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Hey guys!! Is anyone still available here. I have had BXO for three years and right now all the skin has covered my glans totally. I am really scared. Can you please help..
harishrajora 3 years ago
dfrance said What do you mean you aren't sure what you have to do with it? Take it! Its all about bringing your body back into balance...start eating a healthy balanced diet. If you put antifreeze into your gas tank, your car is going to run like crap or not at all. Its the same rule of thumb when you stick crappy food into your body's system. Fuel it right, live well. :)⚠Please tick why you are reporting this post:Duplicate postArgumentative / Attack on another memberContains explicit or inappropriate contentPrescriber requesting offline contactPost is trying to sell somethingPosted under a false (duplicate) user name.Off topic for this thread.   Report Post     ♡+Endorsing posts shows your approval of this forum member and this particular post. Click the red button to endorse.Endorse Post  

Hi dfrance can you help me a little. I am really scared.
harishrajora 3 years ago
Hi Harishrajora.
Sorry to hear about your condition. This forum has quieted down quite a bit. I'm once again working on my BXO. I stopped too early.
All I can suggest (this isn't any kind of professional advice) is you get the same ingredients we've all been working with and see if you get any results.
Get yourself the tea tree oil, dmso, emu oil, and Perrins creme complete (if possible) and start the regimen as soon as possible to see if you get any results happening.
I can't relate to the severity you're experiencing as mine was not that bad but a lot of guys here have had it pretty bad.
Gotta start somewhere....
dragonreborn 3 years ago
Thanks for replying. I just wanted to know whether our natural skin comes over the bxo white skin?
harishrajora 3 years ago
Not 100% sure of what you're asking but as the BXO skin peels away, your normal skin underneath replaces it. Kind of like peeling away layers of a sunburn - it may take a lot of peeling before good skin replaces the damaged. It's a slow process.
....hope that helped.
dragonreborn 3 years ago
Harish, progress is slow but there is progress, my bxo was on the tip of my glands, around urethra, and with the once a week peel I get( my process described above) I'd say I'm 75%- 80% there, and this is after 8 months of application! sounds to me like you got a pretty bad case as it had been progressing for years, personally you'd have to probably do this for 2 years to see be clear of it. I know your going crazy and I feel your pain, at the end of the day it's your choose to take this route or to seek surgical / medical intervention
BarryLangston 3 years ago
Dragon, read your posts from back in the day, how long did you apply this treatment for your first time around? Before it came back? How many days a week and applications a day did you apply?
BarryLangston 3 years ago
BarryLangston (sorry, this is lengthy)- I probably applied it religiously for about 3 months (edited my time frame from earlier post - did it for a much shorter time than I realized). When I started, on days I was at home I would apply the TTO+DMSO 6 or 7 times in a day. I'd grab my bottle and q-tips and turn on Netflix. I'd apply it hold my foreskin back while I watched tv and when it dried I would apply it again...and again... Not going to lie, my penis ached, shriveled, and turned quite red lol. But the peeling and progress was great.

On days I worked I would apply in the morning, when I got back home, and before bed.
At times the peeling would go into the healthy skin (especially on the glans) kinda like a fingernail peeling into the quick - it would bleed a bit and I'd take a break from applying for the rest of the day and maybe the next.

Frequency of application decreased once I started using Perrins products because I wanted them to soak in. I even taped my foreskin closed to keep where I needed it.

After I got married I stopped applying it for probably 3 or 4 months - needed my penis to be readily useable lol. And it looked almost 100% except I could tell my frenulum was still not quite what it was before BXO.

Then I would apply it daily for one week per month. I gradually started applying less and less and then stopped.

I've barely applied it for the last year and a half - very sporadically. But in the last little while the opening of my urethra is showing evidence of it again as well as my frenulum. It's further inside than before so I'm trying to get back into a routine - I'm afraid it may travel inside too far and cause a stricture. Apart from it being further into my urethra I'm still in much better shape than when I initially started.

So I've started trying to do at least twice daily when possible - definitely every day before work.

