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A update from me.

I have gotten big progress and now the white skin is almost fully gone. i used the Tea oil emu oil mix first, but it took like +2 weeks so the skin would peel. (Yes i was impatient, but i think anyone wants to get rid of this disease asap. :) ) So i gave the TTO and DMSO mix a try for and applied it about 4 times a day.

After about a week the skin became hard and the tip of the foreskin became white color and really sore. Gave it a couple days rest and only applied emu oil to it for couple of days. Then foreskin got really tight like the size of a little finger.

The next day it finally happened the skin peeled and lot of it and now the there is no white skin *hurray* just that foreskin is still quite tight but will stretch it so it should be fine. (had a tight foreskin even before this disease).

For a diet i mostly just ate eggs, salad with chicken, pasta with bacon sauce (cream, onions and bacon) and ate the vitamins: salmon oil, red clover and vitamin-a. with coffee i use sugar, but i changed it to sweetener.

I just wanna say thanks to anyone for the information and help i've gotten from this site.

Hope you all get rid of this disease! :)
jomppa 7 years ago
Hi guys

Thanks so much for so actively building up this forum and providing so much useful information, which I haven't found anywhere else (thank you especially dfrance). You have renewed hope in me.

I was wondering if anyone had the white skin come back after it had peeled off? I have only just started following the instructions, but I have had the skin peel off before, only to be replaced by much similar white skin.

I suppose it is important to always manage symptoms.

Two other things:

- I was wondering was if anyone has had any side effects from the treatment?

- I also recently received some 99.99% Pure DMSO by Biovea. I was surprised to learn it crystallizes at below 19 degrees Celsius (67 F) - this is the right product, right?

Many thanks
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staewo 7 years ago
Hi all

I have just started using a 50:50 Australia's original tea tree oil/Biovea DMSO mixture.

For the time being I am only applying it to particularly thick areas of BXO on my penis.

Within minutes of applying, the skin started turning crusty, hard, white and thick. Almost boil like, with little craters - perhaps how you might expect burnt skin to look like after some period of time.

It is now very clearly noticeable. It looks a lot worse and I have to say I'm a little freaked out right now. However, it basically seems consistent with what I've read on this thread - I just didn't expect it to visibly change before my eyes! I will persist for the time being, and provide updates.

If anyone else had a similar experience I would really appreciate further information.

Thanks very much!
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staewo 7 years ago

dfrance, I'm wondering if you used the cure on the glans penis. Instead I saw you talking about the ring and head of the penis. Anyway, now I got almost all the stuff so I could start with the threatment, but when I read above, the story of staewo, it makes me a little bit afraid if my skin will get iritated that way too. Did this treatment work for you without the use of DMSO? Because I didn't order that yet. I've never heard that it's used in dermatology. Can I do it without it? Important: Do I need to fill a teaspoon full or till the edge?

I got TTO from the Melaleuca alternifolia. I got emu oil but with a little bit vitamine e. Got it from supernaturals.nl but they claim it is pure! Does it matter? It is maybe a good idea to share some before and after pictures. I hope you can reply asap :)

Thanks in advance!
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Markishere 7 years ago
steawo, how is it going? Any progress? I just went to a dermatologist. She told me that people get their skin iritated with TTO. I told about this treatment too. She wouldn't advice me to try it. She told TTO can get the skin very iritated, in most cases temporary. Especially the penis head is a sensitive place. She wouldn't advice me this, because she said it is in the under layers of the skin not possible to make changes.

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Markishere 7 years ago
Hi Markishere

I would agree that the TTO irritates the skin - it seems to have had that effect on mine.

I have been using a 1:1 DMSO/TTO mix now every day several times a day for one week, and applying it to an area with thick BXO on the glands of my penis.

Yesterday the area I was applying it to pealed off, and underneath was red skin. The mixture seems to have penetrated deeply, well under the skin. The area I was applying it to had thick BXO too, and it's possible the TTO/DMSO actually got down to the very roots of the BXO - at least that's what I'm hoping, it's too early to tell though.

The area with the fresh skin has since become quite dry, and is currently fairly red and hard. Only time will tell if it will return to normal. Given TTO's side effect of irritating the skin, this is not something I think we would want to use for a long time. But so far, it seems to have been quite effective.

Including the DMSO seems to be crucial at enabling the TTO to target the source of the BXO, deep under the skin. What did your dermatologist say about the use of DMSO here?

At this stage, I think I will cut back on using the mixture and monitor how the skin is healing. I am going to apply some paw paw & honey balm to help moisturise the skin a little bit. Perhaps some emu oil will also help.

I will provide updates after it becomes more evident how successful this treatment is. If there is anyone who can report on how they went some time out from first starting the treatment, it would be great to hear an update on your progress.

