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Hello Greaneyr

After a long time I return to the forum. I've carefree myself with everyday problems and my disease continued to progress. It really gives me hope to see your blogspot and photos as I am almost like you The glans covered by BXO in January 2014. The foreskin same with white patches. But the progress of your disease in a year is impressive.

I started in June 2014 but was not constant. And I had no red clover because here in Argentina does not exist. But I got in Brazil. I will start as you have done following your steps. I will read your blog for details.

Just a few questions:

1- The TTO and DMSO what you mixed in a container and you apply it from there or do you applied the DMSO and then the TTO.
2- I take much sweetener. Your what you suppressed. You know ... diet coke ... etc
3- When you say nothing proteins, means no eggs, no cream cheese, no meat ... please spread out in this.
4- The zinc powder when you apply, and the TTO / DMSO when you apply?.
5- I drink alcohol. I think a little more than usual. You drank? You stopped drinking?

Also I will read your full blog.

Thanks in advance
astor 6 years ago
Just One more i forgot

Sincé how much you have this disease...

I Started 7 years ago whit phimotic ring... Then a small White patch around the uretra that started to grow in a year or 2 until it became the size that I have Now... 50 % of the glans. The Phimotic ring goes out when in june I did the TTO/DMSO mix for 2 months. But the White patche in the glans never goes on. And I have now since 3 months like ampoules around the urethra hole...

TX Again
astor 6 years ago

Welcome back to the forum!

Before I start, I should point out that a lot of what you quoted is from dfrance's regime and not mine. I never used DMSO, nor did I notice sweeteners, protein, or alcohol making any difference. I do believe I'm mildly allergic to dairy, and have cut back on this as much as possible, but I haven't noticed diet having any notable change in progress other than that.

I'll answer your questions nonetheless:

1. I believe people mix the TTO and DMSO up well before applying the mixture together.
2. I tried cutting back on sugar, as I had been eating a lot of it before I understood I had BXO. However, cutting back on sugar made no difference to my rate of recovery.
3. My exwife (who I was living with last year) was vegetarian and would mostly cook vegetarian food for dinner. Apart from my own lunch, I ate very little meat. I stopped whey protein, not because of the protein but because it contained dairy. But my point is, I had been eating low protein for a long time and had BXO.
4. Don't apply anything with the Zinc Oxide (diaper rash) powder. What it seems to do is absorb moisture. Make sure the area is bone dry before you put the powder on, then leave it on all day.
5. I didn't drink much alcohol at all last year, and I had BXO. Now I've figure out how to treat my BXO, drinking makes no difference as far as I can tell.

You mentioned the white patch on the glans is slower to move than the phimotic ring. I too have noticed that the layers on the glans are among the slowest to heal. It must be different type of skin tissue there. My phimotic ring was gone after about 5 months. I still have a few white patches on the glans now after over 8 months.

What you haven't said is whether you're using the simplest treatment there is - dryness. Do you dry yourself with toilet paper after going to the toilet? I do it every time. I dry around the urethra to stop it spreading once the foreskin is over the glans. If I ever pull the foreskin back and notice it is damp, I will dry that too. But generally that's only after exercise or if it has been particularly hot.

I never tried DMSO with TTO, but believe that it wouldn't have made any difference for my circumstances. I believe I tried enough different treatments to know what works and what does nothing. Everything seems to do 'something', but then I also believe that is because I am keeping the area dry. Dryness is the secret ingredient for me. The key for me seemed to be finding something to dry the outer layers of BXO, then something else to help it soften and peel, then another to help regenerate healthy tissue underneath.

The one treatment that I haven't really talked about much on here is Comfrey. It seems to be the one exception to that rule, as it creates a very slight (but good) itching briefly after about 15 minutes of being applied, then the skin always ends up looking better afterward.