...so that's my story. I should not have stopped until I was 100% and I probably would have not ended up with it inside my urethra so much - that worries me.
Don't stop unless you're positive you're clear of BXO. For some it may always be a battle depending on it's cause (is it auto-immune for everyone? Diet? Stress? Nobody knows and I think whether you clear it or just cope with it is anyone's guess)
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dragonreborn 3 years ago
Mine was due to an allergic reaction, I was having some fun with what I thought was baby oil but it was baby fragerence, it caused swelling in the urethra which triggered urithtitus, as it carried its healing course the skin started to heal above the swelling which triggered an autoimmune response which made the skin start to heal , over itself, counstinuosly it seemed, white shiny skin stared to grow which seemed parralell to urethra , I used so much products, Perrins creme complete, Perrins natural blend, colodial silver, scar cream( lol) , nothing got the peels I wanted like this, at this point for me it's a matter of knowing when to stop, after the peel I still see the white skin streaking down so until I feel this is completely gone Then I will stop, I know I don't have a stricture bc I actually got an endoscopy done after a load of test from urologist, the dude was a careless saying you don't have anything wrong with you, clearly I know when my di*k is f,d up, so after months of noticing this growing I decided to take a more aggressive approach ( this one) helped so much. Keep at it dude.
BarryLangston 3 years ago
Wow! Weird way to start and turn into something completely random.

My GP said I had vitiligo but I knew it was more than just a pigmentation issue - I do have a bit of vitiligo but that wasn't my concern. My foreskin wasn't retracting as far as it used to and I told my doctor that - he retracted it and said as long as it clears the head it was fine.

But I used to be able to pull it back twice as for with no ridge of skin. With the frenulum issue it would go tight while i still had plenty of foreskin to keep retracting but not now - happened so gradually until one day it was so obvious that my frenulum had changed and widened and I had to be careful having sex and needed lots of lube which was never a concern.

Needless to say, doctors aren't always as helpful or intelligent as you hope they are lol.

Keep working at it and don't lose track and regress like I did.
dragonreborn 3 years ago
dragon, what were all your symptoms, did yours itch at all before you started treatment? How about after it came back, not talking about the obvious change of skin texture and color/ scarring, talking more about if you had any itching and other symtoms. thanks
BarryLangston 3 years ago
Sorry Barry - late reply. I've never had the itching - only the visible signs. I knew it wasn't 100% gone when I stopped so it never really went away completely but it took probably 6 months or so to see it was noticibly getting worse. But it was quite a slow progression.
dragonreborn 2 years ago
Hello all, haven't been on in quite a while. Things were good now for about 4 years. The TTO and Emu oil have worked great. I noticed that it came back a little more this time and I think my oils are past their usefullness. I've ordered more and hopefully it will be all good again.

Finding the right Urologist is key. Thankfully I found a couple who are very knowledgeable in BXO. Remember not to get lazy with applying the oils and keep up with your diet.
Jersey57 2 years ago
I can't say how happy I am to have found this forum by accident. I am however very cautious as to not believe what I am reading straight away as I've been here so many times before.

I have only recently been diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus BXO. From many of the posters here they talk about having hard white skin, white spots etc. I don't have any off those symptoms. I have much paler skin on my penis head, itch, burning sensation and severe dryness. If I keep it moist, I manage to get on with life. If I let it dry it goes all nasty and horrible and usually develops into Balanitis which has it's own range of symptoms.

Is this what you guys have as well? If so, did you start using the solution dFrance has proposed or do you think it would be too much for my skin as it's not hard?

Any advice would be unreal as I am so incredibly depressed from this condition and can't enjoy life in any sense anymore because of it.
p00674605 2 years ago
Hi p00674605.
Welcome to the BXO forum.
You should spend time to read through all the posts...it's lengthy but you'll likely find benefit from doing so.
You'll notice a lot of our symptoms vary from person to person. Like you, I have a lighter pigment on one part of my penis head but only really noticeable when flaccid. Still a decent colour but not the nice purple-grey it used to be - hard to explain lol. My doctor thinks I just have vitiligo which I think is part of my problem too.
Most guys are trying to keep their head dry so it seems odd that you have to do the opposite.
I would still give it a shot and see if you get results. Take some before pictures of to refer to later and see if it's effective.
dragonreborn 2 years ago
Hello Gentlemen, hows the progress comming along?
BarryLangston 2 years ago
Back on this treatment again (page 33 you'll see comments made by me 3 years ago!)