Thanks very much.
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staewo 7 years ago

I should add something else to my last post:

While my skin was irritated, that irritated skin has pealed off. I was a bit anxious, and caused that skin to peel off probably a bit early. As such, it's still red and raw, so I can't tell if it will still be irritated in a few days' time. I've had skin peel off before, but nothing like this, and at this stage this looks promising. I am just cautious of getting my hopes up too early.

I am happy to keep reporting on my progress, so you can wait to hear further information from me if you like before trying the treatment yourself.
staewo 7 years ago
I don't want to be insensitive but I am a bit amused by some of the concerns about skin irritation. If you are on this forum, your skin is already irritated and a mess. Of course its good to be cautious but when I was going through the stress of the situation I was ready to do anything to rid myself of the mess. the medical community doesnt have this one solved, yet any natural remedies are scoffed at and cautioned against. it baffles me. Unless you have personally experienced the disease, you have no idea what the patient is going through. Anyways, dont do anything you aren't comfortable with but this disease is certainly not comfortable.
dfrance 7 years ago
Hi all, been suffering from a hard phimotic ring for the past year or so. I've tried phimocure stretch rings but it hasn't helped. I'm going to try the tto and DMSO treatment over the next few weeks and I will update on how I'm getting on. I wanted to ask dfrance his opinion on using manuka honey in cling film as described in that fellas blog( can't post link)
As the picture at the top of the page is exactly what I have. Any thoughts from anyone would be welcome.
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Frankgrimey 7 years ago
Hi dfrance

Thanks so much for continuing to help on this blog. If I can defeat it I will do what I can to help others on this blog too.

I was hoping to get your, or anyone else who has gone through this, opinion on the following.

I applied TTO/DMSO to just a single area with especially thick BXO, located on the lower left area below the eye of the penis. I did this regularly for about a week, and after this I peeled the skin off. I stopped using the TTO/DMSO mixture shortly after that.

Admittedly I was anxious to see results and probably shouldn't have peeled the skin off so early, because it was quite red and raw, and there was some blood at times... Now the skin has dried and become calloused, and kind of resembles a scab. I can feel that there is actually some air or space underneath the skin when I press down on it.

Was this your experience? Or should I have waited longer for the skin to peel off naturally?

Many thanks
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staewo 7 years ago
The honey is a useful tool in the healing process, but wasn't highly effective in fixing the whole problem. Change your diet and give the TTO a chance to work.

It is extremely stressful, I feel your pain. I can't tell you how grateful I am all the time to not have to deal with it anymore. I hope the same for you guys.

You definitely don't want to rip the skin off to the point of bleeding. It is possible to cause scarring if skin is not allowed to heal (this is true of any skin on your body). I tried to be patient and let the skin flake off on its own. After a few weeks of my treatment, the skin started to peel on its own. It eventually came off in large strips but I didn't force it. Showering and rubbing it while its wet is probably your best bet, but just don't force it!

Hope this helps.

dfrance 7 years ago
Thanks very much dfrance.

My skin down there currently isn't in a condition to reapply the treatment right now. I'll wait for it to return to some kind of normalcy and then reapply the treatment properly if necessary.

Thanks again for your support.
staewo 7 years ago
Has anyone got any tips on keeping my foreskin retracted whilst this treatment is ongoing?.
My phimotic ring is right on the tip you see so when it's normal it's all crinkled at the tip of my penis. I would think the treatment and subsequent peeling process would be much better if applying the tto and DMSO to a tighter ring. I tried last night when applying manuka honey (I'm waiting for DMSO to arrive) but my foreskin kept popping over the glans even though I had taped shrink wrap over the honey. Is there any way to do this?

Also dfrance, when yours cleared up did the elasticity in the foreskin come back? Where you able to retract the foreskin without any pain after the treatment?. I have the tight ring you see. It looks like my penis has waistband when semi erect.
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Frankgrimey 7 years ago
Gone awfully quiet on here.Just a little progress report. As I stated before I was having trouble keeping the foreskin retracted so what I did was use the phimocure rings that I had previously tried. They are like flesh tunnels that people use to stretch ear lobes. Anyway, these are perfect because they keep the area I need to treat isolated so I don't get any of the tto/DMSO on the sensitive glans. After a week of this I got some peeling . The waistband effect is still there though, but I expected this anyway after only one phase of treatment. It got really painful before it peeled so I slapped some manuka honey on it this weekend to sooth it somewhat. So I'm just gonna repeat the process to see if I can penetrate deep enough to alter the skin structure from thick and inflexible to thin and stretchy. I'm also taking 3 red clover tablets a day as well. Updates to follow....
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Frankgrimey 7 years ago
So my BXO came back.. I would like to know did people continue treating the disease even after the white skin got peeled off, or is there a trick how to know when the disease is completely gone?
jomppa 7 years ago
lol dude when did you stop using the treatment. it isnt something you do for a bit and quit. if it is reoccurring you need to be consistent.
dfrance 7 years ago
I stopped it when i did not see white skin on the foreskin and thought , but it came back after couple of weeks so i started TTO/DMSO treatment again.

