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Hi! I am new to this forum. I don't know if this was covered before, but I stopped consuming Aspartame (Nutrasweet) and my BXO disappeared, and only returns if I consume it again!! No more diet sodas for me!! I learned about the connection between the two on another forum.
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happycamper72 7 years ago
has anyone used dfrance's treatment for the ring around the foreskin, assuming anyone here also has that symptom?

As far as I can tell it's my only symptom, and I'm now unsure I even have BXO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

goldspanner 7 years ago
I had the ring and this worked like magic for it. If thats your only symptom, try 50/50 tea tree oil and dmso. Apply a few times a day and see what happens. Usually, you start to see results (peeling) within a couple days.
dfrance 7 years ago

I have also had BXO for some years. It started with a hard ring around the foreskin. It did not bother me much for a long time as it did not hurt or itch. It might have started after rough sex as a student when my foreskin was split.

However, the ring was slowly getting bigger and the forskin tighter and suddenly it was difficult to retract the foreskin over the gland.

Then things started going downhill rapidly since forcing the foreskin over the gland could lead to splits of the foreskin.

Now i have no chance of retracting the foreskin and a red area with very brittle skin has formed on the outside of it. I had to do someting so I turned to the internet and found this discussion.

I ordered the red clover, emu oil, tea tree oil and dmso. I started treatment last week and I saw the peeling after about a day or two, excactly as described here. Then I traveled a lot at work and did not follow the regiment, and last weekend I drank a lot.

I started with the treatment again on monday and the foreskin got really dry and sore and it split easily, so I stopped using dmso, frequently moisturized with coconut oil, and used fewer drops of tea tree oil.

Now it has started peeling again and the reddish outer area is getting really soft. It seems to be going in the right direction! I will probably start soon with the dmso again on the hard ring and hope that will be effective.

I think it is really important to eat healthy foods. I eat lots of vegetables, eggs, chicken, beef, fruit, butter, try to limit intake of gluten, nitrates/nitrites and fried food.

I am taking a full range of supplements to ensure that the body gets ALL the 90+ nutrient it needs. This also help tremendously against cravings for pizza, candy and other unhealthy foods (and also sex!) which is very helpful!

The supplements I am taking (per 100 lbs per month) is:

1 healthy start pack from youngevity
2 bottles of ultimate selenium

I do not think I will reorder the red clover when it runs out, but if I stop seeing progress I might have to reconsider. I have ordered betaine HCL with pepsin for my digestion as I suspect the stomach acid isn´t working properly. I have also ordered probiotics since I my stomach in general behaves very strangely, even when I eat healthy and avoid foods I might not tolerate that well. I hope this will increase the uptake of nutrients so that the healing will go faster.

Thank you so much for your help and sound advice. I will keep you updated on my progress!
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radiator 6 years ago
Cool man sounds like you are taking every precaution. Definitely make sure you are consistent because that makes a big difference. I caught mine pretty early so I never had a huge problem with my skin being so brittle. I think I said it before, but I freaked out when it became hard to retract and within 3-4 weeks decided that tea tree oil and DMSO were my go to plan.

Diet is huge to continued success, no sugar and no fake sugar.
dfrance 6 years ago
Hi all,

First off, I want to say a huge thanks to everyone in this forum, you guys RULE!

I've had BXO for as long as I can remember. The foreskin was tight and overtime kept tightening. During sex and masturbation it would sometimes split and become very painful. This has left ugly scarring that doctors said would not go away. They recommended steroid cremes which only thinned the skin, making it easier to split! I thought circumcision was my only option..... I have been following the treatment for a couple of weeks now and I am so happy to see an end to this virus in sight!!

Here are a few tips from my experience.

1. Stop with the steroid creme! The mixture I use is 50% DMSO and 50% Tea Tree Oil. I am in Canada and got my bottle from Ebay. I apply it usually twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes I apply it 3 or 4 or 5 times a day. It will sting! But after the first couple times I now feel no discomfort.

2. When it first started to peel, I was impatient and tried to peel as much off as I could. This made some areas of the skin very tender, painful and raw. I strongly encourage you not to do this. It will peel in time and quicker if you keep it clean and dry. I applied 16+ Manuka honey to the foreskin and took a break from the treatment for a couple of days and it healed dramatically! One guy has had great results with Maunka honey, you can check out his blog 'BXO Balanitis phimosis natural treatment or cure' by searching 'BXO Manuka honey' in Google.

