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So I can't retract my foreskin when flaccid because of BXO, and when I try to stretch my ring, it ended up creating an ulcer and then creating scar tissue which is even harder than the BXO skin.

So what the heck do I do? I've tried blow drying my penis but it dosen't really do anything. The only way I know I will cure this problem is if I can keep the foreskin retracted, but I can't do that, the skin simply will not stretch.

Running out of ideas here, might consider surgery but I don't want to. The key to this is keeping the skin dry, and it just seems impossible with me.
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cato88 last year
1 month update.

Been using the DMSO+TTO almost everyday, I have made progress. Lots of BXO skin peeling off on the outside of the foreskin, but the inside of the foreskin is incredibly hard to peel for some reason, I'm guessing it's because of the moisture. I can't retract my foreskin when flaccid so keeping it dry is an issue. I've used a talcum like powder that helps keep it dry but at the same time I'm not sure if it's really doing anything.

Keeping dry seems to be the key, but without the ability to retract my foreskin, I have no idea if I can get the inner foreskin to peel.

Masturbating seems to make it worse but I'm not entirely sure. What's also weird is I keep peeling skin all the time, i'm not sure if this BXO skin has layers to it or something, or it keeps coming back, which means I'm not getting to the root cause.

Will post again
cato88 last year
I have just read through this entire forum, and it has given me hope in managing this strange and terrifying issue. I'm 25yo and have had BXO for about 3 years. First it was a phimosis ring around the foreskin, which i managed to clear with a steroid cream. Now however the discoloration has returned and spread to the glans (mostly around urethra opening). After a trip to a urologist, he just prescribed another round of steroid ointment. Based on my research, this just helps keep the BXO at bay, or slow the progression. I am desperately trying to heal myself in anyway- as i am terrified at the prospects of this developing further. This has definitely taken a toll on my mental health- meditation helps manage stress.

I have changed my diet to exclude dairy, all sugars, and limit carbs. Don't smoke, and have decreased alcohol consumption.

I keep my foreskin retracted to keep the affected regions dry as much as possible, and always pat down after urination.

I have been taking red clover for about a week based on the recommendations in the thread, and intend to try applying TTO as recommended, and mixing with DMSO if TTO alone is not doing anything after a few weeks.

There is 8 years worth of information in this thread, and not much activity recently. I value what i've learned here, but I would really appreciate if anyone whose done the TTO/DMSO treatment can comment on the efficacy. Can anyone comment on the use of protopic, or even topical testosterone as i've seen on some french forums?

Paging anyone who has ever commented on this forum: BaryLangston, dragonreborn, greaneyr, draytek, fox25, london2014, ib_65, bartmh, jhaha, jomppa, Ccone, gemini33, radiator, dfrance

I know many of you haven't posted in years. I hope it is because the TTO/DMSO treatment was effective for you, and not a complete loss of morale. I will post updates here, and hope someone will respond soon. I could use the support, and would love to hear success stories. Thank you kindly.
Olu 4 months ago
Hi Olu - sorry you're going through this too :( It's lousy
I think I was very close to resolving my issue and quit treating it too early. Since then it's been a process of treating and quitting every few months. Like you, my issue is my urethral meatus and just inside the urethra as well. I've often thought of getting a urethrotomy or urethroplasty... but never a circumcision. But I'm too afraid of complications, one of them being ED.

I've never gone to a doctor since my first discussion when he said I just had a mild case of vitiligo, so I've never tried anything prescribed like steroid creams...

I don't come on here too often anymore - if you want to chat more in depth on a faster frequency you can e mail me, onmyowntime at hotmail dot com Not sure if this site permits me telling you that (so this message may get edited or deleted). You used to be able to send private messages here but I can't see that option anymore.
I should probably do some drastic diet changes, I'm not unhealthy and I do eat quite well, but there is definitely room to improve.