Keep your treatment up, and keep your questions coming too. If you do nothing else, make sure you keep the area dry. If you can get your foreskin back behind the glans, you can manage this. You just need to use toilet paper after going to the toilet, and be proactive sometimes after you have been sweating.
greaneyr 6 years ago
Hi guys,,,new guy here,,I'm 39 and had Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus for 10 years,..got circumcised 5 years ago but now my urethral entrance is really small..and there is probably swelling inside the gland as urine flow is alot less..Tried loads of stuff..tea tree seems to make my gland swell up more and made my entrance even smaller..hoping DMSO will help..also ordered red clover
Vic75 5 years ago
It started off when i had an STD on my gland which my doctor killed it with liquid nitrogen. Though of course it destroyed part of the skin on my glad, but healed perfectly...A few years later my foreskin got tighter but my doctor said it was normal sometimes for me,(now i think she doesn't know much about medicine, only to look at babies)..In the end she was worthless and I waited to long and got circumcised...prognosis was LS et atrophicus. I don't know if i had a white ring underneath the foreskin but after my operation healed..my glad was slightly white, no hardening but he warned me my urethra would get tighter and will need dilation..and this causes problems..so now my urethral entrance is getting smaller,alot.

So i have no symptoms..some itchiness or slight pain but very rarely..

So my fears are the atrophy inside the glad which reduces urine flow..

I started trying dipping the glad an hours time in peroxide to start to see if peeling helps, its slightly peeled below the gland but the urethral entrance atrophied even more..I put on a lichen salve i bought made with comfrey, plantain, redclover, helps a bit with the inflammation
I tried tea tree oil alone, same thing the urethral entrance shrinks..this is crazy...I hope that DMSO and TTO will do the trick..
Creme complete is good but not to kill the disease though..I also have manuka honey on stand by.

Also i used to weight train alot back then so i did alot of protein shakes, hmmm. I also have rheumatoid arthritis which is taken care of being on a vegan low fat diet ..no meat..but has not done anything for my LSA.

The doc's would say LS is an autoimmune...they would say that to anything that they dont understand. i think its fungal and the fact my penis skin was damaged due to the liquid nitrogen..and perhaps urine underneath the foreskin etc complicated stuff.

So i will be on the forum alot, waiting on the DMSO and praying
Vic75 5 years ago
Also ordered nature's way red clover supplements. Really hope peeling will slow down the pressure inside my gland...

I have not had any camera's up there yet.

Is DMSO damaging to the penis gland as I will be applying that with TTO soon???? As this is where my slight whitness is..really need your expertise guys..
And is DMSO damaging to the kidneys like they say?
[message edited by Vic75 on Sun, 05 Apr 2015 00:42:01 BST]
Vic75 5 years ago
So this is my 3rd day..with DMSO and TTO..lots of wrinkling and had some shedding around the frenulum and some on the glands..as my penis glad has been attacked by the LS..but i dont have hard skin..there is just some whitness inside the skin but inflammation in the urethra..im wondering if the LS got inside the urethra or the whitnes of the glands create pressure inside the urethra to stop urine flow...I might have to put some DMSO/TTO down the urethra eventually..Has any one here had atrophy and over come it??? need help guys
Vic75 5 years ago
So this is around my 5th day and the skin on the gland feels like a shriveled plastic bag that doesn't want to come off even if i put lots of dmso-tto on it..vary scary..not sure if its dead skin that doesn't want to come off..tried to soak it in peroxide..white bumps appeared quickly and grey bubbles...couldnt get much skin to peal off after 20 mins..
Has anyone had this experience before
Vic75 5 years ago
I was able to pop the bubbles lol..took a long bath..will take a break and use some comfrey cream and retest with dmso-tto..strange you guys had great results...i know my problem is on the gland so its tougher there
Vic75 5 years ago
Where has everyone gone? lol

Guys, for those who had bxo on the glands..did adding dmso-tto oil on it after a few days make the whole gland and frenulum area really dry and shriveled?? I did have peeling after 3 days ..a bit peeling a few days after that, but it still stays shriveled..I'm adding some Creme complete and coconut oil on it hoping it will help out...Any thoughts?
Vic75 5 years ago
I never used DMSO so can't really comment. I have recently started to form the opinion that I've been overtreating my BXO. I'd put something on, get a bad reaction, try and control that reaction with something else, then when that didn't work, I'd try something else.... rinse and repeat.