3. DMSO & Tea Tree Oil will heal you but diet is KEY. Take salmon oil and red clover and cut out sugar.

After only a couple of weeks my scarring is going away, the foreskin is beginning to loosen and sex is no longer painful. I am confident that anyone who follows this regiment will cure themselves. This is not a 'quick fix', it will take time to undo the damage, but it has given me dramatic results fast.

Be patient and you will be healed!

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gemini33 6 years ago
Hey everyone, glad to hear Gemeni's post. Thats great news and its a blessing to him and other people looking for help. Thanks for the testimony bro.

Just wondering because this thread has become pretty quiet if the rest of you guys are healed or close to being healed? What were your results and please share? I'm guessing no one came back because they are all healed, but it would be nice for people who look at this in the future to see people who started come back and give a testimony.

I have tried to be faithful to this forum since I kind of gave direction on the program and recommended it to you all. I want to help in anyway I can because I don't want anyone to waste money on, or needlessly suffer from this disease.
dfrance 6 years ago
Hi dfrance and congrats with superb progress gemini!

I myself have been dishearted at times, but sometimes it feels worse before it gets better.

I did react somewhat negatively with the 50:50 dmso and tea tree oil solution in the beginning,so I reduced it to tea tree oil and emu oil, about 1:4 maybe. In the weekend I peeled of almost everything left of the thick foreskin, so only tea tree and the emu works wonders for me.

The problem now is the tight foreskin that has developed because of the thickening ring that has now dissapeared. It is difficult to stretch without it breaking up, and the foreskin gets very sore, dry and puffy if I have it pulled back for a long time.

I think I will let it rest now for a while and see how it goes. If it does not improve I will start with dmso and tea tree 50:50.

Anyway,very encouraging. I can pull the foreskin back far more now when the thick ring of the foreskin has dissapeared.

I also thank all of you for the wise suggestions and encouragment. It feels empowering to heal yourself with natural remedies! It also makes me question the approach of the MD's...!
radiator 6 years ago
Hi Radiator,

Try Manuka honey when the skin gets painful dry and uncomfortable.

Manuka and Tea Tree are two names for the same plant. Honey is known for anti fungal and healing properties!
gemini33 6 years ago

I will try that!Thank you for the advice!
radiator 6 years ago
Just came back from the urologist. He said I have phimosis but not quite yet bxo. Told me the only cure is to get circumcised and that the condition can only get worse.

I got the white patch of skin on the glans where the skin is uncovered by the foreskin, the tight ring around the foreskin just like you guys.

I'm currently taking a multivitamin, fish oil, and eating a paleo diet. (cut out the sugar) right now I'm just moisturizing the area with 100% shea butter. keeps it from cracking and sh*t

Good luck to all you guys.I have some tea tree oil and I ordered some DMSO and it should come in the mail 3-4 days and I appreciate dfrance's posts on here for giving me hope.

look forward to hearing from ya'll
fukdisbxo 6 years ago
Hey guys. I'm a 22 year old male with similar symptoms to what is described here. I first noticed about 6 months ago, hard white spots (like hardened skin) on the foreskin near and around the tip of my penis and frenulum. They do not itch or cause any direct discomfort thankfully.

I was hoping they'd go away on their own but over the last 2 months they have spread and caused my foreskin to get really tight to the point where I have a band around my penis. When erect it is impossible to pull my foreskin all the way back (was pretty easy before all this) and when flacid it is possible but painful and difficult due to the tightness. I feel as if the hard white spots have caused my foreskin to become less flexible/elastic.

I went to my doctor and he said I have phimosis. He said it would not get better and my only option was to live with it for as long I can until surgery becomes necessary.

I'm keen to start the 50/50 DMSO & Tea Tree Oil mixture to rid myself of the white hard skin on the foreskin. However will this help with the phimosis too? Will it help to soften/loosen the skin? I'm assumming that it will get rid of the hard white skin, so the skin should return to normal? Is that correct?

Thanks guys.
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pc1890 6 years ago
sorry to hear your troubles...in many of our experiences, the mixture that is described has helped with everything. by getting rid of the layers of white skin it allows normal skin to grow back. even if it doesn't 100% fix the problem, it makes it 99% more liveable. As long as you stay consistent with the DMSO and Tea Tree oil I see no reason why you should return to normal.

Be advised that you will most likely go through periods of peeling and re-application. As I said before, it took a long time for that white skin to layer itself so it takes a little while to get rid of them as well. Give it a shot it sounds like people have had great success...many people haven't returned to the forum after trying this so I would assume they don't need to anymore ;)
dfrance 6 years ago

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