Talk soon.
dragonreborn 4 months ago
Guys I really need help, I’m so depressed and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not sure when it all started for me maybe 5-6 years ago. I’m 22 years old right now. I am circumcised and I’m pretty sure I have LS. I haven’t been to the doctors in years because I’m so embarrassed about my issue. Along time ago I went when LS first started and I was a kid and my parent was in the room so I told him that I caught my penis in my zipper. He dismissed it and did nothing about it. It progressively has gotten worse. It started as a flake of skin that I peeled off the head of my penis and I remember there was some bleeding. It all started from there. Since I was younger and my penis was still developing I know have sort of a lesion/spot where my glans isn’t symmetrical to the other it’s almost like an indent. I’ve been following all your advice. As of right now my entire glans is almost covered with the hard white skin and it has moved to the skin below my head on my shaft. Basically the top of my head is fine. I use to dry masturbate and I think this made it a lot worse. I also worked out ALOT and I think that made it worse. I was seeing some progress to my head of penis new skin coming out I was really happy. And then I stared peeling some skin I thought was ready to come off right by where my main “lesion” is. I peeled where the shaft meets the head and almost a little chunk of skin came off. It was really painful and started bleeding. Basically I’m hoping that someone has a secret to growing skin back on the penis. I’ve been applying like a cut/burn healer almost like a petroleum jelly and it’s only been 1 days but I’m seriously worried and I don’t really want to go to the doctor with everything going on. Also how one side of my glans is under developed compared to the other is there a way to reverse this? I want my glans to be symmetrical again. God I really wish I found this thread sooner. Guys I really need help I’m in a really bad place. I lost the woman of my dreams because we stopped having sex cause it was painful and this has just ruined my life. My penis looks so bad at the age of 22. Even if the white skin is gone it’s going to look abnormal with a chunk of skin missing. It’s been 5-6 years since that first peeling turned into a lesion and I’m scared that there is no reversing it. I’m hoping there is a way to reverse the skin missing. If someone can give me advice on testing this god awful disease if you have experience in open wounds on the penis etc I would Greatly appreciate it. Should I just buck up and go see a doctor? I should have done that years ago I’m at the point where I think it can’t get worse. Every time I take a pee I am ashamed. Why is god so cruel sometimes:( please be my angel and lend a desperate man a hand. Thank you.
Longjon 4 months ago

1. Tea Tree Oil (TTO):

LS seems to sometimes have a bacterial, fungal, or viral cause, so TTO is a good treatment to try, as it's effective against all three (in addition to anti-inflammatory effects).
Source: http://draxe.com/essential-oils/tea-tree-oil-uses-benefits/ ...

2. Ozonated Olive Oil (OOO):

OOO has been found to have regenerative effects in LS-affected tissue.
Source: http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6017296/

OOO creates a mild oxidative stress that stimulates tissue regeneration, and has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects.

It changes gene expression to turn on hundreds of genes involved in tissue repair.

I like this OOO:

The indent you mention might lessen or go away completely once you resolve the condition.

I'm an engineer who's been doing research to cure my condition. I'll post more here tomorrow.
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ScottSummers 4 months ago
So you think I should try OOO on my gash? I don’t want to put on anymore tto until this abrasion is healed, it’s quite painful. Starting to think I should go to the doctor and try and get steroids
Longjon 4 months ago
Many studies have found OOO to accelerate wound healing in e.g. burn patients and in rats given skin wounds. Studies use 1 or 2 applications per day.

Example: http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2698179/
It seems trying OOO could further eliminate the possibility that a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection is present.

The corticosteroids that are prescribed to decrease the inflammation in LS that's damaging the skin should *definitely not be using on wounds that are healing.*

"Anti-inflammatory corticosteroids significantly impair wound healing... [Corticosteroids] delay the appearance of inflammatory cells, fibroblasts, the deposition of ground substance, collagen, regenerating capillaries, [wound] contraction, and epithelial migration."
Source: http://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamasurgery/fullarticle/3907...

TTO has been found in some studies to have a beneficial effect on wound healing, and to not inhibit healing, which is a concern whenever an agent with anti-inflammatory properties is used.