I stopped far too early, got lazy with stretching and now I'm pretty much back to square one. This is literally the last time I'm trying this plus stretching experiences, or I'll have my ass on the operating table to get a circumcision much to my chagrin. This problem of mine BXO/Very Severe Phimosis has hurt me pursuing sexual relationships with women for years, and I am at a boiling point for my limit, I just want to be normal. Wish me luck... 2nd time's the charm. Not going to stop until I hit a severe road block (e.g. where I can't stretch past 18mm or something). The BXO is not really the problem here, it's a symptom of bad phimosis for me at least. Treating the phimosis = cleaner glans.
mrjql7 2 years ago
Hello everyone, it's the first time I write on this thread.

I will try not to go into too much detail, but to give you a background of my story... My BXO started about 15 years ago. I first consulted different doctors who thought it was other things, until I finally saw a dermatologist who diagnosed the BXO. The creams prescribed by my dermatologist (cortisone and corticosteroid, if I remember well) improved my condition a lot at first. But after a while I felt they were doing more harm than good, so I stopped using them and started to look online for alternative options outside of the official medical system. I tried a lot of different things in the last 10 years, including special diets and different topical applications suggested by other Lichen sclerosus / BXO sufferers, often with little to no progress. The last 15 years of my life have been very difficult psychologically; my BXO is a huge obstacle that stops me from getting into relationships with women. Maybe it would be possible, but I am so ashamed and afraid of rejection that every time I see a possible relation with a woman, I self-sabotage my chances. So basically, I’ve been single and without sex for almost 15 years. And it’s driving me crazy.

In the last year, I’ve been able to “manage” my symptoms by eating a very clean diet, meditating a lot, keeping the area clean and dry and applying Emu Oil. When I say “manage”, I mean that it was finally possible to totally retract my foreskin, that the hitching and hurting was gone and that my skin looked way better than it did in the last 15 years. But the BXO is still there though. And the biggest problem for me is that white ring that some of you are also describing. Some “fusing” happened there between my head and the rest of the skin, to a point that the base of my head lost a lot of definition (on one side, you cannot see where it ends or starts). I know it’s possible to “defuse” to a certain point, because in the past few months, I saw a “crack” forming and some definition starting to come back. But then it was slowly filled again by white skin. So the fusing may not be completely reversible, but I know there is still some definition underneath that thick layer of white skin.

I saw this thread about a year ago, but was a bit afraid of trying DMSO. Now, I have all the ingredients and I’m finally ready to try it out; I started two weeks ago. The first week, I applied the 50/50 mixture of DMSO and Tea Tree. It was hurting, my skin had a lot of irritation and inflammation, it was difficult to retract my foreskin… but I experienced some of the pealing that others described. The second week, I continued the DMSO/Tea Tree, received my Red Clover and started to take it also. Something different happened during the second week. No irritation, inflammation or peeling, but my skin look very good, almost as if it was normal. Also, I saw a “crack” forming at the place where the skin is “fused” together. It is bleeding a little bit, but it looks like some definition is starting to come back.

I will continue the treatment and keep you updated!
Buyashu 2 years ago
Hi guys

I was pretty active on this thread about 5 years back. I thought I'd come back for a bit and see if it's still alive. Wow. I'm stoked to see it's still going strong.

I healed my BXO naturally, and I was pretty badly covered in the stuff. I didn't use DMSO. I used a range of different treatments, but I also found that just keeping it dry was about as effective as any other treatment.

I created a blog documenting my recovery, which is still active. I'm shortly about to kick off another series of posts about the association between mental health and physical health. I was in a very bad state, mentally, when I started to get BXO. I also found both stress and fatigue caused my symptoms to worsen.

