinogen only returns results of the compound inhibiting some c**cer cells in vitro. There are many articles on it being extracted by solvent. Can you supply the address of the pages you have seen this information on?
quitelive 6 years ago
www.healthline.com research Acetone, I've used it for years cleaning Hypolon roofing systems. Healthline states (in the very first line) Berbine Hydrchloride is another name for Acetone. Just going by what google came up with on BH.
bartmh 6 years ago
Is anyone remaining on this thread who have used this mode of treatment?
london2014 6 years ago
I'll post my current progress. I've not acquired DMSO yet as wanted to see how things would go with just TTO.

Before acquiring a bottle of TTO I was curious in the shower one day as I have a hair conditioner that contains TTO. So everytime I showered I'd lather some on to my foreskin and penis glans. Soon enough I got peeling on the foreskin. This made me hopeful that if a Teatree conditioner was having this effect on my penis then a TTO Mixture must work too with better results. Currently I have been mixing TTO with a plain moisturiser and I must say I am definitely seeing improvements with the white ring on my foreskin as the skin is peeling revealing the fresh new skin. The penis glans hasn't started to peel yet however. If it doesn't over the next month then I'll try another method on the glans. I'm still wary about using DMSO as I don't feel people on this forum have given enough solid information that it has worked on the PENIS GLANS...but we'll see.

Another thing which I feel has been helpful is keeping the foreskin retracted for most of the day like 'Just-one-guy' suggested.

London2014 since I know you have applied the treatment to the penis glans please keep us updated on how it works for you. Hopefully the wrinkling will go away. I feel we need to support each other more on here and let each other know where we are with progress. Dfrance we need you back!
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lb_65 6 years ago
I had peeling that occured over the last 2 (two) days. I have not found any of this painful. I used 50/50 TTO and DMSO. As for any concerns about carcinogenics I believe protopic and other pharmaceutical approaches come with risks as well. Would like to hear from dfrance or dufraise and compare outcomes/experience.
london2014 6 years ago
London2014 good to hear you have had peeling. Was this on the penis glans? Has the wrinkling subsided?
lb_65 6 years ago
Yes. The glans. Its worked amazingly well...just as dfrance outlined.
london2014 6 years ago
That's great news London2014. It really is promising to hear that it has worked for you. Will have to order some DMSO.

How is your glans looking? Has it managed to get rid of all the white patches?
lb_65 6 years ago
Its looking much better. I am sure it will take some time but so far, so good.
Is anyone else using this?
london2014 6 years ago

dfrance already wrote something about this... but it sounds like you guys are surprised that this is working? Go read the other 15 pages of this thread first!

Yes the foreskin will wrinkle immediately, kinda like when you leave your fingers too long in hot water. as soon as you let it dry, it will smooth out again.

This is what I do and it is curing me.

I use a 50/50 mixture. Half DMSO, half Tea Tree Oil. Shake your 50/50 bottle well, and apply DMSO at night before bed - the smell that radiates from you after using it is unpleasant, and no one is going to be talking to you while you're sleeping.. ha!

In the morning I either retract the foreskin and let it dry for as long as possible. (This is tricky as you guys probably know!) OR apply manuka honey every hour or couple of hours. (Tea tree comes from the manuka tree and this honey is very anti-bacterial/fungal)

DO NOT PEEL! Especially when it is still wrinkly. The next time you take a shower you can rub the dead skin off gently, but if you pick and peel at it you might uncover some very raw and tender skin and this will halt your process for a few days (for me at least!)

My biggest advice is to keep it dry when not using the 50/50 mixture. The reason why circumcision works as a cure is that it forces the foreskin and glans to dry out completely.

I am getting closer and closer to being free from this.. I will post when I am completely healed.

Good luck!
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gemini33 6 years ago
Gemini...did you use it on the penis glans? Did anyone else on this forum...it appears that some did but not 100% sure.
london2014 6 years ago
I don't apply to the glans directly, as I don't have BXO there. But I would If I did.
I think regardless of whether you want to apply DMSO there or not, you will have contact.... I apply DMSO and then let the foreskin cover the glans. So I guess I do indirectly apply it there. If that helps?
gemini33 6 years ago
And you use just DMSO or a mixture of TTO and DMSO.
london2014 6 years ago
Oops! I didn't really specify that sorry.. I did edit my post.

Yes I use 50/50 Mixture, half DMSO, half Tea Tree Oil.

Also just have to say that Manuka honey has been integral to this treatment for me! It is a magical healer.. seriously. If I happen to expose raw skin, the manuka honey eases pain and heals it very quickly. Also it is antibacterial and anti-fungal. Someone on the internet has even written a blog about curing BXO with manuka honey alone. (A quick internet search will pull this up).
gemini33 6 years ago
I dont have any serious peeling to the point of exposed skin.

Just a question...what do you use to transfer the DMSO from the main source to mixing bottle??
london2014 6 years ago
The DMSO I bought on eBay came in a plastic bottle, but a specific type of plastic that it can be safely stored in.

I just poured directly into a the dark glass Tea Tree bottle that I had emptied halfway. This bottle does have a plastic cap.. probably not the best plastic... but hasn't killed me yet
gemini33 6 years ago
Yeah mine the same. I use a shot glass to transfer lol. I have ordered manuka honey as well.
london2014 6 years ago
All i can say that you should look what you eat aswell, i've seen lot of improvement after i went to healthy diet after i saw i have gotten quite much weight during last year. Girls at school took us me and my friend nearly daily to eat junk food at lunch.
Now that i've changed my diet more healthy food like vegetables, meat, don't eat/drink sugar stuff and avoid high carb food.
I also suggest trying green tea.

At the moment i can't see any white skin at all and feel more better overall after changing to diet.
jomppa 6 years ago
Is anyone else trying this? Has dfrance surfaced?
london2014 6 years ago

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