Now it's in the same state when i thought it was 'cured' so i'am gonna start treatment again next week.

And thank you for what your doing. :)
This has been the best treatment for this disease i've tried, because i've been trying those steroid creams/ointments and they have done nothing, and im not gonna get 'the best treatment' for this disease which they call 'Circumcision.'
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jomppa 7 years ago
Hi all

I thought I would give a quick update.

I applied the TTO/DMSO to an area where there was particularly thick white skin. It was successful at removing that skin and allowing new skin to grow there. I was a bit anxious and caused the skin to come off prematurely, which I don't recommend doing! The signs after a few days suggested that even the new skin was still not back to normal though.

I also went to a dermatologist after this, who strongly believes that in actual fact I have psoriasis - not BXO, as the GP diagnosed me as having. He has prescribed me Eleuphrat, on a special regime over six weeks, and so far I have to say the signs have been good, and the skin down there is improving.

I can't speak for or against the ultimate efficacy of TTO/DMSO in treating BXO, apart from saying that it was effective at removing the outer layers of skin I applied it to, thus allowing new skin to take its place.

I hope this information is of use.

Best of luck.
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staewo 7 years ago
steawo, my dermatologist doesn't know DMSO in combination with Lichen Sclerosus. I told her why it is important to use. I could damage underlying tissue of my skin with TTO/DMSO she told me. She got patients who have peeled off redness of their face with TTO. She want to take a skin biopsy from my penis. After that the most common thing for her to do is to give me a steriod cream. Ofcourse I will not take it in this stage. I have had bad experiences with other parts of my skin on my body in combination with steroid cream. How are you now? Did your skin recover in any way? I think that I will go to a iridologist for a second opinion. Why don't you use TTO/Pure Emu Oil/DMSO instead of 50/50 DMSO/TTO?

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Markishere 7 years ago
Markishere, my skin is improving well, and I am about two weeks into using Eleuphrat. I am on a six week regime, where I gradually go down from using it every night to two nights a week, in combination with a cream called Resolve at the later stages.

The Eleuphrat is stronger than the previous steroid ointment I was given, and this appears to be why it is effective. Please note though that I have been diagnosed as having psoriasis, not BXO/LS.
staewo 7 years ago
Ok, now in the middle of my third peeling. My problem is this, I need to penetrate a bit deeper because I just seem to be peeling the fresh skin. There is still the tight waistband look to my penis which is the main issue. I will say that it is slightly less tight though. On a scale of 1-100 I'd say its improved by 3, Not much I know. I've ditched the flesh tunnels now and I'm just applying tto/ dmso then wrapping it in cling film and surgical tape to keep it all in there. I was really hopeful after the first peeling but I've hit a wall now. I'll keep on doing what I'm doing and report back. If anyone's got any ideas I'd appreciate it.
Frankgrimey 7 years ago
can I ask where you got your tto from? you need extreme quality for everything that has been recommended. mcdonalds makes hamburgers and you grill hamburgers.even with the same name, we are very aware of the difference in quality. this is no different. can I recommend natures sunshine tto. I got it off of familyherbshop d o t com. very high quality and its a decent price. this what I used and it was extremely effective.
dfrance 7 years ago
It's from a shop called holland and Barrett here in uk. It's probably the best you can get here. It's doing its job because it stings like crazy when applied, it goes white and i get the peeling weekly. I don't think the quality of the products I'm using is the problem dfrance. I just seem to going around in circles. Thanks anyway.
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Frankgrimey 7 years ago
Hey all,

I have recently been diagnosed with BXO, and I'm glad I was able to find this thread otherwise I would've considered going in to get circumcised.

Anyway, I'd like to note beforehand that the only symptoms I am suffering right now of BXO is the white skin on my foreskin, and the head of my penis.

With that in mind, should I just use DMSO and Tea Tree Oil or should I buy the other things listed here like red clover and what not? I'm also going to start dieting too.
zoholft 7 years ago
Zoholft, i would follow dfrances regime to the letter as he seems to be the only one completely cured of this. So buy the things he did, follow his posts, and see how you get on.
Frankgrimey 7 years ago
update from me
I've been using the TTO/EO mixture 25%/75% daily for some time now. Also have been following a strict diet although occasionally I would eat something that is against it. Although i have avoided sugar like the plague. The disease is still there I have only experienced a little bit of peeling on a couple occasions then it would stop. I would only see the beginning of peeling hardly any skin actually peeled off though. And I haven't seen any peeling in months

I can't beleive so many people say they are nervous when it starts peeling - the peeling is what you want for that skin to come off. I'm quite disheartened that people see results in 2 weeks and i've been doing it for so long with nothing. why isn't it working for me?

dfrance you said the TTO has to be high quality, would it really make a difference? I mean it's still TTO... Well I should try since nothing else is working what is a high quality TTO available in Australia?
ccone 7 years ago

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