But those wound-healing effects might be no better than what you'd get from a conventional anti-bacterial ointment. And there are more studies supporting the use of OOO in wound-healing than TTO.

I do recommend you see a dermatologist. (If you're currently low-income, see if you qualify for medical coverage in your county.)

You should maybe get a biopsy to confirm you have LS, since it's more common in uncircumcised men.
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ScottSummers 4 months ago
1. Tacrolimus:
If a doctor prescribes you a corticosteroid to reduce the inflammation of LS, I'd also ask for the immunosuppressant topical Tacrolimus, and alternate it with the corticosteroid. They reduce inflammation by different pathways, and alternating gives the skin a chance to rebuild from the damage that long-term use of corticosteroids do (inhibit collagen synthesis and cause dermal atrophy... thinning the skin).

2. Estradiol:
I'd also ask the doctor about using the estrogen topical Estradiol at the same time as the corticosteroid. Some LS patients use that to thicken the skin, and it doesn't cause any systemic change in hormones.
Source: urmc.rochester.edu/ob-gyn/ur-medicine-menopause-and-womens-health/menopause-blog/august-2015/does-estrogen-help-age-skin-better.aspx#:~:text=systemic

I recommend using the knowledge-management program EverNote to organize your notes on this subject. Bring notes when you see a doctor.

BTW, can you guys click the Heart button in the lower left on my posts? Maybe then their system will begin to let me post links to sources.
ScottSummers 4 months ago
Yeah I really need to go see a doctor, how do they even identify if it’s LS? I’m pretty sure it is. I have the symptoms and the tto seemed to be helping up until my skin tore near the base/head. Do doctors actually do some kind of test or do they just look at it? I’ve heard of doctors dismissing as fungal infections or impetigo. I think my ls was caused from injury.
Longjon 4 months ago

Thank you so much for putting these resources together. I'm convinced you need a combination of approaches to deal with BXO: prescription medicine, natural oils that promote healing (like TTO/DMSO), and diet changes.

I have the BXO discoloration in the glans, and ring around the foreskin (although not tight or raised- that was treated 3 years ago with steroids and subsided). A month ago the issue resurfaced on my glans, and after seeing a urologist, I have been applying betamethasone dipropionate 0.05% 2x a day to the affected regions on the forskin and glans. How long is too long using a round of steroid cream? Should i decrease how often i apply. I have seen almost no resolution of the discoloration on the glans. I'm seeing a dermatologist soon, I hope to assemble a good notes in time for the Dr visit.

Can i ask, how progressed is your discoloration/etc? You seem very knowledgeable, and I would really like to hear what your treatment plan is. There are some blogs, where people document wonderful recoveries using natural approaches. Search blogspot obliterate-bxo, and balantisxo(dt)cm.

You mention Tacrolimus (immunosuppressant topical) which i also read about in a few studies. Do you believe it is another palliative drug like steroid creams? Or do either of them actually deal with the root cause. Some suggest it is urine, so keep your forskin pulled back, and dry plenty after urination/sex.

You also metioned Estradiol (estrogen topical), this may work for women with LS, but would it help for males? I actually read about topical testosterone being used to treat LS in males, with actual reversal of disease. Search for topical testosterone Secrest, MD.

Really appreciate everyone's contribution. If anyone wants a full document of this forum summarized by commenter from the past 8 years, drop me your email

Dragon Reborn,
I will definitely drop you an email, just trying to learn as much as possible about this, and how to fix the progression. What was your most successful approach you had when initially treating the discoloration. BTW, i read the suspected root cause (urine drip), can be better controlled with Kegel exercises.

I am going to take a break from the topical steroid i've used for the past month, to try a go at using Tea Tree Oil, mixed Emu oil. I understand the benefit in causing a peeling effect, and will see where i can get with promoting new skin growth. Look into Ozonated olive oil, there are a few fresh studies on it and suggest it may help- i am trying this product in conjunction with the TTO. Just taking a shotgun approach.