Recently I've formed the opinion that healing will just take time, and there's really not a great deal I can do to speed it up.

In your case, how about removing all treatments for a few days and observing whether things start to settle down? Continue to keep the area dry, by all means, but maybe you need to give it a little time to adjust following the shrivelling?
greaneyr 5 years ago
Hi vic75
I had a bit of bxo along my frenulum, the bottom side of my glans, and a little way into my urethra. I would use the DMSO & tto mixture a few times a day for the first month, even pushing a soaked q-tip into my penis about 1/4-1/2 the length of the q-tip. I had some amazing peeling happen even from the inside of my urethra. My head did get wrinkly/shriveled a bit so I started applying creme complete and/or emu oil -also into my urethra as far as I could after the other mixture soaked in for a minute or two. I also would use Perrins blend (like reddish black tar) inside and around urethra then actually tape my foreskin closed an hour or so until it started to leak out.
The wrinkling always went away after a couple days of taking it easy...I took breaks periodically because I had a lot on my frenulum which tended to split from all the applications and the peeling that was happening. My penis is almost 100% now but I still apply the various mixtures once in awhile when my wife has her period to try and do some prevention and fix my frenulum a tad more. But nobody would know I have any bxo at all now.
dragonreborn 5 years ago
Dragonborn and Greaneyr,
thanks for commenting. Im really down with this.Had great expectations in the beginning as there was good shedding in short time..then after reapplication everything went to hell,it stopped shrivelling as much and the skin became like as shrivelled plastic bag that doesnt come off.

I will stop treatment for a fe days and put creams on it and see how it turns out..

My BXO is different as I dont have the white ring or white patches..My glands were whitish inside but always had stricture inside and closing of the uretrha..thus why i was hoping by getting any white skin off..perhaps the autoimmune reaction would be lessened..Doctors dont know anything..we are the experts here..good to know you guys are still out there..
love you guys cheers
Vic75 5 years ago
Thats for writing back.
Now I used to put dmso-tto on my glands about 6-8 times a day in the beginning. Yesterday i did get some peeling on the glands but im wondering if there is alot more dead skin that has not peeled as my glands are still wrinkly and hard and my frenulum skin is loose and plasticky feeling..so it could be dead skin..
Did you get the same feeling around your glands? perhaps you used less dmso-tto than i did?
Do your gland skin that was affected and frenulum look and feel normal after all of this, because of the weird skin that still on, i have no feeling on the fenulum..and its supposed to be the most sensitive area...I am circumcised so some loss of feeling is expected.
thanks for replying!
Vic75 5 years ago
It won't peel away in one hit. It sounds like you are expecting progress much faster than what you will actually see. Admittedly I had a far worse case of bxo than you, but I am still healing 10 months later. I also found that the mucosal skin (glans and inner foreskin) was far slower to heal, so anything inside the urethra will probably be even more so.

In the beginning I thought if I can just peel off this top layer, what is underneath would be normal healthy skin. That is so far from the reality. When you peel off one layer of skin, all you are left with is another layer of bxo skin. Eventually the layers get thinner and thinner until you get something that starts to resemble normal skin. But don't expect that to happen in a hurry. Peeling is good, but in saying that, even sometimes when you are healing you won't be peeling. What you shouldn't do is peel layers deliberately. Sooner or later, you will end up with an infection. I've had two infections and countless other close calls.

So in summary, just be patient.
greaneyr 5 years ago
Vic75, your process sounds similar to mine. I had no ring either and started with a lot of applications at the start too hoping to get it over with quickly. I wish I would have taken pictures to show the progression, it's hard to explain how it looked. It sounds like what my glans looked and felt like during the process - I think the creme complete and emu oil will help though. It took about 3 weeks I'd say for my penis to look and feel normal. But sensations are fine again after I stopped treating. And yeah, be patient too.
dragonreborn 5 years ago
That'S great man that you're back to normal and to a normal ,life. Makes me happy to know that some actually beet the medical system.