Today I'm in a much better state, emotionally speaking, and I've started reading up about alternative causes of disease (or dis-ease, as some call it). I came back here because I'm interested in seeing if BXO sufferers here also report being in a low state, emotionally, when they came down with BXO.

I've also read some reports of it being correlated with sexual abuse in children. Not directly, but definitely enough to be acknowledged in the study.
greaneyr 2 years ago
That's great to hear Buyashu. Keep it going. I've stopped and started so many times - had I just stuck to my guns I'd probably be clear of it 😐

Hello again Greaneyr. I'm back in here again too. I should have kept it going. Most of my BXO is clear but now it's in my meatus - that has me worried enough to renew my zeal for treatment. I need to make this go away for good. Where is your blog? I'd like to read through it.
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dragonreborn 2 years ago
greaneyr buyashu vic75 BarryLangston mrjql7 ......everyone else...
All quiet since October. How is everyone doing?
dragonreborn 2 years ago
Dragon, progress is great, I’ve been at this for nearly 2 years come April, I honestly don’t know what to expect to see when this is completely gone or healed, I’m going to stop treatment for a few weeks and see what this looks like when my skin is fully healed, last time I went 2 weeks without treatment it looked as good as new, I’m just concerned because I want to make sure I get all this bxo skin since some individuals discuss relapse here, if you have any input that may be helpful please share, the only way I can see that the skin is a little white is when I have my phone light held directly to the area (side of my meatus) but I also understand that after the a scab peels your skin is naturally more white during healing process, hence why I’m deciding to wait a few weeks and see how this looks after it’s healed, if it’s shiny at all after a few weeks I will obviously start up again, when I started this treatment the skin resembled cigarette like paper and was extremely shiny, raised skin, since the. it’s looks completely different, 90 percent better I’d say. How are you doing?
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BarryLangston last year
Please provide updates on your treatments, any of you guys trying to keep a sex life in between peels? Have any of you noticed this treatment effects your sex drive at all? I’ve read tea tree oil may affect hormone levels, just trying to make sense out of it since my head has been so messed up for years with this dumb stuff. Please post responses, thank you!!!
BarryLangston last year
Hello everyone. I have had this disease for about 2 years now, and I got it in a very low mental state. I also had surgery to lengthen my frenulum, not sure if that's what caused it.

Anyway, does anyone know for sure what this disease is caused by? Is it chronic inflammation or auto-immune? No one seems to know for sure. If it's auto-immune, why are my antibodies attacking my penis? If it's inflammation, why do I have inflammation there. This disease seems to be a mystery.

I've been doing intermittent fasting along with no sugar, no carbs, exercising everyday, getting plenty of sun over the course of about a month now, and I have seen some improvement. Maybe it's in my head but the skin appears to be getting pinker, no shedding though. I tried using DSMO+TTO and it swelled my penis up and made it very painful to even walk for a couple of days.

I'm planning on doing a dry fast. In a dry fast, disease cannot survive in your body if you keep with it. If dry fasting for 3 days or longer multiple times a year dosen't clear this up, I don't know what will. I will report back with my findings.
cato88 last year

Question for you regarding when you were treating your glans(head), did you ever get all the white skin to peel?, what did it look like towards the end healing stages, did it look like fine white lines surrounded by red/pink healthy skin? I’m defineltly In the last leg here but I’m now concerned about over doing treatment on my glans, my case is rather unique as I been circumsized since birth and this was triggered by damage and inflammation, I know if I stop and heal this for a few weeks it would look fine but I’m more concerned , as mentioned in past, with relapse and continued growth of this skin when I do stop, how did yours look when you noticed it came back around urethra? Did it streak and atrophy?
BarryLangston last year
So I can't retract my foreskin when flaccid because of BXO, and when I try to stretch my ring, it ended up creating an ulcer and then creating scar tissue which is even harder than the BXO skin.

So what the heck do I do? I've tried blow drying my penis but it dosen't really do anything. The only way I know I will cure this problem is if I can keep the foreskin retracted, but I can't do that, the skin simply will not stretch.

Running out of ideas here, might consider surgery but I don't want to. The key to this is keeping the skin dry, and it just seems impossible with me.
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cato88 last year

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