Yes I highly recommend you visit a doctor. Potent topical steroids are ultra helpful in early stages, especially for the phimosis (foreskin tightening). For me the issue returned, and unfortunately spread to the glans. Its really upsetting, there doesn't seem to be a cure- only palliative treatments that slow progression. I recommend you try to cut sugar, and dairy out of your diet- some seem to think this is some sort of infection that needs to be purged out.

I am really happy that there is some activity on this forum again! i would really like to hear from older users, on how you may have managed or reserved the disease.

Cheers everyone, try to keep an optimistic mindset. I struggle all the time, but i think there is a chance rigorous treatment can clear and cure the issue.
Olu 4 months ago
Unfortunately I’m like 6 years into this disease, I was too scared to go to the doctor for the longest time cause I was underaged and my guardian would have been in the room and before you know it all this time has passed. Does anyone have any advice on rebuilding skin on the glans? One side of my glans is smaller than the other because I ripped off skin years ago that was peeling and that’s when it all started for me. Man this disease has given me some serious depression and anxiety. We can only hope for a cure. I miss dating :( how do you guys deal with telling your significant other about the disease? I’ve been too embarrassed to get involved with a girl these last 6 years. Sucks I use it be so happy :(
Longjon 4 months ago
Olu said Dragon Reborn,
.... What was your most successful approach you had when initially treating the discoloration. BTW, i read the suspected root cause (urine drip), can be better controlled with Kegel exercises.

I am going to take a break from the topical steroid i've used for the past month, to try a go at using Tea Tree Oil, mixed Emu oil. I understand the benefit in causing a peeling effect, and will see where i can get with promoting new skin growth. Look into Ozonated olive oil, there are a few fresh studies on it and suggest it may help- i am trying this product in conjunction with the TTO. Just taking a shotgun approach.

Endorse Post  

Hi Olu,
My initial approach on finding this method was pretty aggressive. I was applying the 50/50 TTO & DMSO probably about 15 times a day. I'd have my bottle of them mixed and a q tip, and while at home I would apply every half hour between getting home from work and going to bed (I was single at the time so it was easy to do). Then before bed I'd coat my penis in emu oil after my last treatment. It actually go pretty painful and really started to get sore after a couple days so I decreased to about 5 times a day. The peeling was incredible. Once it started I would use less TTO and tried to keep it dry. Then I found out about Perrin's creme complete - I'd put that on before going to work or bed in conjunction with the TTO & DMSO.
I feel like I was either applying something or peeling any edge that I could grab with tweezers on a daily basis for about 3 months. Made some massive progress.
I also ended up getting Perrin's Blend which is like dark red tar - I'd smear that on my glans and frenulum area, roll my foreskin closed and use first aid tape to keep it closed (it melts to liquid and stains terribly) for as long as possible at while at home.

Urine drip has never been an issue with me - I've always been super conscious of my penis being clean and I basically milk out every last drop and also wipe the tip every time I pee. Been doing that since I was a teen because I found the whole drip thing really gross.

Never heard of OOO until today on this forum - definitely going to check it out. Maybe I'll be on here more regularly after all.

Take care everyone.
dragonreborn 4 months ago
Longjon said I miss dating :( how do you guys deal with telling your significant other about the disease? I’ve been too embarrassed to get involved with a girl these last 6 years. Sucks I use it be so happy.

You should definitely get it checked out if it's that serious. At least to confirm in case it's something else. It's a penis - awkwardness goes away and having it looked at by a physician gets easier.

I was single when I was first treating it. I attacked it full force (see my previous post from today). But then I started seeing someone and took a long break (also thought I may have one the battle). It came back because I stopped too soon. I took over a year before I started seeing small signs it was graually returning. Explained it all to my wife - she's very understanding and also doesn't notice the changes as easily as i do. I actually do a lot of my treatment in a frequent manner when she gets her period lol. She knows I post here too and she thinks it's great that we're all supporting each other through this.

Get it looked at (make sure you know what it is), start taking the appropriate steps, keep a positive outlook. Even if you can't cure it completely and perm, you can likely get back to a virtually normal life if you have BXO and can adopt some of the practices the guys on here have documented.