We're your afraid of putting dmso-tto down your urethra..i might have to as i have stricture slightly inside my urethra so i probably have some LS down there...My question is can the peeling actually block and stay down there???Did you get any troubles/infection for using dmso-tto so deep in your urethra?
Thanks mate!

ps. Took 2 days off for the skin to come back to normal...started to use dmso-tto today and after a few hours getting some peeling already..which is good if im actually killing the disease..might have to attack the inside of my urethra as well.
Vic75 5 years ago
I was a bit nervous at first but I wanted results and figured what's the difference, the DMSO & TTO is all over the outside of my glans and being absorbed anyway - so I just decided to do it. I soaked the end of a qtip and put it about a third of the qtip length into my urethra - about an inch I guess. It stung a tiny bit but I got used to it. What's weird is, it must react inside differently because if I dipped the other end and tried to put in another dose, it wouldn't really slide in - like there was too much friction.
It eventually peeled from the outside (on my glans) into my urethra. It didn't peel too far in (1/8 of an inch + or so) but maybe that's all I had. It peeled thicker than the outside skin (at least it seemed that way). Needless to say, I didn't realize how much the opening had shrunk. The opening is a much nicer size now and pinker too.
I also would use a qtip at night, after I put the DMSO TTO mixture in my urethra,to push in some emu oil or creme complete or Perrin's blend...or a combination of them, inside as well. About the same depth.
Never had any infection issues anywhere the whole time I treated.
My penis is almost normal except my urethra is still a bit too wide but it all functions completely fine and I will likely start treating it again a little further down the road to fix the frenulum and make it nice and narrow as it should be.
I wish I would have made a photo blog of the healing process. However, if you want to send a picture, only if you're concerned, I'm not in the habit of looking at other penises, so just the problem area, only if you're comfortable, I can tell you if there is any similarity to my process and results. Again, not soliciting for pictures, but if you don't care and think it might help, I'm ok with that. Let me know and I can work something out.
All the best, I hope this helped a bit. Follow this blog from the start - I put several posts of what I did and what I was seeing.
dragonreborn 5 years ago
How can I get your email? Or email you through this site?

Like I said previously, my BXO is that its inflammatory..I my skin is whitish but not thick skin. my urethra inside the glad is constricting and getting smaller..the same for my urethral entrance..Im hoping that if i attack in and out that i cant get rid of the disease..
So how do i send photos to you
thanks for the reply...good to know that you can put dmso-tto down the tube lol
Vic75 5 years ago
It seemed to work good for me. Hopefully you can get results far enough in. Apparently if you click my name it will give you my email address...not sure though. Give it a shot.
dragonreborn 5 years ago
click on my name, you have access to my email..send me your email after that thanks
[message edited by Vic75 on Thu, 23 Apr 2015 02:04:23 BST]
Vic75 5 years ago
Sent you some photos
thanks man
Vic75 5 years ago
I really think BXO and LSA are totally different, even though the medical community calls it the same..I dont have the hard skin on top..all my problems are inside the skin..I think they call BXO and LSA autoimmunes..I have rheumatoid arthritis and they always say its linked but i dont think so..

Has anyone tried a low oxalate diet? some say its thyroid related...so its a hard motha to treat...Im getting good peeling but because im keeping the area humid, my atrophy is getting worse and worse..hope really that removing the white that is inside the skin helps in slowing the progression
Vic75 5 years ago
I also read someone used dmso and colloidal silver..is that crazy or a good idea? i have a 500ppm solution but adding silver topically on that doesnt seem ok?
Vic75 5 years ago
Vic75 I never thought of trying colloidal silver - apparently it works similar to an antibiotic. Might help out. Just don't overdo it. It has the ability to alter skin pigment to a greyish hue if used excessively...I think it would take an awful lot but a warning nevertheless.
dragonreborn 5 years ago
Hi, Colloidal silver worked wonders for my BXO. I get a gel from good vitality. If you need anymore help feel free to contact me.
Zonatedsumo 5 years ago

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