Remember, we aren't doctors. We're sharing experiences. Gather as much info as you can to make an informed decision on your approach. You'll get to a better place in time 👍
dragonreborn 4 months ago
I really appreciate your hopeful wishes and experience. Even when I get rid of all the white skin I’ll have a chunk of skin missing from one side of my glans:( so mad at myself for not taking care of this sooner. I wonder if when I get all the white skin off, maybe I can trigger skin regrowth on my glans. I don’t know. I’m going to try and go to the doctor soon. Sucks cause I now have really bad anxiety from everything going on in the world and this disease doesn’t help my self esteem. I told my dad I would go to the er and run tests to make sure it’s just anxiety but I’m also scared they will want to give me Xanax and although it helps I’m scared of what it will do to me. I was addicted to blank for a longtime due to depression because of this disease and I don’t ever want to go back. Guess I got more issues than bxo. If someone has any advice on skin regrowth after getting rid of the white skin please let me know. I think it’s impossible for me at this point to get back to normal because my bxo was triggered by trauma to my glans and the indent in the skin is flush with my shaft and I don’t think I’ll be able to get healthy skin back there. I had some peeling in that spot/ lesion and I peeled it and I bled pretty bad and it’s pretty painful. This was a couple days ago it has gotten better. I’m going to apply ointment till it’s decently healed and then I think I’ll go to the doctor. What’s another couple weeks, it only took me 6 years of letting my penis get ruined to finally want to go to the doctor. I swear if I can revert my junk to the way it was 6 years ago I would be so happy. Pray for me boys... thanks again for the input dragon
Longjon 4 months ago
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ScottSummers 4 months ago

You might be surprised how much your body can heal!

See a doctor as soon as you can. Try to get a referral to a dermatologist. They will know the most.

Don't tell them you're sure it's LS, because it could still be something else.
ScottSummers 4 months ago
Thanks Scott, I’m using OOO right now to see if it will help healing before I do anything else. I plan on going to the doctor very soon. Is it normal for it to burn real bad on a wound for a minute or so and then calm down? Thanks!
Longjon 4 months ago

Everybody is negative about some aspect or another of their body when they're young, but when they get older, they realize none of it mattered.

Just work hard, be kind, and you'll be rare in the world. Very few people meet even those requirements.

Marriage is primarily a spiritual union. Don't worry too much about physical stuff.


Find your tribe on Twitter. There's an enormous amount of information there. Many young men in our generation haven't had good male role-models. I recently started following this account:

Pursue a pragmatic, secure career, and you'll be better off than almost everybody. Lift weights at home, and have zero tolerance for depression. Life is a precious gift, and we can't waste a moment of it :)
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ScottSummers 4 months ago

BTW, I apply OOO in a thin layer. I think that's all that's needed to cause the mild oxidative stress that elicits the robust regenerative and oxidation lowering response.

I haven't used OOO on wounds. You might try posting a question on Amazon. Other buyers will often respond.

If it burns bad, I'd try diluting it with water before applying it. (But only dilute what you use immediately; don't store it diluted.)

BTW, it can take a month to get an appointment with a doctor, so I'd set it up now. You can cancel or reschedule later if you want.

BTW, there are many studies supporting OOO on wounds.

This meta-review summarizes: "Ozone is recognized as one of the best bactericides, antivirals and antifungals, and has been used empirically as a clinical therapeutic agent for [many types of wounds]."

I'd apply it once or twice a day.

1. Study that used Once: "Daily use of ozonated oil in these lesions eliminates infection and promotes rapid healing."

2. Study that used Twice: "Applied... twice daily in wounds for 14 days... the treatment group showed a significant increase in the [wound] closure rate in relation to the control group."

One study they review, which they note "was performed with high methodological rigor," compared ozone with antibiotics, and found ozone healed wounds better. ozone even reduced oxidative stress. The study reports: "There were no side effects."
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ScottSummers 4 months ago
I'm also buying these:

1. Lisepten. (This has helped many people.)

2. Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid.

3. MSM.

The latter two aid in skin repair. I link studies at my blog:
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ScottSummers 4 months ago
Thank you very much for all the useful info! Yeah I almost think the burning is a sign that it’s helping the healing process. I’m hopeful but I feel like I’ll forever have a lesion that won’t go away. I’ll go see a doctor and check back in with any updates and or diagnosis. Thank you Scott!
Longjon 4 months ago

Thanks for the tips!

I include Calm Skin Dropps in the anti-inflammatory topicals I alternate between:
My family loves this Lavender-based mix of essential oils. We initially got it from our local health food store, where the clerk said it clears up her inflammatory skin condition, psoriasis.

It has numerous essential oils that each have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal (via different biological pathways), in case there's an ineffectant irritating the skin.
Lavender oil: https://draxe.com/essential-oils/lavender-oil-benefits/
Palmarosa oil: https://www.prohealth.com/library/palmarosa-oil-a-potent-way...

Its ingredients also have anti-inflammatory effects (each by different biological pathways, so they stack).

Mixing it with a carrier oil, like emu oil, olive oil, or coconut oil, keeps it on the surface of the skin longer, rather than all absorbing into the skin completely.

I applied it once a day for 4 days to kill any bacteria or fungus, and then switched to applying it every other day, or every 3rd day, alternating with other topicals.

Essential oils can temporarily increase estrogen levels, but I haven't noticed any side effects.
More info: https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article-abstract/104/11/5393/5...
ScottSummers 4 months ago

I believe all LS patients should:

1. Use Calm Skin Dropps or OOO twice a day for 2 days to eliminate any bacteria or fungus that's present.

2. Then alternate between Clob (Clobetasol), Tacrolimus/Protopic, and Calm Skin Dropps to eliminate the chronic inflammation. This intense anti-inflammatory regime by different biological pathways all working together might put the condition into remission.

Clob is preferred over other corticosteroids because it's the most powerful anti-inflammatory corticosteroid. And alternating it allows the skin to heal from the side effects of corticosteroids (thinning skin).

An example of a Clob dosage schedule using in one study:
1x per day for 1 month.
Then alternating days for 1 month.
Then 2x per week for 1 month.

So patients could follow that schedule, but instead of using Clob every time, alternate between the above 3 topicals.

I stopped applying topicals 3 months ago, and the white patches on the glans have shrunk slightly since then. The topicals maybe put it into remission, and its slowly healing.

(Always consult a doctor.)
ScottSummers 4 months ago
I don't recommend using OOO and anti-inflammatories in the same period.

I unexpectedly caused a skin peel.

It's possible it was from applying Clob, and then 6 hours later applying OOO.

Maybe using OOO after an anti-inflammatory meant that the body's normal response to repair the mild oxidative damage of OOO was suppressed, so the damage wasn't repaired, and the skin sloughed off.

(Or it could have been a delayed peel from TTO + DMSO 4 days earlier.)
ScottSummers 4 months ago
Okay boys I have been seeing a dermatologist for 2 months now and he thinks it’s ls. I wish I never started the tea tree oil treatment because I think it further damaged my skin. I was seeing huge progress and then my skin started peeling and I have another lesion that formed. It’s not exactly a lesion lot or less a deep patch of skin that ripped off. It’s been two weeks and it won’t heal. I was having high hopes the creams he prescribed were making fresh skin come back but in the more stubborn white skin areas nothing would happen I think the dmso combo killed the skin in so depressed over this. Now I have this “lesion” and he told me to keep putting colbatesol on it. Has anyone had experience with skin peeling? Lesions? I feel like I’ll need plastic surgery to fix the appearance if I can ever cure myself of this. I’m so mad I waited years to address this, the skin that flaked off is about as thick as a nail. Please help I was trying ozonated olive oil but that wasn’t helping the derm said to do the colbatesol. I feel like for it to heal iff have to lay in bed naked all day lol. I would give all my money in the world to go back in time and force myself to go see a doctor because I fear I wil never get better and it will get worse. It’s even worse after the dermatologist help!
Longjon 2 weeks ago

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